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she's a flirt

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Mamamoo’s latest fanmeet in Seoul was coming to a close, and Yongsun couldn’t be happier.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like meeting and interacting with their diehard supporters; in fact, it was far from it. Getting to see the bright smiles and the tears of joy from their fans was something no amount of money could ever replace. When it came to fanmeets, Yongsun would even say they were some of her favorite, life-affirming times; a staunch and welcome reminder to why she loved being an idol as much as she did. But in this instance, Yongsun was happy that it was over, and the reason?

She had felt terribly distracted all day by the woman who was sat to her left; Moon Byulyi.

It didn’t take a genius to see just how much attention Byulyi was being showered in for this particular fan session. Yongsun felt a little silly, feeling so distractable this time around; after all, excitable people from all walks of life lining up in front of Byulyi to offer gifts and encouraging words wasn’t anything new. It came with the territory of being an idol, and the ever friendly Moonbyul was always as kind as she was gracious to everyone who came up to see her.

No one understood that better than Yongsun. After all, she was an idol, too; the leader of Mamamoo at that, and as a result, that meant she always had a steady stream of fans doting on her for the entirety of the hour as well.

But there was something about today’s meet that had really gotten under her skin. The small brushes of the fans’ hands with Byulyi’s, that bright smile that Yongsun had so often wished was only for her now being flashed to dozens upon dozens of people; the green eyes of envy had made themselves at home in Yongsun’s heart, and that feeling only deepened with every fan that made their way over to talk to her lover.

It hadn’t just started today, either. There was a few weeks ago, when Byulyi was openly flirting with the pretty hostess of the variety show they were on. And then for another instance, there was the feisty rapper from another rival idol group she couldn’t help making doll eyes at. Not to mention the cute choreographer that worked with them the other day, who just so happened to stick a little too close to Moonbyul throughout the lesson.

Yongsun felt her eyebrow twitch at recalling all of Byulyi’s natural magnetism towards girls. She knew full well that her girlfriend wasn’t even aware of some of it… but at the same time, was completely in the know about how and when she was charming all these women to kingdom come. She was just a natural flirt, and Yongsun anguished the fact that her heart yearned for such a greaseball.

She wanted Byulyi to hold her in her arms, to be selfish about her, to be wrapped up in her 24/7 and live a life of hedonistic bliss with her and only her, away from everyone else, with no thoughts of anyone else intruding on their love. To indulge in these daydreams was to indulge in a purest sense of happiness; and whenever they were over, Yongsun always felt a little more empty than before.

Not that she’d ever tell Byulyi any of this, of course. The relentless teasing her girlfriend would fling her way wouldn’t let up for weeks, and even that timescale was being generous.

Mamamoo’s very own Solar, being such a needy girl? She’d really never live it down. Not even taking into consideration just how out of the question that was.

As idols, they belonged to all of their fans. Selfishness just wasn’t in the job description.

Moon Byulyi was fated to be everyone’s Moonbyul…whether her lover liked it or not.

Yongsun huffed under her breath, and felt the comically large red bow she wore her head beginning to droop. Wheein, who was sat to her right, put a comforting hand on Yongsun’s shoulder, making her jolt in surprise.

“You holding up okay?” Wheein whispered. “They’re energetic today, huh?”

Yongsun nodded, forcing herself to smile a brilliant smile at her bandmate. She couldn’t show a sour face in front of all of their adoring fans as their cameras were flashing away.

“Yeah, I’m doing fine. Sorry to make you concerned.”

Wheein scanned her friend’s features with a sense of worry, but nodded her head all the same. Wheein was the most perceptive of all of her bandmates by a mile, so pulling the wool over her eyes was never an easy task.

“The fanmeet’s going to wrap up in just a bit,” she said with a reassuring tone, “so you only need to hang in there a bit longer.”

Yongsun smiled at her bandmate’s genuine comfort, and felt a little alleviated of her green-eyed monster syndrome as she shook her head.

 “I’m okay, honest. I’m just feeling a little tired today, I guess.”

Wheein opened her mouth to reply, when a fan had walked up to her to gush about their eternal adoration for her and her group; and whilst Wheein turned to the fan with a dazzling grin, she still gave Yongsun’s knee a reassuring pat before she did so.

Yongsun scanned the hall, and noticed that the line-up of fans had thinned out to almost none at all. Now, the only two that were left was the excitable girl who had gone to talk to Wheein, and one that was – of course – stood in front of Byulyi.

The envy reared its head once again, and as subtly as she could, Yongsun turned to watch her girlfriend in action.

She was talking to a girl who had given her a silly hat, and was joking with her like they had known each other for years; smiling that infectious smile that Yongsun always yearned to keep to herself. Byulyi signed something for the fan and gave her a high-five, and with that, she was on her merry way. 

Finally, once the last of the fans had been filtered out of the hall and the helpers were busying themselves by gathering up the girls’ gifts, Mamamoo was officially done with their duties for the day. The four of them, as well as a few of their staff, filtered into the huge dressing room at the back of the hall; a chorus of big yawns and lazy stretches following their every move. 

Byulyi was the last one to step into the room with a tired shuffle, pulling her newly acquired Minion headband off her head with an exhausted sigh. She looked especially tired, likely from all of the attention she had gotten today.

“Good work today everyone,” Yongsun announced, shaking the hands and patting the backs of all of the hardworking staff, as well as her beloved members. When she got to Byulyi, however, all she did was give her a brusque nod before walking to the corner of the room she kept her more comfortable clothes.

Yongsun felt a pang of guilt. Byulyi didn’t actually do anything wrong, after all; she really was just doing her job. Being kind and warm to the supportive fans who went to all the trouble to see them was just something that every idol should be doing.

Really, Yongsun knew she was being foolish… but something about having to share her moon today had thoroughly rubbed her the wrong way.

Rather than feel confused or discouraged by Yongsun’s iciness towards her, Byulyi’s eyes sparkled with a mischievous excitement. She, on the other hand, had a swagger in her walk today; the broad, confident step she took towards Yongsun didn’t go unnoticed by her, and made her sweat a little after all the jealousy.

“Heyyyy, Solar.”

“Hey,” Yongsun replied curtly.

Byulyi spread her arms wide and wiggled her fingers, motioning for Yongsun to give her a hug.

“You want a hug here?” Yongsun asked, suspicious of her girlfriend’s actions.

“Why not? Everyone in the room knows we’re an item. S’not a big deal, is it?”

“Guess you’re right, when you put it like that,” Yongsun conceded with a shrug. She stood from her seat to meet Moonbyul properly, and Byulyi wrapped her arms around her neck without a moment’s hesitation. Yongsun’s arms found their way around her girlfriend’s waist naturally, in a motion the two of them had carried out hundreds of times before.

Byulyi’s blonde hair smelled of vanilla, and her perfume of a pleasing spicy scent. The familiar, attractive scent of Byulyi hit the usually composed Solar in a heady wave as she buried her face in the crook of her neck, and it made her head spin. Despite her best efforts to do anything but, Yongsun was melting.

This is all she had wanted today; to be doted on by Byulyi. Even she had moments of need, as much as she hated admitting so.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes, kitten. I never get to see enough of you when we have to be around other people,” Byulyi said with a sigh. Her voice was a bit deeper from how tired she was after so much work, and the way her breath was hot against the shell of Yongsun’s ear made her shiver subtly.

Her reactions didn’t go unnoticed by Byulyi. They never did.

“As much as it pains me to admit it… I missed you a lot today, Byulyi,” Yongsun confessed.

Byulyi briefly turned her head to look back at her band mates and the staff swarming the place, to make sure none of them were looking their way. They weren’t, of course. Their priority was slipping into more comfortable after-work clothes and deciding on where to eat that night.

They certainly knew better than to stop and stare when Byulyi had her hands on her sun after working, at any rate.

Byulyi shifted her arms from around Yongsun’s waist to rest her hand against her ass, and Yongsun’s back stiffened at the motion. She could already feel her rationality slowly slipping away.

“Wow, did you miss me that much?” Byulyi said teasingly. “How cute.”

“…Where do you think you’re putting that hand of yours?” Yongsun hissed against Byulyi’s ear.

Despite her vocal protests, Yongsun tightened her arms around her lover’s neck that little bit more, and huffed a hot breath against her. Byulyi’s hand gave Yongsun’s ass a playful pat, and she chuckled at the fluster that followed.

“Nowhere you’re about to complain about.”

Yongsun couldn’t even pretend to be annoyed anymore.

More than anything else, she wanted Byulyi. She had been wanting her all day, and she wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity now. Byulyi hummed with an excitable approval when she felt Yongsun press up against her a little harder.

“I really didn’t feel like sharing you today,” Yongsun admitted. “Seeing you acting so sweet with all those fans… it got on my nerves.”

Yongsun gasped suddenly, suppressing a yelp of surprise when she felt Byulyi’s hand brazenly go from patting her ass to groping it instead. Byulyi chuckled low under her breath at feeling her jolt, and took her time, getting her fill of touching up on her girl.

“Enjoying it quickly today, aren’t you?”

“Stop teasing me…” Yongsun mumbled, letting out a shaky breath and leaned against her lover’s body; thoroughly enjoying her hands where they were. Byulyi chuckled against Yongsun’s ear, and pecked it slightly with her lips.

“You don’t mean that.”

Yongsun closed her eyes in exasperation.

“…I really don’t.”

Even though Byulyi was everyone’s idol – even though she had to smile and appreciate all of her fans equally – Yongsun knew that the cheeky back and forth the two of them shared as lovers was something reserved just for her.

Yongsun pulled away from the embrace just enough to look at Byulyi, and she looked down at her love with a smug smirk.

“It’s not like you to act this clingy, baby. I bet you missed me even more than you’re letting on, hm?”

“And just what do you - ah…

In a seamless motion, Byulyi had wrapped one of her arms around Yongsun’s waist. She dipped her head down into the crook of her neck, and began to carefully trail playful kisses along the sensitive skin there; subtly enough so no one would notice. Yongsun tried her best not to squirm beneath the onslaught of her moon’s lips.

“Wish I could give you a hickey here,” she said. Though she hardly said it above a whisper, Yongsun could hear the lust dripping from her voice. “Maybe later, hm?”

The nearly silent sound of the soft peck of her lips against Yongsun’s hot skin was something else that was just for her.

Yongsun’s hands moved to cling needily to the back of Byulyi’s shirt once she felt her fingertips slipping beneath the band of her jeans, and a surge of intensity rippled through her body. Yongsun lean forward against her as inconspicuously as she could manage, sweat already beginning to bead on her forehead.

“Don’t you want to get changed first?” Yongsun whispered.

“I’ll make you take it all off of me soon anyways,” she replied nonchalantly, “so just relax, okay kitten?”

She doesn’t give Yongsun time to reply.

Her fingers have made their way past the band of her panties, and she gently touches the top of her clit. Yongsun inhaled steadily in an attempt to keep her composure.

Byulyi’s fingers rubbed up against Yongsun’s pussy, just enough to send an electric shock through her entire body. She dipped her fingertips inside just enough, wanting to feel Solar’s wetness that had been building up this whole time. She made a noise of approval at the sensation, low and throaty, just loud enough for Yongsun to hear, and Yongsun alone.

“You’re so wet, baby. You’ve been thinking about this all day, haven’t you?”

“Why do you always have to go and act so cheeky…? Don’t ruin this for me,” Yongsun said lowly, struggling to keep her voice from trembling.

“Come on now… you know I like it when you’re honest,” Byulyi breathes, “and I know you’re a good girl. Why don’t you tell me what’s really been on your mind?”

Yongsun bit her lip, not wanting to give into Byulyi’s every whim. Not right away, at least. She wasn’t sure why she felt such a stubborn compulsion to be so hot and cold with her beloved, when really, all she wanted was for Byulyi to be as smug as she could while she fucked her.

She exhaled from her nostrils, and resigned herself to letting her true feelings be known.

“Fine, fine. I have been thinking about this all day. Happy now?”

Without warning, Byulyi’s fingers begin to move in slow, deliberate strokes against Yongsun’s clit, and her mind immediately went blank.

“That does make me happy, actually. Thank you for indulging me.”

It always goes like this when she gets her hands on Yongsun. Yongsun’s grip on the back of Byulyi’s shirt tightens, and she quickens her pace when she hears her sun’s desperate, shallow breaths against her ear.

The fact that anyone in the room could take notice of Moonbyul trying to get Solar off at any moment only stoked the heat in the pit of Yongsun’s stomach all the more. If any of them looked for a second too long, they’d know for sure…

A shudder of excitement ran up her spine.

Byulyi knows the way her girl likes to be touched, and used it to her full advantage. She draws small circles around Yongsun’s clit, occasionally sweeping her fingers across it, which makes Yongsun’s knees feel like they’ll buckle beneath her.

She notices the involuntary trembling running through Yongsun’s body, and moves her lips back up to her ear.

“Are you going to cum so soon, baby?” Byulyi asks.

“Yeah, I am…” Yongsun mutters, “so you’d better not stop.”

Byulyi smiles mischievously against the crook of Yongsun’s neck and, without warning, starts to rub her clit just quick enough to make he squirm.

“Cum for me then,” she commands, and she skilfully rubs her fingertips against Yongsun’s pussy.

She’s sent over the edge once she felt Byulyi teasingly slip a finger in.

Yongsun buried her face hard against her lover’s neck, and let out the smallest whimper as she came against her fingers. Byulyi hums approvingly at the sensation of feeling her cum, and removes her hand from Yongsun’s underwear.

Yongsun did all that she could to subtly catch her breath, but it got taken away again when Byulyi makes a show of licking her finger clean. Her blush and arousal were back in full force, and Byulyi laughs.

“Can’t get enough, can you? Don’t worry, princess. The night is still young,” she says.

She slips her arms away from Yongsun’s waist, and playfully smacks her ass as she walks towards the other members of Mamamoo. “Have you guys decided where to eat yet? I’m starving.”

And, as Byulyi smugly walked away from the mess she had made of her lover, Mamamoo’s fearless leader ran a shaky hand through her hair as she processed what just happened.