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"I'm not feeling well guys.." Yunho said softly only to met with a disapproving look from all of them minus Mingi who is absent from the living room, resting in his room and Jongho who only tilt his head but keep silent.


"Don't do this please Yunho.. Not now.." says Hongjoong sighing slightly while rubbing his face. 


Everyone had been on edge lately, with the stress of completing every schedule that doesn't seem to end, the absence of one of their rapper because of an injury, Jongho's ankle injury but still performing with them, barely getting a full 3 hours sleep everyday and much much more so when Yunho had told them that he's not feeling well, everyone seems to think that Yunho just want to avoid going to their schedules to rest all by himself.


Yunho had a stunned look on his face before biting his lips, face lowered while he murmured a soft "I'm sorry" but with everyone is on edge, it seems that his apologize went to deaf ears.


"If you're sorry, you won't pretend that you're not feeling well from the start Yunho ah." says Seonghwa huffing and shaking his head.


Yeosang and San nodded their head with a frown on their face while glaring at Yunho.


"Look, everyone is tired, not just you but why did you have to stoop this low? Saying that you're sick when you didn't even look pale, not the slightest." Wooyoung says harshly.


Yunho frown a bit. He is not pretending. He really isn't feeling well since he woke up but it seems that no one believes him right now. He had checked his temperature and it did says that his temperature is not in a normal range, slightly higher but not too high.


"What do you guys mean I'm pretending? I'm not. I checked my temperature earlier and it said I'm a little bit higher than normal."


"That can happen when you're stressed and overworked Yunho. Just like everyone else." says Yeosang and Yunho just sighs and shaking his head, too tired to argue anymore.


"Whatever. Can we go now?" says Yunho.


Rolling his eyes, San says, "It's you who is keeping us here and now you wanna be a bitch about it."


Everyone else nodded agreeing except for Jongho who had been watching silently and when everyone else had walk out of their dorm with Yunho tailing slowly at the end of the line, Jongho went to him and ask him softly,


"Hyung? Are you really sick? Will you be fine to perform today?"


Yunho look over to Jongho and he was actually going to tell the younger that he really isn't feeling well but thought better not to so he just gave Jongho a small smile telling him that he'll be fine.




Throughout the day, Yunho's headache had turn into a full blast migraine that he have to surpress every wince when the spotlight on the stage were on him.


His fever also had worsen that he only wants to lie down everytime they are in their waiting room but wanting none of his members knew that he's gotten worse fearing that they will lash out again as all of the members present minus Jongho had been cranky, moody and glaring at him, he opted to sit on the couch and lay his head, sleeping for a bit to keep his energy at bay.

His stomach also had started to hurt and this always happens whenever he has a bad fever so he badly prays to god to please make him have enough energy to perform until the last performance for the day.


After the last performance of the day, which they luckily completes them earlier than usual, Yunho can barely suppress everything that he is feeling at the moment, migraine, stomachache, nausea, cold, you name it. He almost ALMOST whimpers in front of his members when the wave of pain from his stomach came but he had bit his lips and coughs a little clearing his throat to deceived the members.


They are currently in their van, their manager driving them to the dorms as the schedules for the day are done. Yunho subtly press his arm towards his stomach as the pain intensified again. He just want to be in his bed and sleep, if he can sleep with the pain. Usually it will take him a lot of hours to finally succumbs towards dreamland when his fever had come with full package like today.


Jongho had silently watch over Yunho since the morning after the older had said that he's not feeling well but as Yunho had told him that he'll be fine, Jongho opted to just watch and if something happens, only then he will go and help his hyung as he knew how everyone in Ateez are all stubborn people.


As they arrived at their dorm, each member start doing what they usually do after schedules, some go to shower, some go to have a little snack in the kitchen and some just lay around somewhere in the house before going to bed.


Yunho had gone to shower first and was the first one to lay in bed. The other members thought he is sulking so they let him be. Mingi had come out of his room when he heard the others have come home but had went inside again after a few minutes of asking how the performance were thus he didn't realize his puppy is kinda quiet and gone from the living room as soon as they arrived.


Jongho wanted to check on Yunho but he doesn't want to let the others know about it so he will wait until everyone had gone to sleep so for the time being, he lay on the couch in their living room, phone in his hand, playing games or checking on his SNS.


Yunho had tried to sleep. He did his best to ignore the waves of pain coming from his stomach but after trying for three hour straight and he still can't fell asleep, Yunho whimpers quietly as San already went to sleep two hours ago and slowly getting out of his bed.


He walk slowly, slightly stumble a few times to the kitchen, with his arms pressing his stomach in hope he can find a medicine that can relieve his stomachache so that he can finally sleep without being in pain.


Yunho is rummaging around the kitchen to find some painkiller when a sudden wave of pain surge in his stomach that he gasp loudly, forced to doubled over and on his knees in a matter of seconds. The pain in his stomach had caused him to feel very nauseous that he had clench his eyes shut, breathing harshly and whimpering.


Jongho who had fell asleep on the couch in the living room, startled awake when he heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen. He rubbed his eyes before making his way slowly into the kitchen only to met with Yunho, eyes shut, clenching his stomach, breathe labored and shaking on the floor.


"Omo hyung. Are you alright??" Jongho whisper yell, worried to see his usually bubbly and smily hyung, on the floor, face ghostly white, grimacing and whimpering in pain. He went to Yunho as fast as his injured ankle can go and put a hand on Yunho's shoulder bending slightly so he can look at Yunho's face properly.


Yunho can feel someone's hand is on his shoulder but with him being in a pain, he can't really register who it was and can only press his arms to his stomach as the pain doesn't seem to go away.


Seeing that Yunho seems not to register him being there, Jongho became more worried and he tried to pull Yunho up but with his injured ankle, it seems to be a little hard for him to do it.


"Jongho? Yunho? What happened?"


Jongho whipped his head towards the voice and exhaling a relieved breath when he see Mingi approaching with a frown on his face looking over them but specifically looking at Yunho, worried.


"Hyung! Thank god! I found Yunho hyung like this just now, I'm not sure what happened but I think his stomach hurts a lot as he keeps pressing his arms on it. Oh and I think Yunho hyung is sick since this morning."


Mingi frown at these information before he told Jongho to move a bit and bend down to Yunho's level and put his left hand on Yunho's back.


"Yunho? Can you hear me?"


Yunho nodded his head slowly but keeps on clenching his eyes shut.


Mingi then look over to Yunho and true to Jongho's words, it seems like Yunho is having a stomachache. Mingi then put his palm over Yunho's forehead and grimace when he finds it very warm before he slide his hand down and cup Yunho's cheek, tilting it up a bit.


"Pup, do you think you can stand?"


Yunho whimpers slightly before opening his eyes a little only to see the kitchen and Mingi swirling in his vision so he clench his eyes close again. He tried to lift his body up but then a wave of pain comes again making him stop moving altogether and end up falling a little bit on Mingi.


Mingi and Jongho look at each other both with a slight frown on their face worried about their puppy being in so much pain.


Mingi then pull Yunho's head onto his shoulder, lift him up a bit and grab Yunho's thighs before standing up with Yunho in his arms before walking to their living room and gently put Yunho on his back on the couch. Once Yunho's back met with the couch, he instinctively curls up on his side, arms still protectively around his stomach pressing hard.


Mingi then sit on the couch close to Yunho, gently making his hand runs on Yunho's back. Jongho had follow them to the living room and sit on the other side of the couch but still close to both of them.


"You said he's sick since this morning right? Why did they let him go on with the schedules though?"


Jongho pouts, "Hyung said to us this morning that he's not feeling well but the other hyungs thought he was only pretending so he can skip today's schedules and they kinda lash out at him."


Mingi frown. Did he hear this right? Never in his life had he encounter where Yunho would lie being sick just to skip schedules and training but before he can speak his mind, Jongho had speak again,


"Everyone is on edge lately, exhausted I guess so I don't think they actually realize what they're doing but luckily today we get to finish everything smoothly so we're back earlier than expected. I think they will be normal again tomorrow seeing we can actually sleep for 5 hours today."


Mingi nods at this and sigh softly looking over to Yunho who is stil whimpering and shivering on the couch. Mingi tilt his head pondering in his mind, why did Yunho came out to the kitchen in the middle of the night? After a few minutes wondering, Mingi thought maybe Yunho had come for a drink or for a painkiller so he stand up and before he walk to the kitchen to retrieve the said items, he told Jongho to watch over Yunho.


Jongho then had come to sit where Mingi was before he went to the kitchen and start running his hands up and down on Yunho's back occasionally checking Yunho's temperature every 5 seconds because he is so worried about his hyung.


"Alright, I found a painkiller that can be taken with an empty stomach, I don't think Yunho ate his normal portions today. Am I right?"


Jongho had nodded at this saying that Yunho did eat but only a little and Yunho actually had slide a lot of his food throughout the day to him.


Mingi sighs softly, already knowing of Yunho's fever habits for years. Mingi then went over to where Yunho's head is, put the medicine and a glass of water on the table, his hand slide under Yunho's head and he gently haul the sick boy up to a sitting position but letting Yunho's back resting on his chest.


Yunho whimpered at the movement as it trigger a wave of pain in his skull and Mingi softly kiss Yunho's temple saying,


"I'm sorry pup, but you can't eat the painkiller laying down. You went to the kitchen to find one right?"


Yunho nodded hazily as he tries to open his eyes but can barely opens it wide but still he can see a bit and that is enough for him. His breathing is still laboured because of the fever and the pain and he is shivering as he felt cold even though his body is very warm.


Mingi then proceed to take the glass of water and gently told Yunho to drink it a bit which Yunho did and Jongho hands Mingi the painkiller and he put it into Yunho's mouth and bring the glass of water for Yunho.


After swallowing the painkiller, Yunho lay his head on Mingi's shoulder closing his eyes as the simple movement of drinking water tires him out. Mingi absentmindedly caress Yunho's stomach as he talks with Jongho.


"Should we tell manager hyung? I don't think Yunho can perform tomorrow."


Jongho was about to nod but Yunho cut him off with a whine,


"Nooo, don't tell anyone please.. I'll be fine by tomorrow.."


Jongho and MIngi both roll their eyes fondly at Yunho, they know with how Yunho is very out of it right now that he won't have any energy to perform over and over again for tomorrow.


"Hyung, not to stress you or anything but I don't think you can even walk straight tomorrow with how warm you are right now."


Yunho, though in his delirious state still manage to pout and huff at Jongho and suddenly his face turn into a little frown and his lips wobbles, tears threatening to run down his pale yet red cheeks.


"N-not helping Jongho-yah, *sobs* but I don't want everyone to lash out at me again. *sobs* T-they didn't even believe me in the first p-place. *sobs*"


Jongho widen his eyes at how his sick hyung manage to change his mood rather quickly from being a cute pouting puppy into a crying puppy in a matter of seconds. Jongho look over to Mingi in hope that the older can help him as he really doesn't know what to do to the now crying puppy on Mingi's lap.


Mingi, who look calm despite having a crying puppy in his arms and laps only chuckles and Jongho squawk at the older on how can he be this calm.


"Oh, I forgot Yunho usually hides in his bedroom whenever his fever is this bad so I don't think you ever saw this side of him?"


Jongho nodded at that, "Yeah, hyung usually kicks everyone out except for you."


"Oh he kicked me out alright, but I was too stubborn to let him be alone."


Mingi then sighs softly before hugging the still sobbing puppy on his laps and runs his hand over his forehead, head, down to his neck and his back, calming Yunho down.


"Shh shh, they won't lash out at you again. I'll make sure of that. Stop crying pup. You'll only worsen your fever this way."


Yunho calms down a bit at that but still hiccuping a little bit but the tears have stopped.


"I think the painkiller already kicks in. You're not writhing in pain anymore."


Yunho then stares down at his stomach not realizing that it did stop hurting and he belatedly realize that his headache also had become numb but he still have those hazy and light headed feeling. Yunho nodded at this but he didn't move instead he makes himself comfortable in Mingi's arms.


Jongho tilt his head at the scene. Never have him see Yunho this clingy and he can't help but smile because Yunho look so adorable right now with his cheeks painted red because of the fever and curling up in Mingi's arms and he looks so small despite being the biggest of them all.


Mingi, who had already used to Yunho's fever habit only let the sick boy snuggle close in his arms, kissing Yunho's temple and frowns at the temperature radiating off of Yunho.


"Yun, do you want to go back to your bed?" ask Mingi while staring down at Yunho.


Yunho blinks a bit, though he is now pain-free, his mind also have become sluggish and it took him seconds to understand what Mingi had asked him. He look over to Jongho then to Mingi then pouts looking down at his hands.


"San is sleeping there."


Usually, when the members knew that one of them is sick with fever, they will have one room all to themselves so that the others won't catch the fever, like a quarantined room. Yunho usually kicks San out whenever he is sick with fever afraid that he will spread the virus to San and making him sick and San will usually bunk with Wooyoung but now that he is already sleeping on his bed in their shared room, Yunho doesn't know where to go.


"Come to our room then, Jongho can sleep on your bed. Okay?" Mingi says as he silently look over to Jongho and Jongho nodded saying that he is fine sleeping on Yunho's bed tonight.


Knowing that Mingi won't back down as he usually did whenever Yunho refused him when he is sick all those years, Yunho nodded his head.


"Won't they kill me if you caught my fever Mingi ah?"


"Nah, I still have 2 weeks off, doctor's orders so I'm good. Besides, did that ever stopping me to care for you whenever you're sick?"


Yunho pouts looking at Mingi who only smirk before Yunho weakly punch Mingi's chest with his sweater paw making Mingi laugh and Jongho smiles. Mingi then put his hands under Yunho's knees and back and gently stands up before making his way with Yunho in his arms to his shared bedroom with Jongho tailing them.


Once Mingi had laid Yunho on his bed, he told Yunho and Jongho that he will be fetching the thermometer and went out of the room. Yunho had pulled MIngi's blanket until it reach up to his chin and he look over to Jongho who is currently sitting beside him helping him tuck the blanket so Yunho wont be feeling too cold.


"Jongho ah, you can go to sleep, I'm sorry you have to help me."


Jongho shakes his head smiling a little, "It's fine hyung, I was about to check up on you anyway after everyone is asleep but accidentally fell asleep in the living room."


Yunho tilt his head a bit and Jongho poke Yunho's cheek with his index finger.


"I asked you if you're really sick this morning yet you said you're fine. Do you think I will let you go just like that hyung? Knowing for years that once you said you're not feeling well then you really weren't feeling well. I only have to sing since my ankle is injured so I'm not that tired like the rest of you guys are so my head is still clear and sane to know that you're not lying."


Yunho nodded at that and give Jongho a small smile.


Mingi then came in into the room with the thermometer and put it in Yunho's ear and they all wait until it beeps.




"Isn't that consider high hyung?"


"It's high but not too high that he have to go to the hospital, but we'll see how it is tomorrow."


Yunho didn't say anything, only closing his eyes and he can feel that he's slipping into dreamland fast. Mingi and Jongho look over to the sick boy as he didn't say anything when they were talking about his temperature only to find Yunho had already closes his eyes. A bit panic, thinking that maybe Yunho is getting worse, Jongho held Yunho's wrist while Mingi put his palm on Yunho's forehead calling out his name.


Yunho hum,open his eyes a little and was met with two pair of concern eyes.


"Are you alright hyung?"


"Should I call the manager Yunho ah?"


Yunho shakes his head slowly and take a deep breath and then closing his eyes again while he weakly squeeze Jongho's hand saying,




Both MIngi and Jongho have a fond look on their face when Yunho tell them he's sleepy so Jongho pat Yunho's hands before putting it under the blanket and Mingi brush Yunho's bang before he pat Jongho's on the shoulder making the maknae look up at him.


"Go to sleep. I'll handle him."


Jongho smile and nods his head before he walks out of his room and go to Yunho's and San's room to sleep on Yunho's bed.


Mingi then gently push Yunho a bit further in and slides in beside him and knowing that Yunho loves to cuddle when he's sick, he pulls Yunho towards him and after struggling a little bit with the blanket, Yunho is now happily snuggle close with almost all of his body is on top of Mingi and Mingi caress Yunho's waist with his right arm that is underneath Yunho's neck and upper body while his left arm lazily playing with Yunho's hair and they both fell asleep after a few minutes.