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In every world i'm yours

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The first time Lan Wangji sees Wei Ying without his usual smile is on a Monday morning during their science lab.

He watches out of the corner of his eye as wei Ying slinks in with a hoodie on and bags under his eyes. His usual smile is missing and when he sits down next to him - 


No response. No teasing. 

Just Wei Ying staring at nothing and the odd stiffiling of yawns.

So Lan Wangji slides his half drunk coffee over. 

He is met with a surprised face which quickly morphes into a grin. "I knew you cared about me Lan Zhan!" 

And he most definitely does not blush.

The coffee is drained and within minutes Wei Ying has relaxed.

He finds out later that Wen Ning had used the last of the coffee beans in somme project and hadn't informed his flat mate. 

So as Tuesday morning rolled round lan wangji simply buys 2 coffees. He ignores his brothers curious gaze but keeps his eyes peeled for Wei Ying .

He doesn't wait long. The sound of complaining reaches his ears, and Lan Wangji  walks up to Wei Ying - who is dragging out of his brother - and just holds out the second cup of coffee. He can feel the tips of his ears burning.

Wei Ying pouting turns to grining as he snatches the cup.

"Mmm Lan Zhan if you keep this up, I'll get use to it and be disappointed once you stop"

"Won't stop"

At Wei Ying's confused expression - "will buy Wei Ying coffee everyday"

A smile that could rival the sun for brightness is all he can see. 

"Everyday then Lan Zhan"