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Supernatural Hospital

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         “Good morning, Wei Wuxian” a tall young man with fair skin, long brown hair, and brown eyes dressed in a light gold shirt and beige pants overlaid with a white lab coat called out as he entered the medical lab.  A tall young man with light skin, long black hair, and brown eyes in black slacks and black dress shirt overlaid with a white lab coat and looked up from his microscope, smiling slightly.

         “Good morning Jin Zixuan” the man, Wei Wuixan, replied.  The man in the gold shirt, Jin Zixuan walked over to the microscope and peered into it.  

         “Any luck?” he asked before he pulled away and frowned.

         “I don’t see a difference” he stated. Wei Wuxian sighed.

         “Yes, the cultures are coming up negative” he replied but before he could finish his sentence, his pager buzzed.  He frowned and pulled out the device, looking at the message on it.


New case.  Conference room.


He sighed and placed the device back into his coat pocket before he looked up at Jin Zixuan.

         “New case” he declared before he looked over his shoulder.

         “Sara!” he called out.  A young woman, about 23 with black hair tied in low pigtails, walked up to him with a bright smile.  He smiled back.

         “Sara, can you finish this for me?  I’ve got something super important to attend to” he explained.  The woman nodded.

         “Yes doctor” she replied.  Wei Wuxian nodded to her before he looked over at Jin Zixuan.

         “Come on, let’s go” he ordered.  Jin Zixuan nodded and quickly followed the Pathologist as he exited the medical lab.




The two doctors walked down the hall when they were soon joined by two more doctors, Dr. Jiang Yanli, a young woman of average height with fair skin, long black hair, and brown eyes, who was also Dr. Jin Zixuan’s wife, and Dr. Lan Xichen, a tall man with light skin, wavy brown hair and brown eyes.

         “I’m guessing you received the page too?” Lan Xichen asked, glancing over at Jiang Yanli, Wei Wuxian, and Jin Zixuan.

         “I did.  Do you happen to know what kind of case this is?” Jiang Yanli asked.  Lan Xichen shook his head.

         “No, I don’t.  And I’m not sure why it involves all of us, as we’re from completely different disciplines” he replied.  Wei Wuxian shrugged.

         “There must be a reason for the overlap.  Now come on.  Wen Qing will have our asses if we’re not there soon” he declared.




When the four doctors entered the conference room, the other doctors, Xiao Xingchen, Xue Yang, Jiang Cheng, Lan Wangji, and their boss, Wen Qing, a young woman of average height with fair skin, long black hair, and brown eyes, were already discussing the case.

         “Wei Wuxian, Lan Xichen, Jin Zixuan, Jiang Yanli, you’re late” Wen Qing, the head of Supernatural General, stated, glaring at the four doctors for their excuse.

         “I apologize ma’am, I was busy with another patient’s case” Lan Xichen replied.

         “I was finishing some pathogen cultures” Wei Wuxian replied.

         “I was filling out reports” Jiang Yanli replied.

         “I have no excuse; I just finished a case” Jin Zixuan stated.  Wen Qing hummed before she turned back to the case files spread out over the table.

         “A young girl around the age of six is experiencing personality change, seizures, myoclonus and ataxia.  Tell me, what disease is this?” she demanded.

         “It sounds like subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, otherwise known as Dawson disease” Wei Wuxian replied.  Wen Qing nodded.

         “Good Wei Wuxian” she replied.  

         “How long has this child has this disease?” Jiang Cheng, a tall young man with light skin, long dark brown hair, and brown eyes, asked.

         “She had measles when she was eighteen months old.  Barely survived.  Her parents began to notice the change in her personality around the age of four or five” Wen Qing replied.  

         “And she’s only six now, right?” Lan Xichen asked.  Lan Wangji, a tall young man with light skin, long dark brown hair, and brown eyes, nodded.

         “Yes.  Why?” he asked.

         “Because—” Wei Wuxian started before he cleared his throat.

         “—if we can catch it now, we can at least slow down this disease and treat it.  It’s still in stage 1 and it hasn’t progressed to stage 2, where it’s basically incurable.  So, if we want to save this girl’s life, we need to act now.  Have test been done on her?” he demanded.  

         “Yeah, a few months ago.  None have been done since” Lan Xichen replied, looking over at the Pathologist.  

         “Get her an MRI, now” Wei Wuxian ordered.  Lan Xichen nodded and quickly walked out of the room, Jiang Cheng following him; since he was a Pediatrician, he was trained to work with children.  Wei Wuxian then looked over at Xiao Xingchen, a tall young man with light skin, long dark brown hair, and brown eyes.

         “Once Lan Xichen has gotten the results, I want you to check them to make sure that I diagnosed her correctly” he stated.  Xiao Xingchen nodded before he turned out of the room while Xue Yang, a tall young man with light skin, long black hair, and brown eyes, placed his hands on his hips.

         “What about me?” he asked.

         “Follow after Xiangchen and if the results are what I think they will be, I want you to create a concoction of intrathecal interferon alpha and intravenous ribavirin, understand?” Wei Wuxian ordered.  Xue Yang nodded and walked out of the room, Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan leaving as well.  Once they had left, only Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Wen Qing remained.

         “If you don’t mind, Wen Qing, but I’m going to check on this girl’s family and tell her what we think is happening” Wei Wuxian requested, looking at Wen Qing.  The Dean of the hospital nodded and Wei Wuxian walked out of the room, Lan Wangji following him.

         “Wei Ying, you’re not the type of doctor who should be talking to a patient’s parent” Lan Wangji stated as he walked next to Wei Wuxian.

         “Don’t tell me how to do my job, Lan Zhan” Wei Wuxian snapped.  Lan Wangji shook his head.

         “I’m not telling you how to do your job, I’m just explaining to you that your brain runs on logic, statistics, and fancy words that most normal human beings don’t understand” he explained.  Wei Wuxian shot him a look, making him sigh.

         “What I’m trying to say is, let me deal with the child’s parents and you worry about the actual patient.  Okay?” he offered.  Wei Wuxian sighed and was about to reply when suddenly a scream echoed through the hallway.  The two doctors looked at each other before they ran down the hall to where they saw two men standing in the middle of the room, one pointing a gun at a young nurse named Jin Ling.  

         “If one of you is enough stupid to make a move I’ll shoot him dead, understand?” the man growled.  When Jin Ling saw Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian, his eyes widened in fear.

         “Hanguang-Jun!  Uncle Wei!” he exclaimed.

         “It’s alright Jin Ling, everything’s going to be fine” Wei Wuxian soothed while the other man, the one who wasn’t holding the gun, pointed at him and Lan Wangji.

         “Stay away from the doors.  No security guards.  No phone calls.  Just stay still and silent and no one gets hurt” he declared.  The man with the gun then pointed at Lan Wangji.

         “You!  Shut the doors, close the curtains, then bring me that damned phone and call the boss of this fucking hospital!” he ordered.  Lan Wangji nodded and placed a hand on Wei Wuxian’s arm, silently ordering him to do as the man instructed.  Wei Wuxian nodded and quickly walked over to the exit, locking the glass doors while Lan Wangji reached for the phone and handed it to the man.

         “What’s your name?” the man with the gun demanded, looking at Lan Wangji.

         “Dr. Lan Wangji.  Oncologist” Lan Wangji answered.  While the two men were looking at him, Lan Wangji let his gaze wander around the room for a moment.  A few patients and nurses were staring at them, holding their breaths anxiously, but other than that, everyone seemed to be unharmed.  Behind him, Wei Wuxian’s face was pale but he nodded when their gazes met, silently assuring him that he was alright.  He then looked back at the two attackers, noticing that they were both nervous and kept exchanging hesitant glances.

         “May I ask why you’re doing this?” Wei Wuxian asked as he walked over to Lan Wangji.  The man with the gun glanced at him as if he was crazy, his eyes showing the first sign of panic. 

         “Now, you’re not in the position to ask question, Dr. –” the man paused, looking at Wei Wuxian, expecting to receive a name.

         “Wei Wuixan, Pathologist” Wei Wuxian replied.  The two men nodded.

         “I’m Harry Spengler and the other guy is Victor Henriksen.  Phone your boss” Harry ordered.

         “That won’t be necessary” Wei Wuxian stated.  Harry and Victor looked at him with raised eyebrows.

         “She’s here, in the Clinic.  We just finished a meeting with her.  I’m sure she’s still in her office” he explained.  Victor narrowed his eyes at him before he pointed at Lan Wangji.  

         “Come here, Doc” he ordered and, as soon as Lan Wangji walked over to them, Victor grabbed him, letting Jin Ling go in exchange.

         “Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian exclaimed as he pulling Jin Ling into his arms, holding him protectively.  Victor then snarled as he pointed the gun at Wei Wuxian, making the Pathologist freeze.

         “Now, Dr. Wei, if you want your friend to stay safe, take all these people out of here and go talk to your boss. Tell her what’s going on and that we need the best doctor in this hospital.  She mustn’t call the police or Dr. Lan is dead.  No tricks.  His life is in your hands” he threatened.  Wei Wuxian frowned before he removed his arms from around his nephew and gently pushed him away, motioning for him and the others to leave the room before he faced Victor and Harry.

         “Threatening a demon and holding an angel hostage.  That’s plucky” he sneered.  The two men blinked in confusion before Wei Wuxian’s eyes began to glow red and black smoke began to curl around him.  Harry and Victor quickly stepped away from Lan Wangji as he walked over to Wei Wuxian and stared at the two men as his eyes glowed white, a blinding white aura surrounding him.  Victor and Harry gasped but as quickly as they transformed, Wei Wuxian’s eyes dimmed and the smoke faded away as Lan Wangji’s dimmed and the aura disappeared.

         “Now, if you were ill, you could have just said so” Wei Wuxian scolded.

         “We’re in a hospital, we’re doctors.  Treating people is our job.  And you’re clearly one of them” Lan Wangji added.  Harry and Victor blinked in shock before Victor shook his head.

         “It’s not us, it’s our son” he snapped, making Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian look at him in confusion. 

         “Your son?” Lan Wangji repeated.  Victor nodded as he motioned to the gun in his hand.

         “Maybe this way I’ll convince someone to try and help my son!” he exclaimed.  Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji said nothing as they stared at him.

         “No one understands what your son has?” Wei Wuxian asked gently.  Victor shook his head.  Lan Wangji hummed.

         “Well, this hospital is full of supernatural beings who are trained in the field of medicine, so with our training plus our supernatural abilities, I’m sure we can diagnose your son with the proper diagnosis” he assured.  Harry crossed his arms.

         “Are you sure?” he asked.  Wei Wuxian nodded.

         “We are” he replied before he looked at the gun in Victor’s hand.

         “Now, if you don’t mind, would you please put the safety on that gun?  I understand that this is a hospital, but we’re not exactly prepared to take a patient with a bullet wound because you were being and didn’t bother to put the safety on” he snarled.  Victor looked down at the gun in his hand and let out a little laugh.

         “Oh , don’t worry Dr. Wei, this gun is fake!  The last thing we want is to hurt somebody” he explained.  Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji looked at him in shock.

         “What?!” they exclaimed.  Victor nodded.

         “We apologize for scaring you and the others, but we needed someone to look at our son’s case.  We don’t have the money for a private clinic and we didn’t want to create panic, but we couldn’t find a better way to get the attention our son needs” he explained.  Lan Wangji huffed.

         “I’m going to have to disagree with you on that last statement” he murmured before he looked over at Wei Wuxian.

         “Tell brother and Jiang Cheng that they’re in charge of the other case” he instructed.  Wei Wuxian looked up at him and pouted.

         “But Lan Zhan—” he started.  Lan Wangji shook his head.

         “Wei Ying, these men need us more right now.  We have more than capable doctors taking care of our young patient” he interrupted.  Wei Wuxian sighed before he pulled out his phone, typing a quick message to Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen, telling them that they were to oversee the case that Wen Qing had given them that morning while he and Lan Wangji were taking another case.  Once the text had been sent, Wei Wuxian put his phone away and looked up at Lan Wangji.

         “Alright, I’ve texted them.  Shall we get started?” he asked, now looking at Victor and Harry, who looked back at him in confusion.

         “We’ve attacked this hospital, we held you hostage…why are you willing to help us? I don’t get it” Victor asked.

         “We’re doctors and your son is going to soon be a patient.  We’re just doing our job” Lan Wangji replied calmly.  The two men started at the two celestial beings for a moment before Victor smiled.  

         “Thanks, Dr. Lan.  Harry and I are grateful.  Maybe not all doctors are so bad” he offered.  Wei Wuxian huffed.

         “You’re welcome.  Just…next time, please, ask before putting on such a mess in a hospital, okay?  You risked giving somebody a heart attack” he scolded.  Harry and Victor nodded.

         “Of course.  We’ll bring Liam in right away” Harry promised.  Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian nodded.

         “See that you do” Lan Wangji ordered.  Harry and Victor nodded and quickly walked out of the hospital, heading home to get their son.