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Their Dad

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Every Friday, the students of class 1-A got together and had a movie marathon in the commons area. Aizawa knew this. He was even invited to come to them. He came the first time but stopped after that. He wanted them to have some time to themselves. He didn't want to intrude on that. However, he made sure to fill the kitchen with snacks for the movie night during his time off.

He thought everything was prepped for their movie night. He got all their favorite snacks and drinks. 'Of course,' he grumbled. 'All that is going to be gone tomorrow morning.' He sighed. He was in his room getting ready to to grade papers. Nezu had made the teachers a separate building, an apartment complex. As soon as Aizawa was told which apartment was his, he informed his class. He gave the class his number too. Luckily, most of them already has his number from after USJ. He didn't know what made him give his number. Maybe it was the fear of them being in trouble all alone.

Aizawa was startled from his thought with a loud bang. He looked at the source of the sound, his front door. As Aizawa headed to the door, he hoped they hadn't done anything illegal. The fact the voice he was wearing yell at him sounded like Bakugou didn't alleviate his anxiety. It didn't register to Aizawa what Bakugou was saying till he was almost to the door.

"Dad! Shitty Hair, Raccoon Eyes, and Pikachu broke the fucking DVD player! Fucking hurry up, Dad!" Bakugou was yelling. Aizawa felt his eyes sting. 'Did he?' Aizawa wiped his eyes real quick, just to be sure, and opened the door. Bakugou stared at him with drooping eyes. Aizawa realized in that second that Bakugou didn't realize what he just said.

"What's with the yelling?" Aizawa sighed, slumping against the doorframe. Bakugou gave him a glare, albeit a sleepy one.

"Damn Shitty Hair, Raccoon Eyes, and Pikachu killed the fucking player. We can't have our movie marathon and I'm tired. Those motherfuckers keep trying to fix it and I'm fucking done." Bakugou grew more agitated with each word. Aizawa sighed, throwing his head back. 'Of course they would try to fix it themselves. Though,' Aizawa glanced at Bakugou, 'I didn't expect Bakugou to be the one that came to get me.'

"Let's go before they electrocute themselves," Aizawa grumbled. Bakugou grunted and headed for the dorms. The walk was quiet. Aizawa wanted to mention Bakugou's slip of tongue but anxiety stopped him. 'If I bring it up, will he deny it? Would it make things uncomfortable?' This is why Aizawa didn't deal with emotions. This was why he preferred to think logically. He liked to consider himself rational, but it would be stupid to deny that he can't think rationally when it came to these kids. Instead of risking it, Aizawa stayed silent as they made their trip to the common room.

The first thing Aizawa noticed as he entered the common room was Kirishima and Kaminari arguing about how to fix the player. Iida was switching sides and yelling at the other at different points. The rest of the class was either watching silently or trying to calm them down.

"Quiet," Aizawa drawled, activating his quirk as Bakugou sprawled out on one of the many multi-colored cushions decorating the ground. The class stared at him before glowing.

"Aizawa-sensei!" Hagakure cried, jumping up to great him.

"Thank God you're here, Sensei!" Ashido gushed, joining Hagakure. "We didn't mean to but we broke the player and we tried to fix it but it seems to have only gotten worse and-" The rest of her statement was drowned out by the rest of the class offering their own accounts of what happened. Aizawa noticed the tears in the three responsible's eyes. The others looked guilty as well. Aizawa raised his hand.

"Bakugou told me what happened. Let me take a look at the player, okay?" Aizawa interjected in a soft voice. He didn't want to make them worried.

"What's our punishment then, Aizawa-sensei?" Kaminari asked. Aizawa glanced at him, Ashido, and Kirishima. Aizawa ignored that question. He didn't know yet what to do about that. Right now, he just wanted to fix the DVD player so they could have their movie marathon night.

Aizawa stared at the player. 'How the fuck did that do that? These kids.' Aizawa couldn't help the horror that just looking at this player caused. 'Holy fuck these kids are going to be the death of me.' Aizawa took a deep breath before working on the box. 'The kids are lucky I help Yamada with his speaker.' Aizawa would turn to Yaoyorozu and ask for a tool when necessary. After almost an hour, he plugged it back in and got up.

"It should be working now." Aizawa was quickly swarmed by his students.

"Really, Sensei?"
"Are you staying?"
"How did you do that?"
"Can you teach me?"
"Oh me too!"
"Me too!"

Aizawa was startled. His gaze softened aa they all continued to ask. These kids… He could never tell them no and it's like they knew.

"I'll stay," Aizawa softened even more upon seeing them glow with such joy. "I'll think about teaching you how to fix appliances." They still were happy and joyful. Shouji and Tokoyami got a cushion from Yaoyorozu and sat it down for Aizawa. He thanked them as he sat on the cushion. He glanced around and saw that everyone was huddled together in groups of three to five. He was the only one that was by himself. That didn't bother him though. As the movie started, he focused on the TV.

He didn't realize they had sat him in the middle till he felt a weight in his right leg. He looked down to find Kouda. Aizawa smiled softly. Of course he would fall asleep first. Aizawa thought back to the last time he was at the movie marathon. He couldn't remember who had fallen asleep first. He only remembered cleaning up and sneaking out after everyone had fallen asleep. As we focused back on the movie, he slowly felt pressure being adding from both sides. As they got further into the movie, more students fell asleep. Almost all of them were angled toward him and only four were actually laying on him. Kouda, Tsuyu, Todoroki, and Jirou had managed to secure him as a pillow. While Kouda and Todoroki used his legs as pillows, Jirou and Tsuyu were laying partially on his shoulders and partially on their male classmates.

Aizawa gave a content sigh as he leaned back against the couch they had set him in front of. 'Maybe I should come to these things more often.'

*Aizawa let's the three off with a warning.*