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In every world i'm yours

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The first time Lan Wangji sees Wei Ying without his usual smile is on a Monday morning during their science lab.

He watches out of the corner of his eye as wei Ying slinks in with a hoodie on and bags under his eyes. His usual smile is missing and when he sits down next to him - 


No response. No teasing. 

Just Wei Ying staring at nothing and the odd stiffiling of yawns.

So Lan Wangji slides his half drunk coffee over. 

He is met with a surprised face which quickly morphes into a grin. "I knew you cared about me Lan Zhan!" 

And he most definitely does not blush.

The coffee is drained and within minutes Wei Ying has relaxed.

He finds out later that Wen Ning had used the last of the coffee beans in somme project and hadn't informed his flat mate. 

So as Tuesday morning rolled round lan wangji simply buys 2 coffees. He ignores his brothers curious gaze but keeps his eyes peeled for Wei Ying .

He doesn't wait long. The sound of complaining reaches his ears, and Lan Wangji  walks up to Wei Ying - who is dragging out of his brother - and just holds out the second cup of coffee. He can feel the tips of his ears burning.

Wei Ying pouting turns to grining as he snatches the cup.

"Mmm Lan Zhan if you keep this up, I'll get use to it and be disappointed once you stop"

"Won't stop"

At Wei Ying's confused expression - "will buy Wei Ying coffee everyday"

A smile that could rival the sun for brightness is all he can see. 

"Everyday then Lan Zhan"


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He is helpless as the hand is ripped fr his own and the man who holds him heart throws himself away from the cliff. 

He hears Jiang Wanyin tsk under his breath as he turns and leaves but Lan Wangji is helpless, unable to tear his eyes away from the man he loves, falling to his death. 

The sounds of battle seem to fade in and out, he can't concentrate he can't think, he can't...

He can't live without Wei Ying. 

He doest want to live without Wei Ying.

Lans love with their whole self - body and mind and soul and heart - and only once. He can't imagine waking up tomorrow morning and knowing he's never going to see that smile again.

He throws himself off after.


He distantly registers his brothers scream and far below him, still falling he sees Wei Ying's eyes open.

They widen in shock before - 

Before he screams "LAN ZHAN!"

Before he turns and starts to rise.

Wei Ying rises as black wings expand below him and he propells himself towards him.

Arms grasp Lan Wangji and he is pulled towards Wei Ying as they both continue rising.

He distantly relaises they have passed the cliff, that the fighting has stopped, that people are staring and pointing. (His mind is still wrapping itself around the reveal in front of him.)

Because all his focus is on Wei Ying.

"Wei Ying?"

He's crying Lan Zhan realises. He lifts his hand to wipe away a tear from Wei Yings face.

"Why? Why did you do that Lan Zhan? You couldn't let me die alone, why did you have to jump why-?"

Lan Wangji kisses him. 

Wei Ying stops mid air still holding him.

They hover.

And just as he is about to pull away-

Wei Ying kisses him back.

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Xue Yang felt the blade of the White Daozhang graze his cheek. He hisses in pain and snarls and as he turns he swings his sword towards him. 


And stops.


For there upon the previously unblemished skin of the Daozhang's cheek there was a white scar. 


He lifts his own hand to his cheek and let's his sword arm drop. The Daozhang narrows his eyes in suspicion also lowering his own. "Xue Yang you will accompany me to pay for your crimes against-"


He takes takes a step back before forcing a grin and activating the transportation talisman gifted by A-Yao.


He crashes back into his rooms in Lanling and finally breaks.

Why him?


(He doesn't even notice the wound on his stomach at first. When he does he closes his eyes. He always knew he wasn't meant for love. This just proves it. His Soulmate hates him.)


When Xiao Xingchen was young, he grew up on tales of true love and happiness. He grew up on stories about soulmates. The one person who could complete you. The one person who would make you whole.


Most of the disciples on the mountain found their fated person was also disciple of the immortal, but sometimes they weren't. 


And so disciples started leaving.


As a child he heard tales of his Shijie CSR who had traveled down the mountain and met her Soulmate. 


At this time he wasn't even sure how soulmates worked.


"You'll find out when you're older"


He's five years old when he finds out.


He wakes up to colourful stains up and down his arms;hues of purples and blue.


He understands theory reluctance now. And so Xiao Xingchen, aged five, sits in his room and weeps for his Soulmate, a child like him, who has the pain to match these stains, these bruises. 


(He swears when he finds them he'll keep them safe. He'll never let anyone touch them again)


He's nine when his pinky finger on his left hand turns black.


As he grows, as his Soulmate grows, so do the bruises. 


When he's fifteen white lines (scars)  appear on his arms. He doesn't know if someone is torturing his Soulmate or if they are self inflicted.


He's seventeen when he can't take it any longer and he packs his bags.


On his journey he meets Song Zichen. The two become close but Xiao Xingchen is constantly distracted. He helps every child he sees and asks for nothing in return. He shares his money among the homeless and won't accept anything in payment.


They hear a rumour of a demon. A boy who has killed an entire clan. They set out to find Xue Yang.


Xue Yang. Why does he know that name?


They split up and Xiao Xingchen catches the trail first.


The boy, not that much younger than him waves a hand at him. He's wearing an odd glove and he has a tires smile on his face. "Found me at last Daozhang? Congratulations."


"Xue Yang, I won't let you escape."


And then the boy is flying at him. They parry blows and Xiao Xingchen manages to get his sword into the boys stomach. (Shallow. Not dangerous. Using qi energy he'd heal in a handful of hours) He hears Zichen land behind him. 


Xue yang sponsored and comes at him and Xiao Xingchen raises his sword and glances the youths cheek.


Xue Yang hisses. Then pales. He lifts lifts and hand to his Cheek.  And starts to sway. His eyes widened in shock.


"Xue Yang you will accompany me to pay for your crimes against-"


Xiao Xingchen takes a step forward, is he going to faint? Fall from the roof?


But then he disappears. (Transportation talisman) He distantly registers Zichens annoyance but scratches his cheek lightly. 


And stops. 


There's a new scar. On his cheekbone.

Matching Xue Yangs.  (Matching the one he inflicted on Xue Yang)


Dots starts to connect.


His finger . The glove. 


Xiao Xingchen stumbles. 


He has to find him. They'll figure something out but he has to find him.


he listens to Zichen curse Xue Yang. He needs to find him soon.

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angstymdzsthoughts answered:

The ritual was in no way subtle or easy to overlook. It took a lot of energy to do the altered summoning ritual and the heavily concentrate resentful energy forming like a dark cloud outside of a village didn’t go unnoticed. The villagers were in a panic and the nearest minor cultivation sect responded quickly.

It wasn’t surprising when the cultivators found the Yiling Patriarch responsible for the slowly dissolving cloud of resentful energy. What was surprising was how Wei Wuxian cowered away from them, arms up to protect his head and begging them not to hit him again.

Urgent messengers were sent and representatives from the great sects were at the minor sects home within three days.

“I already told you- I don’t know what happened,” Wei Wuxian insisted.

“Oh cut the crap Wei Wuxian,” Jiang Cheng snarled. Wei Wuxian flinched and seemed to curl up in himself, trying to look smaller.

“My name isn’t Wei Wuxian,” he repeated. “I … I don’t know what happened! The … The ritual should have… Why didn’t it …”

“If you aren’t Wei Wuxian,” Lan Xichen began. He was all too aware of how his little brothers breathing had quickened. “Then who are you?”

“I’m Mo Xuanyu.”



Jiang Cheng stumbled back.


Not again.

He had lost his brother so soon after getting him again. Their relationship had been healing - hadn’t it? Why had he…. why would he…

The white robed junior disipals rushed in to the room and he bit back a snarl.

Of course.

Of fucking course.

The man had promised to love and protect his brother and yet had thrown it all back in his face. He’d left his brother alone. He’d back stabbed the one person who never would have seen it coming.

But the juniors… they were innocent.

“Senior Wei? What’s wrong?” Jingyi.

“Mother?” Sizhui.

“Uncle Wei?” A-Ling

He spins on his heel. “You all need to leave. You shouldn’t be here. Who let you-”

“I-I’m not”

Jiang Cheng hisses and Zidian sparks. “You- you shut up.”

Jiang Cheng pushes the arguing children from the room. He turns to one of his disciples. “Don’t let anyone except for the other sect leaders in here.”

“Let me in then!” Jin ling.

He closes his eyes and tries to chanel his father’s unwavering patience. “Go Home A-Ling.”

He collapses against the door and looks back at the man who should be Wei Wuxian. The man he had only gotten use to being Wei Wuxian.

“Why…. why didn’t it… it should have worked…”

He swallowed the lump in his throat. “It did. It’s been over 3 years since you performed the ritual in Mo Village.”

(‘Preform it again’ he wanted to scream. 'Give me back my brother. I need my brother.’)

The head jerked up. “But why did he-”

The man - Mo XuanYu? - broke off as if hearing something. “Oh.” He bows his head.

What was going on? “What is it? What happened?”

More xuanyu looks up and for the first time meets his eyes. “When you preform the ritual you can leave behind a message for the soul you call. You normally request revenge, leaving scars that won’t heal until the wish is complete. He didn’t though. He adapted the ritual.” Mo Xuanyu brushes a tear from his eye. “He just left me a summary of the last few years. He thanked me for the time but…” he frowns again.“He doesn’t believe he was either needed or wanted here. He completed my wishes and hopes I will be happy. His only wish is that I look out for his… son? A-Yuan.”

He rubs at his head. “I take it you are his brother?”

Jiang Cheng nodded. He felt sick. Not needed or wanted.

Why hadn’t he tried harder? Tried faster? Why hadn’t he insisted he come back to lotus pier after the divorce. ..

The divorce.

His brother was dead. Again.

And it was all Lan Wangji’s fault.

There comes a knock at the door. Jiang cheng stands and opens it.

In walks Nie Huaisang, Zewu-Jun and… and Lan Wangji himself.

Mo XuanYu shifts uncomfortably at the sight of him and jiang cheng wonders what memories or thoughts wei wuxian had left about his husband.

Ex husband.

There is silence.

“What is going on here? The disciples outside are very worried about Young master Wei. Why are you crowded in here?” Lan Xichen sounds tired. Barely out of seclusion.

Then… “Sang-Ge. I’m sorry… i-”

Nie Huaisang drops his fan. “A-Yu?!”

Lan Wangji pales and stumbles backwards. He looks at Mo XuanYu in horror.

Lan Xi Xichen’s face darkens in anger. “Wangji! What have you done?!”

“I-I… I didn’t mean it…”

Jiang Cheng’s anger grew. “Mean what? What did you say to him?”

“Wish… wish..”

“He said he wished never to see his face again. He said he wished he’d never came back.”

Jiang Cheng let out a scream of fury, unleashed Zidian and swung, as hard as he could, at Lan Wangji.

(He didn’t try to stop it. Nobody did.)

Mo XuanYu cries silently into Nie Huaisangs robes.

The cracks echos through the old house. The door behind them bursts open and a pile of juniors pile in. (He recognises them as the “yi city group”. The juniors that had followed Wei Wuxian around as if he had hung the moon and stars.)

“Senior wei! Senior Wei! Senior Wei what’s wrong?”

Silent tears fell from the eyes of all three sect leaders, as well as those of Lan Wangji.

As the juniors tried to push past it was only Lan Sizhui who surveyed the scene in silence. He looked at the heart broken faces of the seniors, the confusion and fear on the face of the man in the middle of an array. And then the array itself.

He threw himself to the front of the group and crouched down. “Master Mo?”

The group of disciples fall silent and Mo XuanYu nods.

He stands again and stumbles to his feet. He meets lan wangjis eyes. (Jiang Cheng may have been furious but it was nothing close to her hatred in his nephews eyes.)

“I just got him back! Why? Why did you?!”

Lan Sizhui reaches up and unties his forehead ribbon. He throws it to the ground where Lan Wangji is standing. “I can no longer follow the teachings of gusuLan. My apologies sect Leader, zewu-jun.”

He turns on his heel and marches to where Jiang Cheng now sees Wen Ning. The fierce corpse shakes his head and backs away from the building.

The two disappear into the tree line.

Jiang Cheng watches as Nie Huaisang scoops up Mo XuanYu and places him know one of the horses headed back to Qinghe.

He stands there long after just looking at the array - the last thing his brother had done…

Jin Ling stands beside him in silence before he turns and moves to where the rest of the juniors are grieving.

It’s only when he’s fully alone does he allow the tears to fall.

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Angstymdzsthoughts answered:

When Lan Wangji heard that there was something wrong with Wei Wuxian he was up and running before he even knew how serious it was. The overpowering need to protect the man he had spent almost twenty years in love with was so deeply ingrained into his bones that it was useless to fight against it.

When he arrived at the house his brother had gifted Wei Wuxian with in an attempt to convince him to stay, Wei Wuxian was standing outside and perfectly fine. He looked like he had just rolled out of bed and was teasing an embarrassed looking Lan Jingyi and joking with the little crowd that had gathered. Even seeing Wei Wuxian unharmed and smiling did nothing to stop the pounding of his heart.

He finds out from Sizhui later that Wei Wuxian had another paralysis episode and it scared Lan Jingyi into calling for help. The episode only lasted a few minutes that time though, so he was fine by the time medics arrived.


Jingyi was bored.

The fact he was bored was nothing new - growing up in cloud recess with over 4000 rules to follow and a rota to follow daily…. well he was bored.

His first instinct is to look for Sizhui. His friend had been spending more and more time in the disciples quarters ever since his father had divorced Senior Wei.

Him along with the rest of the juniors had been furious on Senior Wei’s behalf - it had been the perfect love story, wei wuxian had overcome death itself to return to the love of his life… but in the end his love hadn’t been enough for Hanguan Jun.

Sizhui isn’t in the quarters. He isn’t in the library and he isn’t with the rabbits. When Jingyi finally asked Teacher Lan he is informed that Senior Wen had taken his nephew out night hunting to try and cheer him up.

And so Jingyi is back to square one.


Jin Ling isn’t due to visit for another month and the rest of the disciples aren’t as fun to tease -

He nearly hits himself for missing the obvious.

Senior Wei! Of course! If anyone would be up for something mysterious it would be Senior Wei!

He walks briskly to Senior Wei’s new accommodations (He doesn’t clench his fist as he stalks past the jingshi. He doesn’t. ) and raps on the door.

“Senior Wei?”

There is no answer.

Jingyi frowns. It’s only 9am surly Senior Wei isn’t already up and about?

He debates the pros and cons of opening the door without invitation. (“Your always welcome here! If you ever need me my door is always open - even if it’s closed, open it up!”)(he’ll take it)

He cracks the door open. “Senior Wei?” The doors to the bedroom are open and Jingyi glances at the bed. He freezes.

Senior Wei is there. His eyes are open and he is staring at the ceiling apparently deep in thought.

Jingyi opens his mouth to apologise before realising that senior Wei is not moving. Hes not even twitching or blinking. Jingyi takes a hesitant step forward.

He doesn’t even realise he is screaming until another disciple rushes in.


He had heard the scream. Of course he had. He even recognised the scream -Jingyi - and mildly wonders what the child is doing. He turns to make a comment to Wei Ying before freezing.

Of course. That was silly of him. They were divorced. (It was for the best.)

Jingyi’s scream is joined by another and they are calling -


Lan Wangji drops the papers in his hands. Bichen is unsheathed and he is halfway through the garden before he realised he is running.


Wei Wuxian smiles as he rubs the tear streaks from the faces of the cluster of Lan disciples surrounding him.

“We thought you were dead!” “You weren’t blinking! ” “Please don’t leave us Senior Wei!”

The voices are over lapping and he can feel the migraine worsening. “I’m OK!” He reassures them. “It’s just something that hasn’t happened in a while, I’m sorry I forgot to warn you, I forgot how terrifying it must be to see someone you know like that.”

“-scared!” “-never again” “-keep you safe from-”

The voices cut off seemingly all at once and Wei Wuxian doesn’t need to turn around to know why. (That scent of sandlewood - he’d know it anywhere)

The juniors move discreetly to surround him and he hides his smile. They really are too cute. (But he’s so so thankful for them. He can’t face him. Not now. Not after that. Because last time he had promised he would always be there for him when it happend. When the ghosts of the past became too much he’d always be by his side, he’d always love him, he’d never leave him…)

“So whose up for some breakfast? I can cook you-”

“Breakfast?! It’s after 10!-” “-out of the kitchen-” “-no spices…”

He is moved further into the pavilion surrounded by the chattering children.


Lan Wangji bows his head as the disciples guild his husband (ex husband) away from him.

Wei Ying is still trembling and he saw him massaging his temples. He should help. He knows what wei Ying wants. What he needs….

He turns around and returns to his jingshi alone.

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His body is broken.

There's too much blood.

He closes his eyes and waits for his inevitable death.

Then a single star appears and saves him.

Years later he stands and looks at the fallen star.

It's body is broken.

There's too much blood.

Death has claimed it.

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"Why did you have to save me?! If you had just left me there to die none of this would have happened!"

He looks at the cold (dead) body lying on the ground before carefully leaning over and adjusting the bandages.

"Why did you save me? Why did you save me only to leave me? You promised you'd never leave"

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"Little blind~"

He's a predator, hunting his prey.

"Little blind, come out come out wherever you are~"

She killed him. She couldn't keep her mouth shut (neither could he) and had blabbered on. (So had he)

She had lied to them. (So had he)

"Little blind~ don't you want to see the consequences of your actions?" (He had. He had to watch as Xingchen had raised Shuanghua to his neck and-)

He can hear the muffled sobs. He smiles, eyes still bright with unshed tears.

"You killed him little blind. You killed Daozhang." (They both had)

He'd make her pay. It was her fault. They had been happy. Then the black daozhang had shown up (it was his fault) 

"Come on little blind don't you want to see him? I'm going to save him you know. I can bring him back! Don't you want him back?" (He did. He needed him back)

"Can you?"

The small voice comes from behind him. Foolish girl.


The all voice comes from behind him. Foolish girl.

"Can you really bring him back?"

He pauses. Daozhang liked the little blind for some reason. The chance of him returning was higher if she was there.

"I brought the other daozhang back didn't I?" 

She nods slowly. Her pale eyes meet his. (Liar! Shed been lying all this time!)

She doesn't step closer to him. (Smart girl.)

"You will bring him back?"

"I will never stop trying"

The years pass.

A young (not so young) blind girl (not so blind either) a young man loosing his grip on sanity and a walking corpse occupy Yi city.

Another body lies in a coffin surrounded by talismans, preserving the body. A spirit locking pouch sits in the home.

The girl spends everyday in fear, waiting for her daozhang to come back and save her.

She watches in horror as the once seemingly carefree young man decended into insanity. (And still Daozhang did not awaken.)

She watches as he spends the days mumbling to himself and fluctuating between pleading and screaming at the pouch holding the soul.

"Come back Daozhang" she cries whenever the Xue Yang leaves to the market. "You promised you would look after me"

("You promised you wouldn't leave me alone!" The screams from last night echo through her mind. The pleading and tears and promises that had followed.)

"Come back Daozhang. Come back"


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As soon as he sees the man in white, as soon as he hears that laugh he remembers.

Reincarnation can be a blessing but it can also be a curse.

He spins on his heel, heart racing. He can't be here. He can't ruin that man again. He can't he can't he can't he can't -  

A hand grips his wrist and he turns to see her.

Because of course she would be with him. 

"You." Her voice is cold. (Of course it is. Why would she feel anything other then hated for him? He had killed her. He had blinded her and slit her tongue and-)

He pulls his hand free and doesn't risk a look in the other man's direction. 

"Keep him safe little blind" 

It's all he can force out. What could have been a term of endernment. (It was as much of an apology as he could force)

He turns.

He runs.
She watchs him run. She saw the influx of emotion over his face.

She'd remembered for years, a single glance at the man she now stayed with and everything had come rushing back. ("I'm sorry. Im so sorry Daozhang")

He had eyes this time but she still recognised him. (She always would) 

And so had Xue Yang.

He had just remembered and he was alone.

(As he deserves)

(But that person isn't him)

"A-Qing? Who was that?"

She doesn't turn. 

She only lifts a hand hand and points in the direction he ran. "Xue Yang. He saw you and remembered"
Xue Yang. He shouldn't want to see him. Shouldn't want to talk to him. (But he needed anwsers)

(He needed to know if everything had been a lie.)

(He'd been searching for him for years.)

He glances at A-Qing who shrugs. "I'll follow you Daozhang. Whatever you choose"

He pats her head and they take off after the fleeing youth.
He was a Monster.

He had ruined Xiao Xingchen. He would ruin him again.

The kind Daozhang would never be safe while he was alive.

He had to make sure he was safe.

He looks out over the cliff.

He has nobidy who will miss him. Its for the best.

He turns and closes his eyes.

(He doesnt see the figure making his way through the tree line.)

He jumps.
A-Qing gasps as he screams and runs. He can reach him. He can save him. This time will be different. This time no one will die.

He's too late.

He falls at the edge of the cliff and stares at the broken body at the base of the cliff.

Tears fall from his eyes. He hears the hesitant steps of A-Qing behind him but he pushes her back.

She doesn't need to see him like that.

He tells her to return to the town.

He makes his way down the cliff and when he reaches the broken body on the rocks he pushes the hair out of his face. He tries to ignore the wound in his head. 

"A-Yang..." he weeps.

He presses a kiss to the forehead of the now dead man.

Next time.

He will save him next time.

Next time things will be different. 

Next time nobody will die.