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Twin Suns

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Teaching had to be the most difficult thing Thrawn had ever attempted. He wouldn’t quite say he regretted Lord Vader’s generous offer, but as he heard the screaming of the small toddler in his arms and the child’s sister pulling his hair, he regretted being so haisty in accepting the offer. 


“Leia, please refrain from pulling my or your brother’s hair. Luke, please refrain from screeching so in my ear, I quite enjoy the ability to continue to hear.” When Luke only decreased his volume ever-so-slightly, Thrawn put both children down, unable to bear the crying any longer. “Alright. Well. I’ve no idea what to do with children, but how about we start with schooling, hm? Would you like to learn about what your fathers rule?” That seemed both the childrens’ attention, Luke quickly ceasing his tantrum, eyes wide with wonder. “Let us begin then.”


They began walking, or in Luke and Leia’s cases, toddling, out of the nursery and into the hallway, soldiers stopping to salute the heirs as they passed by, the children blissfully unaware of their high position. Thrawn found that slightly alarming, making a note to teach the children about the power they hold. 


Thrawn took another turn, aware that the twins were quite able to keep up with him, able to walk perhaps a few months after he had taken Vader’s offer, while they were still on Korriban. Since then their progress was exponential, vocabulary expansive for children so young, though they were still learning how to string sentences together. They turned into Thrawn’s office, star map in the center of the room, its blue glow enrapturing the children as they took their usual seats near it.


“Map?” Leia asked, quickly taking in the sight of planets floating in front of her.


Thrawn smiled towards her, proud in her early ability to recognize what she was seeing. “It’s the whole galaxy.” He quickly typed a command into the map, a planet glowing red. “Now this is the planet we are on right now. What’s it called?”


“Nar.” Luke said, not waiting to raise his hand like his sister. “Nar...sha…”


“Nar Shaddaa!” Leia finished for her brother, ignoring his huff.


“Yes, very good of both of you. Now, Nar Shaddaa is what?” Leia and Luke both were stumped, unable to answer. “Nar Shaddaa is rich. It is known for trade. Repeat ‘trade’, please.”


The twins did as asked, pronouncing trade with minimal difficulty, though their still-growing teeth made these things difficult. “Trade is when one gives something to get something. This also means payment for an item, perhaps like a store. Can you give me another example of a trade?” He asked patiently, taking his teaching quite seriously. Just then, a wookie child entered, as his usual schedule dictated with two small staffs in his hands.


Leia looked at the new arrival and quickly pointed at him. “Him and money?”


“Yes, very good, Leia!” Thrawn praised again. “We paid Chewbacca’s father tremendous amounts of money to bring him here to help you train. That is a trade. Luke, can you think of another trade?”


Luke thought for a moment, eyes crossing in concentration. “Money and… TIE?”


Thrawn smiled tightly, accepting of the time it took for Luke to take for his answer. “Yes, quite so. The Empire often pays outside vendors to assemble our TIE fighters to increase the civilian economy. Now, it’s time to begin training. Chewbacca, if you would.” The young Wookie child approached the twins, handing them each a small staff, keeping one in his own hands. “So if you both can’t beat him today.”