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One Step At A Time

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Chloé wasn't a good person. She always knew it. She wasn't blind to her faults. She can be cruel, arrogant, manipulative, lazy, and a bully. She knows her behavior isn't always acceptable, that she take things too far. She just never thought she could be as bad as others see her. It wasn't until Queen Wasp that she fully realized how low she'll go. Two days had passed before the reality of the situation fully sank in for her. People could have died. If she acted even a little bit more reckless than she did already, the train could have crashed. Tears were falling from her eyes before she even realized it and they continued to fall for the rest of the night. She was numb the following week. No she wasn't a good person but she can be better.

Ladybug said she could be better. That she could act like a hero. Even after all she's done. All the bullying, all the akumas she caused, the times she's been akumatized, her paralyzing that conductor. When she's been nothing short of horrible the spotted heroine is still able to see good in her. The fair haired girl still can't believe the kindness Ladybug showed her. That the hero would comfort a girl that's responsible for multiple akumatizations and often gets in the way. That she would be gentle to someone who always treats others harshly. Or how she thought Chloé could actually be good even though the blonde's actions say otherwise. People don't understand the fact that Chloé is fully aware that people despise her and she only has herself to blame. No one realizes how self aware Chloé actually is.

I need to change.

That single sentence has been running through her head nonstop for days. She has to change. If not for herself than at least for her dad. The backlash after her train stunt has been overwhelming with media attention. Everyone questioning why the mayor's daughter had acted so recklessly, so stupidly, so inhumanely. Politicians were looking for blood and refused to work with her dad, no matter how much it might benefit the city. Reporters and paparazzi were outside of Le Grand Paris for a week, just dying to snap a picture of the so called hero and the city's mayor. It took days of positive PR before the tension started to simmer down. Days of reminding the public all the good the mayor has done and the eco friendly bills he's working on at the moment that should benefit everybody. If the situation had any negative impact on her mother she never expressed it or the media didn't draw any attention to it. It just seems like everyone was only going after Chloé and André. The blonde haired girl wouldn't mind if people were only badmouthing her, she's used to people thinking the worst about her, but dragging her dad into her mistake is too far and ridiculous.

André Bourgeois may not be the greatest father in the world but he always tried to make sure his daughter is happy. He's a busy man, both as the mayor and as a businessman, and doesn't always have time for Chloé but he tries to be there for her. Chloé knows this, she reminds herself this when her father's schedule is so packed she doesn't see him for a day or two. While her dad is kind of absent he never abandoned her like her mother did. Sure she's back now but that doesn't erase the pain and loneliness she caused in her absence. Her dad knew how much his daughter was hurting when Audrey left for New York. How Chloé felt like there was something horribly wrong with her that made her mother leave. In response André tried to give Chloé the love of two parents, he ended up spoiling her and giving her everything she wanted. Each one of her demands he gave her because he always wanted his daughter to be happy and loved. It might not of been the smartest thing to do but it showed the young blonde he cared. Chloé is thankful for her dad and loves him very much. So if she can't be better for herself, she'll be better for him.

She knows it's not going to be easy. She knows it's going to take a lot of work. She knows other people will be suspicious of her and think she's faking but that doesn't matter. She's not doing it for them, she's doing it for her. In retrospect of what others believe she's not dumb, she knows she can't do a 180 overnight but she can take it one step at a time.

First step being a better friend to Sabrina.