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Gold and Silver

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Yuri didn't notice it at first. After being around Victor for years, he had gotten used to the man being overly touchy and affectionate. It was easier to take it and ignore it than it was to protest. Arguing had only pushed Victor to be more aggressive in his hunt to smother Yuri. Yuuri had always stood close as well, the Japanese skater watching the pair interact with soft smiles and wide eyes. How was Yuri supposed to notice the dark-haired skater slowly moving even closer?  

Lots of people underestimated Yuri because of his size and age. Not to mention his second gender. How was being a ten-year-old omega  his  fault? No one ever underestimated Yuuri even though he was a small omega...though Yuuri and Victor both stood much taller than him. Nevermind that! He was smart and observant when he wanted to be. After all, he had been the first one to see Victor courting Yuuri almost a year ago.   

Anyways, despite his fantastic observational skills, Yuri wasn't used to people actually caring about him, so when they did, he brushed it off. It was when things started to become more obvious and frequent that he could no longer brush it off.   

It started with a soft stroke of a hand against the back of his neck. He turned around to find Victor smiling that stupid smile of his, and his hand automatically went up to touch the place that now felt oddly warm. When he pulled his hand back, he could smell a suspiciously strong hint of Victor's scent. And, no, he wouldn't admit to sniffing his hand in delight. Was it his fault that Victor smelled so good? No! Yuri just blinked at the man and walked off to the ice.  

Then there was the deal with Katsudon. He noticed the couple coming earlier to practice. More accurately, he noticed them coming to watch over his practices. Again, he'd brushed it off until he walked into the locker rooms one day to see Yuuri organizing his skating bag. The Japanese skater had blushed and offered to help Yuri change out of his tight costume. Yuri only said yes because he always struggled with reaching the zipper and untying the tight knot on his skates. Yuuri started helping him a lot from then on.   

Over the next few weeks, there were more sneaky touches that left him smelling like Victor and Yuuri. Not wanting to get too happy about the sudden attention, he continued to ignore them (or wait until he was alone to sniff at his clothes and skin happily). It became much harder to ignore after  the incident.    

So maybe Yuri had been a little distracted when he went onto the ice for practice and noticed that a certain alpha-omega pair wasn't there. He'd become so used to Victor and Yuuri showing up to watch  him practice ...Yuri scoffed. What did it matter if they came or not?  

Okay, it mattered a lot. He was distracted by it during his spins and fell out of nearly all of them too early. His jumps were pathetic and he nearly tripped as he turned to skate backwards with his usual flourish. His cheeks became red when Yakov shouted at him about losing focus, and he felt his chest tighten in embarrassment at the poor job he was doing. Stupid Victor. Stupid Katsudon.  

"Ahn!" Yuri yelped as another sorry excuse for a turn ended with him face-first on the ice. He groaned and pushed himself up. His ankles felt fine and his wrists were okay. The only thing that hurt was his right forearm where an ice burn sat red and stinging, the color a stark contrast to his pale skin. He stared at the injury for a long while before Yakov called him off the ice and told him to go home. Yuri obviously was no good for practice that day.   

Yuri huffed as he stomped his way to the locker room, upset that he had to leave early and embarrassed at his lack of focus. He was the junior world champion! Nothing got in his way. And now he had frustrated tears slowly tracking down his red cheeks. He hated himself! He hated them!  

Yuri sniffled as he struggled to take his skates off, the knot stuck and the laces tight. He glared at them, wishing they were burst into flames so he could just go home and pout in his room. Of course, he had no such luck, so he continued to struggle until his body shook with quiet sobs, the only sounds he allowed to escape were small sniffles and the occasional whimper. And who was there to comfort him? Nobody. He didn't want anyone to see him like this anyways! He wasn't a baby! He secretly wished Yakov was more of the comforting type. He could really use some affection from his guardian at the moment.   

Yuri was angrily shaking his foot, the tears rolling faster then, when Yuuri and Victor walked through the door. They were running late because of a mix-up they had to fix with their costumes that morning.  Apparently,  the colors they had ordered for their next competition wouldn't be restocked in time. They had to go over entirely new designs.   


"Stupid name!" Yuri called on instinct as he hurried to wipe his face to erase any evidence he had been crying. It didn't work, and two familiar bodies surrounded him in seconds.   

"Yura, what's wrong? What happened?" Victor asked, his heart-shaped smile wiped from his face. "You're done early?"   

Yuri inwardly purred at the nickname. But he wasn't a baby! He didn't want them to think he was a baby...He shook his head and looked away. His plan only backfired, though, when he came face-to-face with Katsudon's wide, concerned eyes. The warm brown color looked like melted chocolate, and Yuri found himself sniffling pitifully again. He couldn't stand the soft look. Why were they so nice to him when they were just going to leave him!? Everyone left him!  

"Sh-Shut up!" He smacked away Victor's hand as it approached his arm where it was cradled protectively against his stomach to hide the growing bruise. "You're the ones who distracted me! I hate you!" Yuri tried to stand up, but was immediately stopped.  

Victor and Yuuri did nothing to restrain him to the bench. Neither of them even reached out in an attempt to stop him. Instead, it was a simple flick of the wrist behind Yuri's ear. Victor's scent immediately blossomed heavily in the room, forcing Yuri to take a few deep breaths. His body trembled weakly in confusion and relief as his heart calmed a little. It no longer felt like it was going to beat out of his chest. The room went silent aside from Yuri's sniffles, and he locked eyes with Victor.  

"What happened, Yuri?" Victor asked again, this time much calmer. His voice seemed lower, and Yuri had to fight the instinct to bow his head. His heart and mind tugged at him to tell the truth. He didn't want them to leave...  

"I fell. Yakov told me to go home. I suck." As he said this, gentle hands took hold of his injured arm. He turned his turquoise gaze to Yuuri who was carefully examining the rough patch on his usually silky skin. He nearly pulled away, but that nagging feeling to obey made him stay still. He hadn't even noticed his frustrated tears were still going until he felt Victor brush them away  

"It should heal just fine in a few days. Some antibacterial cream will keep it from becoming infected. You'll just have to wear a bandage over it until it heals...And, Yuri, you don't suck." Yuuri's sweet voice washed over the younger omega like a ray of sunshine. Everything was okay now.  

From then on, Yuri really started to notice when the couple came close. Or maybe they were just doing it more often? He wasn't sure. It was easy to get used to the soft touches and gentle words from the both of them. He particularly liked the moments when he was standing alone and would suddenly smell one of their delicious scents surrounding his skin. It made him feel warm and slightly dizzy with happiness.