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A planet to discover

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It's been many years since he received the news that he had her first colony. Pink diamond was happy and decided to take Spinel with him.

When they first arrived on earth, she observed the planet and its wonders, but when the gem injectors were destroying the earth's natural beauty, she decided to save this planet.

She fought the other diamonds and after a big fight and finally gets what she wanted. Manage colonization in its own way without interference from other diamonds.

Pink Diamond has implemented reforms in her court and established the construction of smaller kindergartens that are put into operation in cycles to give the earth time to regenerate resources. She was fascinated when a ruby and a sapphire merged forming a new being that calls itself garnet and after this episode decided to extend this thing to the gems of its courts.

For the first time she was happy but when she learned that a gem of hercourt gave up her form to give the world a human child she was fascinated by this thing and decided to commission her best peridots to perform research on hybrids between gems and humans.

Over the years She received honors from other diamonds for avoiding a resource crisis at the gem empire. White diamond regarded humans as inferior beings but when human civilization had developed both culturally and technologically inventing technologies that for gems were unknown and had to admit that humans had become an important resource for gems.

With so much embarrassment White Diamond had to tell Pink Diamond that he had done a great job in her colonies compared to Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond with great embarrassment. She was happy with this thing but knew he had to work on her colonies especially on her secret project.

Over time she had met several men with her Rose Quartz disguise made by her pearl, but after 6000 years in a Beach City she had met a person who changed her life forever.

This person was Greg Universe. He was a little-known musician and had made a stop in this city. Pink Diamond disguised as Rose Quartz went to see the music of this musician and immediately fell in love with this man. After a few months of romantic interdicting, they both told their biggest secret in Greg's van.

 He told his real name was Gregory DeMayo while rose quartz had to show her secret. With a change of her gem she had turned into in real form.

When they realized it was a real love, they decided to continue their relationship until they both decided to have a baby.

Her secret project had yielded excellent results, she had decided to proceed with the goal of having a baby with Greg. With this project she was pregnant with her son Greg and when she was pregnant, she decided to inform the diamonds of her choice.

She had asked the other diamonds to have a meeting behind closed doors and had brought her husband and began to explain her choice to have a child. You explained the concept of the family that humans have and the abilities that hybrids have especially the possibilities that hybrids have that have a diamond.

Blue, Yellow and White were scared because the project was risky but they agreed to this crazy plan.

The month passed and when Garnet heard that she would be giving birth tomorrow night, she had alerted all her trusted gems. The diamonds arrived and waited for the fateful hour. The next day the evening had arrived and Pink diamond began to feel the pain and knew it was time for childbirth. All Pearl, Spinel, Jasper, Amethyst, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Greg and Diamonds watched the scene. Suddenly they were blinded by a strong pink light and heard the cry of a child.

When the pink light faded, they saw an intact Pink Diamond holding a baby who had a diamond instead of the navel. Everyone was happy that pink diamond wasn't dead, especially peridot, because he was afraid of being shattered because of her crazy plan. Spinel was happy because he finally had a new friend. Diamonds were also happy for this birth because with the new diamond they could better manage the empire, but the only happier people were Greg and Pink because they had built a loving family.

Greg, Steven and Pink lived temporarily on the moon while their home was being built in Beach City. They had found a perfect place to give birth to their son Steven. The new house stood out front of the sea and was very close to Beach City and the car wash "It's a Wash" where Greg had become the owner. The construction of the building proceeded quickly and could also be inspired by the other diamonds. When the construction was completed, they quickly moved into the palace.

Even the couple's most trusted gems moved into the palace and had their own rooms and everyone was happy. Steven had many guardians when he was a baby and while he was growing up, he lived in a happy family. The years passed and Steven was growing up. Spinel was Steven's playmate while Pearl became Steven's teacher on the culture of gems and humans.

One day Steven was so feishly that he was able to invoke his shield. All the gems that witnessed the scene were happy. She was happy because her son was growing up and manifesting his powers. Steven was happy because he could finally train in the fight with Jasper and Amethyst who considered him as older sisters.

Steven was not only loved by gems but was also loved by the people of Beach City. Steven is a social guy, kind and always helpful to help people. He used to see himself at Its Wash to help his father. But he also made friends with young people who lived in his hometown such as Sadie and Lars who were employees of the Big Donuts store.

As he was going to sleep in his room, he looked at the window and knew that tomorrow will be a great day. He put himself in the blankets and fell asleep.