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The Great and Powerful Hero of Legend

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The young girl admired the hero. She loved him. He didn't know this, but she did. She wished she knew him. She wished he knew her. It was unrequited love at its finest.

One of her favorite things to do was to observe him from afar. Yeah, she's a stalker. But its worth it to watch her true love in action. The hero, at the moment, was planting explosives in the nearby cucco pin. After getting a good distance away from it, he detonated the bomb, causing the cuccos to go wild. They summoned many other cuccos, all of which descended from the skies. The hero was terrified. He screamed and ran for cover in the closest house he could get to. After the cuccos had settled down, he peaked his head out from the house he broke into. After realizing he was safe, he walked out of the house, and went to the cucco pin and grabbed the eggs the cuccos had dropped. He soon after ate the eggs...raw...right in front of the cuccos. The hero walked over to one of the cuccos and patted its head, as if he was trying to tell it he was sorry. He then walked away and tripped over the gate in the process of trying to get out.

This just made the girl even more attracted to him.