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I Need Some Vampire Boss Booty!

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Chapter 1


There wasn't much anyone in Forks, Washington could do that was exciting. Maybe fish, or hunt or discuss the drama that Old Lady Louise was dating both the ice cream man and the mailman but other than that, nothing was very exciting. Especially for teenagers that go to Forks High School, where the most dramatic go into acting and any rumor with the Cullen family is the juciest gossip around.

Who are the Cullen's you ask? 

Well, according to some, they are the most gorgeous students to ever grace this lands. Models with skin every pubescent teen wishes for, the most perfect hair that girls and guys both are wanting, and of course, the most silky sounding voices anyone has ever heard this side of the Mississippi River (cause one cannot disrespect Morgan Freeman or Benedict Cumberbatch's amazing baritone voices).

According to Rene, they were like walking sex. I just rolled my eyes and told her she needed to keep her dick in her pants. Her response was pushing me over and trying to kick me off of the bench, face bright red as she whisper yelled that she did not, in fact, have a penis. Ash and Tonio just laughed along with me at her poor attempts.

As for me, they're okay, but defintely not someone to gawk after. Sure, Emmett has a dreamy smirk, Jasper looks like a lost boy who just needs to have that one lucky girl to help him find his way in life, Rosalie is an absolute queen, Alice looks ready to fly around like a fairy from Tinkerbell, and Edward looks ready to pose in an underwear magazine, but they aren't really my type. They look too... plastic, for my tastes. Like they're hiding something really big from the rest of us but are too pompous to share that they're actually hiding something, if that makes any sense. Nothing special about them to me, really.

Today, however, things seem to be a bit different than most: for the first time in years, someone new has moved into the small town of Forks and it's caused a stir among the people. Probably helped that she used to be here as a kid every summer and her dad was a pretty big part of the community.

"Marie, are you coming?" Ash asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. Students milled around her, all leaving the cafeteria. "The bell rang. It's time to head to class."

Ashlee Noirman was probably one of my favourite friends to ever exist. She didn't really care too much what other people thought of her unless they were her teachers and even then I'm pretty sure they thought of her as the sweetest, shyest angel to ever exist (next to Rene, that is). She was just this petite long haired brunette that had this startling innocent gaze until she opened her mouth among friends. Then she came close to a demon.

"Oh, right," I laughed, collecting all my stuff from the table and standing up. "Still trying to get back into the swing of things." 

"Understandable," Ash agreed. "I mean, it's only, what, the second week back? It's gonna be a bit hard for us Juniors. It's hell year."

I snorted. "You could say that again. Boniface's class is surprisingly hard for history but maybe it's cause I hardly pay attention...."

"Or it's cause you have seven classes to do. Stupid move, Marie. Stupid move."

I rolled my eyes and parted ways with Ash, waving at the brunette as she made her way to her first class and I made my way to mine. My class wasn't too far, however despite the fact that there were only a few minutes left until we needed to be seated, there were already students buzzing with excitment and peaking in through the door to my biology class. 

I pushed my way through the throng of students, accidentally elbowing a few in the chest or smacking them with my backpack, before I managed to shimmy my way into the classroom. I muttered a good morning to Mr. Molina before taking my usual seat near the back of the class and pulled out my stuff. I could see, already, that Edward fucking Cullen, the moodiest looking out of all the Cullens, had already taken his usual seat in front of mine.

"Hey, Marie!" Jay called out, sliding into the seat next to mine while nearly falling off of it as well. "You'll never guess who's going to be in our class this year!"

Jay Applegate was one of my friends, though not a close one. He was the only one in our year that was openly gay, something that doesn't happen often in such a small town, but he was like a deity among our year. He also happened to be helplessly in love with Emmett Cullen, even though he knew that dating such a guy would be impossible, considering he's already with Rosalie.

"Um. Ghandi? No wait, Alan Grant! Wait, why would he be in a high school biology class."

"Why would Ghandi?" Jay asked, but shook his head. "Anyways, the new girl is gonna be in our class. Just heard from Eric that he memorized her schedule before she was even on campus and we share bio and history with her! Isn't that amazing?!"

I sighed. "Jay, you seriously need to lay off the rumour mill. It gets you too excited that you pass out by lunch." 

"That happened one time, Marie. Can't you let this go for once?!" he whined. I shook my head, laughing. There was no way I wasn't going to stop using that tidbit of information to my advantage.

The bell rang, signalling the start of class, and it's then that I notice that there's a new person sitting in front of Jay and I. From behind she had kind of pretty brown hair and pale skin and she seemed to fit in and be out of place at the same time. She was stiff, sitting next to Edward Cullen (yes, it is necessary to use his full name at all times) and it seemed that even her presence made the usually stoic male to be as still as a statue. Both looked fairly uncomfortable but I could see that the girl had a hard time not looking at the boy sitting next to her.

This had to be the new girl, Bella Swan.