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The room was eerily silent except for beeping of machines and the soft patter of raindrops hitting the windowpane. No, the agonizing sound of a breathing kept reminding a certain green haired man what was happening here. Reminding him that the very day was finally coming. Where his world was tumbling down before his eyes. That it was shattering and his very shelter that been with for years was being washed away in a wave of pain. His protector. A role that quickly switched in the last few years.

Here now by the sickly blond man that looked so gaunt and frail in the bed. Hooked up to the numerous machines that keeps him alive. One that helps keep breathing as others feed him food and medicine. The wound on his side had finally taken its toll on the tall, retired hero. Reminding Izuku the mental hell he was in as he watched his protector, his mentor, his lover, his... His husband lay dying in their bed before him. The only saving grace was they were home at least because he didn't want Toshinori to die alone in a cold hospital. Alone in a room full of stark white with no memories of their life together. Without him or the children they had adopted close by. During the past few months he had made so wishes for him to get better, but they easily lost in the days. The days that were nothing more than empty wishing wells.

Izuku was so tired. So tired of watching his husband slowly die. Of seeing the pained looks in the eyes of his children and fellow heroes they grew close to. But he guessed they ran away from the devil if they could and now it was time to pay up. Though it brought back the many questions that plagued his mind as he sat in leather chair. Who was going to be his protector now? With no one by his side as he ran around in circles when he felt lost. Who was going to help survive these city streets when he felt like he lost the war? When he felt so tired of being the protector to everyone else. Tired of being the new symbol of peace.

Izuku knew he should have expected this day was coming since... Since the day he had confronted Toshinori on his jog. The very the day he felt a bit of himself shattered at the thought of his hero dying. But they had beaten the odds and survived past it all. Even defeating the villain was supposed to kill him. A full of glory and stupid actions. A good kind of stupid to. He was so happy that the day that marked the end of All Might was steered away from that Izuku had grabbed the taller male and kissed him. Catching him, Izuku and everyone off guard. Well, except Nezu. The devious fucker always knew everything. Probably even knew he was going to do that. Though it did bring heart wrenching memories of their wedding day and how they were able to adopted their three children.

He was happy he had had that bastard a godparent to them should something happened to them. Something he feared he may have to call in sooner than later. Izuku grabbed the blond hand as he bends over the edge of the bed. Picking it up to place it on his cheek. Feeling how cold it was against his much warmer flesh. Tears swelled in his eyes as they started to flow down. Teeth clenching against each other tightly as his heart clinched in desperate hope something may change soon. Be it for the better or... Or in the direction that Toshinori may find peace finally.

As much as he wanted the man to stay with him, but he knew that was not possible anymore. Such hope was finally dying. Losing the war of wanting to be the protector and shelter to his hero.

"Izuku..." the green haired hero someone gasped in the room. He quickly rose his head up to see those beautiful crystal blue eyes he always adores. They were looking at him so gently as a he sees one of the softness smiles through the mask. Izuku smiled back before responding quietly with, "Hello beautiful."

Hand grips the boney hand a little hard when he notices those eyes starting to dull. Becoming bleak sapphire before they finally closed for the final time. That hand his feeling a little heavier than before as arm became slack. The sound of the heart monitor making a single loud tone in the empty room. Ringing throughout the empty house. It was soon joined by painful, loud wails of a broken man. Heart shattering at the loss of his protector, his shelter, his love.