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Fingers Crossed Behind My Back

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"Do you have the list of suspects, Aizawa?" Nezu questioned. "Yes, I do," Aizawa said sliding a folder with student names across the table. The suspicion that there was a traitor was becoming larger now that there were so many big incidents with the league occurring. Aizawa sighed. He liked his class this year but knew that not everyone was safe. Nezu opened the folder and took a look at the names: Yuga Aoyama, Denki Kaminari, Mezo Shouji, Toru Hagakure, and Neito Monoma. "Alright. This list seems sufficient as of now. We will continue classes as normal and not show suspicion towards any of the students" Nezu said dismissing the teachers from the meeting.

Aizawa walked back to the teacher dorms with Mic. He saw how down Aizawa was and gave him a kiss on the head "Everythings gonna be fine Sho... don't stress about it, it'll be better soon," Mic said trying to calm him. "I told you not to kiss me when other people are around," Aizawa replied sternly. Mic looked down and began to realize that this might be a lot harder for Aizawa than he anticipated.


Everyone at the student dorms was quiet. Todoroki, Bakugou, and Sero had just arrived back and were recovering from the injuries they had received from the recent attack. Out of all of them- aside from Midoriya who wasn't out of the hospital yet- they had gotten the worst injuries. Kirishima welcomed them all back with a bro hug to make them feel less out of place, but it didn't help much. Bakugou was especially silent, however, but no one knew why. His arms and right eye were covered in bandages and put in braces, and he said a word to nobody even if they confronted him. He went straight to his room.

"Kat?" Kirishima said opening the door to Bakugou's room. Bakugou didn't look up. "Kat, It's okay, talk to me..." Kirishima said. There was still no response. Kirishima rested his hand on Bakugou's shoulder, and his eyes widened. He finally looked up and realized Kirishima had been standing there. He clicked his new hearing aids on. Kirishima was surprised. He knew his injuries were bad but he didn't think he went deaf. Kirishima tried to look normal and began to speak before Bakugou stopped him. "Ei, I trust you, I think you know that. So I'm trusting you not to tell anyone about anything that happened to me." Bakugou began unwrapping the bandages from his arms, and then his face. His arms were bloody, tattered, and scarred, there wasn't a single piece of healthy flesh on them. They were red and swollen like he had ripped all his muscles to pieces using his quirk. But his right eye, well, he didn't have one. He lifted up the eyepatch to reveal crimson and puffy flesh with his eyelids closed tightly shut. There were burns all along that side of his face with a huge gash stretching from his eyebrow to his lower cheek.

"Ei, I hate it so much... why? What kind of fucking monster does shit like that?" Bakugou began to cry. Kirishima went to go get fresh bandages to cover up his wounds, and then proceeded to wrap him up whilst trying to calm him. "Katsuki it's okay. You'll heal. These wounds are temporary don't let them get to you, soon enough they'll be scars." he said. "The hell do you mean?! I'm blinded in one eye and I can't even fucking hear! It's hopeless! I'm hopeless!" He screamed. Kirishima held him tight. "Katsuki, you trust me, right? So listen closely to what I have to say: Wounds are temporary- they may leave scars but you'll only come back stronger." Kirishima tried to help. "But these scars are just hurting me." Bakugou insisted. "As I said, Katsuki, all wounds will heal." With that, Kirishima gently kissed him on his forehead and left to go check on the others.

It hurt. It hurt seeing Bakugou in pain like that and not being able to stop it. Kirishima thought to himself but still went to go check on Todoroki and Sero to see how they were holding up. He felt nauseous. He wanted all of it to end.