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Code Name: Ghost

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“Hold on, something feels off”

They had been exploring mementos for about two hours. Everyone was tired but Morgana sensed that they were closing in on the next rest spot, and Akira wanted to reach it before leaving. Of course if the something Mona was sensing was to powerful they’d have to call it a day.

“What exactly is wrong, Mona?” Makoto asked. She may have just joined, but Queen took her role as field strategist seriously. Which Joker greatly appreciated, took less off her and Mona’s back and, while she’d never say it outloud, Queen handled the job better than Mona ever did.

“I’m not sure… It’s really powerful, but-”

The sound of chains echoes through the subway, silencing everyone.

“The reaper.” Akira had her suspicions, it’s the only opponent Morgana would warn them about, but the chains confirmed it.

“But we just got here, the hells that asshole doing here!?” Ryuji complained.

“I’m sorry, the what!?”

“The reaper is a powerful opponent, our last encounter almost ended in our deaths” Yusuke explained.

“But he only shows up when we stay on a floor too long, what gives?” Ann asked. True the reaper should only show after they stayed for a few minutes. It had been a regular day, no rain and the sun wasn't especially hot. This was the second time they entered mementos after Kaneshiro turned himself in, so if it was due to the public's view on the Phantom Thieves they should have seen it last time they came to mementos. It shouldn’t be here unless…

“What if there was someone else on this floor?”

“But who else could be down here?” Ann asked

“Perhaps the criminal in the black mask” Yusuke offered “If he can enter palaces he would be able to enter mementos as well.”

Everyone paused. Both Kaneshiro and Madarame had mentioned someone other than them going through palaces. Someone like that would theoretically be able to explore mementos by themselves.

Grinning Ryuji said “Well then what are we waiting for? Let’s go get that bastard!”

“Are you an idiot!? Whoever they are, they‘re with a reaper!” Ann exclaimed “We could easily get caught in the crossfire!”

“Yeah, but if Kaneshiros telling the truth and they’re running around palaces doing whatever they want, we gotta stop them!”

“Ryuji are you-”

The echo of a gunshot and interrupted whatever she was going to say, as the sounds of a fight finally reaching the group.

“Well it seems it really is fighting someone.” Morgana mumbled “Joker what’s your call”

After thinking for a few moments she answered “Queen, Skull, Mona you're with me. Fox and Panther stay here. If it is black mask we could at the very least see how capable he is. If not we should see what’s got the reaper so mad. We’ll only stay as long as we have to”




As the group peeked around yet another corner they finally saw it, the reaper with a much smaller figure in front of it. From what she could see the figure was female, she had bright red hair tied into a messy ponytail, their outfit white with black accents, with a bright red scarf around their neck. A naginata clutched in their hands.

As the reaper prepared another attack the girl turned around to run for some sort of cover.

With the girl finally facing their direction Akira could confirm they indeed had a mask on. Bright white. No way anyone would call it a black mask.

“So that’s not our guy” Morgana stated.

“No, but they clearly need out help.” She may be rather far away, but even at this distance Akira could tell the girl was about to collapse. “Mona how fast can you drive in your car form?”

“Fast enough to outrun that thing.”

Looking to Makoto she stated “Queen I want you and Mona to ram into the reaper.”

“WHAT?!” the two of them shouted, Ryuji joining them.

“If we wait too long shes going to die out there. Ramming it will be the easiest way for you two to distract it, while me and Ryuji can get her a safe distance away. Afterwards, meet back up with us so we can get back to the platform” she explained.

Taking a deep breath Morgana said “Well high risk rescues are what we do. You up for it Queen?”

“You guys really should take this more seriously…” she sighed, “Alright, let's go Mona!”




As Morgana slammed into the reaper, Ryuji and her rushed to the girls side.

“HEY! You alright?” called Ryuji.

“Yeah… thanks…” she pants.

Now that she has a better look at the girl Akira can see she has bright crimson eyes, like Makoto’s, hair pins on each side of her head that seemed to form the roman numerals for twenty-two. With closer inspection her mask did have black shadowing around the eyes, but even then it couldn’t be mistaken for a black mask.

The sound of chains grabs their attention as the reaper begins to rise.

“Mona, Queen hurry up!” Akira yelled.

As they pull to a stop next to the group Makoto yells “Get in!”

Ryuji reaches the door first, leaving it open. The girl makes it in second and-


The feeling of rushing wind pass inches in front of Akira brings her to a screeching halt. Turning she sees the barrel of a revolver. The sound of the hammer being pulled and-


With the sound of shattering glass, a woman cloaked in white, with chains around her wrist appears , as almighty attacks force the reaper back. Shock forces her to simply stare at the scene ahead of her.


Snapping out of her trance, she makes a beeline for the van. (Morgana? She doesn't care right now) After practically diving in, she hears the sound of tires skidding across the ground before they speed off, away from the reaper.

Sighing, Makoto breathed “That was way to close…”

“Yeah…” sitting up, Akira said “Thanks, by the way.”

But turning to her savior, she saw that the girl was… well…

“Zzz… Zzz…”


“So, uh… what are we gonna do?”