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Knives, Love, and a side of Shattered Dreams

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"What can you even do?"


"Without power, can one become a hero? No, I should think not"


"I'm sorry Izuku! I'm sorry!"


The boy sat on the ledge of the roof, looking at the ground with an empty yet curious stare. Tears welled from the corner's of his eyes 'Maybe...if I just end it all right here and now, I might have better luck in the future' he thought, then swiped his away from his tears with haste 'No! I can't! It would break Mom's Heart!' He objected to himself.


The sound of the door clacking open behind him, two kids, Bakugo's goons to be precise. The one with long fingers and the one with wings. Izuku sat there, staring blankly at the two 'What did Kacchan call them again? Erection-Fingers and Wingnut?' He thought. The boy with the cigarette in his mouth took notice of Izuku with surprise, then slowly smiled 


"Well Well! What do we have here?" He said in a singsong tone. He promptly grabbed Izuku by the collar and threw him to the ground, Erection-Fingers gave a nasal laugh "I don't know! Looks like a piece of shit!" He said, extending his fingers and wrapping them around Izuku. Wingnut howled a laugh and walked over, grabbing Izuku by the face "Listen, kid, just cause Bakugo isn't here doesn't mean we ain't gonna beat you to a pulp" He growled


And they proceeded to do just that, kicking him around and punching him as much as possible. After 10 minutes or so, after leaving Izuku bloody, bruised, and basically on the verge of passing out. They both were panting and out of breath, grinning tiredly as they began walking off. 


Izuku's head laid in a small pool of his blood. Thinking back on what happened. All Might, Kacchan, and even his own mother had shattered his dreams. The resentment and anger began boiling out of control, then he snapped. 


A red flash of light illuminated Izuku's battered body, the injuries went away as everything around him contorted and became a jumbled mess. The ground started to twist and turn and the air seemed strange and unstable. Izuku began levitating, his once emerald eyes was replaced with a pure red glow, his green hair hovered like grass blowing against the wind. 


A small hole in the ground began carving itself out, creating a gap that Izuku promptly floated through to find Erection-fingers and Wingnut walking down the hallway. They paused their conversation and slowly turned their heads to Izuku, their mouths seemed to literally drop like they weighed a ton "Woah! Izuku you have a Quirk!" Erection-fingers exclaimed, then smiled "But not like it matters! We can still have round tw-" 


His taunt was cut off by the blood-curling scream that erupted from him as his body began to twist into itself, his bones snapping like sticks and the sickening crack of joints and other body parts projected from the boy. The scream stopped abruptly, the boy had died. Izuku felt nothing, just satisfaction. A laugh bubbled from the green-haired boy's throat and a mad smirk rose from his face, Wingnut fell to the ground and onto his rear, scrambling away from Izuku and the ball of what was once Erection-fingers. 


The boy raised a hand towards Izuku, his face sweating and filled with a primal fear "S-Stay back!" he blubbered "I-I-Im warning you-" Wingnut was unable to finish the sentence, for his skin started to slither into his mouth, exposing his muscle and flesh to the world. The pain of his skinless body making contact with the earth was more than anything anyone could ever imagine, the cement and pointy rocks stabbing holes into his muscle and letting out a dam of blood. The boy continued to scream for another 20 minutes, Izuku looked down on him, his eyes now black and filled with madness. He scoffed and narrowed his eyes, Wingnut's screams suddenly paused and his entire body exploded into a puddle of blood, veins and remnants of muscle tissue.


A smile crept on Izuku's freckled face as he began to giggle madly, taking in the luxurious metallic smell of blood and the sight of red everywhere.


Yes, this day was when a villain was born.


"All Might.." he whispered madly, then giggled "Hope your ready"