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Spontanious Sub-Thoughts (that i choose to ignore)

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Today I spent most of my time watched porn for 6 or 8 hrs; I took a break to watch some videos on writing drafts because my first time ever using a draft didnt work out too well. I mean like the idea of Putting Love To The Test and all but it some how feels more unfinished than Cummie Onesie which is saying a lot considering it is unfinished and itll probably stay that way for a while. I also think there might be something seriously wrong with me. God forbid the fbi search my hard drive and find all of my prompts and unfinished projects of child focused sexual fantasies, just think about how lazy id look then. Seriously though I dont think most of my fetishes are normal or even legal for that matter (no duh). I ate too much last night as obvious by my stomach cramps.