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Popple and Fawful: Fragmentary Eclipse

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The trio’s footsteps rang through the stairway’s walls as they ran down them, only stopping when the three touched down in front of a closed door that the mint green lunairen tilted their head at.

“What’s going on?” Popple asked, trying to see past their large ears.

“The basement is not supposed to have a security system like this.” they replied, moving out of the way to show the Shadow Thief what they were talking about. A door that was currently locked, with an odd mechanism beside the thing, it was a random podium-shaped thing with two buttons at the top, and a screen in the middle showing nothing at the moment.

“ya keep your basement-... nevermind, lemme see the what’s on this thing,” Popple said, walking up to the machine and pressing one of the buttons curiously; it then beeped and sprung to life, showing the question, which was a simple: ‘why are you here?’.

“We’re here to figure out what is happening in the temple..?” the mint green lunairen said, right before hesitating, then pushed the closest relevant button, which read ‘to slay the dragon’, which beeped in a higher pitch, then with a click the door unlocked with a happy tune.

“Well that was easy,” Popple added, stepping over to the door, checking to make sure it was truly unlocked, then turning the knob and opening it…

...To a room that clearly wasn’t a basement; in fact it looked to be more like a dungeon rather then the place Popple and Fawful expected. With rocky walls, and a floor that would be uncomfortable on bare feet.

The mint green lunairen was just as perturbed as the beanish brothers, as they walked into the room and scanned the place before speaking; “The curse seriously messed with the basement too?!”

“...sure seems that way.” Popple replied, putting Fawful down and walking into the new room they were in while also checking the place out and...almost falling into the huge hole that separated the trio from the other end of the room, and the way out.

“W-will you have carefulness?!” Fawful chastised, dashing over and feeling a bit of vertigo at being unable to see the bottom of the chasm.

Popple scrambled back up and backed as far away from the edge as possible, fear on his face as he then turned his head to look at his other companion in this place, who had found another one of the weird machines. And was looking over it with their hand on their chin.

“Somethin' up?” Popple asked.

“I think this thing’s busted. here, let me show you,” the lunairen said, pressing one of the buttons; only for it to flicker with a low beep, along with the name Tethys flashing for a second before shutting off again.

“What the heck is a Tethys?” Popple asked again, only for him to see them just stare at the Shadow Thief with a little head tilt.

“Oh, didn't i tell you my name?” they replied matter-of-factly, then shrugged at Popple’s expression, ”but yeah? My name’s Tethys, though i don’t know how this thing knows it...”

They then walked over to a small pile of rubble, ignoring Popple’s late realization at what they meant, and checked around the area for any other ways to get to the other side of the room.

“W-wait your name’s…” Popple trailed off, he felt immensely confused at their newly learned name, and honestly expected it to be a lot more odd but… at least he didn’t have to constantly refer to Tethys by their appearance now. Grambi he was getting tired of doing that.

Tethys moved a stray piece of rock as Popple fiddled around with the puzzle some more, which revealed a hole in the wall that was cracked a lot more than the thing that blocked iit, there also seemed to be something inside it, but no matter how hard they reached they couldn’t get whatever it was that was in there. it was also way too small for them to crawl into...

They stomped their feet in frustration, then took a glance at Fawful and got an idea as they called to him:  “Hey, Fawful can you come here for a second?”

Fawful was about to ask why, but changed his mind as he saw what they were talking about, he sighed and nodded. Then crawled into the hole in the wall with ease.

“So what’s in there?” Tethys questioned, trying their best to see inside.

“It is just being a smaller version of the machine out there!” Fawful said, right before pushing one of the buttons, which almost blinded him when it suddenly turned on. Though it didn’t show anything at the moment when Fawful’s vision recovered enough to check.

“It has activation!” he called, and was about to get out when the first contraption outside of the hole sprung to life as well, scaring Popple slightly with a loud beep and finally showing what they need to answer on their screens.

Tethys walked up to it and read aloud the question to the others, just to make sure everyone was on the same page; “ ‘you find someone unconscious on the road, and there’s no one else around except for you. What do you do?’ ...what?”

The trio took a bit to process the question; feeling very confused at the sudden complexity of it compared to the last one, before Popple stepped over and almost pressed the button that said ‘steal from them’-

-That was until Tethys slapped his hand off of it and pressed the opposite one. Which said ‘get them to a hospital’. the contraption then did a happy little series of beeps before shutting off. presumably waiting for the other one to be answered. 

“Dude, seriously?” Tethys accused Popple right afterwards, glaring at him while the Shadow Thief gave them a sheepish smile.

“What? The person probably had somethin’ good with them, see?” Popple replied, glancing over to Fawful, who put the same thing in when he saw what they did. And crawled out of the hole while the door at the other end of the room unlocked.

Tethys facepalmed at Popple, then mumbled a “grambi this guy…” before taking in a breath and said; “look, just let me handle the questions, okay? For the safety of all of us, who knows what could’ve happened if you pressed the wrong thing…”
“Um..?”Fawful began awkwardly, glancing down at the chasm between the three and the exit. “Fawful knows that there is tension, but… how are we being able to get to the door?”

Popple and Tethys paused; oh, right, they forgot about the whole ‘figure out what’s wrong with the temple’ thing.

Popple looked around the room for something to use to get to the other side, then after finding nothing that was long or sturdy enough to use He checked inside his thievery bag; finding a grappling hook inside, along with some boards connected to rope and four stakes, he grinned at the stuff that could be used to make a quick bridge to the other side before turning to Tethys. 

“Here, hold this,” He tossed one half of the temporary bridge to them, before holding the other half of the supplies, putting the first two stakes down to the best of his ability, then using the grappling hook to get over to the door, and put the other stakes into the ground and tying his end of the bridge down. While Tethys did the same on their end. 

They then did a small cheer as they made sure the thing was stable enough to walk on, and hopped over to the Shadow Thief with a smile on their face. While Fawful just got over there normally.

“Well that was fun,” they said with a small chuckle, before turning serious for a bit to open the door to check the next room.

Which was a very long hallway lit up pretty dreadfully, with magenta and yellow torches being the only way they could even see the end to it, then they realized how far the thing was compared to this room and the last one; this place clearly did not fit with the temple’s structure, since judging by the sounds from the first floor the monster should be right around here.

...Then again this place was being messed to the Underwhere and back due to the island’s curse, so this room (and any other they may run into) may be even more nonsensical than they realize.  

Tethys shrugged, their mind not wanting to know how complex this place was, as they started walking into the blinding hallway with Popple and Fawful in tow. before the door closed behind them when another, loud roar from the monster in the place started a minor earthquake.

“Great, what do we do now?” Popple asked, anger and a hint of worry in his voice as the diminishing tremors allowed him to look back at where they just came from.

“Uh… let's… just get to the next room, before the monster gets even more cranky.” Tethys replied, feeling a similar amount of emotion as the Shadow Thief.

"but what about-"

"we can worry about the door and it's integrity later, we need to go, Now." they interjected, right before dashing ahead the two beanish brothers, as the sound of muffled metallic scraping against rock, and long chains clattering along with it, told the trio that they were getting closer to who they were searching for.