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Can you forget the past?

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It's been a long day and Jungkook was tired with all the promotions, music shows, fan meetings and of course the world tour BTS had over past 6 months. He dropped on the couch in the living room their dorm as soon as he came from the last promotion.

“Finally, … “He said stretching his arms on the couch.

“Yes, finally we are going to have a break” said Taehyung joining the same couch as Jungkook.

BTS is finally getting a 4 weeks long vacation. Its their first ever proper and long vacation since their debut. Boys had worked really hard over the past 5 years. They shed their blood, sweat and tears to come to the place where they are now. BTS, world’s most popular 6-member boy group who had won the hearts of millions of people while gaining recognition and awards they deserve for their music and hard work. All the six members are excited for the vacation they are about to get.

“Are we ordering or cooking the dinner?” Namjoon asked while looking at the eldest.

“I will cook. It’s been ages since I stepped in to the kitchen and cooked for you guys” Said Jin.

“Yeeyyyyyy” Shouted Hoseok and Taehyung excitedly.

“Where is Yoongi hyung?” asked Hoseok curiously looking at Namjoon.

“He went to the studio. Said he has few things to finalize on his mixtape before the vacation begins. “Namjoon answered while going upstairs to change the clothes.

“Glad Jin hyung banned him from doing any work during the vacation otherwise he would spend the entire vacation in the room working” Tae said giggling.

“Jungkook-ah. Can’t wait to go Busan. I have never been there” Said Hoseok looking at Jungkook who is half asleep on the couch along with Taehyung.

“Hey... you both. Go, change your dirty clothes and take a shower. We have to get up soon tomorrow.” Said Hobi while pulling younger ones from the couch.

It’s been boy’s dream to visit each other’s hometowns and homes and have fun since the very beginning. They had mentioned this in several interviews as well. Not only to visit each other’s places but also to perform in each other’s hometown as well.  They have already been to Namjoon’s and Jin’s houses as their hometowns are close to Seoul compared with other members. It was really memorable as members got chance to meet Jin’s and Namjoon’s families, eat lots of homemade delicious foods, play games and of cause sleep. With their immense popularity now, it has become difficult to roam on the streets, visit beautiful places and go shopping as they want.  But still they treasure this kind of moments. This time it was Jungkook’s turn to bring the boys to Busan. Their manager Sejin has already prepared a van with a driver for the journey.  


Mrs. Jeon is really excited to have her Kookie back at home after ages. Although Mr. and Mrs. Jeon come to visit Jungkook once in every three or four months it is nothing compared to having their baby at home. Their Home. And also, she is excited about having other six boys as well. Mrs. Jeon is a one with a kind heart who spread love to everyone around. That’s why she is a Primary School teacher after all. On the other hand, Mr. Jeon works at a bank as a branch manager. Mr. Jeon fell in love with kind hearted, gorgeous looking women and married her despite of Mrs. Jeon being two years older than to her.

Jeon Jungkook, BTS’s Golden Maknae, the one of the top idols in not in Korea but also admired by many all around the world is excited. Actually, naming it excitement is an understatement. He already checked and messaged the family group chat consist of his cousins. His cousins are also excited to see him and also all Bangtan members.  He is really excited, happy and nervous.  

Jungkook came from the bathroom with a wet towel around his neck. He went near the night stand to grab his phone to call the mom.

“Hello Mom” Said Jungkook sitting on the bed.

“Yes Kookie. How are you baby? Are at the dorm? Did you have dinner?” Said Mrs. Jeon.

“No Mom, just came back from a TV show. Jin hyung is making the dinner today. “Answered Jungkook.

“Jungkook-ah, at what time you guys start the journey? Come as early as possible. We will be preparing the Lunch. I will be preparing all your favorite dishes. “Mrs. Jeon Said excitedly with a warm heart.

“Mom. you are the best. I miss you and Dad. Also, Junghyun hyung as well. I miss Papi too. Hyung sent me the photos of Papi the other day. He is big now. Am worried. What if he doesn’t recognize me?” Jungkook said whining.  

“Kookie. We missed you too. And you don’t have to worry. Papi will remember you. After all it’s you and Jimin who rescued him from the beach. Of cause it will remember it’s saviors.” Mrs. Jeon answered laughing.


Jungkook froze hearing the name. A name which belong to a person who was close to him once. He hadn’t seen Jimin for ages. Once in a while his cousins mentioned Jimin in the group chat. The only thing Jungkook know about Jimin is he leaved the orphanage and is living by himself.

“Mom. “Jungkook hesitated.

“Yes Darling.”

“Mom. Does Jimin know I am coming tomorrow?”

“Of course, he knows. I saw him in the café he works part time the other day. I told him you are coming and I invited him for the lunch as well. But he said he won’t be able to come for the lunch as he has to attend the work. Do you know Jungkook-ah he now works as a teacher at Tiny Tots pre-school. Glad that he got the job. Poor boy. He works really hard. He said he will try to come and visit you this time. He could not able to see you last time you visited home. I miss you both Kook-ah. My two babies. I miss hugging you both while telling you stories to sleep “said Mrs. Jeon sadly.   

“I know Mom. I miss him too” Jungkook said silently.

“Anyways. Go and eat now Jungkookie. You have a long journey tomorrow. Have dinner and Sleep tight. Give my hugs to others as well. I will be waiting for you guys “

“Okay Mom. I love you”

“Love you too baby”


Jungkook laid down on his bed. He slides through his phone and landed on a certain folder in the phone gallery.


He opened the Memories folder and scrolled to the bottom of the folder. There was his most favorite picture. It’s a photo of him, Jimin and Papi at the beach.

Jimin. His best friend. Jimin is the reason why he is an Idol now. Without him all this have not been possible. But now Him and Jimin are just two strangers. Jungkook don’t know how, why and what happened. They were in contact for about year Jungkook went to the Seoul. And after than gradually they lost contact and Jimin’s number was no longer available. He needs answers and he is determined that he will get all the answers he wants by the end of this vacation.