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The New (Baby) Frontier

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Looking into the horizon, he fidgeted a bit in the pilot’s seat. After successfully clearing out an entire imperial hideout and narrowly escaping every bounty hunter in the city, the adrenaline rush was finally washing out. He found himself simultaneously done yet just on the brink of something new.

At this sudden realization, he feels himself tense up just a tad more in his seat. Bruises and all singing in painful synchronization.

Breaths rushing a bit faster, he found himself having to look at the child in question. He’d have to make sure to get him a new crib of sorts, but where even find one? He was sure his tribe wouldn’t have been able to kill every last one of the bastards. He had to believe a few of them would have made their way out of the battle to come looking for the kid again. Popping into a nearby star system in search of a random marketplace would guarantee them a run in with someone looking for the child and what if-

He hears a sudden coo from the child in his peripheral vision. The kid had become a bit of a blur in the midst of Mando’s blind panic, but it seemed like he still had a penchant for breaking him out of scuffles.

Feeling his brow slowly unfurrow, he extends a finger to the child. The sole being responsible for tearing at the eyes and lungs beneath his armor. The bright light that had pierced the long years of silence in his life. He can actually feel himself smile a bit at the little thing wrapping his own little fist around his lone index finger.

Whatever the case may be, he decides, nothing will ever tear him away from the kid. Not now, not ever again. Not on his watch.

With a renewed vigor and a settled mind, the Mandalorian finally begins to hatch a plan. A whole new life away from the syndicate, from his tribe, now with a kid and a whole ship’s worth of worrying ahead of him.

Finally, he begins to relax.