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World Split in Two

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“W-what did you just say?” Erwin breaks the silence in the ultrasound room. Everyone who knew the couple that stood there was in visible shock just as much as the omega. “You have to be reasonable; this pup may very well – “


Levi cuts him off before he could get another word in. “There’s no way that our pup could have survived that amount of trauma.  The chances are so infinitesimal that I want to vomit. Please do not make me have to raise another alpha’s brat.” He grits through his teeth, just barely avoiding a growl. “Not his, Eren. Not after what he did to you, to us.”


Never has he ever seen Levi so visibly angry, this scared Eren to no end. His scent, now souring in fear, the room, now a battleground of pheromones. “L-Levi,” Eren straightens himself on the bed, pulling himself away from Erwin. The tall blonde tries to scramble after him only for Eren to turn his head to him as he snatches his arm away. “I’m fine.” He says in a whisper to the man before turning back to his alpha. He slips off the bed and approaches slowly. “Please, Levi, calm down. If you would just look at the sonogram again, you’ll see that it has to be your baby.”


Eren reaches for Levi’s hand slowly and clasps it with his own. A low growl escapes his lips before it’s cut short. The brunette brings the hand to his neck, rubbing the man’s wrist over the scenting gland there. “Please, Lee. I can feel it in my soul. In our bond, can’t you feel it?”


Levi doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be feeling; the only thing he feels is intense, primal anger to the dead alpha. He felt the man’s laughter from the grave. Even from hell, the bastard wins. He growls to himself. “What do you want me to do then? Wait for the brat to be born to get a paternity test? Then what? Do you expect me to raise his pup? Would you be that cruel to me? To yourself?”


The last two questions came out sharp from the raven, stinging Eren into shock again and dropping his hands. I know this is our baby, why can’t he feel it? Tears well up in his eyes again, “Can we at least talk about this at home and not make a sense at your place of work?” Eren says in a hurt, clipped tone.


“Fine,” Levi says blankly as he turns to the door, passing the onlookers of his personal tragedy.



The ride back to their apartment was tense and silent. Erwin had been reluctant to allowing Eren to go home with Levi after his outburst. Eren reassured the taller man that he was fine and to trust that Levi would never do anything to hurt him, no matter his rage at the missing alpha.


Eren hoped anyway that Levi wouldn’t lose his cool again. He knew that if he could make his lover see to reason and tap into his instincts that he would see that there’s no way possible that this child growing inside him is anyone else’s but his. His inner omega wanted to beg and plead for the man’s understanding. He would put his pride aside and make him see. He couldn’t abort this pup; this was something they created together. There was no way he would give up on raising this undoubtedly beautiful child of theirs, even if he had to do so by himself.


However, for now, Eren’s mission is to convince his mate. No one has ever said with a straight face that Levi wasn’t a stubborn, hardheaded shit. Eren sighs internally as they pull into their parking spot in the garage. Looking over at the alpha as he turns the vehicle off, he doesn’t hesitate as he unbuckles himself and exits the car with a slam of the door.


Eren hiccups and swallows the sob that is bubbling up in his chest. He wipes his eyes of the tears that are sure to fall before he unbuckles himself and follows the older man silently. He hears the beep of the car locking behind him as they make their way to the elevators.


The ride up is filled with more tense silence. The elevator ding comes all too soon and not soon enough for the pair. Without a word, they exit from the lift and walk the short distance to the apartment that they call home. The place that is supposed to bring comfort to them both, now full of anxiety and heartache.


Once the door is closed behind them, Levi removes his coat and toss that and his keys to the side, barely paying attention to where they fell as he walks to the kitchen. Eren sighs deeply in his chest as he picks up the discarded clothing and keys. He puts them into their rightful places before following the other male.


Levi leans up against the countertop as he pours himself two fingers of whiskey in a glass neat before he huffs and swallows it down. He pours himself another before Eren could get the courage to say anything.


“Levi – “


“I don’t want to hear it, Eren.”


“Levi, you have to believe me.” Eren steps closer to his mate; he stops three feet away from Levi. He doesn’t want to crowd him. It would only cause the man to get unnecessarily defensive. A cornered alpha is a dangerous alpha, even if they are your other half. Eren knew that all too well from his experience with Jean. “If you would just look at the sonogram again or even feel for yourself, I know you would be able to see that this pup is yours.” He digs into his pants pocket, pulling out the slip of paper with their little pea that rests safely within him.   


Levi shakes his head as he slams back his second drink. “No, the trauma that you suffered – “He pauses as tears begin to well up in his eyes. How can Eren not see the logic behind this? There’s no way possible. “There’s just no way that our pup could survive that. No pup can, dammit!”


Levi slams the glass against the counter, causing it to shatter under pressure. “Shit,” Levi growls out. Small slivers of glass protrude from his right hand, he growls again in his frustration.


Eren stops Levi before he can try to pick up the more significant shards of glass from the counter. “Lee, don’t. Get the first aid kit from the bathroom, and I’ll get this up.” The only response he gets is a grunt before Levi leaves the room. Eren makes quick work of the cleanup, spraying everything down with a bottle of cleanser to clean up the splattered liquor.


Once done, he wipes his hands on a tea towel before heading over to the bathroom. It’s been a few minutes since Levi’s been in there, and he is worried about him. Glancing into the room, Eren sees the alpha struggling with tweezers. How could he forget that his mate was right-handed?


“Here, let me help.” Eren steps into the bathroom only for Levi to turn away from him with a grunt.


“I’ve got it.”


“Levi, I know you’re a righty. Just let me help you.” He steps closer and grabs for the tweezers.


“I SAID I HAVE IT, GODDAMMIT!” Levi roars before he huffs in frustration again. He focuses his attention back on his hand. His left and tweezers covered in blood from his right. “Shit.” He says lowly to himself, turning on the faucet. Sticking his hands and utensil under the spray, he watches as the crimson washes down the drain. “Fuck it, fine.” He hands it over to Eren. “Just get it out already.”


Eren suppresses the sigh that was building in his chest as well as the eye roll that he so desperately wants to do. Taking the tweezers and quickly removes the slivers from Levi’s palm, disinfects, and wraps it up.


“Thank you,” Levi grunts out before he sidesteps around Eren and walks back to the kitchen to get himself another drink.


Eren follows him, standing at the entrance of the kitchen with his arms crossed over his chest. “So, you’re just going to drink and not even talk to me?”


“That’s the plan, Eren.” He gazes at the omega from over the top of his new glass full of whiskey. “If you don’t like it, you can go to bed or something.”


“You know what…I can’t deal with you right now. We can’t talk this over if you don’t want to, you know, talk. I’m trying my best here, Levi. I know for a fact that this is our baby. If you don’t want to talk now, then fine.” Eren walks into the kitchen to stand in front of him. “But know this, I cannot, will not get rid of this child. I know, Levi. I feel it in my soul, just as I feel you there as well. There’s a connection, and I will not sever that tie. I fucking refuse to!”


Levi growls deep in his throat at the omega as he gets into his face. He knows that he doesn’t want to provoke him into a fight, but damn does it feel like that. “I can’t believe that you’d do this.” He says with a shake of his head. “You’d really keep that rapist baby and expect me to be ok with raising it?” He scoffs as he pushes himself away from the counter, he steps around Eren and walk into the living room and heads for the couch.


Eren follows close behind him, Levi feels him there. He knows he’s there without even having to turn around. God, he doesn’t want him there. I just want to be able to breathe, dammit. He feels a hand on his shoulder, turning quickly he grabs it in his hold. “I said I don’t want to talk right now, Eren. For fuck's sake!”


Eren screams out in pain as his bandaged wrist gets caught in the iron grip. “L-Levi! Let go; you’re hurting me!”


Levi releases him with a gasp. “Just, go away – “


Before he could get another word out of his mouth, a loud and fierce slap lands across the alpha’s left cheek. “You fucking asshole!” Eren sobs, tears rolling freely down his face. He turns on his heels as he runs to their bedroom, he slams the door shut and locks it.


Leaving the alpha standing in the living room in shock from the hit, he snaps out of it and rubs his smarting cheek. “Shit!” He flops down on the couch with his drink. He can’t believe how shitty this day has become. He sighs to himself as he runs his hand through his hair, “How the fuck am I going to deal with this shit?”


He takes another swig of his drink before he leans back against the cushions. The sobs from the bedroom are ever-present in the background. “Guess I’m banned to the couch tonight.” He sighs to himself as he gazes at the amber liquid in the glass. “Looks like you’re my only company for the night.” He scoffs as he takes a sip. “At least none of it spilled.”