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bake away the trauma

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Spread out across the couches and the floor in the common room is the bakusquad, laid out with a movie left on but forgotten in the background as their attention had been pulled away. What was unfolding in front of them in the kitchen had captured their collective attention, everyone trying to subtly stare at the scene without being noticed (despite them all not knowing the meaning of subtle).

"He is never that patient with us."

In the kitchen standing at the counter with the remnants of cake batter clinging to his fingers as transfers the substance from the bowl to the cake tin, the apron they had bought him as a joke present for his birthday for once not tied around him. Actually the pink apron was currently tied around Todoroki, all of them had watched as Bakugo had had to put it on him as Todoroki had been clueless to how to tie it on himself.

Whenever he had something he wanted to cook up or bake he could be found in the kitchen, mostly undisturbed by his friends as he measured ingredients and put together delicious food. However for the first time he had someone in the kitchen with him making the food, well that wasn't a first the first was actually he had someone in the kitchen he wasn't yelling at.

Next to him watching as the cake batter gets poured into the tin they had laid out, Todoroki is covered in more cake batter than is usual to be covered in when making a cake. Pink cake batter somehow managed to get along his forearms, covering his hands, smudged across his cheek and in the ends of his hair which he had had to tie up when he entered the kitchen.

"That's because he doesn't have a massive obvious crush on us."

One time they had tried to bring up said massive obvious crush that their friend had on his rival and it had not gone particularly well, Bakugo is not a fan of being reminded when he isn't handling things how he wanted to. He is a certified mess around Todoroki and as entertaining as it is to see him so on his toes around someone, they wish they would stop being pining messes and just get together finally.

It had started last year during their first year at U.A when the both of them had to take the remedy course for their provisional licenses, when they had come back they were closer and worked better when together. Bakugo had expected to be ditched after their had finally gotten their hero licenses by Todoroki who would surely want to hang out with stupid Deku, and while he did he also stuck closely to Bakugo.

As his friends noticed his crush they started inviting him to sit with them during some meal times and extended the usual invitation for the bakusquad movie night to him, they were meddling obviously but also trying to help out in their own way. Despite it bringing them closer to the point that Bakugo stopped lying and admitted to Todoroki being a friend, it never got closer than that as the pair continued to pine over each other.

Something that had been a little unexpected from Todoroki was that he really liked physical contact when he was comfortable enough around a person, he found comfort in being close to people. Favourite things were hugs from Mina and Sero, holding hands with Denki and when he falls asleep on Kirishima who is always willing to sit very still to not disturb people who fall asleep on his shoulder.

With the others it is not particularly often and they are honoured when it happens but when it comes to Bakugo they could never compare, Todoroki is always touching him. At first he had been a little hesitant to accept so much physical contact because he had only just gotten used to not yelling at his friend for touching him, but he gave in fairly quickly.

Todoroki likes to have his legs over Bakugo's lap while they are on the couch and its easier to fall asleep on his shoulder that way watching a movie, he likes playing with his fingers and holding his hand when he goes on and on about whatever is on his mind. Being the one capable of warming him up with his left side and cooling him down with his right side bring him great joy, it also means he gets to be close to Bakugo.

Even now Todoroki is pressed up against Bakugo's side in the kitchen listening intently on the instructions being given, spoken in a low voice just quite enough to almost only be heard by Todoroki as he calmly walks through the steps with the oven. Since their first year Bakugo has mellowed out but Todoroki keeps him on edge especially with how blunt he is, still somehow they remain friends instead of boyfriends.

"We can check on the cake in half an hour to see if it is done but all we can do before then is just wait."

Bakugo had never really had to deal with anyone wanting to cook alongside him before, sure his friends seemed to appear in the kitchen when he cooked hoping for something to eat like birds looking for food to steal from a picnic but never someone wanting to cook something. He had gotten a message a little while earlier from Todoroki wanting to know where he is, it was an odd question as he knows where Bakugo would be at this time on movie nights.

From the messages he could tell that there was something off and he asked him to come to the kitchen if he needed him, when he had made it to the kitchen he had asked in a quite voice if he was a bad son. An unexpected question but Bakugo had dealt with Todoroki's seemingly out of nowhere mood shifts for a while now, so he knew how to calmly talk to him without sounding patronizing.

Only a few days until father's day would be here which was exactly why Bakugo was in the kitchen making a cake for his dad as was their tradition, last year he asked if they could change up the tradition because baking and making origami for his dad seemed childish now but his dad had gotten so upset. Todoroki said how he had not celebrated father's day for years and now that he was fixing his relationship with his father, he wanted to do something.

After all this time he had no idea what he was meant to do and he did not want to bother his siblings with this, they had enough on their plate without dealing with Todoroki's stupidity. Removing the apron Bakugo had handed it over and quickly realized Todoroki was at a loss of how to do it himself, holding him close he tied it in a neat bow at the back as Todoroki tied his hair up with skilled hands.

"Tonight I will teach you how to make a basic cake and tomorrow morning we can go out and get more ingredients and you can either make it yourself or with my help."

So that is how they ended up baking a pink cake in the kitchen together pressed up close talking between each other like they are in their own little world, sharing the responsibilities between them with Todoroki apologizing whenever he felt he did something wrong. Bakugo was gentle and patient with him, teaching him how to crack an egg cleanly and how to efficiently mix ingredients by hand.

Even though he looked silly covered in cake batter Bakugo found himself staring for too long, taking in all the pretty delicate features that had caught him off guard the first time he had seen the boy. It had been easier to ignore them when all his energy had been channelled into being angry with Todoroki, now they were equals and he had so many chances to be near his favourite rival and just stare.

"Thank you, Katsuki."

It was a new development that he had been wholly unprepared for, calling each other by their first names was a natural development in their relationship but it made everything feel a lot more important and surreal. A fact that he knew his friends would tease him for if they knew, there is very little his friends would not take enjoyment in teasing him over actually.

"You can go watch the movie with them while i clean up."

Although Todoroki would do a lot for Bakugo, the chance to avoid cleaning up was not something he was going to ignore so he escaped the kitchen quickly and joined everyone in the common room. They all pretended they had not witnessed a warm domestic moment between the two of them but Todoroki probably would not have noticed their behaviour anyway, smile still on his face as he tried to pay attention to the movie.

When the cake came out it was probably one of the best cake's Bakugo had even made and he knew his dad would be thrilled to find out a friend of his son helped make it, he was odd like that. Storing the cake away appropriately he sat down to watch the latest movie they had put on and almost the second Bakugo sat down, Todoroki was on top of him falling asleep.

They got Aizawa's permission the next morning to go to a convenience store and buy some ingredients and he was pleasantly surprised that they were putting so much effort into father's day presents, being praised by their teacher always made them feel better about whatever they are doing. While Todoroki went down the list and got what he needed, Bakugo was looking in the decoration section for things to put on the cakes.

"Should it be red velvet because he likes red?"

He was standing in the isle holding cake boxes in his hands trying to decide which one would be the best choice, actually he didn't even know if his father liked to eat cake let alone what flavour he would want. The more he thought about it the more it began to stress him out because what if he chose wrong, his father was trying to fix their relationship and he was going to ruin it by giving him the world's worst present.

"You know it's about the thought behind the gift more than the gift itself."


"Every year I bake my father a cake and at no other time during the year do I see him eating cake let alone sweet things, when i was younger it was what I wanted to give him and it became tradition after that, he eats it and he is thankful but I'm sure there are other things he would rather but the fact that I do this for him is what matters."

Looking back down at the cake in his hands he then seems to decide on something and puts them all back, grabbing out a unique flavour called ginger spice cake. The back read that real maple frosting and vanilla bean icing along with a cup of strong hot chocolate and topped off the frosting with walnuts for an added crunch make the cake taste the best, of course Todoroki wanted to go big for his first cake.

But Todoroki looked so pleased with his choice saying he vaguely remembers hearing that his parents wedding cake was something like ginger spice, so they bought the ingredients along with more things to make a lovely hot chocolate to go with it. Walking back home with bags filled with ingredients watching as the bi hair coloured boy next to him seemed to be more energetic, less nervous about the whole situation now.

They made it back to the dorms quicker as Todoroki had gotten more and more excited the closer they got to U.A and Bakugo could not help the smile that found its place on his face, watching the person he cares for be happy makes his chest feel lighter. Mentally though, he has decided if Endeavour does anything to destroy this happiness he will not be able to hold himself back from doing something.

With how far they have come with helping Todoroki come to terms with himself, he does not want to watch that crumble under the disappointment of a father that frankly Todoroki would be better off without. Except he never tells Todoroki that because they have been mending their relationship, if that is what he wants then Bakugo is not going to make him feel guilty over it, it just makes him anxious because something could go wrong.

"Fuyumi just messaged me and said Natsuo is going to come!"

His character development had involved being less aggressive and allowing himself to be honest which everyone appreciated, but more than that Bakugo liked how Todoroki had developed since his first year. Found it easier to express more of his emotions so seeing him get excited at the prospect of his older brother being home on fathers day, it made Bakugo feel blessed to be able to see it shown so openly.

"I'll go with you to your house before i head off to see my dad, so that you don't have to carry everything yourself."

"Oh, thank you again Katsuki."

Bakugo would really do anything for Todoroki if it meant he could hear him say his name like that over and over again, it had looked like Todoroki was going to argue but decided against it and gave him the most gentle smile he had ever seen. He finished mixing the batter and poured it into the cake tin like he had been shown last night when an idea seemed to strike him, almost making him drop the glass mixing bowl.

"We should join our two father's day's."


"It will mean you don't have to go out of your way for me and Fuyumi would enjoy having a fuller house, oh well that is if that would be okay with your family, don't want to ruin his day with my idea."

There was absolutely no part of Bakugo that wanted to say no to the invitation so he sent off a message to his parents as he kept a watchful eye on Todoroki handling things in the kitchen, making sure nothing went wrong. Both of his parents should be home and his thoughts were proven correct as replies came quick, their group chat filling with messages.

BK: uhh quick question

BK: Shoto asked if you wanted to spend father's day at his house with his family, i was going to bring him to his house and he didn't want me to have to go out of my way so he invited us all over

BMA: how lovely!

BMI: is that the Todoroki kid?

BMI: the one that Katsuki has been spending time with more and more because he has a really obvious crush on?

BMA: honey,


BMA: i think it's a lovely idea and i am honoured

BMI: well i think we should go for the rich people food and the chance to embarrass Katsuki

BK: I'm going to make sure he doesn't let you in

BMI: you can't stop me sweetheart

His relationship with his parents has also gotten better than it used to be, he had been more open to talking about things which unfortunately made it a little easier for his mother to guess he had a crush. There was only so much his dad could do to keep her under control, hopefully there was not much she could bring up to embarrass him.

On top of that he would probably have to lay down some ground rules for interacting with the Todoroki family, he remembers back to the dinner they had had back during the internship with Endeavours agency. Back then it had been him and Deku who knew what the family dynamic was like and it still was shocking, his mother also isn't the most subtle person.

"What did they say?"

"My dad is excited and my mother cannot wait for rich people food."

The comment made Todoroki smile and he was glad for that, he knows some people throw around the Todoroki family status as if coming from money exempts people from just being people. Sure Todoroki had grown up with expensive outfits in a large home but he had also suffered because of his family name, when he called him rich boy it was with the same love as when he called him pretty boy or anything else.

Watched Todoroki carefully slip the cake into the oven and close it gently behind him, the pink frilly apron was back around him and Bakugo had tied it up for him again (what he doesn't know is Todoroki figured out how to do it after the first time and just likes having Bakugo close to him). He was growing his hair out so he had it tied up once more, it meant that he could see his face and his long pale neck clearer.

As they waited for the cake to bake they sat at the chairs on the opposite side of the kitchen island, sitting close next to each other talking about things that held no real importance they just liked hearing each other talk. Halfway through whatever Todoroki was going on about Bakugo found himself too distracted to listen, staring at the boy next to him watching his lips move but hearing nothing of what he was saying.

Everything about Todoroki was beautiful from the long curled length of his eyelashes to the pretty natural flush in his cheeks, the little pieces of hair falling out from where he had tied it up and the gentle hands he was moving around to help himself explain better. He always looked so delicate like this in a casual setting but he knows how strong he really is, not only has he seen him in a fight but just looking at the muscle he had put on over time.

What Bakugo wouldn't do to make Todoroki his boyfriend but he always made him so uncharacteristically nervous that he doesn't know if he will ever be able to get it out, he would hate for Todoroki to lose interest in him because he is such a disaster. Over and over again in his head he has pictured scenario's, asking him out on a walk or while they are out somewhere nice looking at paintings or sculptures.

Unfortunately when it comes to Bakugo nothing ever seems to go as he expects it to because as he watched Todoroki get up from his seat and make his way over to the oven, Bakugo's brain and Bakugo's mouth seemed to be working against each other. Staring at Todoroki bent over getting his cake out of the oven, hair a little messy now covered in cake batter (thankfully less than the night before), Bakugo could not stop his mouth.

"Shoto, will you be more boyfriend?"

He nearly dropped the cake in his shock as he whipped his face around to see Bakugo looked as shocked as he felt, sitting there wide eyed staring at the boy he had just asked out. Bakugo was worried he had done something wrong and ruined their carefully crafted relationship, he could be wax poetic about the pretty shade of Todoroki's eyes in the safety of his mind at night but he had just spoken out loud.

Before he could tumble down into despair he found himself in Todoroki's arms - really, really strong arms - and found himself calming down, he had that affect on him. There was a smile bigger than any he had ever seen on his face and it lit up his features so beautifully, if this is what made him happy then Bakugo wanted to do it again and again forever.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Okay pretty boy I'm not going anywhere."

"I have never been happier in my life Katsuki, you are never ever allowed to leave my side or I'll be sad."

How he had managed to fall in love with a loser like Todoroki was beyond him but he couldn't help but feel happy, sure his mouth had been acting without his permission but it scored him a hot boyfriend. This meant that now not only are they rivals but they are also boyfriends, the thought of getting worked up after sparring was a promising thought he stored away for later.

"This means father's day is going to be more interesting."

"Ugh, it's going to be chaos."

"No time to be moody, you're my boyfriend and boyfriend's need to help their boyfriend's decorate cake's."

"Did you really need to say boyfriend so much?"

The wide grin Todoroki was wearing said that yes he really did have to do it but like with everything he did it didn't get on Bakugo's nerves, he moved them from the chairs into the kitchen to start decorating the cake. Following the suggestions that had been on the back of the cake box, acting like they always did but there was a new comfortable air around them that Bakugo was admittedly excited to get used to.

Just out of the room some of the students were staring wide eyed now out of the view of the pair in the kitchen, they had been coming in when they heard the confession take place. It sounded about as classy as they expected from Bakugo but they were happy that the pair had moved on from pining, also the new development meant there was something new to tease Bakugo over.

"Let's leave them alone for now, we can embarass them over it later."

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"Remember when you told me the story of how you and dad got together."

Apparently designers were not as busy as Bakugo had thought as his mother picked up the phone on the second ring, going straight past the formalities he jumped right into what he wanted to talk about. When he was younger he remembers hearing his mother talk about her relationship with his dad, she spoke about how it was that they started dating and got together.

It was her confident personality that led her to asking him out but it was not a romantic situation, apparently she had been working at her desk when she turned around to ask him a question and spotted him leaning over a desk. Not really wanting to remember the particular details but she noticed he had a nice ass, without really thinking asked him out - completely forgetting the other question she had meant to ask.

Back then he remembers thinking about that when he asks a girl out in the future (it was destined to go bad from the start) that he would make it nice and romantic, flowers and maybe some music playing in the background. A complete miscalculation on his part as he seemed to have the same dumbass genes as his mother, just took one look at Shoto's ass and the words came tumbling out of his mouth.

"Your father always looked so good in those work pants, I had just never really had the chance to appreciate them fully until that moment, why bring it up?"

"Well you remember Todoroki Shoto?"

"Ah the boy you have an obvious crush on, of course I-"

Even though he was not in the same room as her Bakugo could see the gears turning in her head as she cut herself off quickly, this was a conversation he had been dreading since it all happened hours earlier. However he knew it was for the best if he broke the news to her now instead of tomorrow, not only was tomorrow meant to be about the fathers but in person would be all the more horrific for him.

"Katsuki Bakugo, my one and only son, you did not impulsively ask out your dear sweet friend Todoroki Shoto now did you?


He had to hold the phone away from his ear as his mothers cackling came through the receiver as loud as it would have been in person, she is probably at home finding happiness in his stupidity while drinking a glass of wine. Really it should have been his dad he phoned first, after all he would be able to make him feel less like an impulsive idiot.

"You are just too precious Katsuki, how did it all go down?"

"The two of us had gotten back from shopping and were making the cake for his father, actually he was doing quite a lot of it himself so i got to space out a little and when i started paying attention he was bent over getting the cake out of the oven and i had no chance of stopping myself."

"Like mother like son, so will I be seeing my future son in law tomorrow?"

"Of course he said yes you hag."

For all the teasing and sometimes bad blood between them Bakugo knows his mother would have comforted him had Shoto said no, honestly he is incredibly glad it is being held at the Todoroki estate because his mother can't show his boyfriend any weird photos. His mothers teasing seems never ending and now she has someone new to do it to, not that he has anything to be ashamed of because he has always been amazing.

"I will see you tomorrow then, brat."

The call to his dad took a little longer as he was a lot more emotional about it despite how silly it turned out but Bakugo was glad for it, dealing with his dad when he is emotional is easier then someone as annoying as Deku. Now he was meant to invite his boyfriend to his room to fold some origami together, it was an even sillier tradition honestly but like the cake he did it every year.

Except this year he had the addition of one Shoto Todoroki looking beautiful in a shirt he had already managed to steal, his hair was tied up to keep it off of his skin because of the heat. As some sort of punishment he's wearing the shortest pair of shorts imaginable, despite Bakugo being (annoyingly) shorter the shirt hangs low enough to almost cover up his best feature.

Laying across Bakugo's bed whining about the heat as his unfinished pieces of origami lay idle next to him, usually he is better at regulating his own body temperature and dealing with the heat but their training today had put a strain on his body. He was advised against activating his quirk again so soon, now he had to deal with the heat like the rest of them.

"Fuyumi said she was shocked she would see you back so soon."

"Oh, you talked to your sister?"

"Tried to message everyone in my family individually but it sent all together and then it turned into chaos so i turned my phone off, they seemed excited about it but now they want to make sure they look even better for tomorrow."

"You know they don't have to try hard or anything, right?"

"Well they want to make a good impression, last time you were over it didn't go great and now you aren't just my friend but my boyfriend."

It was understandable as his mother had promised to tone down any swearing or yelling, they had both promised not to ask too many family questions to the Todoroki's because as far as they have come its still tough. On top of that despite not wanting to really admit it but he wanted to, dress himself up a little tomorrow to look good?

Wanting his boyfriend to think he looks good is one thing, a rather important thing actually, but having Shoto's family think he looks nice and actually respectable is even more important. Now he will be even less bratty then he had been a few months ago when he visited for the first time, although he held mostly negative thoughts about Shoto's father he didn't feel much like making a dramatic scene.

Thankfully before long they had all the pieces folded into little shapes and such and he had even managed to drag Shoto off of his bed to finish the activity together on the floor, he had found the floor was cooler then the bed and had yet to get back up. His eyes were closed and although not seeing his pretty eyes was a shame, one of Shoto's hands had absentmindedly rucked up his short at the front so Bakugo was distracted enough not to mind.

Since their first year Shoto had became even more attractive getting taller as he continues to outgrow Bakugo, his face is prettier and not taken over by such bland or pained looks, at some point he had roped him into copying Bakugo's skin care routine so his skin was soft. Being boyfriend's also meant he got to stare at the finer details, freckles on Shoto's shoulders and seeing just how long his delicate eyelashes extend.

Now they had only been together a few hours and Bakugo had become sappier then he had even imagined could happen, he knew his friends would tease him and he also knew they had watched it all unfold but were waiting to be told by him. Of course he planned to tell them but he was putting it off to just spend time with his boyfriend, their families were bad enough and they could deal with their friends later.



"Can you cry underwater?"

You know what, scrap all the sappy thoughts Bakugo was having about his sweet boyfriend because he has once again realized how big of a dumbass his boyfriend actually is. Frankly he thinks he deserves a refund already and hopefully on his second try for a boyfriend he gets one that doesn't ask stupid questions when he is busy thinking romantic thoughts, it's not fair.

"Did you know it took me up until this year to realize that the sign for the pizza shop Domino's was a domino?"

"Shoto baby, sweetheart, that's so dumb."

"Natsuo thought so too, he has a list of obvious things that have taken me years to realize, he can show you when we see him tomorrow."

Ignoring his boyfriends nonsense but filing that information away for later he looked over at the time displayed on his phone, tonight wasn't their movie night so they were expected to be in their dorms for the usual curfew. He just knows Aizawa would not approve of Shoto being in his room or visa versa after curfew, well he knows because that is exactly what he told his boyfriend.

A little known fact about Shoto is despite repairing his relationship with his old man he had clung onto Aizawa as a male role model in his life, this meant he was who Shoto would go to talk about certain things. Now their relationship was no different and Aizawa gave him advice like make sure he thinks about himself, don't let it affect his grades and that they have to be safe whatever they do.

"You need to go to bed now, its almost past curfew and you don't want Aizawa to catch us like this now."

He wasn't a father figure but he was a strong figure in their lives so unfortunately even Bakugo never wants to disappoint him or do something he knows will be against his teachers wishes, these stupid people at U.A making him soft. So he walked his boyfriend out of his bedroom, gave him one last kiss before watching him disappear away heading off towards his own bedroom looking happy with a smile.

"I need to make him smile more if that's what he looks like."

With that thought in mind he went back into his bedroom and started his usual nightly routine, using his mask like usual to keep his hair away from his face as he applied the usual products onto his face. After becoming friends he hadn't just made Shoto keep up his skin in good condition, but he also made sure he ate better more nutritious meals instead of the garbage he ate.

Just as he was cleaning his face he received a snapchat from his boyfriend and it was just a picture of him standing in the mirror, still wearing Bakugo's shirt and brushing his teeth but his hair was down and he looked so good. They sent some photos back and forth while they wound down getting ready for bed, Bakugo saved all the photos where his boyfriend was looking particularly good but they eventually went to sleep.

As the next morning came around surprisingly Shoto was up way before Bakugo had even gotten out of bed, he had been out running and sent a photo to him sweaty with his white singlet sticking to him. Clearly someone was more nervous then they were letting on and he hadn't wanted to wake Bakugo up, so he went out to exercise and clear his mind.

"Do I call your dad by his first name, his last name or do I just call him sir? Am I meant to give him a handshake or a hug when I meet him, this is going to be our first introduction and i don't wanna mess it up."

Quite frankly Bakugo doesn't think the early morning exercise quite worked out the anxiety coursing through his boyfriend because he appeared in his room as soon as he woke up, rambling on as he pulled his hair up and started plating it himself. As soon as he perfected it he unravelled it and started again, none of the looks he was going for seemed to fit and it was making him even more anxious by the looks of it.

"First of all I think you need to calm down icy-hot honestly, his name is Masaru and would be completely fine with you calling him that and I promise he would cry if you called him dad. Either way you can just ask him, say anything and he will fix it if he doesn't like it, on top of that he is a big hugger and you won't get out of it without a hug I promise."

"Same with your mother?"

"Like me she isn't the biggest fan of hugs but she will accept one from you or even a handshake she isn't fussy, Mitsuki is her name and like my dad refer to her like that or mum but nothing that will make her feel old like mam."

Pulling Shoto over to him, Bakugo began plaiting his hair slowly and carefully between his fingers like he had practised over and over again so he could do it if he ever needed to. Today Shoto is wearing tight black skinny jeans and a black shirt tucked in with the first few buttons undone to lessen the chocking feeling, its covered in pretty white flowers and he looks, gorgeous actually.

He had seen him wear it a few times but unlike his boyfriend this would be the first time he wore this particular outfit, it's jeans like Shoto's but of course his are ripped up the thighs and hes wear a red button up only half tucked into his pants. The shirt is covered in alligator skin print varying in shades over the material, of course he looks hot but he doesn't know if it screams he is trying too much.

"Have i ever told you how attractive you are, Katsuki?"

"Flattery won't get you anywhere pretty boy."

"You sure it won't get you out of those pants, 𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘺 𝘣𝘰𝘺?"

Sure it may sound better and a little hotter coming out of Shoto's mouth but he still hit him over the head and finished up with his hair, they were meant to leave in half an hour they didn't have time to muck around at all. They both got through the rest of getting ready without incident, ignoring the few minutes they wasted kissing but was it really wasted, and made their way out of Bakugo's bedroom.

They grabbed the stuff and waved at Aizawa before they left the grounds, getting into a car with chauffer hired by Endeavour to get them to the Todoroki estate in one piece especially with all they had to carry. Bakugo had spent the entire morning trying to settle Shoto down that he hadn't thought at all about his own nerves, began getting a little shaky as they neared the house but Shoto grabbed his hand and squeezed.

"We can do this, right Katsuki?"

"Of course Shoto, it will all go smoothly for sure."

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To be fair to Katsuki the beginning had gone smoothly with Todoroki teasing his boyfriend enough that he pushed him up against the wall next to the front door, it took them a while to make themselves presentable and knocked on the door. Unsurprisingly they were greeted by his older sister Fuyumi, she was neutral ground and always happy to see her little brother and anyone he had become friends with (and now more than just friends).

She lead them in after hugging both of them with light chatter until they entered the main part of the house, abandoning them as she went and brought both of the cakes over to the kitchen safely. In the kitchen already is Natsuo, his older brother and Masaru, Katsuki's dad both keeping up a conversation about having quirks but taking different paths in life.

Just outside of the kitchen is his mother Rei staring out the window as Fuyumi talks to her about something or another, keeping her present and in the conversation without bombarding her with information. Now off to the side away from the kitchen and closest to the two boys are Mitsuri and Enji, those two holding a unexpectedly holding conversation together quite well and with confidence.

With the two of them being closer Todoroki walked over and greeted his father with a hug, it was something new they were trying out because growing up there hadn't been a lot of healthy physical contact while Katsuki shook his hand and greeted him. Something that took Todoroki by surprise was that his boyfriends mother barely let him get her name out before she was pulling him in for a hug, this was not what he had expected.

"You are even more adorable in person Shoto, it's a real wonder how my Katsuki managed to land someone like you with his personality."

She laughed but Todoroki can see the jab at his boyfriends personality was not well received by said boyfriend, he knew he had always been touchy about that and from his own mother would surely bother him. Of course Mitsuri was not being particularly malicious or even purposely rude but Todoroki wanted to make sure she knew, Katsuki was his boyfriend and he loved him very much.

"I'm just glad I found someone who can put up with someone like me, I will always be proud of Katsuki's changes and we have both have come so far since we first meet at U.A but I think we both still have some room to grow."

"Aren't you just the sweetest, was just talking to your father about how the two of you are at the top right now."

From then on it was a little easier to talk about quirks and test scores, how having a teacher like Aizawa definitely helps them out with how attentive and skilled he is. Katsuki shared more words with Todoroki's father then he had expected him two but it wasn't forced, they spoke about techniques and regiments while not so subtly trying to one up each other.

They politely excused themselves finally from the conversation when he began feeling guilty for keeping his boyfriend away from his own father, Masaru was still in the kitchen with the rest of Todoroki's family. Once again to his surprise he barely got anything out before the man was pulling him into a tight hug, this was more expected but not before he hugged his own son!

"My Katsuki has spoken about you since he first saw you, but I am glad you have both come together as friends and now as partners! It is a pleasure to finally be able to meet you Shoto, and you lovely family!"

"Likewise Masaru, it is an honour to meet the man who raised Katsuki."

It was a genuine honour to meet the kind hearted man who raised his boyfriend to be the caring, intelligent and incredibly skilled person that he is but the difference in their personalities was still startling. Just imagining this kind hearted soft man with first year beginning of the school term Katsuki was blowing his mind, such different personalities.

Well that being said his father and himself have pretty different personalities, his father is a lot more emotional while Todoroki is more apathetic but they have both been becoming better people. It was also nice to see Masaru pull his son into an even tighter hug by the looks of it, Mitsuri had just ruffled his hair before but this made his boyfriend and his father's relationship look close.

No one not even Midoriya had ever met his mother before and he was glad that it was at home and not back at the hospital, his boyfriend wasn't overly polite and Todoroki was happy he didn't treat her differently. Mitsuri had commented on how she wondered how Katsuki had gotten him, but really it is a wonder Todoroki got Katsuki because his boyfriend was as close to perfection as he had ever come across.

He has a loud voice but he has come to use it for sharing useful information instead of just insults, Katsuki looks really pretty when he is doing something he enjoys like cooking or gearing up for training. It is a bonus that he smells really nice and that he takes such good care of his body, despite the calluses his hands are soft and he is always gentle when he touches Todoroki it makes him want to cry sometimes.

Of course his brain and his personality are incredible but his body is undeniably one of his best traits, focusing on his arms and legs when building muscle he is damn near irresistible. His boyfriend has one of the comfiest chests with pillowy muscle he likes to play with, defined abs all being some of his manliest traits but he really loves his thinner feminine hips.

Snapping him out of his thoughts his boyfriend led him towards the dining table with his hand on the small of his back, the other hand holding a dish to help those who cooked bring everything across. Now he feels a little embarrassed about mentally drooling over Katsuki when his best trait is really how he treats Todoroki, their competitive nature and hard won respect for each other are important.

"Please, I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Bakugo for joining us on this day and for making the trip over here, the most important development however I would like to congratulate on my son and Katsuki coming together."

Honestly it was really smooth sailing from then on talk over dinner was light and friendly, not brushing topics that are too heavy or troublesome and every person around the table was included. As expected from such good cooks all the food was delicious and once again Katsuki was asking for the recipe from his older sister, talking ingredients and techniques in the kitchen.

Another thing that had gotten better was Natsuo's way of being around their father who he had not quite forgiven but was less angry around, he spoke not just when he wanted to make a jab like he used to but to keep conversations going. Despite Rei's personality being closer to Masaru's then Mitsuri's the two women spoke to each other down that end of the table, Todoroki thinks he heard them discussing husbands.

By the time the cake was being served with some warm drinks they had brought things over for, everyone was getting along and the compliments on the cakes made Todoroki feel oddly really happy. He attributed it all to the teachings of his boyfriend but he was really happy to see his father look so pleased with something he did, it made him feel special.

His father also liked the origami he folded for him and inside of each are little messages, Todoroki told him that whenever he doubted himself or what he was doing to just unfold them and read them. When Katsuki does this yearly he does a similar thing but it is usually just nice messages, he is glad that his tradition could be so important this year for the two of them.

It was during this small come down from eating the cake where everything began going less smoothly and no matter how nervous the boyfriend's had been, they could not have predicted this. They had just walked Katsuki's parents out the door and waved them away when they felt a presence behind them, standing between them and the rest of the Todoroki family.

"Hope there is cake left for me."

As they span around all the blood visibly drained from Bakugo and it was as if all the fight in his body evaporated, wearing more formal clothes than usual is the ex-League of Villains member and current Paranormal Liberation Front member Dabi. He had his hands in the pockets of his jeans and he looked relaxed for someone who is in close proximity to such strong quirk users, well really it didn't look like Bakugo could fight right now.

The feeling Todoroki gets whenever he sees this villain is hitting him full force, as expected there is anger for all he has done but there is this nagging memory clinging to his conscious. A familiarity from this man before him that he cannot put his finger on and it grates him, he has his quirk activated but he is yet to make a move so Todoroki stands by.

"What are you doing here?"

"Relax Shoto, I am just here to talk."

"How could we trust you on that, what do we even have to talk about?"

"If you let me explain, bring me inside with you and i can clear it all up, Kitai."

Dabi had not been particularly convincing until that last word had left his mouth and it felt like he had been hit in the head, memories forcing themselves up after such disuse vibrating against his skull trying to drill it into him that he needs to remember. Growing up he had not been allowed to be around his siblings very often and he rarely got to see them, but one of them had made an effort.

One of his siblings would quietly sneak to his room to check up on his when days went particularly bad, slipping him bowls of cold soba and holding his hand until he fell asleep. Whenever he would hold Todoroki's hand the tears would stop, all the pain seemed to seep out of his body and he had never known comfort quite like that since.

They had a word that they shared together, Kitai, it was like a hopefully promise for the future that meant they would get through this all together and it was like an acknowledgment of their bond. Natsuo was the sibling he saw the least growing up and Fuyumi had never been confident enough to risk going against their father, meaning it had been Touya.

No one else would know that the word meant anything to Todoroki but it was used with such a fierce look from Dabi that he knew it was not a fluke, it was not just some word he decided to tag on the end it was important. He tugged on his boyfriends hand which had been sweatily gripping his since they had turned around, they needed to go inside or at least Todoroki did.

"Katsuki, baby, I need to bring Dabi inside."

"Bring Dabi in-, are you insane?"

"You don't understand, really I don't understand either but I need to do this."

This was asking a lot from his boyfriend who had understandably been traumatised by the man standing before them, remembering back then he had worked so quickly to form a plan to get Katsuki back he hadn't even thought of the consequences. Now he was acting similarly, wanted so badly for this to be sorted that the consequences seem so far away from his thoughts, it's almost dangerous.

"You can go into my old room and see where I grew up in, I have old trophies in there and pictures I drew that I had away from my father."

Todoroki didn't want to word it like he was hiding Katsuki away because he knew his boyfriend wasn't that fragile and would hate being treated like that, he just couldn't let Katsuki leave on his own. It would seem however that he was uncharacteristically underestimating his boyfriend who moved to position himself between the two, still holding his hand.

"I don't know what's happening or what will happen but there is no way I am leaving your side while you are around this piece of shit."

Once again his boyfriend snapped him out of his thoughts, the quickly spiralling confusion of his childhood and what happened to the older brother he had loved so dearly. However he was in the here and now and he could get answers to questions, it just meant he had to be smart about it and stop going back into his head to get worked up.

Surprisingly Dabi produced a pair of handcuffs that Todoroki knew nullified anyone's quirks no matter how powerful you are and Katsuki confidently strapped them on, maybe a little harsher and tighter then a usual police officer would do. He then led him back into the Todoroki estate rougher then he usually does things, it seemed this was him venting some anger and as he followed behind he couldn't find it in himself to object.

Like he would expect from his father he was up and looking ready to fight the second that Dabi come into view despite the cuffs, despite him being clearly led by Katsuki but it was expected from the number one hero. Natsuo put himself in front of his mother and Fuyumi stood next to him, hidden partially behind their father.

"We need to listen to him."


"It might sound strange but I know who he is."

"He is a villain, Shoto we all know who he is."

"You don't understand, I know who he is - I know who he is when he isn't Dabi or a villain or anything like that!"

Todoroki was beginning to think he sounded a little crazy to the people listening to him, expressing emotions was difficult and getting emotional was unusual for him but it was all happening so fast. He was remembering the late nights when they would talk about a more positive future, being heroes who changed things and were better than their father ever was.

He remembers shaking and bruised in the arms of someone who really cared about him but most of all he remembered how it had ended, Todoroki actually remembers resenting the comfort. If he had not grown to know what it felt like to be loved he would not have struggled so much when it disappeared, the one person who loved him left and he didn't want to be loved like that.

"Natsuo talks about how you separated us kids growing up but you couldn't keep an eye on them always, when I was in my room Touya would come and visit me, he would comfort me at night when I was alone."

"But I don't remember him doing that, he was with Fuyumi and I so often."

"The one comfort i knew growing up was Touya and we had a special word, it was like a codeword - a promise that made me feel hopeful."

Now his father had his hands on Dabi and Katsuki was back to holding his hand, he was only shaking slightly but he made no move to make himself look smaller or hide behind Todoroki. His boyfriend is the strongest person he knows for all he has had to overcome in his life, standing in this room with Dabi must be difficult but Todoroki needs this.

"We buried Touya's body Shoto, the funeral was on a Friday afternoon and you cried for weeks but he did die, so whatever you think about this villain is probably just a way for him to manipulate you."

His father looked stricken thinking about the child they had to bury at such a young age, even at the peak of his worst ways he had always mourned the loss of his son Touya. Back then he had caught the two together but he had seen their interactions made Shoto want to train harder so he had let them continue on, believing it was a secret between them.

"The League of Villains or some predecessor to the group found a pit of liquid while out traversing cave systems or whatnot, it was scientifically undiscovered and not something they were going to be sharing with the public but they needed to test it. Didn't tale them long to realize they could resurrect the dead but it didn't work for everyone and even when it did, success in resurrection never meant success and bringing them back as they were.

Around the time I died they were looking for quirk users that had died that seemed strong enough to survive, I hadn't meant to be chosen because while my quirk was strong I was young and weak. However it worked and I was one of two people to make it out of there, the first few years I was crazed and in a delirium but then they brought me in and showed me how to properly channel everything I was feeling.

I realized they were using me a few years in but I stayed with them because what else was out there for me, Touya Todoroki had died because he couldn't handle his quirk properly. Even if I could somehow explain what had happened I was a disappointment and I had dont so much but, I couldn't go back so I stayed and continued the atrocities. I had promised my little brother a better world and it got distorted in my head, the world would be better off without heroes."

Everyone looked to shocked to speak at the moment staring at Dabi, the man who was once Touya Todoroki, a child who died young because he had wanted to live up to the expectations of his father. A child who had taken care of his younger brother when no one else seemed inclined to, he never blamed anyone else but he took on the responsibility himself.

"How do we know you are telling the truth brother, what do you even want from us anyway?"

"You all know Keigo Takami or Hawks, he is currently undercover in our organization trying to bring the villains down and he trusted me with that information. Hawks has been doing what he thought is right and he is helping me to not be the man i have become, we are going to take down the group together but it will take time and it is dangerous.

With the risk of dying again looming over me I wanted to speak to you in case I do happen to die in some dramatic battle between the people I joined and the man I grew to love, now I have a clearer head and like I promised Shoto, we will be heroes who win and we will pave the path for heroes who will be better than us."

Stepping forward a little Katsuki looked conflicted but anger had always been his easiest emotion to find, he wanted to blast this dickhead until he was satisfied with the damage he caused but it wasn't the time. He clearly meant a lot to his boyfriend, being his brother and all, and his boyfriends happiness or comfort will always trump whatever feelings Bakugo has on a matter.

"Do you expect sympathy, from us?"

"Not sympathy, of course I wanted to see everyone while we aren't at each others throats on a battle field but more importantly I wanted to remind Shoto to stay on the right path and become the hero he has worked so hard to become. Most important of all though no matter what path he choose, really no matter what path any of my family choose from here on out I will always love you."

With that being said Todoroki threw his arms around his brother, getting passed his boyfriend quicker then he could hold him back and Katsuki isn't so sure he would. It become a family hug with Rei seemingly a little dazed as always joining in but the moment didn't last long, Touya was soon gone and it was the last they saw of him in person.

Days later back in the dorms while Katsuki was flicking through the news with others sitting around him and Todoroki almost asleep on his shoulder, they crossed a news story that shook them. Notable villain Dabi and notable hero Hawks take down the organization known as the Paranormal Liberation Front, while it was a success both people died in the final battle taking out the leader.

Their class collectively mourned Hawks as they had known him as the number two hero and some of them had met him, Tokoyami had interned with him after all but nobody mourned for Dabi. Except for Todoroki who, like he had done all those years ago, stayed in his room crying for weeks until his body was weak and Katsuki had to take every measure to bring him back to who he had been.

Nobody had mourned for the sweet boy who had taken care of a damaged younger brother, nobody had mourned for the young boy who had tried so hard to be someone he could have been with time but had tried to hasten the process and died. They acknowledged that Dabi had died as a hero but they didn't mourn him, out there was the Todoroki mourning the death of Touya who had died twice trying to be a hero.