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FE3H Femslash Kinks Requests

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Hey! I was getting some requests/suggestions so I thought it would be fun to openly take requests but also make it sort of like a challenge. And since I'm close to finishing FE3H (all routes and most supports), plus also being a multishipper (swear it's true even if my content is 90% edeleth), I also decided to allow almost all FE3H femslash ships.

So here's how it works:
I have list below of all characters that are valid for the ship, and I also have below a list of all the kinks I'll write, which are numbered. To make a request simply comment here on this chapter (the 'instructions') with: 1) the name of the characters, 2) the number of the kink you picked, 3) a sentence of dialogue that you made up. Rules are that I'll have to write a short nsfw fic with those characters, that kink, and the dialogue sentence will also have to be included in the fic. I will reply to that comment to say if it's valid, and when I'm done with the fic I'll reply again and post the fic, and the fic will be added as a chapter here. I only ask that before you make your request you keep in mind that I will only do the characters and kinks that are on my lists, with no additions or exceptions. I won't make requests if the comment with the request isn't valid because it has characters/kinks not on my lists, or because it doesn't follow the format I mentioned by asking for additional headcanons/characters/settings, whatever. Stuff like "top!Edelgard" or "dragon!Byleth" in the names of characters isn't allowed either.
On two final notes: anyone can make a request (anon/guest comments are accepted as well, as long as they're left here because it's easier for me to check them. Please don't PM me for this or anything like that) and kinks number 2 and 7 require at least three characters. All other kinks require at least two characters but they all have a limit of three characters max. I also don't do more than one kink on the same fic, so only ask me for one for each request.

(Example) A valid comment will have to look something like this:

Request: Edelgard/Byleth, 13, "You missed this spot, as well."

And then I'd write a fic like this one for that request:

List of valid characters:
-Byleth (FByleth only, obviously)
Characters like Sothis and Flayn are characters I never do NSFW with due to their young appearance, as it freaks me out a bit (sorry). Characters like Kronya, Ladislava, Judith, etc are interesting but I need a bit of more substance to work with. Also all fics will take place post time skip unless it's between older characters like Byleth, Manuela, Catherine, Shamir or Rhea.

List of kinks:
1 – Dom/Sub
2 – Threesome
3 – Petplay
4 – Voyeurism
5 – Public sex
6 – Bondage
7 – Cuckolding
8 – Supernatural (includes demons, vampires, werewolves, monsters, etc)
9 – Blindfolds
10 – Seduction
11 – Worshipping
12 – Tenderness
13 – Servant
14 – Praise kink
15 – Masturbation
16 – Jealousy
17 – Mirror sex
18 – Aphrodisiacs

And that's about it! Be free to send in requests!
I may take a while to write them because I've been busy lately and I still want to work on some of my own fics in between, but I'll still do the requests as long as they're valid and until I close them, even if it takes me a million years!