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Mi Amor

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Chapter One

Two Years Earlier

It should have been just another Friday night at her best friend's spacious penthouse but Betty could not shake the feeling that they were being watched. Veronica had promised they would have the place to themselves since it was she who insisted on having a girl's night to help recuperate from the craziness that had been their lives over the past few months. They had been so wrapped up in proving Archie's innocence and the cult like game that had arisen they had not been able to enjoy their lives like normal teenagers.

"So, B, how are things with Jughead? I mean he did go a little overboard with all the G & G stuff." Veronica gave her a sideways glance as she continued to type away at her phone.

Betty sighed as she mentally prepared herself for the rest of her Friday night. She would have preferred a nice quiet night in with her classic movies and strawberry shake from Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. "Things are fine, V. He just got caught up like most of our classmates. I’m just glad we were able to get rid of it once and for all. It was making everyone crazy. Now if we could get the ghoulies to stop running Fizzle Rocks. I wonder if we could do a little recon and see who they are selling for."

“Ok, B, I love your Nancy Drew vibe but can we please just have NORMAL girl talk?”

Betty mentally rolled her eyes and sighed. “Sure, I just get carried away. So how are things with Archie? Any better?”

"We had a rough moment, I'll admit. But like I told him we are endgame." Veronica smiled triumphantly.

The doorbell rang at that moment, signaling the arrival of their pizza. "I'll get it. Be right back." Veronica was out of the room before Betty had a chance to answer.

Once she was alone the feeling of being watched crept up on her again. Betty knew Veronica's mom, Hermione Lodge, was still wrapping up with her re-election committee to keep her position as Mayor of Riverdale. As for Veronica’s dad, Hiram Lodge, she wasn’t quite sure what he was up to but with him being a seedy business man with a pension for illegal activities, there was really no telling where he was. She got up and closed the curtains to Veronica’s window to try and quill her uneasiness.

“Alright B, let’s dig in and begin our stress free girls night. I have a mani pedi coming to us in about an hour.” Veronica had already opened the pizza and was digging in. Betty decided there was no way they were being watched and decided to just enjoy her night with her best friend. Who knew when they’d be able to do this again.

Hiram Lodge quietly shut his laptop once he was satisfied that the two teenage girls weren’t going anywhere for the night. He made a mental note to add a few more cameras around the penthouse and for some to be installed throughout Riverdale so that he would be able to keep an eye on his new obsession, Betty Cooper. He wasn’t quite sure when he began to notice the pretty blonde teenager, only that he now could not seem to get enough. She was obviously too young to pursue at this time but Hiram was patient. He was willing to wait. He would just put a few things into motion to guarantee that he was ready when it came time to claim her.

It would be easy to fit young Betty into his overall plan of conquering Riverdale, but he would have to start drawing up the paperwork to eliminate his marriage with Hermione first. He had enough dirt on her that she would still be under his thumb long after the divorce. She wouldn’t be broken hearted, their marriage had always been a matter of convenience. If anything, he wouldn’t be surprised if she went after Fred Andrews as soon as the papers were signed. He mentally rolled his eyes just thinking about it. For all his faults and illegal activities, he has never been the type of man who had multiple women at one time and he wouldn’t be starting now.

His phone went off distracting him from his thoughts.

“Yes Andre? Is everything going according to plan?”

Hiram gave a small satisfied smirk as he listened to Andre’s response. Yes, this town may have thought they had squished the problem when they banned the G & G game but little did they know Hiram Lodge always had a back up plan.

The game would make it’s return when they least expected it. Every good businessman and politician knew that if you wanted to sneak something in, you had to make a big distraction with one hand while the other hand did the dirty work behind the public’s back. G & G had been necessary to introduce Fizzle Rocks and he needed that running through the town for when the game made its reappearance.

“Oh and Andre get in touch with Mr. Albini to start drawing up divorce papers between Hermione and myself. I am also going to need you to set surveillance around the Cooper residence and have Weatherbee forward Elizabeth Cooper’s file to me and any paperwork or grades from here on out get sent to me as well. Yes, thank you Andre.”

Hiram set his phone down and took a sip of his scotch as he turned on his classical music. He did have to do some work on his legitimate businesses after all, so he set about making his calls and planning his meetings.
His plan would come together it would just take time and he had all the time in the world.