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Stars in His Wheels

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In hindsight, it was probably a good thing Gon fell out of that tree. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have had to go to the clinic and wouldn’t have been hanging out the window in the waiting room and if he hadn’t been doing that Gon wouldn’t have heard a soft voice singing as the most beautiful boy he had ever seen skated past.

Typically Gon would have called out to the boy, but there was something different about the skating teen; he was going to be different then Gons' other friends.

“Gon!” Leorio barked for the fourth time, reaching out for the bandage roll secured in Gons grip.

“Sorry, Leorio!” Pulling his gaze from the open window, Gon tossed the roll to the doctor. Walking out of the examination room back to the storage room, Gon tapped the watch he bought after he started volunteering at the clinic to be sure it was still running smoothly. 

Five minutes until three, then the boy would skate past the clinic. 

In the weeks following the day Gon had first seen him, the skating boy had only missed two days. Other than that, it was like clockwork: the boy would skate past the clinic at three, always singing softly under his breath. It had taken a few days before Gon realized that they were love songs, but after that, it was easy to pick out what song the boy was singing. Although the boy tended to lean toward the classics and older songs, there were always a few poppy songs from the radio sprinkled in.

“Gon, I need a new roll of paper towels!” The young doctor called across the hall. Glancing at his watch one last time, Gon snatched two rolls of paper towels jogging to where Leorio's voice had echoed. 

One minute until three. 

“Thanks, the window in the waiting room should be open.” Leorio motioned with the roll, smirking as he saw that Gon was already out the door and halfway down the hall.

Thirty seconds until three.

“Let me know what’s today’s song!” Melody commented, standing behind the front desk as Gon whizzing past.

It was a ritual the three had; Gon would be half hanging out of the window precisely at three until the boy passed. Then Melody would find and play whatever song he had been singing as Leorio listened to Gon ramble about how cool the skateboarding, love song singing, ‘He looks like stars I swear’ boy was. 

Ten seconds until three.

A sharp rapping at the clinic door drew Melody's attention. It wasn’t until he heard her stifle a small gasp that Gon dragged his eyes to the open door. It was precisely three when the skateboarding boy walked into the clinic.