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You Won't Believe Your Eyes

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Tony has Bruce come back later, of course. It's the hottest part of the day and he's still feeling pretty wretched and Bruce seems a little too tense to just lie down with Tony while he sleeps it off, more's the pity. As it is the dogs keep him company, and when Tony wakes up again, it's half-past six. That's later enough for Tony to get up and make himself marginally more presentable, as well as letting the little dogs out. He puts on a fresh shirt and is just wondering if another one would be better when Bruce shows up, rapping lightly on the edge of the screen door. Tony smiles at him, and opens it.

"Step right up," he says, and Bruce rolls his eyes. Once he's inside and the actual door is shut behind him, Tony wraps his arms around Bruce's neck and kisses him like they have all the time in the world. He tries not to worry about what might happen later, with the full disclosure. He saves it until a lot of kisses and a drink later, almost in Bruce's lap and watching the lines of his throat as he tips his glass up to finish it off. Tony presses a kiss there, and Bruce shivers. Tony sighs. "Hate to say it, but there is something we have to talk about." Bruce tenses a little, but nods. Tony kisses his cheek. "I really want to sit in your lap, but you might be seriously pissed off in a few minutes."

"This is not reassuring, Tony," Bruce says, but he also looks amused and Tony will take what he can get.

"Okay, okay. Let's get the big one out of the way: Edwards isn't my real name." Bruce just stares at him, and Tony sighs. "My real name is Stark. Anthony Edward Stark." It takes a second for it to click and for Bruce to mentally subtract the beard, but then his eyes go about the size of half-dollars. "Yeah, I know," Tony says. "But I've been R and D for years, and I think just as well on the road as anywhere else. I'm not, not slumming or anything, you know?" It comes out a bit more plaintive than he wants, but at least Bruce doesn't look angry.

"That's... that actually kind of explains things. Like where you get your capital, and why you gave me a chance."

"It does? The last part, I mean."

"Tony Stark likes to gamble," Bruce says with a soft, sad smile.

"Especially when it's a certainty," Tony says, and starts easing into Bruce's lap, only for Bruce to go stiff (in a bad way) and hold him off.

"Wait. What about Virginia Stark?"

"You're such a sweet boy," Tony says, wriggling his way into Bruce's lap anyway and wrapping his arms around his neck. "Pepper-- we all call her Pepper-- makes her own arrangements. I actually shared her with my driver for three years before he wound up marrying someone else and being more traditional about it." He grins at Bruce, whose expression is softening. "I actually have a note, hold on." He goes and gets his wallet out of his good pants, carefully unfolding a sheet of Pepper's soft green personal stationery. He hands it to Bruce, who reads the contents to himself, looking amused and touched and full of longing.

To whom it may concern:
I write to inform you that if Tony wants to sleep with you and you want to sleep with him, you may. I know all about it and do not mind.

Thank you,
Virginia "Pepper" Stark

"Ain't she great?" Tony asks, and Bruce chuckles, studying the note for another long moment.

"She seems like quite a lady," Bruce agrees, and tenderly folds the note up again, passing it back to Tony, who puts it away properly before picking up where he left off. He settles himself on Bruce's lap again, but facing him this time, able to kiss him properly and wrap his legs around Bruce's thick waist. Bruce warms up slowly, going from chaste and tentative beginnings to ravaging Tony's mouth and pulling his hair, the other hand gripping and kneading his ass nearly hard enough to bruise.

A loud crack of thunder makes Bruce flinch and hold Tony even tighter. The inside dogs are already inside and the outside ones have shelter, something Tony has to take a moment to think of even now. And then Bruce is lifting him up and carrying him to the bed, and damned if Tony is going to object. He just moans and helps Bruce to tear his clothes off. He loses a few buttons along the way and cannot even begin to care.

"Want to fuck you," Bruce growls in the wildman's voice. He's shaking, pinning Tony to the mattress, his hair and shirt disarranged by Tony's desperate grabbing.

"Get out of those clothes," Tony gasps, and Bruce sits back to work on that, letting Tony grab his slick and two rubbers, in case they fumble one. He's pretty sure Bruce doesn't have the clap, but it would be damn embarrassing to be wrong. Bruce actually roars when another burst of thunder startles him, and Tony shivers, sitting up to cover that hairy chest in kisses. "Fuck me," he murmurs, and Bruce is no longer distracted. He growls and kisses Tony hard, pinning him down again and forcing his legs apart. There's more thunder as he presses one slick finger into Tony, and he whimpers, hiding his face in Tony's chest, shaking all over in what Tony realizes is a combination of lust and terror.

"It's okay," Tony says softly, staring into Bruce's eyes when he pulls back and stroking his hair, both of them suddenly tentative and tender again. "It's okay, baby." Bruce whines and hides his face again, burrowing in against Tony's neck the way a scared dog would press its face to Tony's knee. He's still rock hard, though, and thrusts over and over Tony's hole and his own finger until Tony wonders if they're going to get off this way. He's just deciding that's all right when Bruce slides his finger out and pushes his cock in, snuffling and whimpering against Tony's skin as he slides into him. It's a sudden and wide stretch, but that's just the kind of thing Tony loves, and he howls so loud it almost drowns out the next clap of thunder.