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Let Greendale cast a spell on you!

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Severus Snape walked through the deep forest. He just escaped the Battle of Hogwarts, and Apparted to his house in Spinners' End. Snape started to search through his papers speedily, and in a few moments he found the card with a phone number and address written on it. Wizard picked up the receiver, and he was stung in his neck. Even after putting many healing potions and painkillers ointments, his wound reminded of itself. Ignoring the pain, Severus dialed a phone number and started to wait. He looked at the card again and sighed. It was his last hope to live the rest of his life in peace.

A sweet voice replied on his call, 'Spellman Sisters Mortuary, how can I help you?' a woman asked.

'Hilda,' Snape replied, 'I need your help.'

Of course, it was Hilda Spellman, the one who led Severus through this Potions Master path and always helped him if he needed any advice. This woman was the only one he could trust right now.

'O-oh, my dear boy!' she exclaimed in happiness and Snape cringed, 'I did not hear from you in a long time! How can I help you today?' even though he could not see her now, the wizard was sure she was smiling right now. She was always smiling when he visited her family house in Greendale or when they met in Slug & Jiggers Apothecary on Diagon Alley.

'It is not about potions, Hilda. It's about...' Severus sighed, 'Me.'

Witch's voice became a little serious, 'What happened? Is everything alright? Should I come and check on you?' Wizard heard how worried this woman was about him right now.

'No. I am... Not a Potions Master, or Potions Professor anymore. Neither I am a Headmaster...' he sighed again, 'I need to run away from here, as long as possible. Many things happened, and most of them were bad, Hilda. No one in Hogwarts, students or stuff, respecting me anymore, after... you know what,' his voice gulped, 'And... The Dark Lord tried to kill me... Not yours one, my one... I need your assistance in finding me a job in the USA, Hilda. I cannot live here anymore.' Snape ended his sentence and waited for his so-called tutor's answer.

'I... I should talk to Zelda. Please wait...' Hilda put the receiver on the table and went to the living room. Her sister was resting on the sofa while drinking whiskey and smoking, 'Zelds, we need to talk.'

Zelda looked at Hilda, 'You look nervous. What happened?' There was worry in her voice.

'A friend of mine needs a new job. And I was thinking... Why should we hire him as Sabrina's Potions tutor?' the witch asked. She smiled nervously.

'But Sabrina isn't taking Potions, Hilda. Well, at least not as the main subject,' the high priestess blew a little cloud of smoke out of her mouth.

'Maybe she would! I saw how interested she was when she helped me...' Hilda shifted from one foot to another.

'It was ten years ago. Now she is just like her father... Interested only in demons, how to conjure and bind them...' Zelda told her younger sister, 'And I don't think she needs help in this subject right now. As I know, she has a good grade in it.'

'Well, with his help, she will have the highest grade! And learn potions which aren't in the program!' Hilda blushed a little after raising her voice on her sister.

The witch rolled her eyes, she already was sick by this conversation, 'Alright. Tell him he can come today's evening. Sabrina is in the Academy right now,' Zelda raised from the sofa and went to the kitchen.

Hilda exhaled as she went back to the phone, smiling, 'Sorry for making you wait, my darling... My older sister is a tough one,' she giggled, 'My niece Sabrina needs a Potions tutor. You can come today's evening, when she will be there. I mean, it will be night for you, but evening for us... Time zones is a hard thing.'

'Thank you, Hilda," Snape nodded, even though she couldn't see that and put down the phone. The man sighed, he has to teach children again. Well, at least it is just one, and he hoped that Sabrina was better than she was while being a toddler. This girl put Severus' robe on fire with her "accidental magic", as Hilda assured him, but he saw this devilish smile on her face...

Snape was stung with pain in his neck again. He did not notice that again and went to his bedroom. He had to pack all his stuff and move to America, where his new life will start.


Sabrina Spellman walked with Melvin and Elspeth to her house. She was talking with them lively about the upcoming party in her house, where she finally will reveal the truth about witches to mortals.

'Yes, I hope no one will interrupt us anymore,' the young witch sighed as she remembered what happened month ago. The prophecy, Apocalypse, and... Nick. That hit her hard in the heart as she woke up from the visions and started to say goodbye to her friends.

'I'm really sorry, guys, can't stay with you anymore today... But we will tomorrow,' to the surprise of Melvin and Elspeth, she ran in her house quickly and closed the door. Sabrina didn't want them to see her weak. She did not want anyone to see her weak anymore.

The Spellman girl took off her jacket and then walked in the kitchen, 'What are you cooking, Aunt Hilda?' she asked and sniffed.

'It's apple pie for our guest... Sabrina, me and aunt Zelda want the best for you, so I asked old friend of mine to be your Potions tutor,' Hilda giggled as she waited for her niece's reaction.

Sabrina just shrugged as she was uninterested, 'Okay. And when he will arrive?'

'Today's evening. You should meet him and show him his room and laboratory where you both will work. I got everything set up for your first lesson,' Hilda continued to giggle as she didn't notice Sabrina's reaction.


Snape was ready to Apparate to Greendale. He looked around his old living room again, looking at empty bookshelves and his old armchair. Severus knew that his old life will always remind of itself through many things. At least, he might find peace in teaching this young nuisance and living in another country.

Wizard finally Apparted to Greendale. Spellman Mortuary sign was before him. This place might look creepy to many people he knew back then, but he saw much creepier things than this house. At least it was somehow comfortable inside.

He knocked on the door, waiting for the answer. Snape waited for a few minutes before he knocked again. After that, he heard someone playing loud music on the first floor of the house and then turning it off. It probably was Sabrina. Severus scowled and continued on waiting. He could not break into the house, this is not appropriate.

In a few moments, Sabrina ran to the door and opened it, 'Good evening, can I be of any... help?' the girl looked all over the person she saw. This guy didn't look like he was friendly.

The girl completely changed at least in her appearance and style. She had white hair now, instead of blonde one she had when Snape saw her last time. Also, she wore plaid mini-skirt, which a wizard never accepted as appropriate clothes for his students and black turtleneck. She had black heels on her feet, which made her a little bit taller.

Severus started to speak after observing witch's new look, 'My name is Severus Snape. I am your new Potions tutor, Miss Spellman.'