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Illusion of Divine Control

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Study nights were when Ritsu came closest to mass murder.

Emi was the only semi-competent one in the group, and the few times Takenaka had shown up, he had proven to be a quick learner. Tome, Ichi, and Tenga, on the other hand.

"I can and will leave right now if you three don't pay attention." Ritsu sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. He could feel the irritation building in his shoulders and the stress trickling down his spine. Lord, he would either need a drink or partake in a particularly destructive hobby if he could get through this last essay worksheet. Emi had already escaped for the evening, and with it approaching eleven-thirty, Ritsu was desperate to be alone.

"Aw, come on, Ritsu, we can finish tomorrow. Come with us to Asahi's party!" Ichi stood while shoving all her papers, pencils, and books into an already overstuffed bag. Ritsu's' eye twitched. God, he hated parties.

"Fine. You can go, I might stop by later it depends."

"Ritsu, you are officially the most goody two shoes I have ever met." Tome stuck her tongue out, slinging her messenger bag on her shoulder. 

"Tome a dollar for overused descriptors." Ritsu had made over one hundred dollars off of Tome alone for calling him; goody two shoes, nerd, and bookworm. It was a deal he, Tome, and Ichi had made when they met for the second official study night. 

"Ichi, you got a dollar I can borrow?" Tome rolled her eyes at Ritsu and held out her palm toward Ichi. Predictably Ichi had a dollar; she knew the price of making fun of Ritsu, and sometimes she found it was worth it. The three left Ritsu and the study room laughing and jostling each other. Ritsu decided he needed a drink. 


Ashais' house was packed.  As it happens, the house is lived in by five students, but Ashai was the one who had the fake ID, so when one of the roommates wanted to throw a party, and there would be alcohol, people called it Ashais' party. Ritsu physically winced as he saw someone puke behind the sofa. He had couch surfed for a bit when he moved to the city for school, and he had stayed on that couch the longest. 

"Little bro! You made it!" Teru slung a neon glitter-covered arm around Ritsu taking a swig of what was probably sickly sweet tub juice. 

"Not for long. I just came to get a drink." One-touch and Teru's glitter was all over Ritsus sweatshirt. Damn, he hated parties. 

"Fine fine," Teru peeled himself off Ritsu and meandered to the kitchen. "We've got tub juice, vodka, and someone brought beer."

If Teru hadn't slammed his head into the wall when he leaned against it, he could have passed for just buzzed. Ritsu grabbed a plastic cup from the cabinet above the sink and filled the bottom with vodka. He wouldn't be sober tonight, but he also refused to act like that. Ritsu watched Teru walk towards a group of people outside the kitchen and barely miss running into the doorway, then start to tip over only to catch himself and continue socializing as if none of it had happened. Ritsu chugged his cup and shivered. After shuffling around in the fridge and ending up finishing a half-eaten can of pears, Ritsu made his way to the living room where most of the people were. Music contorted around the conversations, and Ritsu could pick out the more than ten or so party crashers. Perfect. Empty cup in hand, Ritsu swayed to the music inching to the outer edge of a group of first-timers. They stood out with nervous smiles and slurred laughs that were just a little too loud. Just as Ritsu was about to seamlessly join the group, one of the others started singing. Then they all did. Not the song playing, of course not, they started wailing some song they had all learned in elementary. Ritsu skittered away, as loud and overwhelming as the entire party was that was just beyond what he was able to handle.

A hand grabbed his elbow as Ritsu moved between groups. An older classmate, probably a Junior, smirked at him. Oh?

'Let's see where this goes.'

"Hey." Ritsu returned the smirk.

"Wanna go to the roof?" The older man gestured to a joint half-concealed in his pocket.

'Ugh gross.'


Turns out 'the roof' was just the balcony off of the master bedroom. The upperclassmen closed the sliding glass door behind them. He slunk over to the edge and sank, setting his cup down. Ritsu slowly sat after him. As Ritsu watched, the guy lit the joint and took a deep pull. Then blew the smoke in Ritsu's face.

'Is this supposed to impress me?' Ritsu held back a grimace.

"Here." The Junior held the joint out. Fucking hell, Ritsu hated parties. 

"I'm good!" Ritsu waved him off. 

"Well, then how about," He reached in his coat and pulled out one of the half-emptied bottles of vodka from downstairs. "This?" 

"Sure." Ritsu held out his cup and let the upperclassmen fill it halfway. 

'No way I'm drinking all this.' Ritsu took a sip and hid behind his cup to gag. 

"So," The older man filled his cup halfway and took a huge swig. "You go to the university?"

"Yeah, you?" 

"Not really. Used to but not anymore." Another swig.

"Oh? What'd you major in?" 

"Started in business, then tried an art degree. What about you?" Another swig.

"Political Science." A sip.

"Ah-Ha! I thought ya looked like a nerd!" A swig.

'Dollar for an overused descriptor idiot' Ritsu frowned. The upperclassman didn't notice.

"Hmm. Hey, you know what? Let's get outta here." The Junoir stood teetered then gave Ritsu a wobbly half-lidded look.

'Oh. He's already drunk. Alright.' Ritsu set down his still full cup and stood holding out his arm to steady the lurching man.

"Alright, let's go. My place is close by."

'It isn't.'

"Sure thing!" Ritsu scrunched his nose as the older man breathed vodka infused pot vapors in his face.




Ritsu really had to stop doing this in the alley between the school and the river as simple as it was to be able to wash the blood down into the water and hike back across the campus to his apartment. 

'Not that I'm hiding that much.'

He had passed by Teru on his way out with the upperclassman, and Teru had asked him where he was headed.

"I'm just gonna go kill this guy and head home. See you tomorrow!"

Teru had laughed.

The upperclassman hadn't made a sound as Ritsu sliced open his neck, ear to ear, with the envelope opener now staining the inside of his pocket. The drunk ones always bled more, and he expected that as alcohol is a blood thinner, so Ritsus sweatshirt was now covered in not only Terus' glitter but also this guy's blood. It smelled sharp and overwhelming. It pulled something dark and dangerous out of him, something that made Ritsu feel powerful. Made him feel in control and quelled the unease and tension he held in his neck and hands.

"Why are you so fucking heavy?" Ritsu murmured, dragging the body out of the alley and pulling it onto his shoulders. Carrying it like it was a drunk friend, he was giving a piggyback ride to — a bloody friend. Ritsu started down the empty street, walking toward the privet shipyard on the riverbank. Down the road through a gaping hole in the fence up a few shipping containers, and Ritsu was in arms reach of the water. 
The body slapped the water and sunk, leaving trails of blood swirling in the current. Then another slap.

"The fuck?" Ritsu whispered, looking up frantically. There on the stack of shipping containers next to his one container up. There was someone else. And from the looks of it, they had also just thrown a body in the river.

"Hey!" It was a boy about Ritsus' age. He waved down to Ritsu before crouching and leaping down to where Ritsu was.
Covered in blood, just like Ritsu, his eyes glowed with exuberance. He had brilliant orange hair that stuck up like he was wired with electricity. He was breathtaking. 

"Hey there! I'm Shou! You dumping a body too?" And an idiot.

"Uh yeah." 

"Cool! Was it alcohol poisoning? His blood reeks. Oh wait, I bet it was a car accident, but you don't have car insurance, so you had to get rid of your dear friend otherwis- Oh wait! I got a better one!"

"Nah," Ritsu shrugged him off and grinned darkly. "I slit his throat with a letter opener." Shou's smile and eyes widened.

"Oh! Wow!" He strolled closer to Ritsu until he was almost toe to toe with him. He smelled like blood and orange zest.

"Hey uh Pretty Boy, you've got glitter on your shoulder," Shou laughed before looking at Ritsu with his piercing blue eyes. "It kinda takes away from this amazing, dangerous aura you've got going on." Ritsu frowned slightly.


"I said you've got-"

"Yeah, no, I heard that i meant what did you call me?"

If it were possible to smile any wider Shou did.

"I called you Pretty Boy!" 

"Oh. Well, Shou, if you must know, I was at a party earlier, and some idiot was doused in glitter, and it got everywhere." Shou turned and looked out over the water.

His cheeks are covered in freckles. They danced across his face like constellations.

"Well, Pretty Boy, I think I'm gonna sit here for a while. Have fun at your party." Shou sat on the edge of the shipping container feet dangling, kicking the side with a hollow thunk.

"Oh, uh ok." Ritsu paused and sat down next to him. Shou startled and looked at him for a moment. Ritsu closed his eyes and let the breeze coming off the water caress him. As energetic and hectic as Shous' aura was, it was nice to sit here with him. When Ritsu opened his eyes, Shou was still staring at him, an odd look frolicking across his face.

"I snapped his neck. The guy I threw in the river. I snapped his neck and removed his teeth and fingers." Shou pinched his face like he was worried Ritsu would yell or worse report him. Ritsu smirked at him 

"Sounds smart. No identification."

There was a pause before Shou burst out laughing like a madman.

"Pretty Boy, you're interesting! I like you!" Ritsu rolled his eyes and bit back a smile.

"Don't call me that." Now Shou had a turn to roll his eyes.

"Well, then what's your name?"


"Well, Ritsu I'm planning a party, its right here right now you wanna come?" Shou reclined propping his hands behind his head and looked up at Ritsu.

"Sure." Ritsu smiled at him and looked up at the sky, leaning back, propping himself up with his arms. So they stayed there like that, two boys covered in blood staring at the sky, searching for shooting stars and ignoring the world outside of the shipyard.

God, Ritsu, loved parties.