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A Family War

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Peace remained on Queen Poppy’s island for the next fifteen years. In that time frame, many more children were born among her friend’s families. Branch, Basil, and River had the most of them all. Branch and Basil had three fourteen-year-old triplet sons, all born from Basil. Their names were Marble, Crash, and Kelp. Branch had a fourteen-year-old daughter named Jingle, who was born blind and deaf, but was a powerful healer, like her sister Leaf. River had a twelve-year-old set of fraternal twin girls named Jasmine and Juniper. Basil had another set of quadruplets that were eight years old. Two boys by the name of Bailey and Maximus and two girls that were named Mouse and Fern. Branch had a five-year-old girl named Zoe. River also had a boy at the same time Branch did five years earlier with Basil. His name was Link. Basil had two-year-old twins. A boy named Noble and a girl named Mercy. Basil had another set of triplets a year earlier. Identical twin girls by the name of Faith and Hope, and a boy named Humble.

Sky, Stream, and Aura also welcomed several little ones into their home. Sky had one more baby, before his pod was removed for safety reasons, fourteen years earlier. He had a daughter named Carnation. Stream had a twelve-year-old son named Sage. Aura had a boy ten years earlier, that she named Buster. Stream had a six-year-old daughter named Bella. Aura had a girl three years earlier that she named Anna. She also had a one-year old son that she named Pickle.

Biggie, Fatalii, and Wind also welcomed more children. Biggie had a ten-year-old daughter he named Joy. Wind had a seven-year-old son he named Pepper. Fatalii had a five-year-old son named Argon. Wind had a two-year-old daughter named Cinder and a six-month-old son named Lotus.

Many more families also welcomed children. Smidge had a ten-year-old daughter named Penny and a three-year-old daughter named Daffodil. Poppy had an eight-year-old daughter named Pansy. After years of trying and taking herbs for fertility, DJ Suki finally had identical twins with Guy Diamond two years earlier. They named their baby girls Miracle and Blessing. Clover and Sassafras also welcomed identical twin boys, five years earlier. They named them Dill and Nutmeg, in Cilantro’s honor. Basil helped Dr. Mango and Chenille with adding to their family. Chenille had identical hair tied twin girls thirteen years earlier, named Cupcake and Muffin, while Dr. Mango welcomed a boy named Sable at the same time. Pumpkin and Harper had two more children. A twelve-year-old girl named Rainbow, and an eight-year-old boy named Gourd. Peppy and Goldie welcomed a daughter fourteen years earlier, that they named Melody. Treasure had one more son with Reef, that she named Wave. Trollex had twin fraternal boys, ten years earlier, that he named Surf and Chase, and then Reef had a little girl three years earlier, that he named Harmony.


Everyone was ecstatic that the peace seemed to remain in the village. It had been eighteen years since Smidge had given birth to her first child, Kiwi. Everyone was gathering to celebrate her transition into adulthood. They often had their parties at the brine spring, so that everyone could play on the waterfall and so that Trollex, Treasure, Reef, and their family could also enjoy the parties.

Kiwi was more interested in Meep, then the party. She was snuggled up to him, under the tree by the brine spring. She had his hand and was talking about her plans that night with him. She smiled when she saw Biggie walk over. “Hi Biggie…”

“Please behave today Meep. I don’t want the teenagers getting ideas.” Biggie eyed the young couple. He knew they were bonded and even mated, but he helped raise that boy. The only reason he didn’t scold Meep was because he knew the young male had matured faster than a normal troll, because he was a hybrid. He had looked and acted like a full-grown adult since he was fifteen.

“I won’t give them ideas uncle Biggie.” Meep smiled up at his father’s companion. He wasn’t going to do anything more than kiss, until later that night, when they had privacy.

“Last one in the spring is a rotten egg!” Rush came crashing towards the water. He jumped in and made a huge splash as he landed in the water. He resurfaced and smirked when he saw that Kiwi was glaring at him. He had splashed her.

“You’re rotten, Rush.” Kiwi got up and rubbed her glittery skin of water. She huffed and went to grab a towel. She loved playing in the spring, but she had to do it on her terms, and no one else’s.

“I guess you’re a rotten egg!” Rush giggled and gasped when Rapid splashed into the spring. “Hey!”

“Got you!” Rapid giggled and splashed his quadruplet brother. He looked over when he saw Precious walking over. He made googly eggs and smiled at her. “Hello pretty lady…”

Precious came into the water and swam over to Rapid. She gasped when Rush pulled her to him. “Rush…” She blushed and looked up at him with wide rainbow-colored eyes.

Rush acted like he was going to steal his brother’s crush and give her a kiss, until she was inches from his face. He smirked at her and stuck out his tongue. “Are you ever going to catch up shorty?!” He growled playfully when Rapid whapped him with his hair. A wrestling match in the water commenced between the two. Their brother, Torrent, began beating him up too.

“Don’t be mean Rush!” Rapid looked livid. He didn’t like when others commented on how short Precious was. She was clearly not a dwarf but wasn’t a normal sized troll either. It didn’t matter to him. He loved her the way she was.

“Great things come in small packages.” Precious backed away and watched them play fight. She gasped when Love came up behind her and covered her eyes. “Love!” She turned around and hugged her. “Hi bestie sissy!” She snuggled into her and grinned. She was closely bonded with her god-sister Love.

“Let’s go ride the falls.” Love giggled and led Precious towards the gate. She was ready to have some fun.

“Be careful at the waterfall Precious!” Wind watched from the shore of the brine spring. He had Lotus in his arms. He was worried about his daughter. She was braver than he was, and it worried him. He didn’t want her to get hurt. He still didn’t like when she was out of his sight.

While everyone was busy at the party, Leaf was busy herself. She had led Peony and Artemis towards the cove. She wanted to get as far away from her family as possible. She had plans that night, that had nothing to do with the party that was going on at the brine spring. She had a feeling she was going to have to pay Kiwi back for this one. Kiwi was as known to hold a grudge like her mother, Smidge.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Artemis walked with the girls. He had a feeling what they were about to do was going to get him into trouble. He hoped the girls were ready. He knew he was ready, but he was protective. He loved Peony and Leaf. He wanted them safe. He signed to Peony, asking her the same question.

Peony giggled and took his hand. She nodded and kissed his cheek. She was ready for the next step in life. She wanted to be with Leaf and Artemis forever.

“I’m very ready Artemis. It’s not like we’re not getting married in six months. It’s going to be fine.” Leaf found a spot that was hidden out of view, once they reached the cove. She immediate turned to Artemis, yanked the taller trolling down, and began kissing him hungrily. She was eager.

Artemis chuckled and began kissing Leaf back. He gasped when he felt Peony remove his vest and shorts. He whimpered and began helping his future wives out of their dresses.

Peony began rubbing Artemis’ member gently. She pulled Leaf in for a kiss and squeaked when Leaf began to finger her gently. She made happy noises.

Leaf stuck her fingers onto Peony’s vulva and began messaging it gently. She pushed a finger into her vaginal opening and began moving her finger in circular motions. She giggled when Peony let out a loud moan. She was glad it felt so good.

Artemis groaned and shifted Leaf, so his member was touching her vulva. He began grinding her gently, before pushing it in. He moaned loudly as he began thrusting into her. He was very pleased. He reached up and began playing with Peony’s breasts.

Peony whined as fluids ran down her legs. Between Leaf’s fingering, and Artemis’ breast action, she was already very pleased.

Leaf arched her back and moaned loudly. She held Artemis close with her free hand and whispered that she looked forward to doing this regularly once they were married.

The three of them mated for several hours, before falling asleep in the secret area in the cove. They were very happy and couldn’t wait to share a lifetime together.