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Government Advice on Hyponatural Phenomena

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Upon being brought back from the dead you will experience chills, aches, and sharp pains relating to the injury that killed you. You may also experience flashbacks or nightmares relating to what you saw in the netherworld. However if these symptoms persist for more than a week, or your wounds start opening back up, contact a diviner immediately, for your resurrection may have angered a divine force or your necromancer may have made errors in the resurrection ritual and this can lead to a reversal of the resurrection process, or worse, the destruction of your soul.

It is important to know your rights when it comes to resurrection. The first is that your necromancer must contact your spirit before starting the ritual, to get your consent and discuss the nature of the ritual, for resurrection can be a traumatic and risky experience. Family and friends often seek resurrection of the their loved ones, but the decision is yours alone. Secondly, your necromancer must explain every the process of every ritual they are capable of, and the risk for damage to your mind or soul. And finally, if you have been dead for more than a week, it is your right to request a donated resurrection body, in which case the necromancer will sever the link to the previous soul's body, and then link your soul to it. You should be aware that if the link is not severed properly before resurrection, your soul can partially merge with the previous owners

Always have your resurrection performed by a certificated necromancer, and if you believe to have been scammed, contact the Resurrection office on the astral plane.