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Angel or Devil

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It was Beomgyu's first day of going into a public high school. He's been getting homeschooled for the past seven years because of his increasing anxiety issues, but this year his parents thought it would be good idea to mingle and get used to other angels and devils.

Beomgyu nervously fidgeted with the feathers of his pure white wings. All he needed to do was graduate and he could finally earn his halo, then he could have the opportunity to become a full-fledged guardian angel. While waiting for the bus, in his hand he held his favorite book, The True Stories of Successful Guardian Angels: A Collection. It was his dream to become one, although it's very hard. Most people ended up working 9-6 office jobs, but Beomgyu doesn't want to live that kind of life. He figured that if he read all the books in the universe he would be able to become one.

He got on the school bus and folded up his wings as he sat down. While he opened up his book and started reading, another angel sat down on the seat next to him. Beomgyu frowned and gave him the side eye but the other angel was clueless. Suddenly, he turned to Beomgyu, grinning with the pearliest whites he had ever seen. Their gaze locked for a second but Beomgyu broke away hastily with embarrassment.

"Hi! I'm name's Soobin!" he chirped. "Hey, I've ever seen you before... you're new right?"

Startled, Beomgyu tried to answer but his anxiety levels were increasing rapidly. 

"Y-Yeah... my name's Beomgyu. Yeah, I'm n-new here," he stuttered. He mentally facepalmed for embarrassing himself in front of someone he just met. Great, he thought. Now he's going to think I'm a weirdo. Instead, Soobin gave him his biggest, tooth-rotting, sweetest smile that vaguely reminded him of puppies and bunnies.

"Aw, you're so cute," he cooed as he pinched his squishy cheek.

"But don't worry I'll show you around the school. Just a heads up though, watch out for the devil students, especially Yeonjun. You don't want to mess with him." Beomgyu nodded along even though he was oblivious to who Yeonjun was and his reputation.

"Hey, your wings are really pretty! I've never seen such pure white ones before. Most angels have ivory or a dirty white color since," he looked around then whispered in his ear, "a lot of them commit tiny sins at least once in their life. Meaning that you're an innocent pure cherub and I'm going to protect you from the world, you little cutie!" Soobin emphasized the last word and Beomgyu was starting to feel excessively babied. His cheeks were being squished by the other making his mouth look like a fish gasping for air.

The bus suddenly halted to a stop. Beomgyu slammed his head into the seat in front of him as the driver hit the brakes. While rubbing his head to ease the pain, a pair of devils sauntered into the bus. 

One had soft brown hair paired with the biggest eyes he's ever seen. The other one was far more intimidating. He had electric blue hair and red horns poking through the strands. His skin was smooth as velvet and his eyes were like a feline's, sharp at the edges and the gaze could probably rip you apart. The pair walked past Beomgyu and Soobin, towards the back seats. But Beomgyu didn't miss the glance that the blue haired one gave him with his glowing red eyes and quick lick of the lips.


Beomgyu stepped into his first class, human affairs. Everyone looked like they knew each other and were talking amongst themselves. Beomgyu walked up to the teacher's desk as he sheepishly admitted his extreme tardiness. It's not my fault that Soobin took all the time in the world to show me around the school, he huffed. The teacher peered at him, as if trying to size him up. "Mr. Jeon," Beomgyu squinted at the nameplate, and said devil lazily got up from his chair and cleared his throat. 

"Class, we have a new student today. His name is Beomgyu and I hope a caring student could show him around... or whatever. I really don't care. Just make sure you all do your homework or I'm saving a special spot for you in hell," he said in a monotone voice, except for that last part which sounded suspiciously sincere.

Beomgyu's eyes began to widen each second as he tried to look for an empty seat without looking like a fool. The only one available was next to the blue haired devil he saw earlier on the bus. He swallowed nervously and mustered up the courage to move his body next to him. As he sat down, the devil was watching something on his phone. Being the curious george that he is, Beomgyu dared to sneak a peek. He wished he hadn't. 

On the screen, there were two naked figures doing something he didn't understand. All he speculated was that it looked painful and confusing. He also noticed the devil next to him was rubbing his "manly parts," as the angel liked to call it. 

"Eeep!" he squeaked out, He covered his eyes with his small hands as the other turned to look at him. He could feel his powerful gaze and it made him want to submit immediately. He let out a pathetic whimper as the other scanned his whole body. Just as he was about to say something, the bell rang. Beomgyu stumbled trying to get out of the chair quickly. 

"S-sorry. Have a n-nice day, mister." The blue haired boy was intrigued and his eyes followed him out of the classroom as a weird feeling in his chest was starting to seep in. What was this feeling? He didn't understand. He left the classroom with his heart thumping for the first time in his life.