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Aliens From The Id.

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Aliens From The Id.

By Steeleye.

Disclaimer:I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Forbidden Planet; which was directed by Fred Wilcox. With a screen play written by Cyril Hume, based on a story by Irving Block and Allen Adler which was in turn based loosely on William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. Also, the movies, 'Alien' and 'Aliens' and some references to 'Star Trek TOS'. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover:Multiple xover, but mainly, 'Forbidden Planet' and 'Aliens'.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar:Written in glorious UK-English (the original and best) which is different to US-English.

Timeline:Alternate reality, part of the ‘After the First Won’ series of stories..

Words:Eleven chapters each of 3000+ words.

Warnings:Don't jump off the roof dad, you'll make a hole in the yard...

Summary: Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Terran Alliance Star Ship Reluctant. Its mission; to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations and nuke them from's the only way to be sure.


LA, September 2003.

LA was burning. Looking down on the sea of fire from the top of the Wolfram and Hart building, Faith shook her head in a mixture of sorrow and frustration as the great city was consumed by fire. Flames leapt into the night sky and the light from the fires reflected off the bottom of the low clouds bathing everything in an eerie twilight. They'd lost in Sunnydale and the last words Buffy had spoken to Faith were to tell her to go to LA, find Angel and start the second front against The First's hordes. But, there hadn't been any hordes of monsters appearing from the hellmouth and sweeping across the land, no, the First had been too subtle for that sort of tactic.

Instead of unleashing armies of hell-spawn on an unsuspecting and unprepared humanity, the First had used people's own insecurities, jealousies and hatreds against themselves. The truth was that humanity were doing the First's work for him. But there were still some people working against him, Faith and her sister slayers fought against the monsters that did turn up to slaughter people in ever increasing numbers. Although Willow's spell had worked and had empowered all the potential slayers across the world, it had taken time. Even the potentials closest to Willow when she'd cast her spell had taken ten or fifteen minutes to come into their powers and the further a girl was from Willow the longer it had taken for her to change.

Ten or fifteen minutes didn't sound like a long time, but it was long enough for the Uber-vamps to overrun the slayer's position, kill Buffy and Spike and at least half of the brave girls who'd tried to stop them; Buffy had ordered the survivors to run so they could continue the fight. This was why Faith was in LA and Giles had headed back to England to try and reorganised what remained of the Council of Watchers. Willow was over on the East Coast where she lived with her slayer girlfriend, Kennedy, as they attempted to organise the new slayers and warn people of the First's existence. No one knew exactly where Dawn and Xander where, they'd escaped Sunnydale High but where they'd gone after that Faith didn't know. But, it was an uphill struggle; too many people simply wouldn't believe that something like 'The First Evil' could exist.

Turning away from the burning city, Faith started to walk back to the fire escape stairs that would lead her down into the main part of the building where 'her' girls waited for her. Angel had been killed by a dragon a couple of weeks previously, but before he'd died he'd been able to pass on information about the defences at Wolfram and Hart's headquarters. Using the information given to her by Angel, Faith had led her slayers in an attack on the evil lawyer's lair. They'd caught the lawyers and their hench-things off guard and slaughtered them. Once everyone that the slayers could find were dead they'd searched through the paper files and downloaded thousands of computer files. Faith didn't know how much of it was actually useful, that would be someone else's problem, but now her job here was done, it was time to move on to the next target.

“Faith!” a young slayer appeared in the doorway leading to the fire escape; her face was smudged with smoke stains and dried blood, she looked awfully young to Faith, “its time to go!”

“Yeah I'm coming,” Faith called back; the truth was that Faith couldn't move quite as fast as she once had been able to.

During the fight under Sunnydale High, Faith had been stabbed in the left thigh by an Uber-vamp's sword. The wound had taken a long time to heal and even now it caused her pain when she'd been on her feet too long, it also made her limp.

“Is everyone else outta here?” Faith asked as she got closer to the girl; her name was Doris, Faith reminded herself, she always tried to remember the names of all the girls who worked with her.

“Yep,” Doris nodded, “there's just us and the rearguard in the lobby.”

“Good,” Faith smiled as she looked at the girl and wondered if she'd ever been that young, “now get, I'll be right behind ya...go!”

Pausing, Faith watched the girl head on downstairs as she rubbed the wound in her thigh. The weapon the vamp had used to stab her must have been magical, she told herself for the thousandth time. It had to be to prevent her slayer constitution from dealing with the effects of the injury. Stamping her left foot to get the feeling back into her leg, she resumed her progress towards the stairs. At the threshold she paused once again to take one last look at the burning city, after today they'd be heading for points East, Giles had said something about Texas during his last call.

Heading on down the stairs to the lobby on the top floor, Faith found it deserted. You could say a lot about the young slayers but one thing was for sure, they certainly knew how to obey orders. Faith had told Doris to 'go' and man had she gone. Standing by herself and not looking forward to a long walk down the stairs to reception, Faith pressed the elevator's call button. Waiting impatiently for the elevator to arrive, she limped over to a window to look out at the city which now looked like a sea of flames, but she knew it wasn't. Down there on the streets people fought their neighbours while the police, the National Guard and the Army stood back and did nothing. Once again Faith shook her head in despair knowing it was all part of the First's plan to destroy humanity.

A soft 'ding' from behind her told her that the elevator had arrived. Turning away from the death and destruction, she limped across the lobby and got into the elevator. Pressing the button for the ground floor, Faith let out a long slow breath and leaned her back against the side of the car as it headed towards the ground. Laughing a little bitterly, Faith realised that somehow the 'Muzak' in the car had remained on even after they'd destroyed the computer that controlled the building's environmental systems.

Whatever, Faith shrugged as she glanced at the floor indicator, there was only a couple of floors left to go and she could survive a little mindless, musical pap for a while longer. Eventually the elevator slowed as it arrived at the ground floor. Pushing herself away from the wall, Faith stood in front of the doors and waited for them to open. When they did she took a step outside without really looking to see where she was, if she had she'd have stayed in the elevator; confused Faith turned to find that not only had the elevator vanished but so had the Wolfram and Hart building.


LA, 3503 CE.

“What the...?” Faith said quietly to herself as she stared at her own reflection in the window of a shop. “What the...!?” she repeated softly as her eyes took in the outfit she was wearing.

Her clothes were so not her usual style, in fact they looked more than a little like the clothes Buffy might have worn when she was sixteen or so; Xander had shown her some photos a while back of 'younger Buffy'. Faith had scoffed at the then teen slayer's fashion sense but now it looked like her scoffing had come back to kick her in the teeth. Looking at her reflection she found herself wearing a red, figure hugging, low cut tank top. Next came a short, navy blue skirt, Faith rarely wore skirts especially very short skirts that had a slit up the left side that almost reached the waistband of the skirt. To finish off this outfit, Faith found high heeled sandals on her feet and a large courier type bag on her hip with the strap going across her body and between her breasts making them even more prominent.

Apart from her clothes, Faith told herself, there was something desperately wrong here, not only did she appear to have been transported somewhere that wasn't the LA she knew, it was also, of course, she was wearing clothes she wouldn't have worn to a nightclub. Faith was by no means a prude, she knew guys found her hot and she knew how to dress for best effect, but this...? Words sort of failed her for a moment, well, several moments. Slowly recovering from her initial shock, she found herself looking into the eyes of the young woman on the other side of the shop's window. Turning away quickly, Faith saw that she was in a small, sunlit plaza or town square. There were shady trees, lawns, flower beds, a fountain and benches to sit on. Deciding that it might be a good idea to find out what the hell was going on, she headed for an unoccupied bench. Perhaps there was something in her bag that would tell her who she was supposed to be and where the hell she was. As she walked towards a bench, Faith realised that she wasn't limping any-more, glancing down at her exposed thigh she saw that the scar left by the Uber-vamp's sword had completely disappeared.

“Cool,” she smiled, as she let her eyes roam around the plaza, at least things weren't all bad.

The square was surrounded on four sides by low rise building, office blocks by the looks of them with a few shops at ground level. It was all very concrete, steel and glass, but nothing really unusual. However, what was unusual was that no matter how hard she listened she couldn't hear any traffic noise. Okay, this was obviously a city or big town, so why no cars? Right, she told herself as she sat down, she knew places that didn't allow cars, so again, nothing really that unusual. Glancing around to make sure no one was paying her any special attention, she moved her bag onto her lap and was just about to open it when something slightly more unusual than suddenly finding herself in a strange place struck her. Pausing for a moment she looked around at the people who were walking through the plaza. From where she sat, Faith could see maybe two hundred people; she guessed that perhaps a quarter of them were kids, the rest were made up of the usual mixture of age groups. But there was one thing they all had in common, one-hundred percent of the people she could see were far as she could tell there wasn't a guy to be seen anywhere.

“Okay,” Faith told herself with a shrug, “no guys...I can probably live with that.”

While Faith preferred guys she could 'appreciate' a pretty girl, at one point she would have happily 'appreciated' the hell out of Buffy, but it had never worked out between them (what with all the murder and mayhem). Looking around, Faith started to notice that the couples were holding hands or were walking arm in arm as they moved slowly around the plaza.

“Right,” Faith added with a big sigh, “so I've like landed in lesbian central...” she frowned as her eyes fell on a couple of little girls who were laughing and giggling as they chased each other between the flower beds, “...okay, so where do all the kids come for?”

Before Faith could figure this pretty important question out, the peace of the plaza was shattered by a long, high pitched scream full of fear and terror. Forgetting all her questions about how come so many lesbians could have so many children, her head whipped around to find the origin of all the noise. It didn't take her long, no more than fifty yards away a teenage girl was being dragged towards an alley by a bald, naked man who had the biggest erection that Faith had ever seen and she'd been the cause of quite a few in her time. It was pretty evident what the pervert was planning to do with the girl. Pulling off her bag as she stood up, Faith heard the screams and cries of alarm as the women in the plaza reacted to the pervert's presence.

Ignoring the women around her, Faith set off at a dead run towards where the man was attacking the girl. It seemed to take her no time at all to reach the man as he struggled with the teenager. Grabbing hold of the girl's arm, Faith yanked her from her would-be attacker's grip. Now she had the girl clear she could deal with the rapist. Growling like some sort of wild animal the rapist launched himself at Faith, scratching at her eyes with his claw-like fingers and trying to bite her with his yellowed teeth.

Sweeping away the attack aimed at her eyes with her left forearm, Faith used her right fist to punch the guy in the throat, this had the rapist forget about chowing down on her neck and saw him stumble away from her clutching at his throat and gasping for breath. Following up her first attack, Faith kicked out with a sandalled foot her kick landing in the rapist's genital area which sent him gasping and crying to the ground as he clasped between his legs with both hands and rolled from side to side in agony, Faith was just about to finish off her target when the cops arrived.

“Okay, Miz,” called the taller of the two heavy set women in police uniforms as she pushed their way passed Faith, “we'll take it from here!”

Drawing what looked like a gun the first cop pointed it at the rapist and fired; there was a loud 'CRACK!' accompanied by a strong smell of ozone and burnt skin. The unsuccessful rapist lay on the ground and sort of vibrated for a moment or two before he became very still, knocked out by whatever the cop had used; Faith guessed that the cop had used some sort of fancy taser on the guy. While the second cop went and comforted the victim and called for the medics. The cop with the gun advanced cautiously on the perp before kneeling down next to him and cuffing his hands behind his back and calling for back up.

“He escaped from the fertility clinic on twenty-second street,” the cop said conversationally as she glanced over her shoulder at Faith, “me an' my partner've been chasing him all morning.”

“Yeah, right,” Faith agreed not really knowing what anyone was talking about or what was going on.

“That was pretty brave of you,” the cop stood up and came to stand in front of Faith and seemed to be studying her closely.

For a moment Faith considered bolting, she was still wanted for breaking out of prison, however she didn't know what the range was on the cop's fancy taser so she held herself in place.

“You okay?” the cop asked with genuine concern.

“I'm fine,” Faith reassured her, “I've had worse...

“You're a slayer, right?” the cop smiled as she glanced from the downed perp and back to Faith again, “Not our boys day, right?” the cop's grin got wider as she held out her hand to Faith, “It's an honour and a privilege to meet you Miz...?”

“Lehane,” Faith replied more than a little stunned by the cop's reaction, “Faith Lehane...”

From that moment on the cops couldn't do enough for Faith. After the perp had been taken away in a police car that floated a foot above the pavement and the girl had been driven away in a floating ambulance, the cops took Faith's statement and asked if there was anything they could do for her. Unused to cops being quite this helpful and understanding, Faith only asked them where she could go to find a library or some other source of information.

The cops suggested that she'd couldn't do worse than try the 'Alliance Building' and gave her directions before answering a call on their radios (very small radios, smaller than Faith had ever seen before) and headed off out of the plaza. Watching the cops leave, Faith took a deep breath, wherever she'd turned up, slayers were obviously the flavour of the month. Setting off to find this 'Alliance' building Faith smiled to herself, perhaps for once in her life being a slayer would actually work for her instead of against her.

It was a ten minute walk to get to the Alliance Building. As she walked through the town, Faith saw more floating vehicles, people on bicycles and a hell of a lot of women and girls, there were simply no guys around and Faith's mind went back to the rapist. When she'd got up close to him after the fight, she'd noticed that he wasn't 'bald', his head had in fact been shaved and there was what looked like a bar-code tattooed on the back of his head. Perhaps, she wondered, all guys were kept in prison. Whatever was going on here it would have to wait until after she found this Alliance Building and did a little research; she wasn't much for doing research but it looked like there was no other way of finding out what the hell was going on here.

After a ten or fifteen minute walk Faith looked up to find herself standing on a wide path that led up to the tallest building that she'd seen so far. The building was surrounded by gardens and there were lots of people, once again all women, walking around and in and out of the building. Seeing a large notice board, Faith walked over to see what she could find out from it. There was a map of what appeared to be called 'Alliance Plaza'. A few typed and printed notices that meant nothing to her although they did all seem to be printed in English. But, what really caught Faith's eye was a big full colour poster.

The Terran Alliance needs YOU! proclaimed the poster in large bold letters over the picture of a serious looking young woman dressed in what Faith assumed was a business suit. Looking just to the right of the picture of the woman, she saw some more printing; Ask at your local Alliance Building for details of careers in any one of the hundreds of Alliance Services, serving a term of Terran Alliance Service guarantees full citizenship. The thing about 'full citizenship' rang some vague bells at the back of Faith's mind. However, she didn't try to over think it, she had more important things on her mind like; who the hell were the 'Terran Alliance' and more importantly, did they have a job for a lost and out of work slayer?

As it turned out, they did.