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Dance with Me

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Izuku wasn’t particularly paying attention to what Mina was blabbering about – he’d gotten used to her chattering over the past years since they became classmates, and through Kacchan – pretty good friends. He kept eating his lunch in silence, thinking about their upcoming classes, up until–

“Yeah, he’s fucking hot, not gonna lie.”

The sandwich he was holding stopped halfway to his mouth and his eyes widened in surprise, his gaze snapping to his childhood friend. Did he hear that correctly?

“I know, right!” Mina chirped excitedly, her pink curls bobbing as she fidgeted in her seat next to Kacchan, like she couldn’t contain herself. “He’s not as good as you in terms of technique but damn, those legs!”

Kacchan hummed in agreement and Izuku felt his mouth fall open.

Kacchan… thought some guy… was hot?

A spark of jealousy flickered to life in his chest, and he held his sandwich a bit tighter than necessary.

Who was it? Someone from their school? Was it someone he was practicing with?! He’d never shown interest in anyone before!

“His videos give me life!” Mina continued wistfully. “I wish he would upload more often though!”

Wait a second. Videos? Upload?

“What are you guys talking about?” Izuku piped up, successfully getting the pair’s attention.

Kacchan had a deadpan look on his face as if the topic was something trivial, like he didn’t just admit that he thought some guy was hot.

Mina on the other hand got even more excited, if that was even possible.

“It’s this YouTuber I stumbled upon a few days ago!” she said, picking up her phone from the table and opening up the app. “I’ll show you, just give me a sec! He’s a dancer and he’s not too well known – although his choreography is always amazing, no matter what he dances to!” Then she made a high pitched squeal. “There’s a new video! Let’s watch it!”

She pulled up a video of a young man, possibly teen, dancing to a popular new hit, and Izuku felt his heart drop to his stomach. His skin prickled and felt clammy as he started sweating nervously, not daring to move or make a noise. His eyes were glued to the screen but he didn’t see anything – his brain was too busy going into overdrive and freaking out.

Because Mina was showing him a video of himself. The one he uploaded last night.

How on Earth did she find this? He had barely a few thousand views, he wasn’t popular, and it’s not like he was even any good, especially compared to her or Kacchan–

“That move was sexy as hell,” Kacchan said, and that was when Izuku realized that his childhood friend – his longtime crush – also leaned in to watch the video Mina was showing him.

“Uh…” Izuku said intelligently, his face heating up. And that was when Kacchan actually glanced up at him, watching his face curiously.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, nerd?”

“Nothing!” Izuku replied quickly, then he strategically took a bite of his sandwich so he won’t have to talk. Internally, he was screaming.

Kacchan rolled his eyes and turned back to watch the video. It was only a minute and a half long, yet to Izuku it felt like an hour. He tried not to wince as Kacchan and Mina picked his choreography apart, analyzing his moves and pointing out his mistakes, but as the video ended he anxiously awaited their verdict. He was doing this to impress Kacchan, after all.

“I wanna watch it again!” Mina said as she pressed replay, and Kacchan leaned away from her, apparently satisfied with only seeing the video once. “This guy is amazing, I can’t get enough!”

Izuku swallowed the bite he took from his sandwich nervously, and he looked at his childhood friend. “He doesn’t have a lot of views though, so he can’t be that good,” he mumbled self-consciously. “I think you guys are way better than him”

“I bet if he took the time to actually learn how to edit his videos he’d be a hit,” Kacchan replied with a scoff, and Izuku was taken aback by the unashamed praise coming from the blonde’s mouth. “He obviously has talent and he put a lot of effort into getting this good. All he’s missing is a brain to make good use of what he has.”

Izuku was staring at his childhood friend astonished. Did he really just say that Izuku was talented? Him, who called Izuku clumsy and useless all his life?

“How do you know he put a lot of effort into getting good?” Mina cut off his train of thought, sounding suspicious. “I only showed you his channel a few days ago, Bakugou.”

If Izuku didn’t know better he’d have sworn Kacchan’s ears were turning pink.

“It’s fucking obvious,” the blonde said, sounding annoyed. “His first video is from three years ago, and he’s been uploading since pretty frequently. Even a blind person can see how much he’s improved since then.”

Izuku blushed again, taking another bite of his sandwich, trying to focus on his chewing instead of his heart that was hammering in his chest. Kacchan – Kacchan was complimenting him!

“Ooh,” Mina said in reply, obnoxiously stretching the syllable. “Explodo-boy has a crush!”

Izuku was ready to be swallowed up by the ground. Please, let it open up under him and make him disappear into the abyss.

“So fucking what?!” was Kacchan’s irritated reply, voice level rising along with his anger. “I know about your crush on fucking Ryukyu so shut the hell up! You’re not better than me!”

Izuku was already halfway out the dining hall when Mina’s uncontrollable laughter sounded behind him followed by Kacchan’s loud cursing and the sound of plates clattering onto the floor.

His mind was racing a mile a minute.

It was only a matter of time before he finds out.

Was he gonna be disappointed? Probably. The memory of Kacchan making fun of him as he tried copying his moves when they were kids was still vivid in his mind. The other boy never thought he could actually be good at dancing too. And even if their complicated past was well and buried now, having made up years ago, the fact that Kacchan didn’t believe in him still stung.

Izuku quickened his steps down the corridor, evading students left and right as he headed towards his locker.

Yeah. Kacchan would be sad to find out the dancer he had a crush on was just useless little Deku.

Izuku just had to keep it a secret then.