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after me and you

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Daeyeol foiled Jangjun’s plans in less than a month. If Jangjun wanted to make sure that the staff in the company stopped gossiping about Daeyeol and Sungyoon, then Daeyeol made sure to do everything to make the opposite happen. Daeyeol went to the staff canteen for the first time since the company was built — but only because Sungyoon insisted that he wanted to eat with his colleagues from the Marketing Department.

Everyone stared with curious glances at Daeyeol who stood in line behind Sungyoon, waiting for his turn to get the daily staff lunch. “What’s for lunch today?” Daeyeol peered over Sungyoon’s shoulder at the menu sheet. Sungyoon squinted a little as he slowly read the tiny black words, “Beef...stew? With rice and some side dishes.”

“Sounds good.”

Sungyoon pouted a little, “Yeah...I guess...I was craving for pasta today though...” He turned around and faced Daeyeol.

“Pasta? You want pasta? I’ll get the kitchen to make some if you want it.” Daeyeol sounded dead serious. Sungyoon chuckled as he shook his head, “I was just kidding, I’ll eat anything they serve, I’m not that picky. But you really were going to barge in there and get them to make pasta just for me?”

Daeyeol lifted his hand and brought it near Sungyoon’s face, pinching his cheeks slightly, “Of course. I’d do anything for you. I love you.”

Sungyoon probably heard it from Daeyeol a million times, yet the confession still never failed to catch him off guard. He pushed Daeyeol’s hand away gently, “People are staring.” He bit his lip, his ears growing red and hot.

“Let them.” Daeyeol never took his eyes off Sungyoon’s even for a second, staring so deep into them Sungyoon almost felt embarrassed. Their moment was cut off abruptly by the sound of someone gagging, “Let them? Let them? After all the hard work I did to try and stop people from finding out that you two are going out? You’re just going to let them?” Jangjun flared in a hushed whisper.

“We never asked you to.” Daeyeol retorted, crossing his arms in front of his chest as they moved along the line. “You should’ve seen the number of people I have to deal with every day, people who dared to lay their eyes on Sungyoon, thinking that they’d ever stand a chance with him. I would have sent an email to all the staff and announced that Sungyoon is mine...If not for your stupid ass.”

Jangjun often imagined what it would be like if Daeyeol wasn’t older than him, and wasn’t his superior at work. How many times over would he have killed Daeyeol. “Nobody would dare to say anything about you, but have you thought about what they would do to Sungyoon?” He scowled, half annoyed at himself for bothering so much, half annoyed that Daeyeol didn’t seem to be appreciating his efforts.

Sungyoon nodded slowly, “It’d be best if our relationship is kept hidden.”

“Why? Are you ashamed of me?” Daeyeol raised his eyebrows.

Sungyoon’s eyes widened, “That’s not what I meant!”

“Then what do you mean?” Daeyeol leaned in, “Why do you want to keep it hidden? Are you seeing someone else behind my back? Who is it? Who do I have to kill?”

“I am this close to calling the police right now.” Jangjun pinched his fingers together, leaving a mere millimetre gap between them.

“Of course not... you know I love you.” Sungyoon whispered.

Jangjun rolled his eyes, “It’s like I’m invisible. I am. I really think I have mastered the art of being invisible.”

Daeyeol gleamed proudly, like he had just won a grand prize as a kid, “I know you do, I was just kidding.”

Jangjun sighed, “I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m invisible. It’s like I’m not even here.” He nudged Daeyeol in the sides with his elbow as he growled, “Move. Stupid people in love.”

The table was awfully quiet. There were more than a couple of Sungyoon’s colleagues who reported sick due to indigestion, the result of sitting at the same table as Daeyeol during lunch for the past month. “How’s work these days?” Daeyeol asked casually, starting a conversation to break the god-awful silence.

“It’s been good, sir! The profit margin has been raised by a decent percentage. I was just thinking about bringing the team out for a celebratory dinner tonight.” Sungyoon’s team manager exclaimed excitedly. I wasn’t even talking to you. Daeyeol swallowed his silent thoughts as he smiled back, giving the guy an approving nod.

“Celebratory dinner?” One of the male colleagues at the table chuckled, “Sungyoon, are you ready for round 2? We all remembered what happened the previous time.”

Sungyoon laughed awkwardly, all he could remember from that night was what happened with Daeyeol after. But whatever happened at the dinner was just a blur. “S-Sure...”

Daeyeol frowned, his brows meeting in the middle, they would have to drag Sungyoon over his dead body if they wanted him near alcohol again. “He can’t join tonight.” He offered no further explanation, unaware that everyone else, including Sungyoon, were waiting for one.

“I...I can’t?” Sungyoon cocked his head a little at an angle.

Daeyeol continued to munch on his food, “There’s a.. there’s a company shareholder who wants to meet you. Tonight. With me.” He swept his eyes across the table in one smooth turn, his gaze turned down any pending questions his staff had in mind.

“So you haven’t told him?” Jangjun crossed his right leg over his left, making himself comfortable on the couch in Daeyeol’s office.

“Tell him what?” Daeyeol’s reading glasses sat comfortably near the end of his nose, he was going through the 19th report that afternoon and his vision had started to blur.

“About the pro-”

“Lee Jangjun! Not here!” Daeyeol’s head shot up, his glare piercing right through Jangjun. “He could hear!”

Jangjun scoffed, “He could hear? Since when did he have super powers? And it’s the middle of day, it’s not like he’s going to just pop up here-”

Jangjun was cut off mid-sentence by the soft knocks on Daeyeol’s door. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The door creaked open slightly and Sungyoon popped his head in at an angle, “Am I disrupting anything? I heard you raise your voice.”

Jangjun forced a smile as he got up from his seat, which wasn’t even warm yet, “No, he was just telling me how annoying I am, as he does every other day. I’ll get going... you guys can... start whatever you’re going to do.” He sent a wink in Sungyoon’s direction.

Sungyoon frowned as he waved his hand in the air, “We aren’t going to do anything, I just have a report to send to Mr Lee.”

Jangjun pretended to gag, “I’ve heard what you call him behind doors, stop trying to act all prim and proper. Don’t forget that the walls have ears, don’t be too loud later on. Bye.” He waved behind him as he closed the door behind him.

“It’s been so long, I can’t believe you still get bothered by whatever comes out of his mouth.” Daeyeol chuckled as he finally set his file down, taking a good look at Sungyoon. His blue tie tied snuggly around his collar, his hair gelled up gently without looking overly greasy. “Why can’t you just move up here so I can stare at you the entire day?” Daeyeol sighed, “I’m so tired every day, I really need something as an energy booster.”

“We’re trying to steer away from all the attention we don’t need, remember...?” Sungyoon made his way step by step towards Daeyeol, until he stood right beside the CEO. He bent a little over until his face was right beside Daeyeol’s. “I can’t stay here for long, but here’s what you asked for.” He leaned in and stole a peck on Daeyeol’s cheek.

If Sungyoon had thought that he reflexes were quick, Daeyeol’s were incomparable. The older man wrapped his long thin fingers around Sungyoon’s wrist and pulled him onto his lap in one swift motion. “Hey-”

The kiss caught Sungyoon off-guard, just as everything else Daeyeol did usually does. Daeyeol tasted like strawberry mint, sweet and refreshing. His lips were soft and warm against Sungyoon’s. His free hand was wrapped around Sungyoon’s neck, his thumb gently caressing the area behind Sungyoon’s ear. It tickled a litte, Sungyoon smiled against his lips, “I have to get going.”

Daeyeol pressed them closer to each other, “You can’t leave, I’m not letting you.” He tilted his head a little, deepening the kiss. Their kisses always had some level of urgency, although it wasn’t like they haven’t done it in months, it sure felt like it.

Sungyoon giggled, “Mr Lee, I have to get back to work, I’ll get fired at this rate.”

Daeyeol leaned back and frowned, “You do know I call the shots here, right?”

Sungyoon nodded, “Yes, Mr CEO. But I came here to work, I’m serious about it. I don’t want our relationship to get in the way, just as I don’t want work to get between us.” Daeyeol sighed, admitting defeat. “Fine. You may leave.”

Sungyoon cupped Daeyeol’s face tightly between his hands and stared straight into his eyes, “I’ll let you take a good look before I leave.” He left a soft kiss on the tip of Daeyeol’s nose before he hopped off his lap. “I love you. And I’ll see you tonight?”

Daeyeol’s eyes disappeared behind his wide smile, “I love you too.” He looked at Sungyoon’s retreating back, the love evident in his micro expressions. Daeyeol thought that if he started loving Sungyoon any more than he did then, his heart really would give way.

He pulled open the last drawer at his table after the door closed behind Sungyoon. The little white box sat snuggly in its place. “And I’ll see you tonight.”