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Congratulations It’s A Secret!

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Alessandrina Stilinski gets pregnant at 15, she refuses to tell anyone who the father is. "Who is it?!" The Sheriff yells, "Who's the father!?" Alessandrina replies calmly, "The father knows who he is and that's all that matters." The Sheriff asks again calmly three days later, "He's 18 isn't he? Ah hell kid, I won't arrest him, I just wish you'd tell me." The Hale house burns down 7 months later. Alessandrina doesn't let anyone see the birth certificate when she writes down Peter Hale as the father, but when the nurse goes to file it she gives Alessandrina a sad smile. The baby's name is offically Mikhail Jacob Hale, but she tells her family that this is Mikhail Stilinski. When visiting hours are over she sneaks away with Mikhail to the long term ward, when she passes by the same nurse from earlier they both pretend she's not there. Mikhail has whispy redish brown hair and bright, bright blue eyes. He has long ears, far too big for his little head and his lips are thin, if they knew they'd awe in how similar they baby looks like his father. "Say hi tata." Alessandrina grins as she walks into the quiet room where Peter Hale lies comatose. Mikhail squirms in her arms the closer she gets to the man who may never truly meet his son. When she sets him down on Peter's scarred body the boy automatically nuzzles him and that's when she knows for certain that she gave birth to a pup. Peter always wanted a pup, the second she told him that the baby would be a boy he was determined that it was a pup. "His name is Mikhail Jacob, I thought he could be just like his tata." She whispers, a sad smile on her face. They sit there quietly until the sun starts to rise through the window, when she pulls Mikhail away from Peter he starts to scream, tears fall down Alessandrina's face. Peter Jacob Hale is 19 when he feels the touch of his pup for the first and last time.

The Argent's move back into town four years later and the Sheriff questions why Alessandrina doesn't force the father into Mikhail's life. What kind of bastard wants nothing to do with his own son? Chris Argent senses something is brewing in Beacon Hills so he moves Allison and Victoria into town, but he sees nothing wrong. When he's grocery shopping he notices a little boy, a boy who has blue eyes and brown hair, running through the aisles, something feels vaugely familar about him. "Mikhail Jacob, if you do not stop running away from me I will leave wolfie here!" The voice of a young woman follows the little boy. The threat causes the boy to stop a few feet away from Chris and the mother, she looks too young to be one, but there's no second guessing the fact that the boy is hers. Freckles cover the boy's arms and his nose is shaped exactly the same. "Mama you can't leave wolfie here!" The boy, Mikhail, exclaims as his mom throws him into her arms. "Little wolves get hurt when they wander alone." The boy frowns. "Exactly, which is why you can't run away like that." The mother makes eye contact with Chris. "There's people out there that want to hurt little wolves." Is that a threat? What exactly is that suppose to mean? That night a rouge wolf kills Laura Hale and turns Scott McCall.

Kate Argent finds the birth certificate when she's digging into McCall's life. She makes the connection when searching Scott McCall's best friend Stiles Stilinski. Sheriff Stilinski warrants some supicion, they don't want the authorities involved while hunting the rouge, but then Sheriff Stilinski has a 19 year old daughter and if Stiles knows something they have to make sure she doesn't. Except Alessandrina Stilinski gave birth at the age of 15, a month after the fire and everything says she doesn't want to name the father. "Kate, you're being paranoid, no 15 year old wants to name the father of their baby, that's just how it is." "Chris, when has being paranoid ever been bad in our profession?" That's how she finds the birth certificate, signed by Nurse Melissa McCall. When Kate smugly shows the certificate to Chris he remembers the little boy from the grocery store.
Mother: Alessandrina Stilinski
Father: Peter Hale
Mikhail Jacob, is in fact Mikhail Jacob Hale and the woman he saw at the store knew exactly who he was, the boy's words play through his head over and over again. "Little wolves get hurt when they wander alone." So she knows that her son is a wolf, "It's possible she doesn't know or the boy isn't a wolf at all, let's leave it alone for now." "We can't risk it." Kate hisses, "We need that boy."

The rouge dies outside the Hale house, Derek slashes its throat, but Kate isn't finished yet. The plot of her revenge doesn't finish until all the Hale's are dead. Chris doesn't recognize his sister anymore. She was the one that burnt down the house, seduced Derek into trusting her. A noise comes from the left of them. Kate aiming a gun at Scott's head and Derek thinking through an attack. When they all look left the little boy wanders onto the scene, Kate grins feral. "Are you lost little wolf?" It's a trap, but the chance to have the youngest Hale in her grasp is too strong for Kate to notice the trap. Chris looks around the woods and red eyes stare out from behind the trees at him, that must be Peter Hale. They thought he was the rouge, Kate thought Derek killed his own uncle. This is a trap, a very well thought out trap. "Little wolves get hurt when they wander alone." The boy cocks his head, listening for something, Chris looks around. There, by the car, Stiles' pocket is lit up, his phone is on, someone is talking to the baby wolf. "Can you help me? I'm lost." The boy says walking closer to Kate, he mustn't know the dangers of a gun, the boy can't possibly understand what's going on. "Of course I can help you, sweet thing." When Kate reaches out for the boy, the large wolf lunges. His teeth lock onto Kate's neck and Chris can't look, he can't watch Peter kill his only sister, even if she is a muderer. He hears her scream and then he hears his daughter scream, she watched the whole thing. It played out too fast for her to realize what was happening until it was too late.

A naked Peter Hale is squatting in between his dead sister and the boy. "Hello Mikhail." "Hi tata!" The boy squeals and runs into Peter's arms. Chris wants to take the boy and yell at him, Peter's dangerous, wolves can't be trusted, but the boy is a wolf too. "Tata missed you my sweet boy." Peter smiles, it'd be almost sweet if he didn't have blood, the blood of his sister, on his teeth. The boy is babbling nonsense to Peter, the man is nodding. Mikhail talks to Peter like they've known each other forever, when Chris knows for a fact, just by the look on Peter's face, that this is the first time they're meeting one another. "Mik, where's mama?" Peter asks gently, as if he weren't dying to see the 19 year old. Peter would've been 19 the night of the fire, that would've made Alessandrina 15, Peter got a 15 year old pregnant and then Chris's sister tried to kill him.