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When the Worms Came to Play

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Zelkova didn’t feel that well lately. Vague discomfort. Under the weather, not so over the moon.

Every time when he fell sick, something would be wrong with The World. He was only fully vitalised for three months since the major AIDA battle went down, so it was curious as to what could be lingering. A fragment of AIDA? An update bug? Somewhere, a line of command really disagreed with its neighbours? He would asked Kaede, except she was late for the meeting. Highly unusual of her, but even tigers have their snooze moments.

It didn’t matter. If every time Zelkova felt a little off he went into a non-functioning mode, then clearly he wasn’t cut out to be Zelkova. Just another minor annoyance, then he stopped thinking about it and started to re-design his guild hall.