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Every Game You Play

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Once the next day rolled around Kurt was nervous about going to the airport. He wanted to be there to support Blaine, and he liked Sam, but what would Sebastian do? And would Blaine and Sam kiss goodbye? He wasn’t sure he could handle witnessing that again. He may respect that they were long lost lovers but he didn’t have to like it.

He had already chosen what he wanted to wear before school and had brought it with him to change before they left. He had arranged with Jeff to get a ride home.  He would have gladly asked Blaine, but he didn’t want to impose, or have to listen to him go on about Sam, which happened in most of their conversations.

After his last class let out he dashed to the restroom to change. Luckily had a half hour before he had to meet them at the G4 study hall, and he put the time to good use. As he left the restroom and climbed the stairs to the G4 study hall he noticed that students tended to give him a wider berth than normal. He didn’t give it much thought, until he overheard some girls whispering amongst themselves that he was a friend of the member of G4. It felt nice to have people respect him, or more accurately, fear him, but he hardly called himself a friend of G4. He pondered this as he knocked on the door, waiting for Jeff or Nick to let him in.

“Hi Nick!” He said, as the door opened to reveal Nick’s smiling face.

“Come in!” Nick said. “We are just about to leave though. Blaine hasn’t shown up yet though so we are going to wait a few more minutes, but if he doesn’t show up we will just go without him.”

“Hm, I wonder where he might be.” Kurt said.

The chair at the far end of the room overlooking the tended lawns turned around and revealed Sebastian sitting there, with a somber expression. “He is probably moping. Again.” He huffed, standing up and walking over to Kurt and Nick. “Jeff’s down at the car, let’s just go, he isn’t going to show up here.”

Kurt and Nick exchanged glances before following Sebastian out the door, Nick locking it behind them. As they wandered down the halls again, Kurt noticed that the students continued to stare at him. Maybe this could be a good thing, he thought. Even if he wasn’t overly fond of the company, *cough* Sebastian *cough* he was at least protected. As they climbed into the car he exchanged greetings with Jeff, and they got on their way.

Arriving at the airport a half hour later, the boys exited the car and walked through the large building to find the waiting area for Sam’s flight. “Do you see him anywhere?” Jeff asked, looking around the crowds of people.

“No, maybe he stopped at one of the coffee shops for something, Jeff and I will go check.” Nick said, walking over to the nearest Starbucks.

Kurt sat down in one of the nearby chairs, and sighed. Sebastian sat a few seats away and rolled his eyes.

“Can I ask you something?” Kurt asked, filled with frustration at his persistent feelings.

“If I say no you’ll still ask.” Sebastian said, and for a second Kurt thought he sounded uncharacteristically fond.

“Is it good to pretend you don’t like someone, if doing so preserves the friendship?” Kurt asked.

“You really don’t need to worry about that, we aren’t friends.” Sebastian replied, unhelpfully. Kurt reached over and smacked him and was about to retort when Jeff and Nick returned.

“He isn’t at the coffee shop, or the sandwich shop.” Nick said, shooting a glare and Jeff who was devouring a sandwich at that moment.

“Oh! There Sam is!” Kurt said, pointing across the room to the blond man reading something off a tablet.

“Hi Sam.” They greeted as they approached him.

“Hey guys! I’m glad you came to see me off. You know, I was afraid you would forget, I actually haven’t heard from Blaine all day, have you seen him?” Sam asked, concerned.

“No, we haven’t…” Sebastian answered.

“Hm, maybe it was just too stressful for him, he has taken this pretty hard.” Sam shrugged.

Over the loudspeaker a voice crackled “Flight four O seven to Los Angeles boarding soon.”

“That’s me.” Sam said sadly. Jeff was the first to step forward and hug him goodbye, followed by Nick. Sebastian settled for just shaking his hand, but when Kurt’s turn came he had no option but to hug back as Sam’s muscular arms enveloped him. “Be good Kurt,” He said grinning. “Take care of these guys for me, alright?” Kurt nodded and with that Sam gathered up his things and waved farewell. As they watched Sam walk towards his gate, Sebastian said what everyone else was wondering.

“Where the fuck is Blaine?”

“Here I am!” A familiar voice shouted across the terminal. As the boys turned they saw a brightly dressed Blaine running towards them, dragging a suitcase behind him.

“What have you got there?” Sebastian asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Sam already left, you missed him.” Nick supplied.

“I know, that’s okay.” Blaine said, grinning ridiculously.

“That’s okay?” Kurt asked, confused.

“Look!” Blaine held forward an envelope. Sebastian took it and read it.

“It’s a plane ticket. For the next flight to LA.” He said, stunned. “Why?”

“Then we don’t have to be apart!” Blaine said.

“Do you know if he is okay with this?” Sebastian asked.

Blaine looked hurt. “Why wouldn’t he be?”

“Well for one-“ Sebastian was cut off.

“What Sebastian means to say is that he is so happy for you.” Kurt said, glaring at Sebastian, who rolled his eyes.

“Thanks!” Blaine said. “I best be off though, I have to find my terminal. Bye guys!” Blaine hugged them and took off walking away from them.

Sebastian sighed. “Didn’t see that coming.”

“Isn’t he going to miss school?” Kurt asked.

“He’ll be fine, he probably already bribed the school to let him have the time off, I guess now we wait until he gets bored and comes back.” Sebastian mused.

“Let’s get going.” Nick said. “I have a dinner I have to go to my parents with.”

They walked to the car and when they got back to the school Kurt turned to Jeff. “Shall we?” He asked, eager to get home.

“Yes! Of course, follow me.” Jeff replied, and began to lead Kurt over to his car, but Kurt was stopped by a hand gripping his wrist.

“Ah!” Kurt exclaimed in surprise. Jeff turned around to see what happened. Sebastian stood, holding Kurt’s elbow and looking at Jeff.

“I can take him home.” He said.

Jeff looked at Sebastian questioningly for a second before nodding. “That sounds good, I have some calculus homework I’ve been meaning to do anyway.” Jeff walked past Kurt and Sebastian and back into the building before Kurt could respond.

“Okay…” He said, freeing his arm from Sebastian’s grip. “What was that all about?”

“Jeff’s pretty new at driving, I didn’t want you to end up dead. It would look bad for my parent’s school.” Sebastian explained, walked over to his car and waving Kurt in.

As Kurt sat down on the leather seats he thought to himself that Sebastian’s reasoning was weak at best, but he let it slide, curiosity was obviously getting the best of him, dammit.

“Where do you live?” Sebastian asked, as he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

“Lima.” Kurt said.

“Lima? God, you are poor.” Sebastian mumbled to himself.

“Excuse me?” Kurt said, crossing his arms.

“Nothing!” Sebastian avoided Kurt’s glare by turning on the radio.

“Sure…” Kurt rolled his eyes but let it go. The fast paced pop music blaring through Sebastian’s undeniably expensive sound system made the drive fly by, and soon they were stopped outside Kurt’s house.

“Well, goodbye, I guess.” Kurt said, getting out of the car. He leaned over, looking through the window. “Thanks for the ride.”

Sebastian nodded. “Bye Kurt.” He waited until Kurt and reached the front steps before he put the car in reverse and pulled out of the driveway, heading back to the interstate and Kurt was left watching him go.


The next day at lunch Kurt was deep in conversation with Rachel when a shadow crossed their table. Looking up, Kurt saw Sebastian staring down at him. “What?” He asked, feeling defensive.

“Tomorrow, 5 o’clock, Westerville Country Club. Be there.” He said, before leaving.

Kurt stared after him, confused.

“What was that?” Rachel asked, eager to delve into gossip.

“I haven’t a clue.” Kurt answered.

“Well, are you going to go?” Rachel asked, leaning forward.

“I don’t know. I guess.” Kurt said. He didn’t know what Sebastian had planned and felt concerned. “I might as well, he didn’t sound like he was open for negotiations.”

“Just because he wants you to go doesn’t mean you have to though.” Rachel pointed out.

“I know, but I am starting to feel a little curious.” Kurt said. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Don’t get me started! Don’t you remember how awful he was to me when we first met?” Rachel said.

“True, but maybe he is going to apologi-“ Kurt glared at Rachel for laughing.

“I’m sorry, but Sebastian Smythe apologizing? Unlikely. Did you forget how you even got into this school?”

“You’re probably right.” Kurt sighed. “Do you still need help with you Chem homework?” He asked, changing the subject. He smiled as Rachel nodded and helped her with some problems for the rest of lunch.

The next day was a teacher prep day at Dalton, and Kurt enjoyed the opportunity to sleep in. He didn’t normally allow himself the luxury, but he decided he deserved it after the strange week he was having. He got out of bed and glanced at the clock to see it was 10:07 AM and he hurried into the kitchen to see if his dad had left for work yet. His keys weren’t on the counter, so Kurt assumed he must have already left for work, so he only made breakfast for himself.

Sitting down on the couch fifteen minutes later with an omelet and coffee, he flipped through the TV channels, finally settling on a home improvement show. Once he was done eating he shut off the TV and returned to his room to take a shower. After going through his routine he couldn’t help but notice that one of his favorite sweaters was starting to tear, so he went to his sewing drawer and found his stack of torn clothes and sat down on the couch with a French audio book, intending to practice his French while fixing his clothes. That was one thing he liked about Dalton’s uniform. He may have to wear the same thing every day, but he didn’t have to spend as many evenings with his needle and thread.

He thought about heading to the thrift store to find some clothes to alter, and once he was finished with his stack of clothes he gathered up his wallet and headed out. Reaching the store he wandered through the aisles of clothes, picking through the Hawaiian shirts and polos, looking for anything he could alter. He spent a long time there looking through the sweaters. Winter was beginning soon and Kurt wanted to be prepared. He found a few things he could tailor, and headed to the checkout line.

When it was his turn he smiled at the cashier girl. Brittany, he remembered her name was, had worked there since the beginning of summer, and sometimes he and she would wander through the rows together when she got off work. He liked her, but since his transfer he had hardly had time to see her.

“Unicorn!” She exclaimed. “How have you been?” She leaned over the counter for a hug and Kurt gladly gave her one.

“I transferred schools, sorry I haven’t been here as often, it’s far away and I have to wear a uniform.” He shuddered, and smiled as she laughed.

“You’re a preppy now huh?” She asked. “You’re gonna have to come back and show me your uniform sometime.” She swiped his debit card and handed him the clothes in a bag. “I’d love to continue chatting but I have to work and Santana is picking me up for lunch.” She smiled when she said her girlfriend’s name.

Kurt walked back home, but halfway home he stopped still. “Sebastian!” He said to himself. He had forgotten that they were supposed to meet. He took his phone from his pocket and tried to call him before remembering he didn’t have his number. He ran home and dropped the bag off in his room and ran to his dad’s tire shop.

By the time he got there he was panting and tried to catch his breath before entering the shop.

“Hey dad.” He said, greeting his dad who was standing under the hood of an SUV. Burt looked over surprised.

“Hey Kiddo. Whatcha need?” He asked, turning back to work.

“Can I borrow the truck? I need to go to Westerville to see a friend. I was supposed to meet him there and I forgot and I have no way to call him.”

“Sure thing.” Burt said. “It’s 5 now and I get off in 10 minutes, just drive me home and you can be off.”

“Thanks dad!” Kurt hated that he was still going to be over an hour late, almost two, but he didn’t want to stand Sebastian up, even if it wasn’t his idea.

He waited for his dad to finish, and drove him home, before hopping onto the highway to Westerville. He hoped Sebastian wasn’t going to be too mad, though he couldn’t imagine that Sebastian would still be there at all, but he had to check. Rich boys usually have other things they can do besides waiting for a mechanic’s son.

He thought about this when he pulled into the Westerville Country Club. The lights were mostly dim and Kurt parked the truck and wandered into the main lobby. Passing by a few people he walked to the help desk and asked if there was a note left for him. There was and he followed the instructions on it to the ballroom where Sam’s birthday party had been. He walked in, seeing Sebastian sitting in the corner of the room on the floor, a bottle of wine in his hand.

“What are you doing?” Kurt asked, looking over Sebastian’s disheveled appearance. He really should take better care of his clothes, Kurt thought, eyeing the wrinkles forming on Sebastian’s dress pants.

“Why’re you late?” Sebastian said, his speech slightly slurred as he looked up.

“I forgot. Besides, it isn’t like I said I wanted to see you here.” He pointed out.

“But you came,” Sebastian looked at his watch. “If, 2 hours late.”

“You didn’t have to stay.” Kurt said, sitting down besides the taller boy and taking the wine bottle from his hand. “I don’t think you need more of this.”

Sebastian started making grabby hands and Kurt held the bottle as far away from him as he could, before scooting a few feet away and taking a sip.

“Come back!” Sebastian said, moving over until he was sitting next to Kurt again.

“Why are you still here?”

“Waiting. Never waited before. Wanted to know what it was like.” He mumbled drunkenly.

“You’re crazy.” Kurt said, a small amount of affection slipping through his mask of superiority. “Let’s get you home, Seb.”

“Can’t.” Sebastian shook his head emphatically and motioned with his hands. “Mom’s home. She thinks I’m staying with Blaine.”

“Blaine isn’t even in the state.”

“Si’know, but I di’nt wanna impose on anyone.” Sebastian curled himself up into a ball and rolled onto his side.

“Okay, you are ridiculous when you’re drunk.” Kurt sighed. What made him need to drink so much to get like this, he wondered.  “Hey Sebastian? Why were you drinking?”

“Don’t like waiting, it’s boring.” Sebastian mumbled.

Well that didn’t help much. “Well, I can’t leave you here.” Kurt pushed Sebastian up into a sitting position.

“Sno I’m fiiinnnee.” Sebastian said.

“Yeah okay you’re coming with me.” Kurt said.

“I like floors.” Sebastian stared at the red carpet and smiled to himself as Kurt helped him to his feet. “This floor is soft,” Sebastian hiccupped, “Like you, you’re soft. Can I touch your hair?” He asked in a mumble.

“Will you shut up and cooperate afterwards?” Kurt asked, having difficulty dragging the taller man to his feet.

“Yeeeaaahh.” Sebastian whispered before brushing his hand through Kurt’s styled hair.

Kurt tried and failed not to role his eyes, but luckily Sebastian didn’t notice and soon after his mangling of Kurt’s hair allowed himself to be helped up onto his feet.

“Can we dance now?” Sebastian asked, leaning against Kurt’s chest and rocking slightly.

“There isn’t any music Sebastian, and I imagine your hand eye coordination isn’t up to par.” Kurt responded, wondering why he didn’t just say no. “Come on, if I can’t take you home I guess I have to play host.” Kurt shuddered to himself. “God forbid but you’re going to have to stay at my house for the night.”