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The newscaster’s voice crackled through the small TV speakers. “The Smythe Inc. stock has quadrupled in value due to a recent surge in popularity among consumers. William Smythe, and his wife Charlotte, have used much of their proceeds to build a private school in Westerville Ohio, their hometown, for the brightest, and richest students in the country. The first student enrolled at the school, Dalton Academy, was Sebastian Smythe, the couple’s son. Having now attracted enough attention from media and academic news, families from all over the world are paying the steep tuition in the hope of their child receiving the best education possible.”

Burt Hummel grabbed the remote from the couch armrest and turned down the volume, and turned to his son. “A bunch of crap, that is.” He said. “The school is for fancy rich kids with snobby parents.”

“Uh-huh.” Kurt nodded beside him, sewing closed a hole in an old sweater. He agreed with his father on most points, but the students from Dalton tended to drive nice cars, and be a bit reckless in them, which allowed Kurt the chance to fix them up at their auto shop and sometimes even drive them back to their owners. He may not like all the students coming into the shop and looking down on him, but he liked their cars, and they needed the money.

“Oh, Kurt, tomorrow I need you to take Andrew Larson’s car to Dalton, you know the red corvette, and deliver it, remember to bring bus fare with you.” Burt said, standing up and walking to shut the TV off. “Goodnight, kid.” He said, patting Kurt on the back and walking up the stairs to his room.

Kurt stayed up late, stitching up holes in his old clothes, hoping that they might last another year. Near midnight he put his sewing supplies away and got ready for bed, falling asleep quickly.

Waking 6 hours later, he stumbled out of bed and put on his best clothes, and grabbing a bagel, headed out for school. Walking inside his first class, English, he was greeted by his best friend, Mercedes, who handed him a coffee.  “Thanks, I needed this.” He said gratefully.

“That’s what you say every day, hon.” Mercedes laughed.

“Well, that’s because it’s true.” He said, inhaling the warm smell coming from the paper cup.

“Do you have any plans for after school? A new music store opened downtown, I thought we could check it out.” She suggested.

“I wish I could,” Kurt said. “I have to drive a car up to Dalton again, so I won’t be back home until late.”

“Gonna scope out the school and bring me back some gossip?” She asked hopefully.

“I doubt it, I’m sure they all have better things to do than converse with the car repairman’s son.” He said, rolling his eyes.

“Well, if it makes you feel better I think they are missing out.” She said, smiling at him. He returned her smile and before they could continue the teacher walked in, bringing their attention to the front of the room.


Kurt hummed along with the radio as the corvette raced down the highway. He was always careful to drive the speed limit, not wanting his father to get in trouble, but he still felt like he was flying. He wondered what it would be like to attend Dalton Academy. He didn’t much care for the blazers, but he wasn’t in the position to complain about clothes at the moment. He always made sure to dress well though when he visited Dalton, he wanted to blend in as well as possible.

Turning off the highway he drove up the long road to the school. It sprawled out over many acres, there were 2 wings of classrooms, one for boys and one for girls, with a large cafeteria made of solid glass connected them. A short way away from the main building several dorms were built, some for students who lived on campus, and some nicer ones for the teachers that taught there full time.  Kurt parked the car and headed over to the student dorms, hoping to easily find Andrew Larson. He walked down the halls, heading towards the common area when he heard Andrew’s name. He turned around and stood near the hallway where the students had mentioned the name, listening in for a clue as to where he might be.

“-o, I know, there was a notice in his locker, one from G4! The whole school is out to get hi-“ The voice cut off as another student raced passed Kurt and turned down the hallway, interrupting them. “A few of us spotted him on the roof of the dorm, come on outside we gotta see it!”

Why is he on the roof? Kurt thought, turning around to go back to where he saw some stairs leading up. He decided that it wasn’t much of his business if Andrew liked to chill on the roof, but Kurt needed to get home so he made his way up the 3 flights of stairs to the top, and opened the door. A small crowd of students had congregated at the side of the roof, and a taller head stood over them. Kurt pushed his way through the crowd, and asked a student, “Where’s Andrew Larson?”

“Right there!” the student replied, pointing to the teenage boy standing on the edge of the roof.

Kurt walked forward as quickly as he could, but he didn’t want to scare the boy. “Andrew?” he asked. Seeing the boy nod he continued. “I have your car downstairs, it is all fixed up.” He said. “I need the money now though.” He wasn’t sure what to say.

“My dad can take care of it.” Andrew said, measuring the distance to the ground with his eyes.  3 stories down, another crowd of students had gathered.

“What no! I need the money now.” Kurt said, hoping the boy would get off the ledge to pay him. He wasn’t quite sure what had made the boy get up there in the first place, though the blood crusting over on his top lip would suggest he had recently been in a fight.

“I can’t stand it anymore.” Andrew said. “Don’t you get it? The whole school wants me dead. G4 has placed a mark on my head! I wanted to make my family proud, but I can’t take it.”  Andrew glanced up and Kurt, then back to the ground. He leaned forward to jump, and in that moment Kurt rushed forward, wrapping his arms around the boy, halting his downward descent. Below, several camera’s flashed, and Kurt didn’t realize how much his act of bravery would change his life.

Ignoring the shouts of students around him, he pulled Andrew up over the ledge and set him down on the roof floor. The other students moved away, talking amongst themselves about what they had witnessed. Several had their phones out and were looked at the pictures they had taken of the event.  Kurt called 911 and waited with the boy until the ambulance came to take him to the hospital.

Kurt walked down to the bus stop and waited for the next bus to come. Once it arrived he hopped on, taking out a book and preparing for the 2 hour ride home.

Arriving home in the evening he greeted his dad and went to change into more comfortable clothes before returning downstairs to do some mending while watching the news. His father joined him and Kurt had begun to tune the newscaster out when a word caught his attention, drawing his eyes to the screen.
“Wide spread bullying at the prestigious private school, Dalton Academy, has driven a student to suicide, before the boy delivering his car saved his life.” The brunette said.

Burt looked over at Kurt, an eyebrow raised, before looking back to the TV as the newscaster continued.

“The student, who due to request shall remain unnamed, was standing on the ledge of the boy’s dorm, during which time the other boy, identified as Kurt Hummel, tried to talk him down. When the boy jumped, Kurt Hummel was reported to run forward and save him. No word yet has come as to whether the boy’s family have thanked Kurt Hummel, but Dalton Academy has a lot to explain if they want parents to continue enrolling their students there.” The newscaster moved on to another topic while Kurt figured out what to say to his waiting dad.

“Um, well, yeah, that happened today.” Kurt stumbled over his words.

“I’m proud of you, Kurt.” His father said. He started to say more but the doorbell stopped him. “I’ll get it.” He said. Walking over to the door he pulled it open. Outside the house a well dressed woman stood.

“Is this the residence of Kurt Hummel?” She asked, smiling.

“Yes it is…” Burt said. “I’m his father. Who are you?”

“I am here on behave of the Smythe family to offer your son a full ride scholarship to attend Dalton Academy.”

“Excuse me? Why would I want Kurt to go there, after what just happened?” Burt asked.

“Dalton Academy offers the best education in the country for high school students, upon his graduation your son could attend any college he desires.”  Everything will be paid for, including his transportation to the school.”

“Kurt!” Burt called. “Come here!”

Kurt came to the door. “What is it?”

“This lady here is offering you a full ride scholarship to attend Dalton Academy.”

“Are you serious?” He asked, looking at the lady incredulously.

“Quite serious. The Smythe family is hoping your bravery will inspire the other students to be better people.” She said. “Our sources informed us that you sing in the choir at your current school, and we are willing to supply a vocal coach to you if you compete in the singing competitions with the other students. They may have more practice than you, but we are sure that with some help you will catch right up. This opportunity offers a lot, especially if you intend to follow a career in singing.”

“I do.” Kurt said.

Burt paused. “Well, do you want to go?”

“As much as I hate to be around so many bullies, the educations and music program sounds really helpful, especially when looking for scholarships. I accept.” Kurt said.

“Fantastic!” the lady exclaimed. “Here is your bus pass, you start tomorrow.” She motioned to another man standing near the car, and he walked over. “Here is your uniform, which you will be expected to wear tomorrow.” She said, as the man handed over the garment bag. “We look forward to your attendance.”

Kurt thanked her and closed the door. “I did not expect that to happen.”

“Do you think you can deal with the students though?” Burt asked concerned.

“It won’t be anything new, plus maybe I can pass under the radar for a while.” Kurt said.

“I doubt that son, your name was on the news, everyone with a student there will probably be asking about you.”

“I remain hopeful.” Kurt said. “I’m heading to bed now.” He bid his father goodnight and walked down the stairs to his basement room.  Grabbing his phone from the nightstand he dialed Mercedes’ number and waited for her to pick up.

“Kurt?” she said when she picked up.

“Yeah.” Kurt said. “Guess what happened today?”

“You mean besides the lifesaving you texted me about on the bus?”

“I have been offered a scholarship to Dalton just now, so don’t worry about bringing me coffee tomorrow.” He said.

“Wait, really? I would ask why but gracious boy, that place is beautiful. I’ve heard amazing things about their music program.” She said. “I am happy and slightly worried for you, to be honest.”

“Me too.” Kurt said, “But I think I can manage. Anyway I just wanted to tell you so you didn’t end up having to drink both coffees and ending up on a caffeine high the whole day.” He laughed.

“Ha ha, very funny.” Mercedes said.

They wished each other goodnight and Kurt crawled into bed, hoping to get enough rest before tomorrow.


  It was still dark outside when Kurt left for the bus stop. He pulled his coat tighter around his shoulders, attempting to block out the slight chill in the air. He tried not to think to much about how the day would play out, or whether he would make friends, though he sincerely doubted that he would. Scholarships weren't offered to Dalton students, and he couldn't imagine that the other students would look kindly on a mechanic's son. The bus arrived, pulling him out of his head, and he boarded, pulling out a book to read on the long ride. At 8am he was dropped off in front of Dalton's gates.

 Walking up the driveway he saw many students walking atoms the lawn. A few were making their way towards the breakfast hall, to eat before a long day of classes. Kurt walked towards the main building. Upon entering he found the main office, where a bubbly secretary gave him his class schedule. She wished him well on his first day as he left the office to head over to his class, singing lessons. The map that came with his class schedule showed that the music building was down a long path into the woods, away from the other buildings.

As he walked down the path he began to hear the sound of a violin playing though the forest. He quickened his pace, looking around for a violinist to accompany the music. As he rounded a corner in the path the violinist came into view. A dark haired man stood dressed in solid white in the middle of a small meadow, near a bench. The man continued playing, oblivious to his new audience. As his piece finished, which Kurt recognized as a lullaby version of Teenage Dream, he lifted his head and noticed Kurt.

Kurt awkwardly coughed. "Don't mind me, I'm just looking for the music building." He said nervously. The man only nodded and began a new piece as Kurt walked past.

Unbeknownst to Kurt, the white clad man watched him as he walked away.

Finding the music building easily, Kurt turned down the hall, looking for the room number on his class schedule. He passed by some students and his ears picked up parts of the conversation.

"No, it sucks, my parents aren't letting me buy the new convertible that I wanted. I've been asking them for weeks but they think 2 cars is enough for one person, which is so hypocritical. I mean, my dad has at least 4 cars." The student complained. The other students surrounding him tried to console the weeping student, and Kurt tried not to laugh in his face. He didn't even have one car, and these kids were complaining about not getting a third. He wanted to set the kid straight, but reminded himself he wanted to stay invisible, especially if the bullying was as bad as it was yesterday.

Kurt found his classroom, glad to see several other students were already there. A sign on the far wall above a raised level read 'The Warblers'. Kurt say down in the back and waited as the room slowly filled with people. Suddenly a hush descended over the room as the door opened and 2 impeccably dressed men entered. None of them wore the school required blazer or slacks, they were dressed in suits and waistcoats, and Kurt got the intense feeling that they knew they were better than everyone else. As Kurt looked at each of them, he recognized the violinist from the forest standing to the right side of the leading man. Behind them stood two other men, one with bleach blonde hair, and another with darker hair, who had a tendency to glance longingly at the blonde beside him. Returning to the man leading the group, Kurt noticed a hard look in his eyes. There was no doubt in Kurt's mind that this man was the leader. He stood tall in a dark grey suit, green shirt and grey waistcoat. He surveyed the room with a cold gaze, and his eyes fixed on a boy sitting next to Kurt.

Motioning for him to come forward, the man addressed the room. "Students of Dalton, this boy here has failed to do what I asked of him."

The boy he called up trembled as he approached.

"It is correct then, that you refused to do what G4 asked? Is it also true that you do not desire to be kicked out of Dalton?"

The boy nodded, terrified.

"Indeed. Well it is decided then." The man held out his hand behind him to the blond. "Jeff, do you still have some juice left?" He asked.

"You want it?" Jeff asked, placing it in the leader's hand. He took the bottle and removed the lid. As the boy watched in horror, the leader poured the drink all over his white shirt. Humiliated, the boy ran from the room.

The leader turned to the students gathered in the room and addressed them. "I hand shown mercy today, pray that you do not upset me." The group of 4 left the room, and soon afterward the room erupted in murmuring. Kurt though was uninterested in gossip about what the boy had done to deserve such abuse and left the room after the four.

"Hey! Hey you!" He called out. To hell with staying quiet! This was wrong, and Kurt wouldn't stand by and allow it to continue. He ran up to them, where they had stopped to amuse themselves with watching Kurt run. The violinist stood in the back, not showing any interest in the conversation about to take place, but the leader of the group looked ready to put Kurt in his place.

“Who do you think you are? Treating people like they are less than you? They are not, and you do not get to decide who deserves respect and who doesn’t, asshole.” Kurt yelled in his face.

“That’s cute.” The leader said. “But that is where I am afraid you are wrong. You see, my parents built this place, so yes, I am better than them, and I decide who gets respect and who doesn’t, so back off before you hurt yourself.” He turned around and walked away, his friends following him, though the violinist spared a glance and a gentle smile back at the stunned Kurt.

Kurt was disgusted. How could someone with so much influence want to use it to terrify his peers? Didn’t he have something better to do than bully people? Kurt returned to the choir class, but the minute the bell rang he headed towards the quietest place he could find to vent.

Coming across a stairwell, he ran to the top of the building, up to the roof, where he had saved the student yesterday. He walked over to the side of the roof, looking out over the rolling hills that began where the paddocks and stables for the equestrian students ended.

“That asshole!” He shouted. “Who does he think he is?” Oh right, he is Sebastian Smythe, well known heir to a fortune, and in Kurt’s opinion, a pain in the butt. “Sebastian, more like Sebastard!” He yelled at the sky. “He is a horrible person, and I hope I never see him again.” He said, frustrated that such a paradise came with such a devil.

“Ahem.” A voice sounded behind him.

Whirling around, Kurt was shocked to see the violinist standing there.  “Did you just get here?” He asked, panicking.

“Sebastard is my favorite, granted it could be more creative but I give you props for it.” He said. “I’m Blaine Anderson.”

Kurt’s jaw dropped. Blaine Anderson? Like the Anderson Concert Hall in New York? No wonder he was so musically talented. “I didn’t mean to, I thought no one was here.” He said, unsure of how to remedy the situation.

“I would say no worries, but it seems your worries have just begun. Just a warning for you. Sebastian doesn’t take well to mouthy students.” Blaine said.

Kurt nodded, looking at the floor. “I’ll keep that in mind.” Blaine grinned at him and walked away, and down the stairs, leaving Kurt alone. This was not a great start to the day.

Seeing that he had a free period now, Kurt pulled is phone out and decided to do some research on this G4 clique. He wasn’t sure he would find anything, but a quick glance at the school’s webpage showed a picture of them together. The caption underneath it said “In attendance at Dalton Academy is Sebastian Smythe, whose family built this school several years ago, Blaine Anderson, whose parents run a music foundation in New York City, Jeff Sterling, whose father is Governor of Ohio, and Nick Duval, whose parents were the creators of a line of household cleaners, making Duval a household name.”

Kurt didn’t think that Jeff and Nick would be of as much importance so first he did a google search for Sebastian Smythe. It revealed that Sebastian’s parents owned a large chain store in the British Isles that had brought in a ton of money. His parents lived in Maine currently, but they moved between several different houses often.

The Blaine Anderson search revealed less than Sebastian’s, but Kurt learned that Blaine was in the public eye almost as much because of his parents government connections, and the press that surrounds owning the world’s largest music conservatory. Blaine had had a brother, but several years ago Cooper had gone missing, which set Blaine up to be the sole inheritor of the conservatory.

“I’ll never understand rich people.” Kurt said to himself. “Why can’t they spend their money helping the poor, instead of building private schools?”

He looked around the roof, and walked over to the edge. Students were starting to wander towards the large cafeteria and Kurt decided it might be a good idea to get there early as well.  He climbed down the stairs and across the grass to the giant glass walled building. He took a seat at one of the corner tables in the back, hoping to avoid people’s attention. He had had enough drama for one day.  He began eating the lunch he had packed, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When Kurt had read over the pamphlets he was given last night, he learned that his lunch plan was not covered by his scholarship, and if he wanted he could pay the $500 a month fee for the school’s world class food. Kurt promptly began packing his own lunch after reading that.

The cafeteria was filling with students, the bell having just rung, and Kurt kept his eyes to his plate, not wanting to interact with the wrong people. He heard some footsteps approaching him and he looked up. 2 girls stood there, the one on the left tapping her foot on the floor.

“You’re sitting at our table.”

“Excuse me?” Kurt asked.

“New kid, you’re sitting in our spot. You need to move.” The lead girl huffed, glaring at him through her pink and blue bangs. He turned back to his sandwich, intent on ignoring them when a hand reached out and grabbed his wrist. Thinking that it was one of the girls standing there he looked up to snap at them to get their hands off him, but a face in the corner of his vision caught his attention. He turned to look at it, and noticed it was attached to the hand holding his wrist.

“Come with me!” The girl said, cryptically.

Curious, Kurt grabbed his sandwich and allowed her to drag him away.

“I’m Rachel.” The brunette said. “I respect your standing up to those girls, but it won’t get you far. The best thing to do is to avoid them entirely. Come with me, I know a safe place to eat.” She took off out the doors and Kurt jogged behind her, until she stopped at a small picnic table outside under a large oak tree.

“This is where I eat most days, it’s safe here.” Rachel said as Kurt sat down across from her.

“Um, thank you. I’m Kurt.” He said, introducing himself.

“You’re in the Warblers right?”

He nodded.

“I’m in the Trouble Tones, that’s the girls’ choir. I love it.” She said.

“I don’t know what I think of the Warbler’s yet. I have only been to one rehearsal after all.” Kurt said.

“Oh, I totally forgot my textbook in science, can you watch my stuff while I run get it?” She asked. Kurt nodded and she took off across the grass. As Kurt watched her run he saw Sebastian and the rest of G4 turning a corner right as Rachel ran around it, right into Sebastian’s chest. ‘Oh no, this can’t be good.’ He thought to himself as he gathered both of their things and walked over, hoping to defuse the obviously tense situation.

As he walked up he heard Sebastian berating Rachel. “You clumsy girl! No wonder the Trouble Tones hasn’t won Sectionals yet with you on the team, you can’t even watch where you’re going.”

“That’s enough, Sebastian.” Kurt said, walking over to stand next to the crying Rachel. “It was an accident, you don’t need to yell at her.”

“Excuse me?” Sebastian asked, bewildered that the new kid had dared to stand up to him a second time.

“You heard me. Leave her alone. She didn’t do it on purpose, though I can imagine it is hard for you to comprehend that not everything in the world revolves around you.” Kurt said. He grabbed Rachel’s arm, and led the shaking girl away.

When Kurt got home from his first day he decided it was best to lie to his father. As much as he hated having to do that, he didn’t want his father to worry about him. So when Burt asked him how his first day was, Kurt told him that it was great, and that he had already made friends.

After talking to his dad for a short while he ran up the stairs to do somethings on his computer. Finally he went to bed, hoping the next day would go better.


It didn’t.

Kurt woke up and went about his normal routine, grabbing some toast to eat while he waited for the bus. Once he was on the bus he texted Mercedes back.

Mercedes: How was your first day?

Kurt: It was alright, had a small confrontation with the meerkat who thinks he runs the school, but I did make a new friend.

Mercedes: Wait, you’re not friends with the meerkat right?

Kurt: What? God no. I met a girl on the girls’ choir, the meerkat was yelling at her but I stepped in.

Mercedes: A regular prince charming. xP You like the classes though?

Kurt: They are a bit harder, but I’m still under the radar so the student’s haven’t made it a pain.

Kurt arrived at the gates of Dalton with only a few minutes to race up the driveway and to choir. He walked through the doors, thankful to see that Meerkat wasn’t in attendance, nor were any of his lackeys. He made it through the class, swaying in the background. Afterward he headed to his locker, to pull out his textbooks and put away his lunch. He unlocked the combination and opened the door to see a strange card with a skull and crossbones on it.

“What the hell is this?” He asked himself. He turned it over to see ‘G4’ written on the back. “Huh.” He said, dropping it in the trash on his way to class, but he heard snickers from his peers as he walked down the hallway.

He walked into his class and headed towards his desk, only to find it already occupied.

“Um, excuse me, that’s my seat.” Kurt said.

“This? No this is mine.” The student said, grinning.

“I am sure it is mine. Move.” Kurt said, wondering what was going on as the students around him giggled.

“No. Go sit in that desk back there.” The student said.

Kurt looked over to a desk facing the corner. He walked over to it and tried to turn it around and move it to the other desks, but it wouldn’t budge. Getting down on his hands and knees he looked to see what the problem was. He noticed some strange goo around the base of each leg, and when he pressed his finger against it he found it to be hard. Some assholes had super glued his desk to the floor.

“Screw you.” He hissed at the students, before leaving the room. He grumbled to himself as he walked to his locker, and put his books away. He hated giving up so quickly but he didn’t think staying in that class would be good at the moment. Kurt locked his locker and turned around, a familiar cold sensation greeted his face, and his vision clouded red.

“How’s class, huh? Were you not satisfied? It’s what you deserve, lower class scum.” The students continued to call him names has he blindly fumbled towards the bathroom to wash the cherry red slushy off his face.

He finally got to the bathroom and locked the door behind him. He wasn’t alone though.

“What happened, Kurt?” Rachel’s voice said.

“Uh, some ass’s thought I looked better in red I guess.” Kurt muttered, gathering some paper towels to clean up the mess.

“Did you find a red card in your locker?” Rachel sounded concerned.

“Yeah, what does that mean?”

“Nothing good. It means G4 has given permission to the students to abuse you. It doesn’t happen often, only to kids that get on the bad side of one of the G4 members. Unsurprisingly that is usually Sebastian.”

“Good to know, though it is a bit later than helpful.” Kurt groaned, trying to get the red dye out of his white shirt.

“Sorry, I should have told you.” Rachel said. She dampened a paper towel and helped Kurt get the slushy out of his hair.



By the time lunch was over Kurt had done his best to remove the red dye and look presentable. He got through the rest of his classes with only a little bit of torment, but finally it was time to head to his private vocal lesson. He walked down the wooded path, where he had first seen Blaine. He hoped to see him again, but the glade he had been playing in was empty. Kurt continued on his way, and got to his private lesson room, to find it packed full of boxes and spare chairs.

“What the fuck?” Kurt wondered. He knew the school would have cleaned it out since they knew he would be using it. He walked over to a supply closet to find it entirely empty.

“Great.” He said. Resigned, he began carrying the boxes and chairs back to the supply closet.

Across campus, the infamous G4 members sat in their private study hall, watching TV and talking.

“You won’t believe who is going to stop by today.” Sebastian said prideful.

“The Pizza delivery man?” Jeff asked.

“Who?” Blaine asked.

“Not the delivery man, Jeff, Kurt. I left him a surprise in his rehearsal room. He should be here in the next 5 minutes.” Sebastian gloated.

They continued watching TV but every so often Sebastian would check his wrist watch. After 10 minutes and no sign of Kurt, Sebastian began to wonder what had gone wrong with his plan.

30 minutes passed and no sign of the new kid.

50 minutes passed.

60 minutes passed.

Sebastian started fidgeting. “Blaine, can you go check on Kurt? I want to know what is keeping him.”

“You’re a bit obsessed with this kid, you realize that right?” Blaine said, concerned.

“What? No I’m not.”

“This is the first kid to stand up to you isn’t it?” Nick pitched in.

Sebastian groaned. “Just go check okay, Blaine?”

“Whatever you say.” Blaine exaggerated a bow and headed out the door.

Blaine walked along the path to the choir building, picking up his pace when he heard yelling. He burst into the entrance hallway to see Kurt nose to nose with a student, yelling at him to release him.

“Get your hands off me!” Kurt shouted, shaking his arm trying to dislodge the lackeys that were holding him back.

“Come on, I heard you liked to fight.” The student replied.

“I don’t know what you are on, but let go!” Kurt struggled some more before Blaine decided he should intervene.

“What’s going on here?” He asked, striding forward to the scene.

“Blaine-“ The student said quietly.

“Release him.” Blaine interrupted.  The lackeys let go of Kurt, who quickly put some distance between him and them. The other students involved fled the scene, not wanting to upset a member of G4.

“Why did you do that?” Kurt asked.

“The bullying annoys me.” Blaine said, before turning around and leaving to return to the G4 study hall.

Arriving there he asked Sebastian, “Why did you do that to him?”

Sebastian raised an eyebrow before understanding what Blaine meant. “What? They were only supposed to scare him.”

“I think you will have to work a bit harder to scare Kurt.” Blaine said, remembering the fierce look in Kurt’s eyes.

They boys returned to their chatting, and were interrupted by a pounding knock at the door.

“Excuse me?” Nick asked, opening the door to be brushed past by a furious Kurt.

“What the fuck Sebastian?” Kurt yelled at the Smythe, who began to cower.

“What are you talking about?” He asked, stepping back.

“You set those thugs on me didn’t you? Who do you think you are to arrange bullying?” Kurt said, closing the distance between them, rising to his toes to glare the taller boy in the eye.

Sebastian tried to take a step back again but was met with the wall, blocking his exit.

“If you think that your little ‘playing god’ game here, deciding who gets bullied and who doesn’t is going to control me, you’ve got another thing coming. Stay far away from me.” Kurt turned on his heel and strode out of the room, leaving the 4 boys in the room stunned. Sebastian smiled.