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Voltron? More l ike meme-tron haha ha ha...

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Lance: Uh ok,,, hi?

Hunk Garret: Hi!! My best friends name is Lance lol-

Lance: O shit Hunkybear???

Hunk Garret: Wait a minute- Lance?!

Pidge: lmao this is wild

Pidge: I have no idea who you all are but this is great

Keith K: y'all*

Lance: chaotic energy, you cowboy, they can stay

Hunk Garret: Lance you can't just friend people you don't know

Lance: watch me Hunk, watch me.

Shiro T: I like that evryone marked as older than 20 hasn't talked yet

Keith K: shut up you boomer

Shiro T: betrayed by my own brother, smfh

Keith K: omg dad you cursed

Shiro T: I'll murder your family

Keith K: ur my only family

Shiro T: I know.

Lance: ...

Lance: I can't be the only one that thinks we all know each other. Hunk ur seeing this right??

Hunk Garret: Yeah i see it. Can everyone state what college they go/went to? if ur comfortabe with it ofc

Pidge: I go to the Garrison

Keith K: wait same

Lance: me and Hunk go there too. I asume Shiro goes/went to the Garrison too?

Shiro T: uh yeah

Lance: @AlluraAltea @Coran sorry for @ing you we need info

Allura Altea: I didn't even realize there was a chat! I personally don't go to the Garrison in America but I'm from their base in Britain. Coran works as the head of Sercurity at the one you guys got to!

Lance: Ohmygod i just realized that you and Shiro are my idols. I'm so embarassed-

Allura Altea: Don't worry about it Lance! We're all just here for the game right? No harm no foul.

Pidge: speaking of which, is everyone okay with playing together?

Keith K: sure ig

Lance: why not?

Shiro T: i can only play for a little while but sure

Hunk Garret: same as Shiro

Allura Altea: I'm down! Coran will be offline for a while, he's got a meeting lol.

Pidge: That's fine! I think the minimum players is 5 anyway.

Allura Altea: Cool. Let's play