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Look after me please

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Christopher hates to keep secrets from his family. Especially the one he has right now -- Stray Kids. It didn't feel right to keep the secret from them, but Chan was afraid. He's afraid of being rejected by his second closest family.

He made sure to keep his Little side well hidden from the eyes of his members. He doesn't want to lose his family because of a childish habit.






"Chan hyung! Are you coming with us to dinner?" Jeongin asked again before they leave. Chan smiled at the maknae, shaking his head softly.

"Nah, I think I'll just stay at home. I need to catch up some sleep anyways, " Chan replied, looking at his unofficial children as they leave the dorm. Once Jisung closed the door, Chan pulled out his box of Little Things from his room. Getting excited that he can be Little for at least two full hours (God knows how long the boys can eat, they once stayed at a restaurant for more than three hours just for lunch), the Aussie placed the box at the living room before changing into something more comfortable.

"Now, Channie can pway!" Chan clapped his hands, giggling at his stuffed bunny, Bunny. One thing Chan loves about Little Space is that he can refer himself to whatever the hell he wanted and no one can say otherwise.

During a heated discussion with Bunny about carrots, Chan felt his stomach growled. He dismissed it to continue his discussion with Bunny, but not a minute later his stomach growled louder. The Little pouted. He doesn't want to leave the discussion, Bunny isn't correct! How are carrots yummy? To Chan's knowledge, carrots taste like rubber and Little Chan absolutely hates that.

Grabbing Bunny in one hand, Chan paddled into the kitchen to find something to eat. Looking around, there wasn't much to eat, except the sweets he once saw Felix hid.

It took him some time to find the hidden sweets, but when he pulled out the lollies Chan immediately opened one to eat. He tucked the rest back to the hidden space and left the kitchen, arguing with Bunny about the carrots the rabbit seemed to love.

The lolly didn't satisfy his hunger at all. Chan gave up trying to eat more lollies, he knew Felix will find out about it. Taking his favourite plate, Chan filled it with some cereal and returned to Bunny, continuing to argue about the damned carrots.




"Hyung, I think I'll go back to the dorms first. I still have homework to finish, " Jeongin said. Woojin nodded, telling the maknae to take some rest if he finished early.

"Innie, take this back with you, " Minho gave the boy a box of food they kept beside, "Give it to Channie hyung." 

Jeongin waved his hyungs goodbye as he walked out of the restaurant. The youngest texted Chan but received no message from the elder. Figured that the elder must be composing,  Jeongin put his phone back in his pocket.

The walk back to the dorms was quick, thanks to Hyunjin who had pulled them to the nearest restaurant to eat. Jeongin took the lift, wanting to last the rare quietness around him.

He heard some old English song playing as he unlocked the front door. Channie hyung must've been relaxing, Jeongin thought to himself as the front door flew open.

The maknae was not ready for the scene in front of him.

Chan sitting on the floor, a stuffed bunny in front of him, arguing that carrots are the worst food he has ever eaten. 

"Hyung...?" Jeongin was very confused. Chan looked up from the bunny for a brief second to glance at the owner of the new voice before his face went pale.

Jeongin noticed several things at once. First, Chan was in an animal onesie. Two, Chan was using the most cutest plate Jeongin has ever seen in the dorms. Three, the way Chan was talking to his stuffed bunny was hella cute.

"Innie hyung- I mean Jeongin, please listen to hyung, it's not what it looks like-" Chan helplessly said, his mind panicking. He can't stay Big.

Jeongin decided that he might as well go to help his hyung.

"Hyung, it's OK, I know about headspace, " Jeongin comforted. He looked at Chan's wide eyes and smiled. This is going to be fun.

"Does my Channie want to eat?" Jeongin asked,  placing the boxed food on the dining table. Chan hesitated to nod, but one look at his Bunny he knew he can trust the maknae with his secret.

He only managed to stay Big to threaten Jeongin, "Don't laugh at me Yang Jeongin" before promptly fall back into his headspace.

Jeongin can only pinch Chan's cheek in response. "Aigoo, you're so cute, Channie, " Jeongin said.

The maknae felt proud of himself as he watched Chan clumsily fed himself. He's proud that Chan trusts him enough to tell him his secret.

Jeongin finally decided to feed Chan when he realized the Little has more food on him than his actual mouth. Everything worth it when Chan flashed him the brightest gummy smile.

After giving Chan a bath and brushed his teeth, Jeongin decided to let Chan play for a bit more. Chan took a book and gave it to Jeongin.

"Hyungie read for Channie?" Chan asked with a pout. What can Jeongin do against a pouting Chan, say no? 

A few minutes later the two found themselves on Chan's huge bed, snuggled closely together. Jeongin made sure Chan was comfortable before he started reading the book Chan gave him- Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Halfway through the story, Jeongin realized Chan has fallen asleep. Quietly, Jeongin placed the book on Chan's bedside table and snuggled closer to the elder. He can deal with whatever question tomorrow morning.