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A Nest of Wrens

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Rin woke to the feeling of a cold nose pressing against his neck, a quiet purr rising in his chest as an all too familiar scent washed over him. A responding purr rumbled through the chest beside his, sending soft vibrations through him and he smiled, letting his eyes stay closed as morning light filled the room and stained the back of his eyelids a deep, soft blue. The all consuming heat that had ate away at him for the past week of his mating season had retreated fully, leaving his body drifting in a pleasant coolness even beneath the covers of Mephisto’s bed, Amaimon’s warm body draped across his chest.

He could have stayed there forever. Thoughts of settling happily into the two demon's lives had pestered him for a little while, a month or so at most, but now it seemed to itch at the back of his mind constantly. Wouldn’t it be nice to be comfortable like this all the time? Wouldn’t it be nice to not move his gaze away from Amaimon’s own when he caught him staring as they played video games on his dorm room floor?

Amaimon had been hanging out with him since his first heat, the two of them settling into a routine of play fighting followed by heated couplings then snacks and games back at Rin's place. Mephisto joined in from time to time as Rin had grown more and more comfortable with them both of them, but he wasn’t as involved and Rin couldn’t deny that he’d caught a possessive glow in Mephisto's eyes every now and then when he had sex with Amaimon. Rin supposed he had stepped on their tails a bit, coming in to play friends with benefits with the two demons who had been in a relationship for decades. Well, a relationship of sorts. They never used the 'L' word. Mephisto said demons couldn’t feel it.

Rins fingers drew lazy patterns across Amaimon's back, wondering what it was like being unable to love. Amaimon didn’t look like he couldn’t, not when all Rin saw when he opened his eyes was his soft, sleeping expression. He shook the thoughts off with a sigh. They were friends, sometimes they had sex. It didn’t need to be more complicated than that. Amaimon seemed to agree, mumbling something in his sleep and clinging tighter to Rin, legs kicking with a dream. He wondered what demons dreamed about.

To his left movement caught his ear, feet padding across tile floor. Mephisto was already up and moving around, he probably had been for a long time. Rin found himself wishing he’d stay in bed with them, but he never did.

He shifted, scooting away from Amaimon's warmth, smiling as the earth king’s small eyebrows twitched with annoyance, a small "No..." leaving him as he lost his space heater. Rin walked towards the bathroom, hoping to catch Mephisto before he left for work, figuring that by this time he’d be dressed and just about ready to go, but as he pushed the door open he was met with a sight he hadn’t expected.

Mephisto stood, still naked in front of the bathroom's large, hands running gently over the degradation that marred his chest. His gaze was distant and he didn’t bother to acknowledge Rin as he entered the room. He just stared at himself, looking down at the rot, flexing his fingers as if surprised they were there. The hair on the back of Rin's neck stood on end, the eerie feeling coiling off Mephisto setting his nerves on edge. It was as if the mask of a Mephisto had slipped from him, revealing Samael underneath, something that always made him shiver, but this time the mask hadn’t slipped because of anger or because he was in the mood for some rougher bedroom play. No, this time Samael was quiet and calm, transfixed on his form, guard down yet still terrifyingly powerful. He stood, the calm before a storm, the air still before lightning cracked the sky and rain poured to the earth in a pounding torrent.

Rin watched him, wary and quiet, unsure of what to do until after a few minutes with no warning whatsoever Mephisto sucked in a sharp breath of air, coming back to himself in a flutter of lashes. "Oh Rin!" He said, claws flexing oddly at his side, the action not going unnoticed by the younger, "I apologize, I was a touch distracted, is there something you needed? Your heat broke at 2:27 this morning, but you’re welcome to linger in the manor, of course."

Rin ignored that Mephisto knew exactly when his heat had faded, having long since accepted the demon's tendency to observe every minute detail, even when it involved him being asleep. "You okay?"

Mephisto's eyes narrowed at him for a split second before he turned and looked back at his reflection as if it would have answers "Just thinking." He explained, looking back at Rin with a smile that he knew was fake. "I’ll need a new host soon, is all"

Rin frowned at the thought, he knew of course that Mephisto and Amaimon were possessing humans, humans who probably had lives, maybe even people who loved them, but he never thought too hard about it. He tried not to anyway. "Where will you get one?"

"I have a few candidates." Mephisto answered smoothly, as if he wasn’t talking about essentially killing someone. Rin grimaced and wondered if Mephisto would take anyone he knew. "Now, now don’t give me that look, I never take what hasn’t already been given" Mephisto defended as he caught the reflection of Rin's expression in the mirror.

His answer caught Rin off guard, he’d half expected him to say that it didn’t matter who he possessed so long as they were strong enough to contain his aspect. The world needed him. Needed him to close the Gehenna gate, to help Rin become strong enough to fight Satan. The death of one human would mean nothing millions of lives could be saved. It was a necessary sacrifice and deep down Rin knew that even if the thought of Mephisto killing made him nervous, yet all Mephisto had said was he only took what was given to him. Rin knew him well enough to understand that the word 'give' was considered a very loose term in the demons eyes, but it still still sounded oddly specific.

Shouldn’t Mephisto be eager to possess any human he came in contact with that was strong enough for him?

He wanted to ask. Wanted to ask him why he hadn’t already taken a new host, wanted to ask who the candidates were. But, Mephisto had already looked back at the mirror, "I have to go soon." He said in a tone that suggested Rin should leave him be for the moment without right out telling him. He took the hint, feeling his stomach twist uncomfortably at the thought of Mephisto so casually blowing him off as he turned and left the room.

Flopping back down in Mephisto's bed Rin growler lowly with frustration, curling up into a tight ball, arms crossed almost childishly across his chest. His tail beat against the comforter and if the air was humid enough for steam to roll off of him it would.

"Mm?" A groggy voice called out to him, Amaimon's still half asleep form scooting over and sighing as he found Rin, curling against his naturally warm body.

"Big lizard." Rin chuckled, feeling his anger disappear in an instant. Mephisto could be hard to read, he probably hadn’t meant anything with his flippant attitude, Rin assured himself as he watched Amaimon wrap his arms about his waist, sticking his tongue out and flicking it in response. At least he was easy to read, as soon as Rin had figured out that Amaimon wasn’t emotionless, or dense, just blunt he’d learned how to read moods quickly. Amaimon was the type who was honest with himself and others, sometimes a bit too honest, but if he had something to say then he’d say it and if he wanted something then he’d take it. Simple as that.

Rin closed his eyes again, running his fingers through Amaimon’s hair until he heard Mephisto walk back into the room. "I probably won’t be back for a while, I’m needed at headquarters." He said matter of factly, fiddling with the cuff links at his wrists to get them set perfectly."Rin, do me a favor and make sure he doesn’t sleep all day, would you?"

Amaimon grumbled unintelligibly is responds, turning his head towards Mephisto until he got what he wanted, the time king walking over to him and bending down to kiss him gently. He then looked up at Rin, pressing their lips together too. Rin felt heat rise to his cheeks. Mephisto didn’t bother to kiss him very often and after how oddly he’d acted in the bathroom the touch was unexpected. "Y-Yeah...yeah, sure, I’ll make sure he does something productive."

Mephisto smiled, clapping his hands together as he fell fully into his typical act, "I’ll be off then, ciao~!" He snapped his fingers and was gone in a flash, leaving Rin and Amaimon behind.

"He sounds so stupid when he acts like that." Amaimon snickered, stretching like a cat caught in a sunbeam, mimicking Mephisto’s voice. "Ciao~!" He rolled off the bed with dramatic flare, popping up from where he’d landed and striking a pose.

Rin smiled, "Yeah it is kind of silly." He conceded, standing from the bed as well, figuring they might as well start moving around. "Want to take a bath?"

"A warm bath."

"You don’t have to specify. Who doesn’t take warm baths?" Rin asked as Amaimon turned and left for the bathroom.

Amaimon shrugged, "Lucifer probably, he’s a weirdo."

Said the man with pointed green hair, eye bags that went on for miles, and a green lizard's tail.

"Why does he act like that anyway, silly, I mean?"

Amaimon was quiet for a moment as he turned on the water, the sound of it splashing into the tub filling the silence. "Without Mephisto he’s just Samael." He said slowly, mulling the words over in his mind as he watched the water swirl about, steam rising from the surface. "You know how he feels, when he takes Mephisto off. That feeling like something isn’t right."

Rin nodded, placing his feet in the warm water but not quite getting in just yet, sitting on the edge so he could listen to Amaimon.

"You're not as affected by it because you’re a demon, a strong one, but it still makes you uneasy. It can even make me uneasy." He confessed, frowning for a moment, "The power he exudes is too much not to be focused on. When you feel it you get wary. For us that wariness can be a good thing, it helps our instincts be alert in a fight, and in our case specifically it can be fun to play with. That fear mixed with the right amount of pleasure is something we both enjoy." He grinned over at Rin, the younger's face red for the second time that morning. He couldn’t even deny Amaimon, knowing that doing so would be to outright lie. It was exhilarating to have Mephisto toy with his instincts in the bedroom, drawing the more demonic parts of himself out, satisfying needs he felt were repressed in his day to day life. "But for humans there is no plus side." Amaimon continued, drawing Rin's mind back out of the gutter, "Samael just frightens them and that can be dangerous. If he’s working with them it skews their judgment or makes them too suspicious of him and a lot of the time if a human is too frightened of a demon they just draw the demon in further. Our instincts push us to pray on weakness, to devour people mentally and occasionally physically. If the humans around him begin to behave as if they are being hunted Samael's instincts might push him to hunt, and that would ruin his games."

"Wait you mean he might end up killing them?"

Amaimon nodded, settling into the warm water with an appreciative sigh. Rin followed him in, expecting further explanation, but Amaimon offered none. Rin supposed that for a demon Amaimon's answer had been more than enough. After all once he’d first fully transformed into his demonic self he’d felt no hesitation when contemplating killing his friends. The fear in their eyes along with his newly unleashed powers had kicked his instincts into overdrive and he’d wanted nothing more than to burn everything in his path, them included.

He shivered at the thought of Mephisto and perhaps even Amaimon having to keep those instincts so closely in check. Would he become like that as he got stronger and stronger? Would he too have to learn to mask himself the way Mephisto did in order to keep those around him safe?

Before he could think too deeply about it and wind up down a rabbit hole Amaimon's tail draped across his lap, flicking expectantly. He looked up in surprise at the offering, a demon's tail something they typically kept close unless they trusted someone. He’d seen Amaimon’s tail plenty of times during sex and he took it out from time to time when they were relaxing, but it wasn’t often he handed it to Rin so willingly. However, the expression on Amaimon's face was less than playful, his arms crossed over his chest, "You owe me a favor." He stated bluntly, his tail flicking about yet again, Rin struggling not to focus too much on it and end up imagining all the dirty things the earth king could do with his tail when he was in the mood.

"Why do I owe you a favor?"

"I put up with you for your entire heat, that's why."

Rin couldn’t stifle a laugh at that, ignoring Amaimon' over acted glare, "Put up with it? Is that what you’re calling it now, it sure didn’t seem like that when you and Mephisto were having your fill of me."

Amaimon rolled his hand to wave away Rin's argument, "We still technically helped you, even if we may have enjoyed it, so you owe me."

"What exactly do I owe?"

Amaimon’s tail grew in weight, the earth king exposing his more lizard like form, "I’m shedding, you're going to help." He said as he summoned a rag, a soft looking rubber glove with small nubs adorning it, and some oil. "I was too distracted by you to take care of it properly."

Rin looked down at the thick tail, it’s typically vibrant colors muted under cloudy skin that was fraying off in ragged pieces. It didn’t look very comfortable. "What do I do?"

Amaimon responded by sinking deeply into the warm water, "I need to soak for a few minutes before we start." He hummed, eyes closing as he became comfortable, "The water makes the skin soft."

He bobbed around for a little while, his green spike sticking out of the water looking rather silly to Rin and he couldn’t help the way his chest swelled with gentle warmth. Not many people got to see Amaimon look so content. He was happy to be one of them.

While Amaimon relaxed Rin went ahead and cleaned himself. Despite Mephisto’s best efforts to keep him clean during his heat he couldn’t deny that he smelled a bit like a locker room, especially after their last round the night before. He took the time to thoroughly wash his hair and get the knots out of his tail, humming softly as he did and trying to ignore the way Amaimon's eyes tracked him. He liked the thought of Amaimon looking at him at him, enjoying how the demon king would watch as he cooked and sang small songs that came to his mind as he moved around the kitchen, but it he ever looked at Amaimon while he did the demon would look away as if to pretend he hadn’t been watching him in the first place. He smiled to himself, he’d let Amaimon look all he wanted.

Once he finished Amaimon moved close to him, sitting on one of the benches in the water and laying his tail back in Rin's lap. "Okay, I’m ready." Rin nodding as Amaimon began to give his instructions, "Put on the glove and start massaging over the length, starting from the base. Move only from top to bottom. If you don't I'll cut off your hand." He said, voice so serious Rin couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. "The rubber will pull off most of the skin and then you can get anything that remains with the towel. Be gentle"

Rin took Amaimon’s thickened tail in his hands, feeling a ball of nervousness form in his stomach. He didn’t want to mess up and hurt Amaimon, knowing full well the pain of having his tail mishandled. He picked up the glove and slipped it on, flexing his fingers experimentally until it sat right, the rubber not wanting to go over his wet skin. Starting at the top as he was instructed, he ran his fingers gently from the base of Amaimon’s tail to the slimmer tip, skin bunching up as he went. “Can I grab some of it and peel it off, or should I just keep doing this until it comes off itself?” He asked, watching as some of the water managed to get under the shed, obscuring the red swirling pattern of his further.

“You can peel it if you go slow.” Amaimon said, his voice a touch softer now and as Rin, bent forward so he could see Amaimon’s face he saw that his contented expression from before had returned, the demon king starting to enjoy the pampering.

Carefully Rin took his ungloved hand and pinched a bit of the skin towards his spine, slowly pulling it until it began to peel like a bad sunburn. Amaimon shivered as the skin gave way, revealing bright green scales underneath, a low sigh of pleasure escaping him. Rin repeated his actions, slowly rubbing down the length until the skin appeared loose enough to pull, removing it gently once it had, appreciating every low sigh and shivering moan he managed to pull from Amaimon.

Before he could get too into it though he switched things up a bit, laying the tail down on the part of the bench he'd been sitting on as he moved to Amaimon's front. He ignored the growing problem between Amaimon's legs and the growl that his movement gained him, instead taking Amaimon’s hand is his own and beginning to rub his scaled arms. "These need help too, don't they?" He hummed, smiling teasingly.

"Yes, but they're easier to get on my own."

Rin chuckled at the grumble in his voice, "Don't tell me this was all a game to get me to rub your tail, Amaimon. You know you can just ask for that." He murmured the words into Amaimon's ear as his gloved hand lowered to move against Amaimon's inner thigh. "I’ll have to help you with your legs too."

"You're worse than Mephisto." He snapped, hips thrusting expectantly to try and encourage Rin to touch him where he needed it, imagining the feeling of the rubber bristles against his cock.

"You're the one who tried to scheme, so you'll have to be patient." Rin smiled, moving his hand away to go back to working on Amaimon's arms and claws. He drug his movements out, going slow and steady to get every last piece of skin, depositing it carefully in a bowl at the edge of the tub. He could feel Amaimon’s eyes boring into him, the sensation only making him smile wider.

He wiped away any excess skin with the rag as he'd been instructed, and made a show of pouring the oil Amaimon had provided into his hands, massaging it in gently. He took extra care with his hands and claws, polishing the scales until they gleamed and until Amaimon squirmed with anticipation. He gave the same all too gentle treatment to Amaimon’s legs, ignoring him again as he glowered and tried to shift into Rin's lap. "Stop moving, won't you?" He asked innocently, "I want to do a good job, you're scales are so pretty when they're clean."

The compliment caught Amaimon off guard, causing him to sit still long enough for Rin to finish with his legs, before standing up. "What are doing now." Amaimon asked, Rin loving the agitation in his voice. He got why Mephisto played so many games now. It was fun to watch him grow more and more frustrated while Rin himself knew exactly what was going on.

"Your horns are scaled too."

Amaimon blanched and moved to cover his horns with his hands, "No, no, no. No one is allowed to touch them."

"You let Mephisto touch them. I've seen it." Rin answered smoothly, sitting astride Amaimon’s lap and finally giving the demon's length a bit of the contact he desired, grinding against him.

"H-He's different..."

Rin ignored the jealousy that tightened his chest at Amaimon’s answer, running his fingers through Amaimon’s hair gently until he was able to coax his hands away from his horns and gently angle his head down to kiss them. "Maybe I want to be different too."

Amaimon shivered under him, eyelids shuttering, "Rin that's...." his voice was low and soft, coming out slow, fingers gripping his arms. Rin felt the begins of a tremble there.

"I know." He said, tone reassuring, knowing what he was asking for and knowing that it wasn’t something that could truly be granted without Mephisto there with them. After all they belong to each other completely, asking to be a part of that would involve both of their consent. In the meantime though it was nice to watch Amaimon squirm under him as he moved his hands to rub the scaled horns, peeling away the dead skin. Amaimon buried his face in his neck, muffling moans.

Moving onto toweling the scales off to get the last remnants of shed, Rin used his free, gloved hand to pay Amaimon's length some much needed attention. The demon keened as he got what he wanted, the soft rubber bristles massaging his aching cock as Rin stroked him in smooth, steady motions. Amaimon began to pant, bucking up into the touch, the bristles pulling at his delicate skin and sending pleasure sparking up his spine.

Rin finished with his horns, but he never moved to reach for the oil as he had for Amaimon’s arms and legs. Instead he leaned in, running his flattened tongue over one of them. The response he got was immediate, Amaimon bucking hard into Rin's hand, his claws burying themselves in his shoulders.

"Hah- aahn R-Rin!" Amaimon cried out as Rin repeated the action on the other horn, the sensation making him melt under the younger.

"Feel nice?" Rin purred, knowing the answer and pressing his lips to Amaimon’s horns once again before he could answer, drawing another moan from him.

"Hnn!" Amaimon grit his teeth, eyes closing tightly, his body tensing up as the stimulation began to become too much.

"What was that?" Rin pressed, his free hand coming up to fondle one horn as he licked the other teasingly, "I asked you a question."

"Y-Yes!" Amaimon admitted, desperation in his voice, his tail curling about erratically in the water as his hips rocked in steady time to Rin's hand around him.

"Yes what, Amaimon?"

"It feels good! Yes it fe-!"

Rin cut him off, biting down gently and drawing a scream from Amaimon at the mixture of pleasure and pain. His thrusts fell out of rhythm with Rin's hand, moving sporadically as he came into his fingers, claws burying themselves ever further in Rin's skin. "Mmm, good boy." Rin hummed, returning to gently licking Amaimon's horns while he trembled with the aftershocks of his orgasm, breathing slowly calming. After a few minutes of letting Amaimon get his bearings Rin spoke again, voice low with his own desire. "Bend over the tub's edge, I need to finish with your tail."

Amaimon's eyes widened at the command, quick to do as he was told as he gathered his knees under him and bent over, supporting his weight on his elbows at the bath’s wide rim.

Rin got behind him and once more took the tail in his hands, finishing what he'd started, pulling all the shed away and brushing it with a towel before massaging the oils into the scales. The process had Amaimon panting again, overstimulated after his orgasm and already leaking against the tub's tiled side. "Lift your tail, I need to get the underside."

"Rin," Amaimon groaned, not thinking he could take much more teasing "Forget the tail and ju- ah!"

Rin ran his hand the wrong way down Amaimon’s scales roughly, the contact pulling a cry of pain from him as the delicate appendage was abused. "I said, lift your tail, Amaimon."

The earth king swallowed, wondering if Rin's heat really was over, he hardly got this dominate outside his season. He lifted his tail, presenting himself fully as he spread his legs, knowing that command would come sooner or later as well. Rin hummed in appreciation at the sight, the low rumble sending heat straight to Amimon’s groin.

Rin started at the tail’s base as he’d been taught, fingers dipping a touch to low, groves fingers brushing Amiamon’s entrance in a way that made him push back expectantly, but Rin ignored him continuing his work as if he hadn’t noticed. Amaimon growled, fingers flexing against the tub as Rin pulled the skin away and began to towel him off. “You know, this would have been so much faster if you’d just asked for me.” Rin teased once again, licking his lips as he oiled up his fingers, the time to do more than polish Amaimon’s scales.

Amaimon moaned appreciatively as the first finger filled him, back arching into the feeling. Rin tilted his tail up further, laying it up and over his shoulders as he got into a better position behind Amaimon. He wanted to tell him he looked so beautiful like this, back arched, legs spread for him, but he didn’t want to ruin the moment by giving Amaimon too much to think about it. He’d noticed before that Amaimon didn’t take compliments too well and having already admitted to wanting more from their friends with benefits relationship Rin was wary of saying too much.

He wasn’t ready for those words yet and he didn’t know if Amaimon and Mephisto ever would be.

For now it was enough to watch as Amaimon bit his lip as he stretched him, filling him with his gloved fingers and thrusting slowly, finding the bundle of nerves that was his prostate and rubbing it until Amaimon’s ears lowered with pleasure.

“Rin.” Amaimon whined, opening his mouth to tell Rin that he was ready, that he was more than ready, but Rin didn’t give him the chance, removing his fingers and thrusting into him fully in one fluid motion. Amaimon cried out at the sensation, the feeling of being so filled as Rin bottomed out inside him almost bring him to his second tipping point.

Rin sighed as he felt Amaimon around him, taking his time to appreciate it now that his heat wasn’t driving him into a frenzied need to fuck anything warm. He pulled out slowly, pushing back in at the same rate, letting the pleasure wash over him as he closed his eyes. "Mm Amaimon you feel wonderful." He breathed, moaning low in the back of his throat as he wrapped his arm around the earth king's tail for leverage. Amaimon whined, pushing back onto him, wanting more and after a few more slow, shallow thrusts Rin decided he'd tease him enough for now.

He picked up his pace, slamming into Amaimon and gripping his tail hard enough for his class to burrow in past the scales. Amaimon hissed in pain, but still met everyone of Rin's punishing thrusts eagerly. Rin drank in the sight, watching his cock fill Amaimon where their bodies connected, something he didn’t think he’d ever get tired of.

Leaning over he draped himself across Amaimon, pressing down on him with his weight and lifting one of his legs to rest it on the tub's bench, giving his thrusts more power. He struck Amaimon's sweet spot and groaned as the earth king tightened around him in response, crying out his name as he moved to reach for his stiff cock.

Rin pushed his hand away, cutting off Amaimon's responding growl as he wrapped his fingers around him, once more letting him feel the soft rubber bristles of the glove wrapped around him. "Let me, Amaimon." He murmured, running his tongue along the shell of his ear, nipping at its sharpened point.

Amaimon became a mess of moans from that point onward, a stream of curse words and screams of pleasure falling from his lips in a seemingly endless torrent. Rin adored every second and he wished it could last forever, but he knew his end was fast approaching. "I want you to cum for me again." He growled, longing to feel Amaimon tighten around him as he finished before filling him to the brim with his own release.

Amaimon turned his head and pressed their lips together in a sloppy kiss, Rin meeting it greedily as he stroked Amaimon faster, watching as he began to fall apart in front of him. Their kiss couldn’t last for long, the two of them out breath, but Amaimon settled for pressing their foreheads together, "H-Harder please.." Amaimon begged, scrabbling at the edge of the tub as Rin complied, sweat teasing his bangs.

He thought Amaimon's claws would pierce right through the tile as he finally hit his second orgasm, back arching as he moaned loudly, eyes wide and rolling back in his head. Rin was quick to follow, feeling Amaimon clench and pulse around him, burying his face in Amaimon's shoulder and stifling his own cries as he bit down, the taste of blood overwhelming his already taxed instincts, leaving him snarling as he pressed into Amaimon, finishing deep inside him.

It seemed to go on forever and yet not nearly long enough all at once, the waves of his climax washing over Rin until the warmth of afterglow set in. A purr rose in his chest, Amaimon copying the sound as he slackened underneath him, fully satisfied.

They laid there for a long moment, Rin’s eyes closing as laved his tongue over the deep cuts his teeth has cut into Amaimon’s back. The soft sigh the action pulled from Amaimon had Rin pulling away with a smile, pulling off the glove on his hand and running his fingers through Amaimon’s hair as he pulled out of him. Amaimon turned around slowly and Rin sat down on the bench beside him, turning his face to meet Amaimon's as he moved in for a kiss. It was slow and soft and ended suddenly as Amaimon yawned.

"It’s nap time." He declared, eyes closing as he sank once more into the warm water, head just barely resting on the rim.

"You can't sleep in the tub, Amaimon."


Rin did watch as Amaimon scooted away from him to the deeper section of Mephisto’s needlessly fancy tub and splayed his arms and legs out, laying on his back and letting out a fake snore. He rolled his eyes and stood, walking over to him and looking down, plucking Amaimon from the water effortlessly.

"Hey, hey I’m busy!" Amaimon complained, squirming a bit, but Rin figured that if he was really upset he would have broken his hold and splashed back down into the water.

"Mephisto made me promise I'd keep you from sleeping all day."

"And you kept that promise, we had sex, that's doing something. Duh."

"You know as well as I do that Mephisto won’t count that."

Amaimon grumbled his response, begrudgingly accepting what he knew to be true as Rin stepped out of the tub with him. He was helpful enough to grab towels from the stand nearby and Rin laughed as he unfolded one and placed it over himself like a blanket.

"You look like a damsel in distress." He chuckled, setting Amaimon down in Mephisto's huge bed.

"Oh woe is me! A big nasty monster is preventing me from napping!" He huffed, turning around to weasel his way under the covers.

Rin caught the tip of his tail and pulled. "None of that, we're going to my dorm to visit with Yukio and Sheimi."

Amaimon yelped in surprise at the touch before snatching his tail back, "That will have to wait." He growled, his eyes peeking out from under the blankets to glower up at Rin, grabbing one of his wrists hard. "I remember telling you that if you rubbed my scales the wrong way I'd cut off your hand."

Rin swallowed thickly as Amaimon forcefully tugged him into the bed for something that may or may not have been more painful than having his hand ripped off.

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Anow 2

It took a few more hours to drag Amaimon out of the house, Rin beginning to worry that’d he’d get a reputation for being late since he’d already promised Sheimi he’d be over at his dorm earlier that morning. Amaimon grumbled that only Mephisto worried about being on time more than Rin as he snapped them to Rin’s dorm, depositing them in the common kitchen area.

He saw Sheimi jump in surprise as they popped into the room, but she melted into a warm smile as she saw Rin, setting aside a small set of tweezers that she had been using to prune a bonsai tree. "Hello, Rin."

Her voice was warm and welcoming, lighting up the room around her in a way Rin had always found infectious. "Hey, Sheimi, sorry we're late. We got a bit...caught up."

Yukio let a huff slip through his teeth, flicking his eyes up from the paperwork he was working on. Odds were Sheimi had dragged him straight from his desk.

"Oh no worries!" She said, either oblivious to or ignoring Yukio's efforts not to roll his eyes out of his sockets. "It’s nice getting to spend some time with Yuki." She smiled at him, but he was already buried back in his work, the tips of his ears red at hearing the nickname he tended to insist he didn’t like.

Amaimon sat down next to Sheimi, watching intently as she returned to her work, carefully preening the small tree. "How old is it?" He asked, popping a sucker into his mouth. The two had formed an odd sort of friendship ever since he'd helped her escape from the cult she'd gotten swept up in. Rin knew it had something to do with a being named Sheimihaza, but she didn’t like to talk about it much. He didn’t ask her about it any more. A few weeks had passed since Amaimon has helped her leave and the first few times he'd asked had filled her eyes with a distant pain. Her voice would waver, lowering as her eyes averted. He didn’t want her to relive any fear or stress she must have gone through and Amaimon didn’t seem keen on giving up information either, so he let it be.

At the very least it was nice to watch his two friends get along more and more. It was an odd bond, but one he took a certain amount of joy in. He continued to listen in on their conversation as he pulled on his apron, rummaging around in the fridge for supplies for lunch.

"Almost a hundred years now."

"Very young." Amaimon hummed, fiddling with his nails.

Shiemi nodded. "Some of them get to be a thousand, so it has a long way to go."

A thousand years was an odd thing to think about. Rin's mind clung to the thought as he unwrapped some dough he’d prepared a week ago, kneading it slowly on the countertop to help warm it up from being refrigerated. Where would he be in a thousand years? He was still so young, Amaimon and Mephisto had both commented multiple times that he was only on his first century. How many centuries would there be? Forever? Forever was much longer than a thousand years and much harder to think about. In a thousand years all the people he knew and loved would be gone. Maybe he’d care for Sheimi's bonsai for her, or maybe she'd pass it on through her own family line. He’d meet new people. Lose new people. He’d seen Shiro die and that had been more than enough for several lifetimes. He didn’t know how much death he could take.

By now he’d folded the dough a few times and begun to cut it into noodles, trying and failing to sink his focus into the motions. The up and down. What would he look like in a thousand years, what would Amaimon look like? Would he still look up at with those eyes that carried so much happiness even when his face appeared otherwise blank? Would he still bob about in bathtubs and whine about leaving bed? Would Mephisto still be Mephisto, or would he had a different name, a different body? Would he dress the same, talk the same? Would their hands still touch him the same way? Would they still let him hang around or would this odd fling have faded into obscurity, something that happened when he was young and wouldn’t be repeated?

A hand touched his shoulder lightly and he jumped, knife landing too hard on the cutting board. How long had he been cutting forcefully for? He looked over, eyes wild, meeting Sheimi's concerned expression with blind bewilderment.

"Are you alright, Rin?" She asked softly, her whisper suggestion that she wanted to keep her question between them thought there was no doubt in his mind that Amaimon at the very least could hear them. Could hear his pounding heart beat as well.

"Yeah...yeah, yeah everything’s fine. It’s all good, I just got a bit distracted." He said in a rush, trying to brush away her worry, moving to pull the hooded apart and set them to boil.

Her expression betrayed that she didn’t believe him, but she didn’t press and for that Rin was thankful. He knew he trusted Sheimi enough to talk about some of the things that had been on his mind lately, but not in front of Yukio or Amaimon. That was just asking for trouble.

"Want me to help you cut the vegetables?" She offered, Rin glad to have her there to help distract him from his worries.

"That’d be great, they're in the fridge. Wash your hands first though."

She nodded and went to work, the soft sounds of them working together soon filling up the space with a warmth that only came from such familiar domesticity. If nothing weird had ever happened involving demons Rin liked to think that one day he'd be able to spend every day like this, cooking for the people he cared about. He wasn’t sure if that would happen now, there was still so much going on with the Gehenna gate and even though Yukio had gotten away from the Illuminati Satan still wanted to possess him, or Rin. Even if he did defeat Satan then he’d just end up out living all the people he cared about so what was the point of cooking anyway?

"Is this good?" Sheimi asked, snapping Rin out of his once more spiraling thoughts. She reminded him in an instant why it was worth it, even if he lost people in the end. It was worth it because he’d rather have fleeting happiness than none at all. What was wrong with wanting to live for today, or the few years after?

"It’s perfect." He smiled as he looked over her work, scooping them up and placing them in the broth he’d been working on. Moments like these were worth it. He may have lost Shiro, but he didn’t regret his time spent with his dad, why would time spent with his friends be any different? Those memories were important to him, so he’d make more.

Amaimon shifted closer to them, sitting at the bench seat by the counter, leaving Yukio alone at the kitchen table. Rin wasn’t sure if he should be upset that Yukio had been left alone. On one hand it allowed Yukio to go back into being antisocial, on the other he wasn’t social with Amaimon in the first place.

He picked up one of the eggs on the counter and moved to eat it, but Rin caught him before he could, plucked the egg from his hand. "That’s raw."


"You can’t eat raw eggs you’ll get sick."

"I don’t get sick." Amaimon argued, picking up another egg and eating it before Rin could stop him, crunching the shell between his teeth.

"Ew." Sheimi laughed and Rin more than agreed as he watch Amaimon try to keep the liquid in his mouth before swallowing hard.

"I’m not coming anywhere near you until you brush your teeth. That’s a horrid way to get salmonella."

"I’m surprised you haven’t gotten it already." Yukio mumbled from the table, closing one of the files he’d been working on.

Rin frowned at him, but thought it best not to respond. He knew that Yukio heavily disapproved of him hanging out with Amaimon, but he'd given up being concerned about it. He was a demon, half of one anyway, and he needed to interact with other strong demons in order to blow off steam. If he didn’t fight with Amaimon from time to time he'd start feeling too caged. He’d become unable to focus, his skin would feel like it was crawling, and sounds would become too loud as his senses became overloaded.

Yukio could be upset about it all he wanted, keeping his instincts in check was more important. Did Mephisto feel like that sometimes? Caged. Rin never saw him use his powers or fight.

"Are you done know, by the way?" Yukio asked, avoiding eye contact as he packed away his work. At least he was making some effort to put his work aside. That was more effort than he’d put in in a little while.

"Wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t." Amaimon said offhandedly as he bothered to summon a tube of toothpaste, eating a bit of it. "There, clean."

Rin sighed as he watched Amaimon, but it was light natured, "Yes, I’m done." He said, actually glad Yukio had asked despite the mild embarrassment it brought. He had hidden his first heat from Yukio, ashamed of his nature, but as he had grown more comfortable with him he had managed to broach the subject. It hadn’t been the smoothest conversation, what talk with Yukio was, but at least he had understood. He knew a lot about demons and plenty of demons had heat cycles. It’d been a bit like walking on eggshells, but not the worst. "Don’t you go back to work tonight?"

"Yeah, my medical leave is up." He answered, taking the bowl of ramen Rin moved to give him.

"Just take it easy okay?" He knew Yukio probably wouldn’t, he never did, but he tried to help nonetheless. Yukio had been on leave for the past month after coming back from the Illuminati headquarters. He hadn’t been seriously injured, but the an order therapist and psychiatrist had been assigned to him and recommended the time. They’d actually recommended more time, but with the all hands on deck orders from the higher ranks every walking body was needed.

Yukio nodded, digging into his food. It was the most he’d seen him eat in a good while. Sheimi took her seat as well and Rin served her and Amaimon before eating his own bowl. For once Yukio didn’t try to dip out early.

After lunch Rin, Amaimon, and Sheimi went back to his dorm to relax and play video games. Sheimi still hadn’t decided if she would continue to be an exorcist, so her leave, for the time being, was indefinite. Rin knew Mephisto would let her deliberate as long as she wanted though, she was important in the game he was playing, he just had told Rin how.

They said their goodbyes after a few hours and Rin went back to the Faust manor with Amaimon. Yukio's current mission would take him out of the dorm for a few days, not too long when compared to his missions in the past, but long enough to where Rin didn’t look forward to sleeping in an empty room. He spent the rest of the day with Amaimon, in much the same way he had for the past year, training, fighting, then relaxing. Yet, he found himself watching Amaimon closer than usual, closer even than he had watched him the month before his heat.

He looked over at Amaimon as he played one of Mephisto’s video games, by now the sun was setting outside the wide windows, orange pink light filtering through the glass. It caught the gold in his eyes, the sight captivating him.

He found himself scooting closer to Amaimon, laying his head in his lap. Amaimon looked down at him, but didn’t bother to say anything, instead he placed a flawed hand in Rin's hair and and ran his fingers through. It was something he'd picked up from Rin doing it to him. That was probably one of his favorite things about Amaimon, how he picked up little mannerisms here and there. Lately Amaimon had been picking up more and more of his own mannerisms, it made Rin happy watching them wind up mirroring each other.

"You two look cosy." Mephisto's familiar voice filled the gentle quiet, Amaimon tilting his head back as he leaned over the couch. Twin purrs rose in their chests as they kissed, Amaimon's tail flicking about contentedly. "Did you actually do anything today?"

"More than enough."

"He ate an egg, raw."

"Oh lovely and I just kissed you."

Amaimon stuck his tongue out, "That was a while ago."

"Did he eat the shell too?" Mephisto asked, coming around to the other side of the couch and lifting Rins legs up. He sat down and let Rin continue his lounging, this time with his body half across his lap.

"How else would I eat them?"

Rin felt Mephisto shiver underneath him, chuckling at the reaction.

"I suppose that more than answers my questions," Mephisto sighed before placing his hand on Rin's legs, slowly slipping his fingers under the cuff of his pants. "I suppose we'll have to punish him for behaving so childishly."

Rin grinned, shifting to prop himself up on his elbow, "Definitely, he made a huge crunch sound and everything.

"Deplorable." Mephisto purred, pulling Rin up and into his lap. "Disgusting, utterly unacceptable."

"If was horrible you should have been there." Rin began toying with the buttons on Mephisto's coat, "I'll have nightmares for weeks."

By now Amaimon was growing lowly, the game paused as he looked over at them, "No fair." He huffed, gathering his knees up under him and scooting closer, but Mephisto shook his head.

"No, no you frightened poor Rin today, you're being punished."

"I thought you were going to get sick." Rin nodded, hands tugging off Mephisto's now unbuttoned jacket, sliding his hands under his wine red shirt. Mephisto tensed under the cold tips of his fingers, making Rin smile, he loved it when Mephisto was so eager to play with the both of them, especially when he teased Amaimon.

His hands settled on Rin's hips, lowering with each passing second to squeeze his ass appreciatively as Rin took his time undressing him. "You'll be a good boy and watch until I think you've had enough." He purred, taking his polka dotted cravat in hand and pulling Rin's arms behind him, tying his wrists.

"Hey!" Rin tried to protest, but before he could say more Mephisto pressed a finger to his lips.

"You should have stopped him from eating the egg, or at least warned me before I kissed him, you're being punished as well."

Rin pouted, but he couldn’t deny the arousal that filled him at the idea of Amaimon watching while he was tied up.

Mephisto pushed him off his lap and to the floor, jolting Rin as he fell, quick to pounce on him and flip him onto his hands and knees. "Stay on the couch, Amaimon." He commanded as leaned over Rin, warm breath brushing against the back of his neck, making him feel vulnerable as he imaging his fangs snapping around his spine. Fingers undid his belt and Rin had to bite his lip to keep from demanding him to simply snap his clothes away. He'd try to ask for him to before, only to have Mephisto go slower, purring that undressing him was half the fun.

Still, he whimpered as Mephisto removed his belt, gasping as his hand grabbed the back of his head, tugging roughly in the strands of his hair. His face which was pressed to the floor was turned forcefully towards the couch. "Watch him." Mephisto growled, nipping at his ear hard enough to draw both blood and a moan from him as he set his hard lidded gaze on Amaimon. He sat, hands clenched tight at his side, knowing Mephisto wouldn’t want him to move even to remove his clothes, let alone touch himself. Rin swallowed thickly, the action hurting just a touch since his neck was twisted at an odd level. Mephisto palmed between his legs, squeezing his erection tight a low chuckle rumbling through his chest and Rin knew he was marveling at how hard he already was. Amaimon licked his lips, eyes focused and ready for the show Mephisto intended to put on for him.

Fingers slipped beneath the waistband of his boxers as Mephisto began to remove his pants. He helped Rin lift his knees as he pulled them off, every motion smooth and all too soft. He could feel Mephisto slipping away, Samael trickling into existence with every pass of his fingers.

Lower half bared to the elder demon Rin uncurled his tail from his waist, lifting in to submissively show himself as he spread his legs without prompting, giving Samael a full view. The action brought claws to his hips, dragging down his flank to bring blood searing to the surface of his skin. He sucked in a sharp breath, eyes squeezing closed momentarily before shooting open in pain as his tail was tugged roughly. "I said, watch him." Samael reminded, keep his tail trapped in his grip until Rin attempted to nod, promising to do as he was told despite how hard it was to keep his gaze trained on Amaimon's own, especially as he heard a snap. He trembled at the thought of not seeing what Samael has summoned, so close, but out of range unless he wanted his tail yanked again or worse.

A hand lifted his chin ever so slightly off the ground, fingers pressing to his jaw to force his mouth open and Rin received a quick answer as to what he had summoned. A ball gag filled his mouth, his fangs pressing uncomfortably against it as Samael snapped the back against his head, purring at the sound it made. Rin was foolish enough to think the gag would be the last toy summoned.

Another snap was quick to come and this time Samael's hands went nowhere near his mouth, instead one hand wrapped around his length, making him whine at the stimulation, while the other moved to press something cold against his tip. Ice? No it wasn’t cold enough to be ice and the pressure was far too concentrated. Amaimon's eyes had moved from his own, staring at whatever Samael was doing and soon Rin knew why as the cold began to push into him. A strangled cry rose around his gag, fingers flexing to cut into the fabric around his wrist. A cold, metal rod pushed into his slit, moving fast enough to hurt, but slow enough to not cause damage his natural healing couldn’t take care of quickly. "Mm, your blood slicked it nicely, it went in so smooth." Samael hummed, twisting the sounder about, catching the ragged tears inside his cock and exacerbating them momentarily. Tears welled in Rin's eyes, but he refused to look away from Amaimon, focusing on how tense his body was and how tight his pants had become.

Blood slick fingers pressed at his entrance as Samael spoke again, "No one cums until I’ve had my fill." He said, burying his finger deep inside Rin, laying down his final rule.

A slow, shaky breath left him as Samael began to stretch him, knowing with his healing it wouldn’t do much good, but Samael liked the little things. He also liked teasing Amaimon. He pushed back onto the demon, wanting to close his eyes and take in the feeling, but he couldn’t. He shivered as, after a few minutes, Samael finished his teasing, removing his fingers and rutting against Rin, a promise of what was to come.

Rin's eyes lowered in submission, his tail failing lip to one side, expressing without a doubt that he was more than ready. Samael ran a gentle hand down his tail, sending sparks in his spine, as a reward. His warm hand pressed to the small of Rin's back, the heat a stark contrast to how cool his skin had become while exposed to the open air. Samael pushed him into a better position, arching his back and holding his hip tight as he pushed deeply into him. It was nearly impossible to keep his eyes open as he was filled, but it was well worth seeing the expression on Amaimon's face, hungry and wanting as a low whine passed through his lips.

"Lovely, isn’t he?" Samael asked, the warmth of his inside Rin filling the younger's mind with a needful haze. Amaimon was quick to nod, scooting closer on his knees, but not leaving the couch. "Come here."

Amaimon scrambled down, Samael reaching out to cup his cheek and dragging him into a searing kiss as he finally began to move inside Rin. Slamming into him slow and hard, every movement pushing Rin on his knees until they ached with rug burn. "The bathroom smells like sex." Samael said, "I suppose that's how he got you out of bed." His tone was playful, but Rin defected the undercurrent of jealousy he had heard there before.

Amaimon tangled his tail with Samael's own, pressing their foreheads together in a gentle nuzzle. "Don’t rush off so early to work if you want to join in." He hummed, Samael snapping his clothes away, giving him permission to finally join them. Amaimon shifted to Rin's front and with Samael's help gently turned him around, laying him in his lap as Samael sunk back into him.

Rin's breath came out hard through his nose and muffling against his gag as he look up now at Samael instead of Amaimon, the time king keeping steady eye contact. He wanted to throw his arm over his face and avoid that penetrating gaze, feeling as if Samael was undressing him with his eyes despite the fact that he was already laid bare before him. Amaimon's length teased at his entrance, brushing along Samael's own with every thrust. Rin's mind grew hazy with lust as Samael nodded, giving Amaimon permission to push into him, slow and hard all at once, a demanding pressure he longed to give into. His head fell back against Amaimon's chest as a whine rose in his chest at the pain of being so full, the burning sensation slowly melting into a deep ache as his flush spilled over to his ears, neck, and chest.

"Remember though, no cumming until I’ve had my fill." Samael growled, leaning over Rin, claws digging punctures into his hips as he kissed Amaimon again, drawing blood from his lips. Amaimon didn’t respond, but the way he stayed still while inside Rin even as Samael began to thrust up into him seemed to be answer enough for the time king.

A hand settled on Rin's length, Amaimon’s fingers wrapping around him and stroking. His head fell back, exposing his throat to the both of them, an offering quickly taken as two sets of fangs dug into him.

Samael panted softly as his thrusts came faster and faster, his tail twitching about erratically. Rin wished dizzily that he was louder during sex, his noises almost always low growls and muffed groans pressed against his skin or lips. One of these days he was going to make the elder demon scream for him.

A strong shiver ran up his spine as the image of Samael crying out to God as he fucked him filled his mind. The idea of making a demon, not just any demon, a king, say something like that had his hips bucking hard, a whine dying to escape him. His eyes shut tight, the pain of needing to cum but being denied by the sound frustratingly painful.

Amaimon mouthed at his ears and cheek, taking his tail in hand and stroking it along with his ministrations on his cock. "Shh, you'll get to cum soon." He reassured, the words making Rin's heart swell with a now all too familiar feeling. He wanted to be Amaimon's completely, he wanted this to be more than just play, he wanted Samael to mark him so deeply he'd never shake their scents off him. He wanted to cum and cum while they watched and at least he’d get that wish.

Samael's mouth covered his over his gag, tongue a demanding slide over his lips as he tensed, hands lifting Rin's legs to give him more leverage, filling him with his finish. Amaimon moaned softly at the feeling, Rin eager to wrap his legs around Samael's waist in an attempt to keep him as close as possible as they were freed from his grip, the other going lax in the afterglow.

Finally Amaimon began to move, Rin purring as he pushed against his prostate, the feeling wonderful when paired with his slick Samael's cum had made him.

Just as he grew accustomed to the pace Amaimon set Samael began to move again too, a rough growl rumbling in his chest like distant thunder as he scrapped his fangs over Rin’s neck. He mouthed at his pulse, drawing dark bruises to his skin that faded almost as soon as they appeared.

Satisfied from before his thrusts were no longer driven by greed, his movements slow, a torture compared to Amaimon’s scramble for release. He filled Rin to the hilt with each thrust, making him feel dizzyingly full. “ If you cum before me I’ll have your tail, Amaimon.” He warned in a low growl, grabbing the earth king’s tail in a firm grip, pulling until begrudgingly, Amaimon slowed his movements.

Rin growled with frustration, craving the punishing movements. Samael smiled down at him, echoing his angered complaints, their chests pressing together until their twin growls filled him in a way sex never could. The sound of them intoxicating. He closed his eyes to feel it, drifting in them, shivering when Amaimon joined. Samael let him, his touches sinking into something soft as he leaned forward to kiss Amaimon deeply, their warm breaths washing over Rin’s sensitive ear.

Still sensitive from before Samael didn’t last much longer, a trembling gasp escaping him as Amaimon got his hands on his tail, rubbing the fur the wrong way. Samael's head dropped to Rin's shoulder, biting down as he rutted into him, harder again before with one final, rough thrust he stilled.

Amaimon moaned at the feeling of Samael cumming beside him, digging his claws into Rin’s thighs as he spread his legs wide, throwing his slow rhythm out the window in favor of hurried, desperate movements.

Samael purred at the sight, watching Amaimon slip fully into his instincts for a long moment until he pulled out, Rin whining as he did. He kissed down Rin’s chest, dragging his claws over the half demon's skin, bringing bright red to the surface before chasing the blood with his tongue.

Rin whined as he watched, trying desperately to move his hips in time with Amaimon's quick pace, wishing his hands were free so he he could pin the earth king down and ride him, or perhaps push Samael's head down faster. The agonizing pace he was taking towards his length was driving Rin mad in comparison to Amaimon’s quick thrusts, the difference in their paces making him dizzy.

Finally, Samael ran his tongue over the length of Rin's cock, drawing a moan from him as he flattened it against the sensitive skin. He teased Rin for a moment, drawing his tongue in slow, deliberate strokes before granting him what he truly wanted, taking him fully down his throat. Rin forced his eyes open at the feeling, loving the sight of Samael's mouth around him, the bulge in his throat that outlined where he was inside him. Watching him choke never got old.

He wanted to tangle his fingers in his hair and push him down harder, wanted to pound into him roughly. Luckily, Amaimon had that part covered, his rough thrusts pushing his cock down Samael's throat at an equally fast pace when the time king made no move to hinder his movements.

Amaimon bit suddenly into the edge of his ear, snarling lowly, "He looks good like that, doesn't he~" Rin could only moan his answer around his gag, but the response made Amaimon grin, his tail lifting to coil around Samael's neck, forcing him down further as if tugging him with a leash. Rin could have cum to that sight alone and he wanted too more than anything, but the sound buried deep in his length prevented it. He let out a frustrated growl. "Shhh," Amaimon reassured him, hand stroking his tail gently, "Not much longer."

True to his word Amaimon wouldn’t last much longer and as he grew closer Samael pulled away from him, making Rin keen with need. Carefully he pulled the sound out, twisting it in a way that sent shivers down Rin's spine as he did. "Cum for us, Rin."

He didn’t need any more permission than that, his scream muffled against the gag as Samael swallowed hard around him. His tail lashed erratically across the floor as he came down Samael's throat, back arching as he tightened needfully around Amaimon who bit deeply into his shoulder.

Rin felt his claws dig into his hands as his body tensed, groaning as Amaimon came deeply inside him, his head spinning. He barely noticed as Samael licked him clean, catching any drops of cum he had missed, too busy drifting in the afterglow. His tail curled languidly around Samael's arm, purring even as his arms aching when Amaimon pushed him gently into Samael's embrace and undid the ties around his wrist. The static that ran through his fingers as blood rushed into him made him groan with mild discomfort, curling against Samael tiredly.

Amaimon nuzzled against the both of them, still panting ever so slightly as he took his time undoing the gag in Rin's mouth.

Rin let out an appreciative purr, his jaw aching as he was finally able to close his mouth. Amaimon mouthed gently at the wounds on his shoulder as they healed, tracing the lines of his blood, smiling against his skin.

"Have fun?" He purred, his fangs brushing Rin's back, threatening another bite and perhaps another round had Rin's eyes not fluttered closed tiredly, a loud yawn escaping him as he curled further into Samael's arms.

"You can’t rest just yet, Rin." Samael said, running his fingers through his sweat damp hair momentarily before snapping all three of them clean. "Let's get dinner."

"Nothing complicated." Amaimon hummed, wrapping his arms around Samael's neck, tail wagging as he decided what they should have, "Oh! Let’s get pizza!"

Rin's ears perked up at the suggestion, "Oh that one place that opened up down town a while ago is amazing!"

"I want supreme!" Amaimon demanded, moving to dig his hands through Samael's discards pant's pockets.

Samael snapped and his phone appeared in his hands before Amaimon had the chance to grab it, "We're obviously getting ham and pineapple."

"We'll get both." Rin said, taking his own phone out and dialing, "And their five meat special for me." He ordered quickly, telling the worker their address before hanging up. "You're paying, Mephisto."

"If it were up to me we would have only gotten one pizza."

"If it were up to you we'd be eating cup ramen." Rin hummed back, ignoring Mephisto's indignant response in favor of pulling on one of the robes Mephisto had begun keeping for him in his room, figuring it was better to be clothed when their food arrived.

"You say that as if there's something wrong with cup ramen." Mephisto grumbled, pulling on his own clothes and moving to pick Amaimon up, settling down with him on the couch. Rin smiled as he watched the time king run gentle fingers down Amaimon’s bare back, moving to join them.

"We had ramen for lunch." Amaimon yawned, his head settled in Mephisto's lap, arching into his mate's warm touch.

Mephisto summoned a heated blanket for them, clicking on the tv and picking an anime Rin had never heard of.

"What's going on?" Amaimon asked before the credits had even finished.

"Pay attention and find out." Mephisto shushed, the pupils of his eyes widening in excitement for the episode. Rin found himself watching as he reacted to what was going on, finding it endearing. He leaned happily against Mephisto’s shoulder.

"Why are they arguing, he could just kill that dude with the stupid hair." Amaimon pointed out. Mephisto chose to ignore his commentary for a few minutes, but once Amaimon decided the show was worth commenting on he didn’t seem to want to stop. "Why is he taking forever to power up? I could have punched him by now." He added, hands starting to move animatedly in a way that sort of reminded Rin of the way Mephisto would talk with his hands. He supposed the two had picked up a few of each other's habits after decades together. "Do all humans yell this mu-mph!"

Mephisto cut off his words with a kiss, leaning over him and dragging the touch into a deep motion. "Hush now, Amai." He murmured, Rin blushing as he heard the soft nickname.

Amaimon's eyes and pupils were wide as he wrapped his arms around Mephisto's neck, pulling him back into a kiss, tongue running delicately across his lips as he tilted his head into the embrace. "Mm, mine." He purred as he moved away after a few long moments.

"Yours." Samael said, tracing Amaimon’s cheek with his thumb and opening his mouth as if he were about to say something before a knock came at the bedroom door, a voice calling through it.

"Sir, your pizzas." Belial spoke through the door, Mephisto not even bothering to get up as he snapped his fingers to bring them to the coffee table in front of the couch along with some soda.

"Thank you, Belial!" Rin called back as Mephisto didn't bother thanking the demon.

Amaimon was quick to dig in folding four pieces of supreme pieces on top of each other and practically unhinging his jaw to take a bite. Rin smiled and opened his own box, all three of them settling in for a night of tv and good food, curled up warmly on Mephisto's couch.



A few hours later Rin yawned as he sank into Mephisto’s comfortable bed, Amaimon crawling to his side while Mephisto joined him at the other. The two shared a soft kiss over him before they settled down properly. Mephisto kissed Rin's shoulder while Amaimon kissed his forehead, leaving Rin disappointed, wishing they kissed him like they kissed each other. He'd have to talk to Mephisto soon about making their relationship more official.

For the moment though he worried about falling asleep, letting his mind drift as he breathed in their comforting scents, gently tangling his tail with both of their own.


"...when did he ask...?" Mephisto's voice cut low through the hazy of Rin's sleep, but exhaustion drug him down, preventing him from waking fully. The bed was so warm and the demon's beside him had their arms around him, leaving him drifting in a half dream, their voices moving in and out as if waves washing along the shore of his consciousness.

"In the bath...he knew what he was asking."

"No." Mephisto said, hard even when he spoke in whispers.

"Why not?"

"He doesn’t understand us, he’s probably thinks it’s like being in love."

"He knows we can’t, but he still wants us, so why not, so what if he’s a little confused, he’s young." Amaimon countered.

"You're mine." Possession crept into Mephisto's voice, betraying the jealousy he tried to hide from Rin.

"And nothing's changing that...but many demons take multiple mates." Amaimon murmured, reassuring the elder in a way Rin had never heard him before "We both like him, Samael, he’s fun. I don’t see why we can’t have him."

"It’s not a matter of what we want. He still has a long way to go. He may not beat Satan and even if he does do you think he'll still want us after he learns of all the things we have done, all the things his human half would detest?" A sigh escaped him and even mostly asleep Rin could hear the frown he must have worn. "Even if he does live and he does actually want us, he’s still a nephilim and those only live two hundred years or so. We've no idea if he's immortal because of his bloodline, or just like any other half breed."

A long silence passed between them, Rin drifting close to full sleep as nightmares began to eat away at him. Two hundred years...was he really not immortal? He’d never really wanted to be immortal, it was a scary thought, but two hundred years? Two hundred years was long enough to watch everyone he loved die and now it was what kept Mephisto from agreeing to make them official. Would they remain in this stalemate for centuries? What of Mephisto's possessiveness, would it continue to fester? Amaimon was right, they both enjoyed him, so what was the difference, why the defensiveness?

Questions spiraled through his tired mind as sleep began to fully reclaim him, dragging him into a fitful rest, yet before he could drift off Amaimon’s voice filled his senses one last time, tired and dripping in years old frustration.

"It’s always about time with you."



When he woke up again Rin found the bed empty, the usually warm blankets cold as winter sun filtered through the windows. He curled in on himself, nose chasing the scents of the demon king's, wishing they were in bed with him. He found himself reaching out for one of Mephisto’s large anime plushies. He’d joked about them the first time he’d seen them, but now, alone, he found the shape comforting and it smelled like all of them together.

A sinking feeling filled his chest and stomach as he remembered the conversation he had overheard in the night. Had he overheard it or had it been a nightmare spurred on by his anxieties over his immortality, or lack thereof?

He frowned, it hadn’t felt like a dream, as tired as he had been and even if it had he still needed to ask Mephisto why he didn’t want him in the same way he wanted Amaimon. His tail curled tightly around his body. It wasn’t a conversation he was looking forward to, but he wanted to stop being their third wheel and Amaimon seemed to want that too.

He wasn’t in the mood to stay in bed for much longer, thoughts eating away at his exhaustion until it felt like too much energy was pent up in his body, his legs itching towards movement. He sat up too fast and made himself dizzy, launching the covers and anime plush off him.

He scrambled to the bathroom, stumbling a bit before he shook off his dizziness. Neither Amaimon or Mephisto was in the room, making him wonder what was going on. He’d never woken up alone while with them. What was he supposed to do?

Unsure, he took a quick shower and dressed in some casual wear that belonged to Amaimon. Usually Mephisto was around to summon him a new pair of clothes, but not today and he hadn’t seemed to have bothered remembering to get him some. He looked around for his old clothes, but Belial must have already taken them to the wash because they weren’t on the floor where they’d been left the night before. Why did Mephisto even need his clothes manually washed anyway? Couldn’t he just snap them clean? Rin shrugged at the thought, Mephisto was weird he probably thought cleaning the clothes the human way was quaint and therefore enjoyable or something equally ridiculous.

At least Amaimon’s clothes fit him well enough, the pants were a touch short, but considering it was the weekend he wasn’t too worried. Besides having Amaimon's scent so close was nice.

He walked down to the kitchen, intent on rooting around for food. Amaimon had eaten all of the pizza the night before, even Mephisto's pineapple ham pizza despite his grumbling. Rin reached up into a cabinet, looking for a plate that didn’t look as if it cost a million dollars, but it was a worthless search.

"Good morning, sir." Belial's overly professional voice came out of nowhere, scaring Rin half to death.

He jumped, clumsily dropping enough plates to pay his tuition, wincing as they shattered on the tile flooring. "S-Shit sorry!" How had he even snuck up on him? His senses had gotten better since he’d fully awoken as a demon, yet now that he thought about it he never heard Belial approach.

Belial flicked his hand and the plates pieced themselves back together in a flurry of movement. Rin watching as they packed themselves neatly away in the cabinet. "Would you like me to make something for you, sir?"

Rin fought the urge to ask Belial not to call him sir, knowing from previous attempts that there wasn’t a point to it. "No, no it's okay, I’ve got it."

Belial swept the room with his sharp eyes, tilting his head in an expression of doubt he was too professional to say aloud before turning around to leave.

Rin remembered how lonely eating by himself was.


Unable to put his mind and heart at ease he ended up eating quickly, psyching himself up for his visit with Mephisto. He felt his hands shake before he balled them into fists, walking to the time king's main office in the mansion.

He had hoped he’d at least see Amaimon lounging on one of the room's couches, but no such reassurance met him, the room bare except for Mephisto sitting at his desk, all too empty and all too cold. He tensed automatically, the energy cooking around Mephisto unlike any he’d ever sensed off of him, even when he let Samael show. "Hey, um...there’s something I was wanting to talk about with you. Is now a good time?"

"I’m afraid I’m in no mood to talk." Mephisto said, refusing to look up from his stack of papers, pen scratching as it worked over them.

Rin stood quiet for a moment, unsure of what to do, he knew he really shouldn’t push Mephisto if he wasn’t in the mood. It was asking for trouble, but he didn’t know how much longer he could stay quiet...especially after learning he might not be immortal after all. The thought felt like it was festering inside him. "But, you have the time, don’t you?"

Mephisto sighed and laid his pen down on the table, rubbing the bridge of his nose for a long moment. Why did he seem so frustrated with him, Rin didn’t know what he’d done wrong. Sure, he’d asked for them to be official, but Mephisto didn’t seem the type to get hung up on relationships. Not like this, anyhow. "Yes, Rin, I always have the time."

"Oh." Rin wasn’t sure how to respond to his exhausted sounding answer, choosing to push past it and rip off the bandaid instead, "I, well yesterday I asked Amaimon if you, me, and him could, you know, all be together. Like officially, well demon officially anyway. The way you and him are...and he said that I’d have to ask you about it."

"No." The answer was short and clipped. Rin had expected a bit of a runaround if he hadn’t wanted to be with him, the sort of teasing he tended to give everyone when he didn’t want to give a straight answer. The blunt, definite response caught him off guard.

"But I-“

"I said, no, Rin."

"Why!?" Rin was surprised by the emotion he let slip, stepping forward on legs that refused to stay still, hands still clenched at his side.

Mephisto picked his pen back up and continued his work, it made Rin's blood boil. "I don’t owe you any more than my answer and it's no, now leave."

"Bullshit you don't owe me an answer! We've been doing this...this thing for over a year now!"

Green eyes finally flicked to Rin’s own, pupils slivered to barely visible pinpricks. "You're a good lay, Rin, nothing more. I’m not interested in pursuing you further."

Tears welled in Rin’s eyes. A lay. Was that really all he was? He knew demons didn’t love but that was...that was cold and he knew there was more to demonic interactions than that, Mephisto and Amaimon were so warm and comfortable around one another. Rin knew they took comfort in each other’s presence and he took comfort in theirs. Shouldn’t that be enough? "Samael please..." he begged, wanting to at least know he hadn’t just been toyed with, but it didn’t seem to matter to the time king, who flicked his wrist, spinning Rin around unnaturally.

"I don't bind myself to mortals, now, for the last time, I said leave."

And with that Rin was flying out of the room, tossed unceremoniously out of doors that slammed and locked loudly behind him, leaving him a crumpled heap on the floor.


The word played like a broken record inside his mind, skipping over and over to send him right back to it.

He was going to die after all.

Chapter Text

Rin stared down at his hands, unseeing. The tears that had threatened to leave him just moments before spilling over. He hadn’t thought it would hurt so much. He’d thought that as long as things didn’t change between them he’d be okay, he’d been okay before, after all.

That wasn’t the case at all though and now his mind tore itself in two. He knew he should have been more upset about his mortality, and he was, but the hurt of Mephisto’s refusal burned brightly in his heart, twisting the back of his throat until he felt like he could hardly breathe.

It was too much to think about, dying, being used. What about Amaimon? Did he feel that way too? All his friends would die within a hundred years and then what? Would he live a hundred more friendless? Would he try to interact with others or would he lock himself away like Yukio did, dragged down by the world and emotions he didn’t think anyone could empathize with?

His trembling hands lifted to his hair, fisting there and pulling out strands. His breathing came too fast, chest rising and shrinking erratically. 'It shouldn’t feel this bad! It shouldn’t feel this bad!' He tried to scream inwardly at himself, but it only served to stress him out more.

Then, seemingly from nowhere, a hand cupped his cheek. He flinched, eyes snapping open to look up wildly, shocked to find Amaimon standing before him. Before he could stop himself he was collapsing into his open arms. In the back of his mind he knew that there was a chance Amaimon regarded him as nothing but a good lay too, but the comfort of his familiarity was too much to deny.

Strong fingers tangled in his hair, bringing his face to his shoulder. "You talked to him?" Rin only nodded, drawing a sigh from Amaimon, "Let’s go back to the room." He didn’t wait for a response, snapping his fingers and bringing them back to Mephisto's bed, wrapping Rin in a blanket. "That bad?"

"He...he said he doesn’t attach himself to mortals." He gripped the front of Amaimon's vest tightly, "I’m going to die...aren't I?"

Despite the somber question Amaimon burst out laughing, stunning Rin. Anger bubbled in his chest at the sound, imaging that the earth king was making fun of him, yet the feeling died in his chest as he saw how Amaimon scoffed and before he could say something the demon spoke, "That's some of the biggest bullshit I've ever heard come out of his mouth!"

Rin pulled away from Amaimon's chest, blinking wide eyed up at the earth king, "W-What?"

Amaimon took a moment to calm, but when he did he flopped down fully onto the bed, folding his arms under his head and crossing his legs, "Samael has claimed humans before.”

"Wait, really?" Rin asked as he laid down beside Amaimon, supporting himself on his elbow. If Mephisto had lied about that then was it really as simple as he had said, Rin was good for sex but they weren’t otherwise compatible? "So he just...doesn’t want me?"

"No...I don't think that's it." Amaimon admitted, looking up at the ceiling, "Samael's been mulling something over for a long time now, I wouldn’t think he said anything true in that office."

"Even about me dying..."

"We aren’t sure about that," Amaimon said, frowning. He seemed to be mulling something of his own over, though Rin wasn’t sure if he could guess what it was. "There's never been a nephilim of Satan."

An uneasy silence settled between them, Rin glanced out the window, dreading the passage of time, the return of Mephisto. He wasn't sure what would happen when he was done with work. After an unbearable amount of time Rin was no longer able to stand the quiet, forcing himself to talk, to say something, anything, "What does it mean to claim someone? I know it's different than what we have now, but what is it?"

Amaimon took a while to respond and for moment Rin debated asking something else. "The most obvious difference is that other demon's can tell when you belong to each other. But..." he paused, fiddling with his finger nails in a nervous habit, chewing at their sharp points, "The real difference is that if all of the mates are demons then when one demon dies their power goes to those demons. If a demon has claimed more than one mate then their power gets divided up, but in our case if I die Samael would get all my power."

Rin looked over at Amaimon, sitting up to focus better. "Your power would transfer to him? How does that even work?"

"Claiming binds the aspects of demons, a demon can claim a human, but humans don't have aspects, so that bond can't ever be completed fully. Still, Samael has claimed humans before."

"What happens when a demon without a mate dies?"

Amaimon's gaze became distant, looking away from him and out the window. "Their power goes to who killed them...even if that person is a human. That human may become consumed by the power, but they may meld with the demon, taking in their powers and traits."

"You the demon eaters?" Rin asked, thinking back to what Yukio had told him about the members of the illuminati who had consumed demon's to gain strength.

"They are very similar, however, sometimes when a human eats a demon it continues to live inside them. I’m referring to permanent death. Once that human dies, the demon's aspect ceases to exist because humans cannot transfer aspects to others."

"So...if Samael were to die, you'd become the king of time and space?"


Tension wound through the room, Rin's mind working towards something, the gears in his mind grinding. Why did this feel like he was in the edge of something? Why had Amaimon frozen up? Why did he look away? Rin didn’t understand, "Samael...he must, he must trust you a lot." Amaimon only nodded, Rin slowly reached understanding. "Lucifer...Satan...they're the only ones strong enough to kill him."

"Yes." Was there a waver in Amaimon’s voice?

A small gasp escaped Rin as it clicked fully. He stood from the bed, walking around to stand in front of Amaimon who still refused to look at him "Are that why you're together? Are you his failsafe!?" Anger burned in his voice, Samael was playing both of them. If he lost this stupid war his power would go to Amaimon, Amaimon who hated Lucifer as much as him and who knew Rin enough to push him ever forward towards beating Satan. This was plan B, or C, or D or X,Y,Z it didn’t matter. Even if he was out of the picture he would still be dictating their moves.

Amaimon looked down at his lap, "You don’t know anything about us."

"If he dies you become him and then what, you play all the games he's already set up!?"

"I think you should leave."

Rin nearly stumbled in surprise, his lips pulling up to expose his fangs unintentionally, "Excuse me?"

A low growl tore its way up Amaimon's throat. "I said leave."

Rins hands balled into tight fists, "And what if I don't?" He asked, his anger making him foolish. Why wasn’t Amaimon more upset about this? Why wasn’t he angry at Mephisto like Rin was?

Amaimon didn’t answer him, though Rin could see the options flickering in his gaze. He was angry enough to attack, the way he tensed his shoulders was evidence enough of that, but he made no move to physically harm Rin. Instead his power flexed in the air, making Rin feel as if the weight of the world had been dropped on his shoulders, his entire body becoming ten times heavier. His knees buckled under the weight as Amaimon stood, drawing up to his full height to look down at the younger demon. Rin tried to move, pressing his palms flat to the floor to assist him, but the moment his fingers touched the tile he could not remove them. His entire body felt like lead, trembling under the weight of itself. "I will not have you assuming anything about Samael's and I's relationship. You were raised human and don't understand the depth of it, you're foolish to pretend otherwise." He flicked his wrist and Rin toppled over as the weight receded all at once, sending him sprawling. "Leave, you’ve insulted me enough."

Rin opened his mouth to protest, but the words never came. His body moved on autopilot, scrambling to his feet quickly and quietly before leaving with a hurried glance behind him. Amaimon had turned his back towards him, face buried in his hand, looking exhausted.

The door to the mansion seemed to slam behind him as he stepped out of the Faust manor and into the all too bright sun. He looked down at the brick work that made up Mephisto's driveway, unsure of what to do. Just the day before he had figured they would all be official by now, yet there he stood outside the house and alone, having fought with Mephisto and upset Amaimon.

If they were only friends with benefits before what were they now after a fight?

Did Rin even want more after what had happened, after what he had learned?


Without much thought he made it back to his dorm, his body falling into the well known path back to his room as he struggled to work out his feelings. He found he couldn’t remember the walk as he looked at his empty room. A note on his desk told him that Yukio had gone on a mission and wouldn’t be back for several days. The branch was struggling to keep up with all the demonic activity since Mephisto had dropped his hold on the Gehenna gate and they were working most of their exorcists to the bone. Mephisto had pushed up their exams and had even pushed for new recruits, attempting to streamline the process of training exorcists. In a few instances a couple of non exorcists had managed to fend off a demon from an area, though those cases more often than not had been connected to families that took care of temples. They may not have been trained, may not have even believed in demons before, but had managed on old superstitions and tricks. Rin wondered idly as he plugged in the room’s heater if people knowing how to exorcise demons would become a common occurrence, as normal as riding a bike or using a cell phone.

What would a world where everyone was an exorcist look like? Sure, Rin didn’t like the frequent demon attacks, but it had been difficult enough having his friends find out he was a demon. What if everyone knew? It would be impossible to make everyone happy, to assure everyone in the world that he wasn’t dangerous. He couldn’t even seem to make Yukio happy, or Mephisto, or Amaimon, how was he supposed to please everyone?

Tears welled in his eyes as what had happened at the mansion began to press down on him like Amaimon's powers, his worried mind spiraling right back to the subject he didn’t want to think about. He collapsed into his bed and cried. He loved the two demons, he knew that was true. He’d fallen for them over the past year and although he’d known they couldn’t love him back the rejection and the arguments wanted to tear his heart in two.

His tail curled around him as he wrapped himself in a heated blanket, but he found no comfort, tossing and turning until he felt the bed dip at his feet. He looked up from his blanket, watching as Kuro stepped over to him, his forehead bumping against Rin’s arm.

“Rin.” Kuro said, looking up at him with worried eyes and not bothering to put his question into words.

“It’s okay, I’m fine.” Rin lied, looking away from Kuro in a stubborn attempt to hide the truth.

Luckily for him though Kuro didn’t seem to want to push him to say anything he wasn’t ready to, curling up beside him and flicking his tail over his arm as Rin pet him absentmindedly.

"I think..." Rin said after a long quiet, "I think, I want to go home."

Kuro lifted his head, "The monastery?"

“Yeah, Yukio is gone for the week and I don’t want to be stuck in this cold dorm alone." He sat up, wrapping the warm blanket around him and wishing Mephisto had put him up in a room that wasn’t so drafty. "It’s winter break, I should go visit." And get out of the painfully empty dorm, the last thing he needed was to be alone with his thoughts and from the constant reminder that Yukio was still running from him.

"You should make a hot pot!" Kuro said excitedly, hopping off the bed and grinning in a way that soothed his worries. He didn’t know what he'd do without Kuro.

"We'll go to the store before we get there." Rin agreed, starting to pack a bag and pull on his jacket and shoes. He looked down at his phone before he tucked it into his pants pocket and saw that he had no messages. He switched it to silent, he didn’t want to talk to Mephisto or Amaimon anyway. He looked down at Kuro and bent down, picking him up and opening the hood a bit on his jacket to give his familiar room. Kuro crawled in and curled up, adjusting a bit as Rin pulled on his backpack.



The store was crowded with holiday shoppers, grocery carts full of food just like Rin's was. He imagined there would be a lot of dinner parties in the city tonight. He picked up a bag of salt then promptly put it back down with a grimace. Why were half the items in this store mephy brand? It made it difficult to get the food he wanted, Mephisto's stupid face plastered all over the labels.

What didn’t that demon have his hands in?

He sighed and turned his buggy to the checkout line, normally all the reminders of Mephisto were comforting but now he found he couldn’t stand to be in the store any longer.



The monastery brought with it the warm, familiar comforts of home. Izumi and Maruta greeted him at the door. He hugged the both of them, he hadn’t been back since Misumi's funeral a few months back. He really should visit more, he thought to himself as he looked around the congregation hall which looked somehow the same as it did when he was a child while still feeling drastically different. Every time he came here he could sense the emptiness of it, without Shiro it just wasn’t the same and now without Misumi, who had worked there since he was a child, it was even more different. He remembered why he didn’t visit as often as he should.

Luckily with the holidays drawing near they didn’t ask him why he’d stopped by, but he did have to explain that Yukio wouldn't be visiting. They were understanding and Rin found his own guilt over not demanding Yukio stay home more often soothed by their kind words.

"Sir Pheles always used to send Shiro out on long missions around the holidays, not sure what for, but I guess Yukio's no different." Maruta said as Rin prepared the ingredients for the hot pot meal, drawing a wry laugh from Izumi.

"He did it because the two of them were always at each other’s throats, didn’t need much more reason than that to send him out in the cold." Izumi said, plucking a raw mushroom from a bowl beside Rin, just barely avoiding getting his hand slapped.

"No sneaking food!" Rin laughed, though the sound died in his throat as he thought about how Amaimon would have done the same thing. "Old man he...he never told me about Mephisto." He murmured, more to himself than to the others as he chopped vegetables.

"Well, he couldn’t." Maruta pointed out, helping Rin out by bringing the pot to the table and bringing the seaweed broth to a boil. "Had to keep all of his involvement with the order under wraps after all."

Rin brought the vegetables, meat, and sauces to the table, smiling at Kuro as he jumped onto the table. As much as hearing about Mephisto pained him he couldn’t help the curiosity that rose inside of him. Shiro had never told him about the demon and Mephisto in turn never talked about Shiro beside the few, admittedly hurtful, quotes he’d said before. "What were they like, back then?"



"Impossible." Kuro threw in in his voice only Rin could hear as he paced back and forth, waiting for the food to cook.

The answers surprised Rin, but as soon as he tried to picture the two interacting it made sense, they were both as stubborn as mules after all. He couldn’t imagine Shiro putting up with Mephisto’s antics. He’d seen them interact in the past a few times, Shiro's threats while standing on Mephisto's desk in particular. That attitude couldn’t have faded.

"Could never tell what was up with the two of them." Maruta added as he tucked into the meal, Kuro and Izumi close behind. "One moment they’d be fighting, the next Mephisto would invite him to his mansion and they’d be like old pals again."

"Shiro always said the director was his closest friend, but watching them bicker the way they did made it hard to believe." Izumi said as he took some meat from the pot, kindly handing it over to Kuro.

"I sometimes wonder how Sir Pheles took..." Maruta paused for a moment, his lighthearted tone falling away as he looked down at his food, " know how he took Shiro's, I mean he wasn’t at the service." Rin remembered seeing Mephisto for the first time, the demon showing up late the day of Shiro's burial, after the crowd had dispersed. "Not something I think a friend would do."

"But he’s a demon, they aren’t really concerned with things like death." Izumi reasoned, his mouth full of food and perhaps if this was a different conversation Rin would have smiled at how ridiculous he looked.

He couldn't smile though, not when the words rubbed him the wrong way. He looked at Kuro, reaching out to pet his head gently. Kuro was a demon and when Shiro had died he’d been inconsolable. To say something as broad as demons didn’t care about death didn’t make sense.

The rest of the meal passed slowly, but at least they moved on to some lighter subjects after a few minutes. After they finished Maruta and Izumi refused to let him wash the dishes, insisting that since he had cooked he absolutely would not be cleaning, so he settled for taking his bag to his old room and unpacking. Kuro followed close behind him, hopping onto Yukio's empty bed. Rin breathed in the familiar scents of the room as he unzipped his backpack and placed the few clothes he'd brought into his old drawer. He missed this place, and his old sheets and blankets which he took the time to smooth down properly on his bed. Not even Mephisto's huge bed was as welcoming as the one from his childhood, the memories it carried with it making it a comfort nothing else could compare too.

Yawning he sunk into the worn blankets, burying his nose in them and trying to remember a time when his life wasn’t so crazy. The bed dipped and Kuro joined him by his head, twin purrs rumbled through their chests. At least Rin didn’t have to worry about Kuro dying or leaving him.



His eyes opened blearily a few hours later, his bladder nagging at him. He frowned and burrowed beneath the covers, hoping to just fall back asleep if he ignored it, but after a few moments he gave in, figuring it was better to go to the bathroom than struggle to fall asleep. He stretched, ears flattening to his head as his body tensed. He shifted Kuro gently to the side as not to squash him as he got up, shivering a bit as his feet touched the cold wood floor beneath him.

The monastery was dead, the only sound in the darkened hall the ticking of the clock on the wall. He walked to the bathroom, eyes still mostly closed, before they opened on the way back to his room a few moments later, confusion filling him.

Light filtered from under the door of Shiro's study, shadows moving in the room. A chill ran up his spine. Who could have gotten into Shiro's study at this time of night and why? No one had gone in there since before he had died. They had found the room locked tight with an incantation they hadn’t been able to break. According to Misumi, who had still been alive at the time, the spell was laid by Shiro himself to protect order secrets, but now none of them could get in, not even though the windows. They'd decided to just let it be. Whatever was in there could stay, the people who needed to know probably already did anyway.

Rin approached the door slowly, avoiding the spots in the floor he knew creaked from years of sneaking out of the house. Pressing his ear up against the door he tried to hear for activity in the room, but he knew that if it was a demon who had managed to get in they would likely be just as quiet as he was. He sniffed, trying to pick up any scents, but found none. Still the movement he could clearly see under the door had set his nerves on edge.

Carefully, slowly, he turned the door knob. The magic on the door flared to life, deep purple scrawling across the gate. He looked down at the symbols written in Shiro's familiar scrawl, his strokes peaking as they always had when he’d see his father write. Still, upon further investigation they rubbed him the wrong way. The power they hummed with was now achingly familiar. The symbols were written is Shiro’s hand, but this was Mephisto's magic. He traced his fingers over the marks, they burned lowly, the sensation of pain increasing with every passing moment.

His own magic flared to life, blue flame covering his body. His magic pushed against the symbols, slowly turning the deep purple a brilliant blue as it crawled up the symbols, burning them away. He pushed his will into his flames movements, wanting to get into the room to see who was on the other side. If it was an Illuminati spy who knew what sort of info they would find in there, especially concerning his birth.

'Should I call the others?' He wondered as Mephisto and Shiro's mixed powers melted away under his own. He shook his head, no, he didn’t want anyone else to get hurt. He would do this on his own, he would stop whoever was in there.

Finally the door gave way under him, the symbols burned away the doorknob turned and clicked open. He flared his power around him, the flames rising higher as he burst through the door, hoping to catch whoever was in there off guard.

The door banged against the wall, Rin found himself in a dark, cold, empty room. All alone.

Strong light poured through the window from holiday decorations on the houses outside, gold christmas lights glittering in the snow fall. The overgrown tree in the monastery’s back yard scraped against the window, casting long ominous shadows.

No one.

It had been no one.

His heart beat hard in his chest, the adrenaline that was rushing through his veins had nowhere to go as his flames flickered and died. He stood in the room, cold sinking into his bones for a few long minutes before he found himself stumbling forward. No one had been in this room since before Shiro's death, maybe there was something in here for him and Yukio, he had died so suddenly, maybe he’d hidden some information.

He sat down at Shiro's desk, hands smoothing over the wood desk. It felt weird being in here without his father in the room. Flipping through the books on his desk Rin found nothing but sermon notes and highlighted bible passages. He began to dig through Shiro's drawers, but there was nothing. Why was there a block in the door if there was nothing to keep safe? Rin growled lowly in mounting frustration, moving the messy pile of papers in the drawer haphazardly when his hand brushed against a rough spot. He pulled the papers out to look at the cut in the wood he had felt, tracing his fingers over it. Another symbol. His flames gathered once more at his hand, lighting the sign up until he heard a sharp click, the bottom of the drawer popping up.

This was it, his breath caught in his chest as he saw the file folders that were hidden in the false bottom. He pulled them out as if they were made of glass, laying them down on the desk. He flipped the front open and was met with the looping, curling handwriting of Mephisto. He checked the date, not long after he was born. In his letter Mephisto instructed Shiro to never communicate information about Rin over the internet or text. There was also a reminder of the contact Mephisto had on his life, the threatening tone sending a shiver up his spine. Yet, it was the last line that really caught his attention.

"Oh and do come by sometime soon, I've got some new whiskey for you to try and a few clothes I’d like your feedback on ~ <3"

Feedback on? Why would Mephisto want feedback from Shiro on an outfit? Last time he’d checked Shiro wore mostly his priest clothes and painfully awful dad clothes. He hated suits.

Rin continued to flip through the letters, slowly picking out lines in the letters the two had sent to one another, some long, some short notes that must have been carried over by familiars for how close the responses seemed. Something he had never imagined clicking in his mind with rising horror.

"Miss your stupid face, clown."

"The Bed is cold without you ~ <3"

"Not as cold as my ass in this damn snow you sent me out into."

"I could warm you up ~ <3"

His hands shook, fangs elongating in anger as he clenched his jaw tight. The two of them had been involved? The two of them had been involved and Mephisto hadn’t fucking told him?

And then the papers caught fire, his eyes flying over the pages.

"You know I don’t like being away from you this long."

"Aw, Shiro, missing me already are you?"

"It’s the claim, you know that, being so far from you, your aspect, it's maddening. But fine, yes, I miss you, idiot."



The papers crumbled to ash in his hands and once his fire started it didn’t want to stop. That son of a bitch had looked him in the eyes, told him he was a good lay and turned him away for potentially being mortal! The room filled with fire as he became determined to destroy every last one of the letters. Get rid of the evidence of what had been kept from him.

Mephisto didn’t give a shit about him being mortal, he really had only been a toy. There was no hidden motive, no secret reason. Amaimon had told him as much and it had hurt then, but not like this. Not like how it did when he knew Mephisto had claimed Shiro, his own dad, then had the guts to tell him no, to lie to him and hide from him.

A growl ripped from his throat. Used! He’d been used by the both of them! Amaimon must have known about this! He’d been with Mephisto long enough to have known Shiro, maybe even claimed him too. His ears elongated, flaming tail lashing behind him as his claws dug deep gouges inot the wood beneath them. He flung the books off the desk.

Why wasn’t he good enough? He wasn’t good enough to save Shiro! He wasn’t good enough to help Yukio! He wasn’t good enough to be wanted by Mephisto or even Amaimon! Was he doomed to fall short his entire life?

He kicked Shiro's desk chair the bits, he wanted to tear his hair out, he wanted it to stop hurting. Where was he even supposed to go from here!? He’d spent one year with them, spent one year being lied too. What would happen the next time he went into heat? Did he even want them to touch him? He had standards, there had to be a line. How could he forgive this?

He wanted to tear the room apart, he wanted to scream, he wanted to burn everything to the ground, but he stopped dead in his tracks as movement out the window caught his eye.

His rage stalled in his chest.

There out the window, facing the cemetery behind the monastery an all too familiar white cape rippled in the winter wind.

His heart thudded in his chest as he watched transfixed as Mephisto knelt in front of Shiro's grave. What was he doing here, at this time of night, Rin wondered. Why go through the trouble of coming here now, years later, when he hadn’t even attended his friend's, his claim's funeral.

Rin's hands clenched into fists. How dare he. How dare he come here and pretend he cared about anyone other than himself. It took a fair amount of strength for him to keep from jumping through the window.

Stalking out of the monastery he tugged on his jacket by the door out of habit despite the fact that cold didn’t have much effect on him since he’d fully awoken as a demon. The snow crunched under his feet as went around to the back. "Go away!" He yelled over the wind, frown on his lips. It was a bit childish to just tell Mephisto to fuck off, but he wasn’t sure how to put his feelings into words. He wasn’t even sure if he could with how angry he was. "Leave!" Mephisto stood slowly and turned to him, but he didn’t say anything, just stared at Rin like he was some carnival attraction. Rin growled lowly as he came closer, "Gone deaf, I said go away!"

"Rin, your eyes are warped." Mephisto said in the low, soothing tone he always did when Rin lost control of his powers.

"I don’t care about my eyes, I said leave! You're not welcome here."

"Look Rin I know you're upset, but I just wanted to visit the graveyard, I didn’t even know you were here. If I had known I certainly wouldn’t have come"

"Go." Rin's voice was tinged with a non-human edge, the snarl gathering at the back of his throat threatening to spill outward. "I never want to see or talk to you again."

"Rin, that’s quite impossible, as your bo-“

"Impossible! You mean impossible like how you can’t possibly take a mortal mate! I read your letters to Shiro, I know that's a bunch of bullshit and I know you're using Amaimon too! Don’t act like you can get out of this one, go away!"

Mephisto's eyes narrowed, "I am not using Amaimon and you shouldn’t be poking around in things that aren’t yours."

"Why didn’t you tell me!" Tears stung his eyes and he hated that they did. He’d wanted to come out here and in no uncertain terms tell Mephisto that they were over, that he was tired of being toyed with, not break down. "Why did you lie to me!"

The older demon let out a long, slow sigh. "Fine, I'll be going." He said, avoiding Rin's questions in favor of moving to walk past him. Rin didn’t let him, reaching out to grip his upper arm hard, claws piercing through the thick fabric of Mephisto's jacket. Dark blood welled up around the cuts, staining the white coat and dripping onto the snow beneath. Mephisto tensed beneath him, scowling. "Let me go."

"Answer my question, Samael."

"I thought you never wanted to speak to me again, Rin."

"Why did you lie to me? Tell me."

Samael ripped his arm out of Rin's grasp, "No."

Rin growled as Samael walked away from him, blue fire bursting back to life. He grabbed Samael's wrist hard and before the time king could react he tossed him hard back towards the graveyard. Rin heard something snap, his eyes widening as Samael stumbled back, red erupting under the white of his pants, a gruesome accessory to the blood on his arm. Had Rin thrown him that hard or was his host even worse than he'd thought?

Samael grimaced and looked down at his leg, for a moment it looked as if he would forgive Rin for the outburst, but then he looked as saw which grave he’d been pushed into and the tipped over headstone. "How dare you push me onto him." Samael hissed, voice like an ice cube sliding straight down Rin's spine as he fixed Shiro's gravestone.

Rin didn't even see Samael approach after he righted the stone before he was sent reeling, a hard slap sending him flying across the yard and ramming into the wrought iron gate. His head ached, but his instincts couldn’t have cared less. A pillar of fire rose up from him, snarl piercing the air between them in a near howl, "Push you into him, you shouldn’t even be here! It’s your fault he’s dead in the first place, if you cared so much you should have been here! You could have saved him and you didn’t!" Rational thought began to slip away completely as he launched himself forward, intent on tackling Samael to the ground, fangs, claws, and ears elongated.

Samael dodged easily, but the fire that raged around him made it hard for even the time king to get physically close. He summoned a plethora of chains, the metal flying at Rin at a rapid pace. Rin screamed as they enveloped him, squeezing tight as Samael tried to end the rampage he had slipped into, but it was useless, his flames melting them in an instant.

When once the feeling of molten metal would have made him scream now the pain only brought a laugh peeling from him as he lifted his hand, claws still covered in blood from where he’d grabbed Samael's arm. His tongue curled around his claws, licking his fingers clean as his smile widened, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth. "Now, now Samael, chains? That's cheating." He purred, stalking forward, tail lashing behind him in a hypnotic dance of blue fire.

"Rin, I know you're upset, but you need to come back to yourself." Samael said, his voice only slightly betraying his own nerves as he took a few steps backwards. Rin stopped his retreat however, his power flaring up around him.

It was more than his flames, it was his very being, Satan's very being, the whole of Gehenna. The power flexed and poured into the world around them as if it were air rushing into a vacuum, knocking Samael back and bringing him to his knees. He’d felt one of Amaimon’s fits before, felt the whole of earth's gravity focused on his own body. This was far worse. This pressure frayed the edges of his very being, threatening to shatter his aspect to pieces, melt it down and make it part of itself again. Consume.

Consume and leave him as nothing, leave him as never having existed in the first place and there would be no hole to fill in reality because Rin’s power would fill the space instead. Fill it before anyone could tell the difference.

Samael's teeth ground together, his host screaming at him. His long had he had this body, this gift. He shook his head as best he could, casting off old memories as blood welled in his eyes and slipped down his cheeks. He needed to focus. Letting out a slow breath he summoned more chains, moving them to wrap around Rin.

"Now you're being uncreative on top of cheating!" Rin laughed, flames reaching out to burn the chains before they got to him, only to howl with anger as a sharp spear pierce his right shoulder, impaling him. He tried to wrench away but more spears appeared from nowhere to anchor him to the spot. Through his arms, legs, and torso they filled him.

Samael panted with the effort the magic took from him now, his host too weak to be pushed so much. He looked down for just a second, exhausted, sight blurring and dancing with little black smudges. He felt dizzy and like a heavy blanket had been laid over his mind, more blood poured from his eyes and nose, the scent overwhelming him.

A sick crack filled the air as Rin forcefully tore his right arm from the spikes impaled there, his bones shattering as they gave way under the force. He reached over and pulled a spike in his other arm, yanking it from the ground and through his shoulder.

Samael pulled up a shield, only to hiss in pain as the fire Rin spiraled around the spear drilled through his magic, shattering it as the younger demon sent Samael's own weapon piercing through his chest. Samael choked on blood, puking it up along with what looked like black oil. His demonic presence. He couldn’t take an assault from Rin's powers, he knew that. Any more and his host would reject his possession further, forcing out more black oil and him along with it. He reached behind his back and pulled the spike from him, trying to breathe despite his lungs being injured.

He took one last look at Rin.

Then he bolted.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, too worn out to teleport more than a few feet at the time. Rin tore a war path behind him. He ran out of the city, leading him away from crowded areas, knowing it was the least he could do and not knowing what came next for once in his life.

This fight would be the death of his host, then what? He wasn’t in a good position to look for a human strong enough. He’d put it off for too long. He’d thought...he’d thought he’d have more time.

Samael cursed himself inwardly, his feet stumbling more and more with each passing second. Rin's power dogged at his heels, pressing down on him again and part of him couldn’t help but want to give in, want to return to the fires from which his concept was born, to become nothing again even as his conscious mind longed to exist.

The city scape fell away, the houses growing more and more spaced out, the glow of light fading behind them. Samael could hear Rin laughing behind him and in a sudden burst of power he was seen sprawling to the ground, fire lashing at his back, burning his cape and the jacket. He flipped over just in time to catch Rin’s wrists in his hands as he pounced on him. "R-Rin." He hissed, eyes clenching shut as Rin pushed down on him. Flames stole his breath, burning off the oxygen around them. He choked, a silent scream escaping him as his skin began to melt off.

His powers struggled to keep him alive, sparking out of his control as his instincts pushed him to flee even when escape wasn’t a possibility. He tried to teleport away, but Rin's power flung him back under him before he'd reformed fully somewhere else. His eyes watered as a Rin forced his body to reform incorrectly, his arms and legs twisted in unnatural angles as he was spliced, caught between destinations. Rin's strength was actively suppressing his own and his host couldn’t hold up to the injuries.

He snarled through the pain, teeth and ears elongating in a threat he couldn’t carry through. His horns exposed themselves involuntarily, Rin grinned releasing his hold on Samael's useless arms in favor of curling a hand around one of them, pressing down hard. Samael screamed at the pain, his tail slipping from his clothes to thrash wildly before in a last ditch effort he coiled it around Rin's neck, choking him hard.

Rin couldn't have cared less though, his fire searing through Samael's tail, his hand pressing until his horn fractured. Samael's heart began to spark into existence, forming above his chest despite how he tried to hide it, knowing that if Rin touched it then more than just his host would die. The horn was the last straw though, Rin pushing until the cracks grew and grew. With a deafening crunch Rin ripped his horn from his head, Samael's heart exposing itself fully as agony overtook him.

"This will make for a fun souvenir, don’t you think, Sammy~" Rin cooed, voice sickly sweet, looking over his broken horn as if it were a precious stone, before his gaze refocused on Samael's heart. "I think I'll be keeping this too." He smiled, reaching out with bloody claws.

Samael braced himself for the pain, but nothing could have prepared him for it. Every atom in his body tried to rend itself from him. He puked up oil, gagging on it as Rin burned him alive. His vision blacked out, but even dying he could hear the loud thunk that rang through the clearing they had found themselves in.

The pressure on his heart released, the fire receded.

He sucked in a sharp breath, turning over as best he could as a wracking cough overtook him. Through the tears in his eyes he could see Amaimon standing over him, metal pipe in hand.

Rin clutched his head, groaning for a moment. Amaimon tried to come to Samael, but he never made it. His strike had only stopped Rin's rampage for a moment and in the next second Rin sent him flying.

He rushed forward, enraged that he'd been denied his kill, back handing Amaimon hard. The earth king tumbled across the ground, skipping like a rock across water before slamming into a tree. His body wrapped around the trunk, a cry of pain escaping him as he snapped in half, crumpling broken to the ground.

Rin moved to pursue him, but weak arms wrapped him, weighing him down. "S-Stop, Rin, don’t hurt him....this is between us, not you and A-Amaimon." Samael wheezed, trying to lock his arms tight around him.

Rin paused, Samael's words ringing through the haze in his mind as he stared at Amaimon’s body, fraying at the edges of his conscious.

"You're not mad at Amaimon, y-you're mad at me."

Amaimon's body lay in a heap, unable to move just yet. Rin stared at him, something was wrong...something was wrong and he knew it. His brows furrowed together, "A-Amaimon he...he's hurt."

"You hurt him, Rin."

That didn’t sound right. Rin blinked a few times, looked down at his blood stained hands. "I..." he flexed his fingers slowly, flames dying spout around him just as he caught the scent of burn flesh. His gaze focused on Samael's arms, the deep burns blistering the skin, the twisted, broken fingers. "I lost control."

He felt Samael nod behind him, but no words came. He’d hurt him too.

Rin shifted, taking Samael's arms in his and hefting him over his back as he got to his feet. Samael groaned lowly, breathing out tiredly. Rin dragged him over to the tree, Amaimon's eyes lifted from the ground, a terrifying snarl escaping him. His pupils were slivered, teeth bared in a threat.

"It's's okay." He tried too soothe, wincing as he heard Amaimon's spine snap back together with a crunch. He scrambled forward and at first Rin thought he would attack, but the blow never came. Instead Samael was ripped out of his hands, Amaimon clutching him close to his body. Another snarl ripped from deep in Amaimon’s chest.

Samael reaches out and gripped Amaimon's hand, "It's fine...I'll be fine..."

Rin couldn’t tell if he was lying or not, but the words were enough to pull Amaimon's eyes off him and down to the time king, Amaimon pressing his nose against his neck, feeling out the weak pulse. He ran his tongue soothingly across his jugular, smoothing away some of the blood there.

"We need to get him back to the manor, Amaimon." Rin said slowly, wanting to reach out and help somehow, but not knowing how to.

"Like you know anything about what he needs." Amaimon snapped at him, smoothing his clawed hands through Samael's sweat drenched hair, careful to avoid his broken horn.

"I’m sorry..." Rin said softly, still breathing hard from the fight, breath curling silver into the night air, "but we need to get him out of here. Let me help, please."

Amaimon looked away from him, still growling lowly for a long moment before he let out a frustrated huff. "Fine, but only until we put him in his bed, then you leave."

Rin consented to the terms, nodding surely as he reached out. Amaimon shifted Samael in his arms, positioning the time king between them, slinging his arms over their shoulders. They lifted him up together, then Amaimon took a step forward. Rin didn’t follow, stumbling a bit, "Wait, why aren’t we teleporting?"

"His body won’t take it now, he's already been spliced, any more teleporting and he'll probably lose an entire limb." Amaimon explained, voice low and still carrying a threat. He stepped forward again and this time Rin followed, not looking forward to carrying Mephisto all the way back to the mansion. Luckily it didn’t seem like that would be the case, Amaimon snapping a phone into existence and dialing. "Belial, we need a car at the north gate to the city, immediately, we'll meet you there." He said into the device, snapping it close and disappearing it after. "Come on, we just need to get across the field and to the road."

Rin nodded, helping Amaimon carry Mephisto who had passed out, but at least his breathing had stabilized. "What is splicing?" He asked quietly, looking over Mephisto's twisted legs.

"Your power pinned his aspect down, when his body tried to flee, to teleport, his aspect couldn’t come with him. He was only able to reform partially elsewhere before he was pulled back, his body couldn’t arrange itself right."

"Oh..." Pain filled Rin's chest, he’d never fucked up this badly. He’d nearly killed Mephisto, he was upset at him sure, but he didn’t want to kill him. He didn’t want to kill anyone. He tried not to think about what would have happened if he’d ran into a human, heaven forbid one of his friends.

Amaimon scowled, but said no more as they came to the edge of the road just in time for bright headlights to wash over them. A black car pulled in front of them, rolling to a controlled stop. Belial got out of the car and for once Rin saw an expression other than exhaustion and frustration on his face. Worry.

He already knew he’d fucked up, but enough to make Belial of all people outwardly worried?

Rin swallowed thickly.

Belial rushed to open the back door of the car, his gloved hand gripping the door handle just tight enough for a Rin to notice it was too tight. Amaimon pulled Samael's top half from Rin, backing into the car. Rin took his legs as gingerly as he could, following him into the car.

They drove in silence, the street lights flashing by in a blur. The only sounds were the windshield wipers pushing the falling snow out of the way and Mephisto's bones clicking into place.

Amaimon kept his power expanded past him at a low, but steady level. A constant reminder that he still felt threatened, that he was still upset, and he would still bite if cornered.

The mansion felt hours away.

Mephisto was conscious again by the time they got home, but still a touch too out of it to say something. His brows seemed to be glued together, trapped in his thoughts.

They shambled to the bed, helping Mephisto lay down. Amaimon leaned down and kissed him gently, snapping him clean and into comfier clothes. He reached into his pocket and pulled out Mephisto's broken horn, placing it in his hand. Rin hadn’t noticed him pick it up, but he didn’t question it, figuring he must have summoned it into his pocket as the left the field. What really confused him was how Mephisto lifted it to his face, awed expression dawning in his eyes. "Never had one come off." He said, turning it over in his newly healed hands. "They grow back?"

Amaimon laughed just a bit, some of the tension in his body seeping away, "You've seen mine grow back, idiot." He changed into fresh clothes too and moved to lay down beside Mephisto, curling against his chest. "You'll be lopsided for a while, but you'll be okay." He lifted his gaze to Rin's own, narrowing slowly, "We had a deal, leave."

Rin nodded, turning away, his tail curled tight around his legs.

A hand wrapped around his wrist and he was tugged back roughly. Mephisto whipped him around, shocking both him and Amaimon. He pulled Rin down towards him, spare hand tangling in his hair. Worry spiked through his veins only to be snuffed out by lips pressing hard to his own. He gasped, Mephisto taking the opportunity to deepen the kiss, claiming his mouth possessivly, the same way he did Amaimon's.

He'd never kissed Rin with so much fire, so much need, Rin didn’t understand.



Amaimon didn’t seem to understand either, looking over at Mephisto as if he’d lost his brains in the fight along with his horn, "But, Samael..."

Mephisto pressed a soft kiss to Amaimon's lips, his healed tail tangling with the earth king’s own. "Let’s worry about tonight tomorrow. For now, let’s rest." His eyes closed as if to say there would be no further protests from the two of them.

Amaimon sighed softly, but it sounded good natured enough to Rin and he lifted his hand. In a snap Rin was clean and he moved to settle into bed with them. Amaimon looked at him, turning towards him and extending a white flag between them in the shape of a small kiss to his forehead.

It wasn’t total forgiveness, Rin wasn’t foolish enough to believe that, but it was a truce. He scooted closer to Amaimon, watching closely for any signs that he should stop approaching. However, Amaimon tossed his worries out the window as he lifted his arm, allowing Rin to scoot right in against him. He wrapped his arm tight around Rin, breathing out a slow, tired sigh. "No more fighting like that." He scolded and Rin almost laughed, of all the people he’d never thought he’d get told off by Amaimon.

Rin nodded and closed his eyes, exhaustion overwhelming him as he yawned, nuzzling into Amaimon's warm scent.

Whatever happened in the morning happened, for now he was just happy Amaimon had come to their rescue.

Chapter Text

Samael's eyes blinked open slowly, the pink canopy above him blurry until he rubbed the sleep off. A yawn cracked his jaw, his entire body seemed to groan. He placed a hand on his forehead, the pounding there incessant. The night before came back to him as his dreams wore off, flashes of blue fire, the pain of having a horn removed.


He had a long day ahead of him.

At his side Amaimon curled possessively around him, the pressure a welcome comfort despite the aches and pains in his still damaged, rotting body. He looked down at him, smiling. Amaimon's eyes were furrowed together as if he could be angry even when sleeping, a deep frown on his lips. With the hand that wasn’t clutched in Amaimon's embrace Samael reached over and brushed his fingers through the earth king's wild green hair.

His thoughts returned to how Amaimon had looked the night before, metal pipe in hand, defending him. He wished he hadn’t been fighting Rin. If Amaimon had hit anyone else like that it would have brought a blush to his cheeks, as it was though the memory only worried him.

Rin was human. No if, ands, or buts about it. Sure, genetically speaking he was half demon, but he'd been raised human. His heart and his mind were mortal, through and through.

How would he take the fight?

For demons a fight was a fight. It didn’t have to be anything more. If Rin was a demon the fight would have meant nothing, not really anyway, not if Samael was willing to put it aside and he was. It was his fault anyway...he knew that.

With Rin though there would be all these feelings tangled up in it even if Samael said it was okay, even if he apologized. Rin would feel guilty and torn. He would still be upset about what had led to the fight and what Samael had hidden from him.

Rin was a human, he didn’t fight to settle his problems like demons did, he fought to express anger and grief, two very human emotions.

Samael had realized what he had to do as he'd been hoisted onto Rin and Amaimon's shoulders the night before, right before he passed out.

He needed to tell Rin the truth, heavy as it was.

He turned over and hugged Amaimon tightly, burrowing his face again the earth king's neck and breathing in his familiar scent. The younger demon groaned a bit, huffing a deep, tired sigh against his hair. "You’re an idiot." He grumbled quietly, brushing his lips against Samael's forehead, "Almost got yourself killed, you’re supposed to be the smart one. It’s not my job to keep you safe."

He was right, it wasn’t Amaimon's job, but Samael was glad he’d gone through the trouble. Although the both of them dying would throw quite the loop in his plans. Then again, it was his schemes that had landed them here. "It won’t happen again."

Amaimon let out another huff of air, Samael didn’t have to look at him to know he’d rolled his eyes. "Better not."

Samael pulled away from him and leaned up, kissing him slowly, deeply, a soft reassurance. His fingers traced the point of Amaimon's ear, their foreheads meeting as the kiss ended. "Thank you for coming for me."

"I looked cool when I hit him, admit it."

He smiled, his tail giving Amaimon’s own a squeeze as he laughed, "You did look pretty hot." He paused, appreciating just for a moment the way Amaimon squared his shoulders pridefully before he spoke again, "Where is he, by the way?"

"The bathroom, said he wanted to take a shower."

Samael turned and looked at the bathroom door, frown on his lips, "I should go to him."

"And tell him what?" Amaimon asked, fingers tracing through Samael's hair, watching his conflicted expression.

"Not sure yet," he said and in some ways that was true, but for the most part it as lie.

Amaimon saw through it, pinching his ear in a slight reprimand, "Well whatever you tell him could you maybe not piss him off so much?"

"Try not to." He agreed and leaned down for one last kiss, "Might take a while though."

Amaimon sat up and shifted his arms around Samael's shoulders, "Don't keep me waiting."

Samael nodded, summoning a necklace to his hands. It was long and a dark, almost brown gold. From it dangled a small hourglass, bright sand filtering up and down inside of it on a loop. He lowered it gently over Amaimon's head, "A bit of my aspect." He said softly, granting Amaimon the gift so that he wouldn’t feel the pain of separation.

Amaimon’s tail gave his own a tight squeeze as he left the bed. "Don’t break him." He said, voice turning hard for only a split second. Samael couldn’t promise that much.


The bathroom was full of steam, the shower running full force. Mephisto took the time to take off his clothes without magic. "It's me." He said just loud enough to be heard over the water.

Rin dropped the shampoo bottle he was holding, the noise louder than it had any right to be as it clattered to the shower floor. "O-Oh, hey Mephisto, what’s going on?" He stuttered, Mephisto could see how tense his shoulders were even through the fogged glass door.

"I was wondering if I could join you."

"Oh..." Rin paused for a long moment, bending down to pick up the shampoo bottle and place it on a shelf, "If... If you want, I guess."

Mephisto stepped quietly into the shower, frowning at what he saw as the warm water washed over him. Rin had backed up in the corner of the shower, tail wrapped across his hips, arms crossed over his chest. He stared at the wall, eyes hidden under damp white hair. "Rin..." Mephisto sighed softly, reaching out to touch him, but his hand stopped halfway between them, his own nerves getting the best of him. "Look, what I said in my office wasn’t true. I’m afraid I said some pretty nasty things yesterday, I'm sorry."

Rin’s eyes widened, the younger demon turning towards Mephisto in shock. He had never heard Mephisto apologize and really mean it. Even if he did regret something he almost always tried to force an explanation for why he was in the right, or how his hands had been tied in the situation. This time though he'd just said sorry. "Why did you say it then, if you were lying."

"I didn’t want you to ask me again." He answered honestly, tempted to fiddle with his tail but knowing such a nervous fidget was unbecoming of him. "I wanted you to give up."

"Then why are you telling me all this? If you wanted me to give up you would have stayed in bed."

"I want," Mephisto frowned, it was quite hard to put into words what he wanted, but he supposed what he wanted for Rin in the short term would have to be the working explanation, "I want you to give up, but I also want you to know why."


"I'll explain in a little while, for now, can we put it behind us?"

Rin frowned, turning slowly to Mephisto, body language opening up a bit as his arms left their position over his chest. "For now...and," his fingers reached out and for a split second Mephisto tensed, something that certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the younger. Gently Rin cupped Mephisto’s cheek, “I hurt you. Are you okay?”

Mephisto sighed and leaned into the touch, taking it as a good sign that Rin felt they had gone back to how they’d been the day before. “I’ll be okay, don’t worry about that.” Slowly he stepped closer, watching for any signs he should stop as he pressed his forehead soothingly against Rin’s own.

Rin’s spare hand lifted to Mephisto’s chest, balling into a strained fist. He grit his teeth against an onslaught of emotions, tears hidden by the shower streaking down his cheeks in a hot rush. “I lost control, I almost killed you. I would have killed Amaimon to. I was mad, I’m still so, so mad it hurts but...but what if Amaimon hadn’t shown up....Samael...I-“

“Shh, it’s over now, I’m alive, Amaimon’s alive.” He murmured, but it didn’t seem to help, Rin shaking his head. He was so human, every day reminded Mephisto of that more and more. Unsure of what to say to soothe Rin further in a way that wouldn’t confuse him even more he leaned down and pressed their lips together.

Rin froze underneath him and Mephisto barely contained a growl. Had this been a spat between Amaimon and him they would had already been between the sheets. He tilted his head, deepening the kiss, hoping to convince Rin that they were fine.

It didn’t work though, Rin pulling away, palm pressed firm against Mephisto's chest, not pushing, but holding him back. "Don't." He looked down at the shower's floor, but Mephisto could see how his eyes had warped already.


"Tell me...tell me I’m not just a good lay."

"Rin, I already told you that was a lie."

"I want to hear you say it."

Mephisto tilted Rin’s head up, staring down into his eyes, they really were pretty, as dangerous as they had the tendency to be. "You're not just a good lay, Rin. I enjoy that part of our interactions, yes, but I enjoy much, much more than that about you." It felt odd to admit such a thing, he was hardly ever so open, but considering what he was about to show Rin it was a good idea to reassure him as much as possible. "The explanation is going to take a while," he murmured, smoothing a hand through Rin's hair, "We'll have to go back in time."

Rin blinked, confusion filling his gaze, "Back in time? Again?" He asked, his tail finally unfurling from his waist, relaxing to instead twist around Mephisto's own. "How long will it take?"

"A while I’m afraid. I’ve already told Amaimon and I’m sure he'll tell your friends." He said, squeezing Rin's tail gently in a gesture of appreciation for the trust Rin had quietly conveyed to him.

"He is getting along well with Sheimi." Rin conceded before doing something that quite surprised Mephisto. He leaned up and kissed him needfully, turning him around and pushing him to sit down on the shower's bench before straddling him. "So this is going to take a long time, huh?" He smiled, nosing at Mephisto's throat and purring at the familiar scent. "I remember the last time I went to the past, I hardly had a moment to catch my breath. I think I should get some things in order before I go."

Mephisto shivered, scraping his claws gently down Rin's spine, "Mm, you do need to make it up to me for my horn, I’m all lopsided."

"Oh poor you." Rin purred, lowering his hand down Mephisto's chest, brushing his fingers teasingly along the time kings stiffening length.

"I’m uglier than I’ve been in my entire life." He hummed, squeezing Rin's ass appreciatively. "You, on the other hand, looked absolutely stunning last night." He kissed Rin hard, slipping his tongue past his lips as claws dug into Rin's hip, drawing him close to thrust their lengths together. "I enjoyed seeing your power out in full force, it was enough to make any demon weak in the knees. You're going to make quite the king~"

Rin nipped at Mephisto’s ear, hiding his momentarily pained expression, hoping that Mephisto would mistake his shaky sigh for arousal and not the sadness he hid. He didn’t know what would happen after they went to the past, he didn’t know what would be revealed, but he did know it was likely that Mephisto would pull away from him. Maybe this was the last time, maybe they wouldn’t get this chance again. He wanted to make sure they had one last time together, one last time after their fight that he could remember fondly. "Touch me, Samael."

"Mm, with pleasure~" Mephisto purred, slipping two fingers deep inside the younger demon, watching as he pulled back just enough to see his flushed cheeks, a gasp on his lips that he was quick to steal with another deep kiss.

Rin was glad that he hadn’t seemed to have noticed his sadness, smiling as he allowed himself to sink into the moment. Perhaps what came next wouldn’t be fun, but this could be. He brought their tails to his mouth and bit down, drawing twins groans from the both of them. He rocked back against Mephisto's fingers, wanting more despite knowing he wasn’t quite ready for it. Mephisto was quick to grant him his desire, pushing another finger deep inside of him, brushing against Rin's sweet spot and drawing a moan from him. "Samael, please."

Mephisto scrapped his fangs over Rin’s throat, stroking them together as he stretched the younger demon, "So needy already~" he hummed, taking a long moment to appreciate the flush that was steadily spreading from the tip of Rin's ears all the way down his cheeks. He was glad Rin had initiated, he didn’t know if they’d do this again. Rin didn’t seem like the type to be okay with them being friends with benefits forever and for all of his pouting over his horn he knew he should be the one making it up to Rin, not the other way around.

He slipped his fingers out of Rin and summoned a bottle of lube to them. Rin leaned forward needfully, taking ahold of Mephisto’s cock and lining it up himself. The time king chuckled at the sight, hold Rin steady as he slicked himself generously. Rin kisses him hard, biting his lip ever so slightly as Mephisto took his hips and lowered him down. They both moaned as Mephisto's head pushed past Rin’s tight rim, sinking into the heat of him.

Rin rocked his hips, feeling the warm, familiar pressure of Mephisto filling him. It felt like heaven to have him inside, stretching and filling him. He let out a slow breath as Mephisto bottomed out, rolling his hips with more coordination now, placing his hand on Mephisto’s knee so he could lean back just a bit and ride him.

Mephisto drank in the view, keeping a firm hold on Rin's hip with one hand while the other moved back between them, stroking his length in time to how he bounced. He shivered at how Rin tightened around him, thrusting up hard into him.

Rin gasped as Mephisto moved, cock brushing right where he needed him, rocking his hips harder, biting his bottom lip hard.

Mephisto's nails dug into Rin’s hips, drawing dark blood to the surface before he couldn't hold back anymore, standing suddenly and pushing Rin against the shower wall.

"S-Samael!" Rin cried out in surprise, legs wrapping haphazardly around his waist, clawing at Mephisto's back.

He didn’t let Rin's protests get far though, stealing his cries with a deep kiss, biting at his lips and licking away the blood as he thrust up hard into Rin. His tail squeezed Rin's tight before twisting the wrong way against it, rubbing Rin's fur the wrong direction, making him squirm.

Rin's head fell back as Mephisto pounded into him, wet hair ruffled in a way Mephisto just couldn’t take his eyes off.

The time king was quick to sink his fangs into Rin's exposed neck, growling with pleasure as warm blood filled his mouth, smearing against his lips.

Rin screamed, teeth gritting as he tightened needfully around Samael's cock, cumming hard against his stomach and chest.

Mephisto snarled, arching his back into Rin's claws, indulging in the sharp pain they brought as he reached his limit too. He shuddered, pressing himself deep inside as he finished.

Rin panted as he slowly came down, feeling the warmth of Mephisto's cum drip from him as the elder pulled out, distinct from the heat of the water spraying over them. His fingers lifted from Mephisto's back, tangling his claws in his hair and brushing through the tangles slowly.

Their lips met in a tender and slow embrace, Mephisto setting Rin down gently, pressing their foreheads together. "We should get cleaned up before we go." He murmured, Rin nodded his agreement.

"One thing first though," Rin said, smiling as Mephisto pressed soft kisses to his cheeks.

"And what's that?"

"I want to see your horns...well horn."

Mephisto tilted his head a bit, "Why?"

"I just want to see them, isn’t that enough of a reason?" Rin murmured, watching as Mephisto nodded and slowly let them out.

His eyes widened at the sight of the shattered horn, the deep cracks in the bone filling his eyes with sadness, "I'm so sorry." He whispered, fingers brushing gently against it.

"I'll be alright, they grow back." He reassured, taking Rin's hand and pressing a kiss to his palm.

"It’s a shame, I'd never seen them before and the first thing I do is break one. They're very pretty."

"So are yours."

Rin smiled, flushing a bit at the complement as he cleaned up, "They're not even fully grown yet."

"One doesn’t have to see the future to know they'll be lovely." Mephisto hummed, washing up as well despite how tempted he was to reach out and pull Rin's tail and initiate another round.

They shouldn’t dawdle any longer though, some things needed to be known. He had to rip off the bandaid at some point. He couldn’t be with Rin, not if he was mortal and how could they ever be sure if he was or not. They could wait forever and a year for him to die and what kind of life would that be?

He stepped out of the shower, turning the water off as he slid the glass door open. He snapped as Rin stepped out behind him, drying and clothing them in an instant.

"The old exorcist uniform?" Rin asked, tugging at his high collar, "Is this about my birth?"

"In a sense, but not particularly." Mephisto said, looking at himself in the mirror. He’d always liked how the old exorcist uniform looked on him. He pulled a key out of his side pocket and walked to the bathroom door, pushing it into the lock and turning it. "Ready?" Rin nodded and he turned the doorknob, pushing it open to a windy tundra.

"Could we stay in the warm shower?"

"Afraid not." Mephisto gestured through the door with a flourish, "After you."


Rin blinked away sunlight as he stepped through, wind whipping his hair around him as the snow beneath his feet glared brightly. Mephisto stepped through and closed the door behind him, sealing them away in the wasteland. They stood on a high, rocky cliff overlooking a vast valley, in its center a massive device Rin had never seen before, its machinery churning out a constant song.

"Lucifer's artificial Gehenna gate." Mephisto said over the wind, coming to stand beside Rin as they both looked down, "You are currently just shy of your second birthday and this is Shiro and I’s first encounter with my brother's machine."

"Shiro and yours?" Rin didn’t like the sound of that, their hidden relationship still a fresh sore on his mind.

"We used to go on many missions together, he was the Paladin after all and the Gehenna gate required both of our attentions. We came to seek information about how to stop it permanently and postpone its progress as much as we could while we were here, but we got more than we bargained for."

Rin nodded as he listened, squinting his eyes against the glare as he saw two small figures trekking through the snow.


Shiro huffed as he looked through his binoculars, taking a drag off his cigarette as he handed it to Mephisto who didn’t need them but looked through them anyway. "More security than we thought." Shiro said, as he opened the front of his jacket to make sure he had enough rounds for his shotgun. "Couldn’t they have picked a warmer location?"

"Mm, it would seem so. The question is, is our intel flawed, or our spy?" Mephisto wondered aloud, wishing the youngest shima clan son would hurry up and grow so he could have a more reliable puppet. Only a few more years, he told himself. "The cold keeps people out."

"Wouldn’t think it with all the guards. What's the plan."

"It would be just running in and killing everyone but I'd prefer if Lucifer didn’t know about this particular escapade, at least not until we’ve escaped, so we'll have to be delicate mind you."

Shiro rolled his eyes at Mephisto's accusatory tone. "Yeah yeah I’ve never been the most subtle, big news."

"Oh so you finally admit your rash nature?"

"The plan, Mephisto."

The time king sighed dramatically, "You're no fun." He grumbled, flicking his hand and forming a model Illuminati base in the snow. "We're here." He said, pointing to the western edge of his model where two little snowmen popped up, one with a distinctive curl on its head. "Amaimon was kind enough to send some earth demons in earlier to excavate a tunnel not far from us, it leads to the base's sewer system. We should manage to go relatively undetected if we make our way through it."

"You're gonna hike through mud and shit?"

"Oh absolutely not." Mephisto's nose wrinkled at the thought before he snapped his fingers and shapeshifted into his dog form, outfitted in a little doggy jacket and booties, "You will be carrying me."

"Oh my god," Shiro pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger, but he knew there was no point in arguing with the time king. He'd known him too long to make that mistake. "You're a brat." Mephisto pawed at his leg expectantly, not caring one bit that Shiro had called him a brat, putting on his best puppy eyes until Shiro leaned down and scooped him into his arms. "You know I can’t exactly shoot if I’m stuck carrying your bony ass."

Mephisto scrambled up his chest and shoulder, nosing open the hood at the back of his jacked and settling in, "There your hands are free, now can we go?"

"Why don't we just teleport in this is silly."

"Didn't you read the debriefing packet Lucifer himself set the barrier here, if I tried to teleport in my host would get torn to pieces."

"That would just be the saddest thing ever," Shiro huffed, kicking down the snow model as he began to walk, "Cover our tracks."

"Already planned on it." Mephisto used his powers to sweep away Shiro's footsteps and their scent. The hike to the tunnel wasn’t long, but the bitter cold made it feel as if they’d been walking for ages. "We'd teleport there but using my magic too much would leave evidence of my aspect." Mephisto hummed as he placed his front paws and head on Shiro's shoulder, watching as his cheeks reddened and the harsh wind made tears spring up in his eyes.

"Next mission I take is in Hawaii." Shiro grumbled as he looked down into the tunnel, kneeling down and steadily lowering himself into the hole. He squeezed himself downwards, handing Mephisto a flashlight as the light above them dimmed.

"What am I supposed to do with this, I don't have hands."

"My hands are lowering us into this shit hole, use your mouth."

"That’s disgusting," Mephisto complained, even as he took the bottom of the flashlight in his mouth and clicked it on with his teeth, poking his head out of Shiro’s hood. He lit the path below them as Shiro shimmied through the tunnel.

"Look good with your mouth full." He laughed as his feet touched a rusted grate.

"Yho chantt ewen sheee mme." Mephisto growled around the flashlight, drawing a bright laugh from the Paladin.

"Yeah but I can make you talk like an idiot." Mephisto smacked Shiro over the head with the flashlight in retaliation, but it had been worth it. He gripped the rock wall tight as he lifted his legs, kicking down hard on the grate until it gave way under him. "Hold tight." He warned as he dropped down into the sewer water.

"Could you not splash so much?" Mephisto grumbled as Shiro took the flashlight back, hiding deep inside Shiro's hood to block out the smell.

"I’ll splash as much as I want considering you’re making me slog through this." Shiro said as he looked around their immediate surroundings carefully before moving forward. "How long do we have to stay down here?"

"Mile and a half."

Shiro nodded, it wasn’t the worst trek he’d ever had to make, even with the sewer water. "Hey you think Lucifer's shit is down here?"

"He's not here, he wouldn’t soil his hands with the dirty work of building the gate."

"Shame, I was hoping to make a detour."

"No detours, we're to break into the lab, steal information and damage the machine as much as possible. Oh and, let’s try not to make a mess, Mr. Itchy trigger finger."

Shiro rolled his eyes, stopping as they hit a dead end, looking up and finding a latch for a ladder, letting it down, "Where does this lead anyway?"

"The base's underground tunnels, there will be security cameras there, so do be careful."

"Aw so sweet, you care about me." Shiro laughed as he climbed the ladder and found the manhole cover, pushing it open slowly to peek out into the hall. "Looks clear." He crawled up into the corridor, keeping an eye out as he did. "Sense anyone?"

"There’s two halls one leading left and one leading right at the end of this one, on the left, eighty feet down are two agents."

"Senses that good?" Shiro whispered, putting the flash light away and pressing himself to the left wall, creeping along it. A small puddle of water dripped from the ceiling, allowing him to peer down the hall a ways and sure enough two guards were making their way down the tunnel. "Switching to stun bullets." He aimed around the corner, taking out the first guard swiftly, but the second was quick to duck, avoiding one of the bullets. Before Shiro could hit him the alarm went off, the guard crumpling to the ground soon after as Shiro got him.

"Excellent work, Paladin." Mephisto growled as Shiro sprinted down the hall, taking the stairs out of the tunnel and to the upper levels two by two.

"Shut up and give me proper directions." He hissed, taking down a few of the guards as they came down the stairs.

"Two more stories, fifty feet to the left then a right turn, twenty feet down third door on your right. You'll past through the entryway, turn left at the stairs you find, we'll be at the lab right outside the gate." Mephisto instructed as Shiro reached the last landing, "Oh and five guards on your right, pressed to the wall, one has two familiars."

"Tell the demons to fuck off, I’ll get the guards." He kicked down the door, sending the guards scattering, shots ringing out, They're trying to kill me, why can’t I kill them?" He yelled over the gun fire as Mephisto growled at the large fire salamanders that barreled at them, telling them with a flex of strength to as, Shiro put it, 'Fuck off.'.

One of the salamanders skidded to a halt, eyes wide, but one salamander only snarled louder, bounding at them without hesitation. "Shiro on your left!" Mephisto barked, but it was too late, the salamander pounced on him, grabbing the little doggy jacket he wore. Throwing him to the ground, he shapeshifted back as he fell, the salamander still advancing. He caught it in his claws and shredded it to bits.

One of the guards spoke into her earpiece and a split second later a different alarm blared through the halls, washing the area in flashing lights. "Shiro that’s got to be for me." Mephisto called as he finished off the second salamander.

Shiro ran past him, "Let’s work fast then!"

Mephisto nodded and ran behind him, following him to the lab. "Pack all the files on the table and in the shelves you can fit into your pack, I'll damage the gate"

"I’ll damage the gate, you grab the files and hide them in your dimension portal whatever." Shiro said, looking the table over for a second before staring at the Gehenna gate beyond the glass that separated it from them as Mephisto sealed the door.

"I’ll do that later, but you don’t want to come anywhere near that gate. It'll scramble your brains in an instant." He walked back past Shiro and used his magic to break the locks, after all there was no point left in pretending he hadn’t been there. He swung the door open and Shiro felt his knees go weak.

Even just a little exposure from the space Mephisto had opened made him dizzy, a headache forming between his eyes. "Holy fuck." He mumbled, vision swimming until Mephisto closed the door behind him, watching for a split second as Mephisto began to lay down symbols around the gate.

Mephisto spoke lowly in an inhuman language, the symbols he etched into the ground glowing brightly. Shivers ran up his spine as home called to him. The feeling of Gehenna so close to him after all these years almost too intoxicating. He wanted to sink into it, to rest after his long time spent in Assiah. Wouldn’t it be nice to shed his host body, to rid himself of the pain it carried, and sleep until this world fell away to nothing, until the star that gave it life died and earth became nothing but rubble floating through space?

He stumbled back, shaking his head to rid himself of the temptations. He couldn’t rest, it wasn’t worth giving up Assiah, though he could understand how Lucifer ached for it.

His power gathering around him he worked to seal the gate, pushing it back, forcing it to close until the pressure it exerted was too much. He panted, he may have been one of the Baal, but the whole of Gehenna was a hard thing to stop. His seal formed he aimed his power at the machine working to open Hell, short circuiting the mechanisms.

He joined Shiro in the room, finding the Paladin waiting for him. "Finished?" Shiro asked, gun at the ready. Mephisto nodded, "We've got a crowd waiting for us."

Mephisto's ears perked, searching out the hall behind them. "Understatement of the year."

"How many?"

"Hundred...or more, that’s just guard’s, there’s demons too and who knows how many waiting in the wings to be summoned."

Shiro unloaded his gun and took out new bullets, "I’m switching to kill, you saw how that one salamander wouldn’t back off even when you told it too, they are not going to stop attacking when their tamers pass out. We've got to cut their ties to earth completely."

Mephisto nodded, flexing his claws, "Been a while since I’ve had proper fun."

"Oh? I thought you were a germaphobe."

"I’m still a demon Shiro." Mephisto reminded, blowing open the lab door and letting the guards and demons pour in, "Let’s put on a show~"


The next few minutes were a blur of blood, gore, and surprisingly laughs. Shiro watched as Mephisto tore a war path through the guards and demons laughing as he did, a smile of his own stretching across his face as he backed the demon up. They had never gotten to fight together, but it was exhilarating. The precision, speed, and grace with which Mephisto danced through their opponents was mesmerizing. Shiro couldn’t help but enjoy himself as adrenaline pumped through his veins and he ran alongside the demon, taking down anyone who dared to cross their paths.

They burst out into the sunlight, escaping the inner facility and fighting their way through the courtyard. Mephisto tossed him one of the now dead guard’s gun as he ran out of bullets. They both turned to face new opponents and their backs met. Shiro glanced over his shoulder and met Mephisto's gaze for only a split second before he faced down his half of the guards.

Before long they were running again, bursting through the front gate. They ran and they ran and Shiro could have sworn his legs had never carried him forward so fast. The cold wind whipped through his hair and he tilted his face up to the sun, letting out a joyous laugh of his own before a shot rang out through the clear air.

Mephisto looked up, taking down the sniper on the back of a flying demon in an instant, but even that had taken too long.

Shiro crumpled to the ground.


Rin watched as the alarm bells rang across the valley, a few minutes later two figures scrambled out into the snow, surrounded by guards. "Is that?"

"Us? Yes." Mephisto answered from beside him, "We had hoped for a cleaner escape, but the guards had different ideas."

Rin starred as Shiro and Mephisto killed left and right, no hesitation in their movements. He had known that Mephisto had killed before, he was a demon and he'd learned such things came with the territory not to mention the multiple deaths he was ultimately responsible for in his human experiments. Watching Shiro kill though, that was a bit different. He knew his father didn’t hold a lot of qualms with murdering, but he’d never seen him kill humans. He’d seen him kill demons, he'd even seen Shiro try to kill him when he was a baby, but something about watching him kill the guards turned his stomach.

Yes, they were the enemy, but they were still human. Would he have to kill people during this war? Would that be him out there in the snow one day, taking lives without a second thought? He hadn’t hesitated when trying to kill Mephisto or Amaimon.

It frightened him.

Mephisto and Shiro escaped the compound and for a moment he thought they would just run away, but then a shadow rose over the snow. He pointed to it, "A demon!" He hadn’t meant to shout, but it was coming up on them fast and they hadn’t seemed to have noticed. Mephisto took his hand and lowered it from the sky, fingers threading through his as his breath caught in his throat, a shot ringing out across the valley.


Blood stained the snow beneath Shiro a bright red, the Paladin curling up into a fetal position on the ice, clawing at his throat. His mouth gaped open, blood staining his teeth and hands.

Mephisto stopped in his tracks, eyes wide as he starred at the hole the bullet had torn through his throat. He rushed to crouch down beside Shiro, trying to use his powers to heal the wound but his magic couldn’t heal a mortal wound. He’d tried before. There was no healing what would only cause death, speeding up time around around the wound would only cause him to die faster and pausing time around him would only put off his death. This wasn’t something a hospital could fix, his jugular torn to shreds. Mephisto didn’t even know what condition his spine was in.

With each passing second the snow grew redder and redder. Shiro managed to reach out, fingers tightening weakly around his wrist. Mephisto's fingers caressed the bullet hole and he found that he was shaking, anger rising up inside him. "Idiot! Idiot! You can’t die now! You're supposed to raise Rin, I've got plans that still need completed!" He growled, how could Shiro do this to him, after all his carefully laid plans how could he just die out of nowhere. He’d have to restart the timeline, throw away centuries of work, how dare he do this to him.

He let loose a terrifying snarl, tempted to dig his claws into Shiro's neck and end his pathetic, clearly useless life faster so he could get on with starting over. "Bastard." He hissed, glaring down at Shiro's dimming eyes as an idea overtook him. He wasn’t about to restart, even he wasn’t patient enough for that. His magic may not have been strong enough, but his own healing would be.

He leaned down pressed his forehead to Shiro's own, "You still there?" He asked quietly, feeling Shiro's fingers tighten in response on his wrist. "Let me possess you and you'll live. You're going to die and I can only fix it if I have control of your body." He pressed as the edges of Shiro's wavering conscious with his aspect, pushing to find a crack inside if Shiro was still stubborn enough not to let him in, but then Shiro’s defenses fell away all at once, his fingers squeezing his wrist one last time as a hacking cough fought to escape him.

Mephisto felt himself slip away, pouring like liquid from one container into another, the bright landscape fading to black. Then pain exploded across his senses.

He gagged, blood pouring from his mouth, eyes shut tightly as he shuddered. He felt his own claws dig into his throat as a limp body slumped on top of him. He snapped his fingers shakily, sending his old host body to a pocket of space time he kept for preserving items.

His body, Shiro's body, began to heal and as soon as he could gasp for air he stood up shakily, snapping them away from the compound as soon as he had the strength to run outside the barrier.

He collapsed into the closest True Cross medic station, finding himself in the main Russian branch headquarters. "Sir. Mephisto Pheles, Head of the True Cross Japan Branch, Honorary Knight, possessing the body of Paladin Shiro Fujimoto. It was the only way to get him here in one piece he needs medical attention." The time king said quickly as weapons were aimed at him the instance he’d collapsed into the hospital. He dug Shiro's i.d from his pocket, flashing it as the staff put their weapons away.

"Fenya Krovopuskov, upper second class, head of this medical facility," a woman reached a hand towards him and despite Shiro's injuries he reached out to shake her hand, letting her pull him up.

It was then that Mephisto felt it. Beyond the pain of Shiro's injuries there was nothing, nothing at all. He hid his reaction because he was in public, but had he been alone his eyes might have well have popped from Shiro's skull. This body wasn’t fighting his possession, it wasn’t rotting. There was no secret agony, no cells breaking down , no aching joints.

Shiro was perfect.

Years of hunting for the perfect host, of cloning and working till even he felt like he'd go off the deep end in frustration and here it was. His cloning had worked, he'd created the ideal host.

And he had to let him go.

He was too important to his coming plans. He had to raise Rin and Yukio, and he was the Paladin, Mephisto couldn’t just possess him...kill him. The order gave him a lot of leeway, but murdering their Paladin and possessing his body wouldn’t be overlooked.

"What's the extent of his injuries."

"Bullet through the throat, I've mostly healed that, but he has a few other mission related injuries. A deep cut on his upper left arm, salamander bite on his stomach, left side for that as well."

"We'll worry mostly about the side effects of your possession then." She nodded, motioning for a gurney. "High level demon possession is nothing to scoff at, though I should thank you for saving the Paladin’s life." She conceded as as he sat down on the bed, bringing his older host body back into existence.

He let himself slip into it, blinking rapidly and gasping as he forced the lungs to breath again, that old familiar pain of possession flooding into him.

Shiro broke into a fit of coughing as Mephisto stood, the medics rushing him off to take care of his remaining wounds and the lingering evidence of his possession.

Mephisto looked down at his hands and flexed his fingers. This body was his, it had been for a while now. Its’ pain was understood, its’ movements memorized. He sighed softly, he’d just have to convince Shiro to give him his body when he died. The waiting was going to kill him.


A few hours later Shiro had woken up and he went to join him in his hospital room, knocking on the door frame. "See you made a quick recovery."

Shiro tore his eyes from the window, "Yeah real quick, they said I must have extra demonic resistance something like that, my Russian is rusty."

"Do you remember anything?"

"I do, though I'd prefer you close the door before we talked about it."

"Shiro if you're mad about me possessing you then you'd better let those feelings go. You would have died if I hadn’t done it."

"I’m glad you did it."

Mephisto paused as the softness in Shiro's voice, in the way he looked down at the sheets on the hospital bed, "Okay then, what is it you want to talk about?" He asked, stepping further into the room and closing the door behind him.

"I didn’t have any damaged tissue from your possession...I know what that means." He said slowly, Mephisto taking a seat beside him in the standard uncomfortable hospital chair, "I’m your perfect host, aren’t I?"

Mephisto nodded, "You are."

"Promise you won’t laugh."

"Wait, what?" Confusion filled Mephisto as he looked over at Shiro who finally met his gaze.

"I’m going to say something, promise not to laugh."

"Shiro I’d ask if you hit your head but I was in your head and it was fine other than your ringing ears." Mephisto said, unsure of what had overcome the human, "But fine, I won’t laugh." That was a lie. If Shiro said something stupid he would laugh all he wanted, Shiro was a fool to think otherwise.

"It felt good." Shiro clenched his hands into fists, trying to remember what it had been like, "It felt really damn good."

Oh. Well, that could happen, he just hadn’t expected Shiro to admit to such a thing. "Well, if the host is alive they can feel a rush of power. You know that, power is the main way demons entice humans to letting them possess them."

"Do it again." A hand shot out to grip his tightly, just as it had out in the snow.

Mephisto's eyes widened and he moved to pull his hand away, but Shiro held him down despite knowing full well that the demon could break the hold at any time. "Absolutely not. You've got children to raise, your job as Paladin to do. I can’t just let you kill yourself, you're too useful."

"I don’t want to kill myself! I just want to, just for a little while. I want to feel strong again...I haven’t felt like I was really strong since before...well...since," Shiro admitted, his voice fading as he spoke. He pulled his hand from Mephisto's own and looked away from him again, recoiling into himself.

"Shiro no amount of borrowed strength is going to bring Yuri back, you know that." Mephisto answered, Shiro wasn’t the first human to think a demon could get him back something he’d lost. He certainly wouldn’t be the last.

"I're right I know, it’s crazy but I- what’s the harm in just a little bit, it doesn’t even hurt me and you, you get to feel what it's like to not be in pain."

"Well yes, b-“

The energy flooded back into Shiro, a bit of the color returning to his chest, "But nothing, Mephisto you've never felt that good! Come on tell me I'm wrong! Existing it’s never been like that has it?"

He was right and Mephisto knew it, the allure of shedding his pain creeping further into his mind. "I haven’t, but I'm not going to possess you on that argument alone Shiro."

"Why not, it can be just for a little while. You can go out, have fun and I can feel...I can feel like I can actually protect people." Shiro bargained, leaning closer to Mephisto in his excitement. "Come on, Samael, just for a little while. No harm done, no one has to know. " He reached out his hand and this time Mephisto took it, shaking it firmly.


Rin watched the conversation from the other room, his Mephisto making the wall a one way mirror and amplifying the voices. He turned to the demon, "So Shiro was your perfect host?"

"He was and we both became entranced by the power that entailed. We agreed to a possession sometime in the future and we found the opportunity a little after your birthday, right around the Western New Year." Mephisto said, snapping his fingers to take them to the next scene.

Rin found himself in the middle of a huge crowd, people bustling around him haphazardly. He looked up, staring bright eyed into the flashing billboards above him. People cheered in front of performers on stage, everywhere he looked there was more to see. People eating, drinking, dancing, huddling together for warmth from the wind. There were camera crews and reporters and flashing lights from police cars sitting by barricades.

His gaze finally settled on the large ball, covered in flashing lights. It shimmered above them, Mephisto's hand laying across his back as starred. "Would you like some food?" He asked over the noise of the crowd.

"That'd be nice." Rin agreed, understanding from his previous time spent in the past that such a small act as getting some food from a vendor wouldn’t change things. At least not to a noticeable degree anyway.

They picked a burrito truck, standing in line as Mephisto continued his explanations, "I re-possessed Shiro under the condition that I would grant him some control over his body. It's a bit like being two people wearing the same shirt, a little awkward, but workable." He paused to order their food, picking out a few hot sauce packets, "Shiro decided to show me a good time, I was surprised, but interested. He said that I’d never truly experienced living because I’d always lived in a dying body and that I should enjoy myself with a party. We teleported here, to New York for the New Years celebration for a bit of fun."

He pointed across the crowd and Rin caught sight of Shiro. It was rare to see him in such casual clothes. He meandered around the crowd, arms ladened with food as he talked to himself


"Stop eating dippin dots, I don’t like dippin dots." Shiro complained as Mephisto stuffed another spoonful into his mouth.

"Mm, Shiro the cold is so nice, I’ve never felt it like this it’s always muddled and the taste is so sharp." Mephisto mumbled, looking around with eyes that didn’t prick with pain or feel dry.

"Let’s get some beer at least, wash out the taste."

"Oh goodness no, I'm enjoying myself and that means I’m not drinking horse piss."

Shiro scoffed, "So you know what horse piss tastes like?"

"No, but would you like too? I’ll find us a horse, I’ll make you do it." Mephisto threatened, pointing at a mounted police officer, "Look there's one now."

Shiro grabbed his other hand, pulling it down and dropping the food he’d been carrying, "I swear to God, stop pointing they'll think we are crazy!"

"My dippin dots, Shiro!" Mephisto gasped, smacking Shiro's hand back, "They already think we are crazy we’re talking to ourselves. It doesn’t matter, this is New York they've seen weirder."

Shiro sighed and took control of his legs, walking back to the ice cream cart, "We'll get your ice cream, but after I want some of those fried Oreo things, they smelled really good."

Mephisto nodded, "And alcohol, not beer, but something."

"Never gotten wasted while possessed."

"First time for everything as they say~" He hummed, eating his ice cream and looking out for a place to get refreshments at. "These are my favorites, you know."

"Favorites? Favorite what, ice cream?"

"No, no, I mean celebration. New Year’s parties are my favorite." The time king laughed, ordering a drink and taking a long sip, sighing at the burn the alcohol left at the back of his throat. It was nice to know that that sting came from something he enjoyed and chose rather than a vessel that fought him every moment of every day. "Celebrations of time always make me feel invigorated. Most often humans think of time as a bad thing, something that takes, but holidays like these remind them that it’s not all bad. Time brings changes and opportunities, forward movement. The real danger is in stagnation."

"Well, I’m glad we picked the right party then," Shiro said, feeling more happy about that than he'd expected he would. He wondered if Mephisto could feel what he was feeling, or hear his thoughts. "What's it like giving me this much control?"

"Very interesting, I’ve never done something like this before. It’s odd to feel your muscles move on their own."

"It’s weird for me too, but nice, it feels like I could do anything."

"We very nearly could."

Shiro let the words sink into him, understanding now more than ever how powerful Mephisto was. With that understanding came a revelation. He had always suspected that Mephisto intended to harm humanity in some way, worried that he was tricking them all and would strike faster than a coiled snake when they least expected it. Yet, where he should have felt malice and malicious intent where his mind met the time king's own, he felt only curiosity.

It was ravenous and selfish, untethered to empathy or sentimentality, but it wasn’t evil. He realized Samael was like a spoiled child who wanted and wanted and couldn’t care less about if he broke a toy so long as a new one was quickly delivered into his hands. He was greedy and self serving, but he didn’t feel necessarily immoral.

He didn’t even feel non-human, not at that level anyway.

He felt somehow naive, as if he thought he could ask for the world and be handed it on a silver platter. As if consequences didn’t exist.

He didn’t care about death or the torture he put the clones in section thirteen through, not because he was evil, but because he could fully comprehend those atrocities on an emotional level. He didn’t have the vocabulary or capacity for it. Such things rolled off his back like water off a duck's wings. He looked forward and reached for more and more endlessly, devouring whatever came his way.

Shiro grew curious of that feeling, of that detachment from pain. Mephisto’s strength made him feel as if he could protect everyone he loved, but his emotions made him feel as if he didn't need to. There was no reason to be scared, or to care. There wasn't sadness or worry, there was only the desire to explore and learn, to see everything and go everywhere and with Mephisto he felt like he could. They could do anything and it didn’t matter what anyone thought or said.

He wanted to get lost in those feelings, wanted a balm to soothe all his pain. He sank into it, into the blissful, naive greed and...

Pain filled him, tore at him. In a flash it welled up, anger, fear, sadness, agony. Fresh and overflowing, a cup filled to the brim spilled over and washed him in dread. Horror tangled around his mind, he didn’t understand, why did it hurt so bad? He wanted to tear his heart from his chest, wanted to scream, he’d never felt despair so strong, not since Yuri had —

"Do not poke around in my mind, Shiro."

Mephisto's words were clipped and hard, dragging Shiro back to reality. He gasped as if he’d been yanked from an iced over lake, panting despite having done nothing physically.

"W-What was...Mephisto what was th-“

"My business, not yours.”

“But you don’t - you can’t, I thought-“ Pain filled him again, this time physical. He clenched his hand to his chest, his heart seizing tight. “F-Fuck Mephisto, stop!”

“Don’t speak of that ever again, do you understand me?”

Shiro nodded, gasping and coughing as Mephisto released his hold around his heart, allowing it to beat again. He took a stiff drink of some of the alcohol they had bought instead of yelling at the demon like he wanted to, fearful of Mephisto lashing out again if he did.

He didn’t plan to die from pissing the time king off.

Luckily Mephisto's anger tapered of quickly enough once he made no moves to bring up the incident again and they were able to fall back into enjoying the celebration around them.

Still, Shiro couldn’t help but wonder even as they drank and danced the night away.


Rin watched as Shiro seemed to argue with himself before walking in the direction of an ice cream vendor. Mephisto motioned for him to follow, biting into his own food. They moved behind Shiro like shadows, staying a good ways behind, but never losing sight.

Shiro drank and ate, seemingly having a good time until out of the blue he paused, looking around slowly as if he’d lost himself. Before Rin could ask what was happening Shiro gasped and clenched his chest in pain, eyes closing tightly.

He looked like he was having a heart attack. Was he not really Mephisto’s perfect host? Worry spiked through him unexpectedly, watching the pained and twisted expression on his father’s face. Yet, it didn’t last long, Shiro straightening only a few moments later, looking as if nothing had happened.

His cheeks which had turned pale as a sheet flushed with new color. He took a drink and continued on his way, leaving Rin confused behind him. “What was that about, I thought your possession didn’t hurt him."

"My possession didn’t, but parts of me I had to chase him out of. Maybe I took it too far, hurting him. " Mephisto said, the genuine softness in his voice shocking Rin and clicking a few puzzle pieces into place.

"Those parts are why you don’t want us to be together..." It was technically a question, but the moment the words crossed his lips he knew he was right.

Mephisto nodded, "I told you I wanted to tell you the real reason and those sides of me are why we're here."

"But what are they?" Rin stopped following behind Shiro, taking Mephisto's hand in his own, "Those parts you're hiding, I already know about section 13, all the clones and the death. I understand you're a demon, I’ve accepted those parts of you what could be worse than that?"

Mephisto looked away, slowly pulling his hand from Rin’s own, "We'll get there soon enough, but not yet. For now we keep watching."

Rin turned away from him reluctantly, wanting to have his answers now, but knowing from experience that Mephisto never gave full answers. Instead he’d have to watch the past unfold and piece the information together, just as he had when he'd been shown his birth.

They continued observing for a long while, Rin finding himself wanting to enjoy the party around him and being unable to. His mind was too full of questions. What could be so terrible that Mephisto thought it could tear them apart? Did Amaimon know about it? He had to, he'd been with Mephisto for a long time so surely he would know. It had to be a demon thing, after all him being human was a major factor in Mephisto not wanting to be with him. Or so he’d been told.

He tried to shake the thoughts off and watch Shiro, but out of nowhere he was gone. Rin turned around, scanning the crowd for them, wondering why Mephisto hadn’t pointed them in the right direction to continue following. He was about to ask where they were going next when a woman screamed and turning towards the noise he saw Shiro stumbling into her only to warp out of existence.

He teleported here and there, apparently not caring too much in someone saw him, bumping into people and things.

"What’s going on?" Rin asked as Shiro held one of his hands in a vice like grip, trying and failing to keep it from snapping and sending him crashing into a balloon vendor, bright colors filling the air as several spun slowly upwards after he’d teleported into them.

"When I’m drunk I tend to have difficulty teleporting. Jumping from one location to the next generally requires a good amount of focus, focus I lack after as many drinks as I've had tonight. But, that doesn’t really matter, what matters is where Shiro and I finally ended up." Mephisto explained, lifting his hand to snap his fingers, teleporting them to a dark mountain, just behind the tree line before a cliff side clearing.


Shiro snapped into existence, stumbling a bit before pausing and taking in the landscape. He was at the edge of a cliff and if Mephisto had teleported them a little to the left they would have tumbled off the ridge and into the deep forest hundreds of feet below.

It was cold, but not terribly so considering their elevation, Shiro’s breath tumbling into the air in swirling smoke patterns. The ground beneath his feet was white rock pebbles interspersed with long grass and sparse, small pine trees. He imagined that during the day the point allowed for a sweeping view of the mountains around them, yet now it was the sky that was really worth taking in.

Above them the night was alive with stars, no moon in sight to muddle their light. The Milky Way band arched over his head, leaving him feeling incredibly small despite Mephisto’s power coursing through him. “We’re not back in Japan” he murmured, not even really caring that they hadn’t gone home like they’d agreed to, not with a view like this.

“How would you know? We’re outside.” Mephisto argued, laughing just a bit before spinning around in Shiro’s body until the stars blurred to streaks in the dark.

“If you don’t stop I’ll barf.” Shiro warned before they stumbled to the ground, sitting down heavily. “And I do know, I know this isn’t Japan because the constellations are all wrong for this time of year.”

“I didn’t take you for an astronomer.”

“I’m a field agent!”

“Hardy, anymore.” Mephisto hummed, making Shiro groan in complaint before they both settled on Shiro’s elbows, taking in the sky again.

Samael wished he could see them better where he lived. A mansion in the city was nice, but he missed out on these simpler pleasures. He wanted to look up and open himself up to the sky, melt back into the night which had formed him. Having a body was exciting, it was a flurry of constant sensation, but space, space had been different. When he was just a concept his arms had no boundaries, he hadn't even had arms. He was everything and nothing, now, then, and forever. The human form was angles and confines and part of him longed deep down to be the water of the universe again, spreading out out out with no containers or thoughts or pains. Just endless abyss, endless destruction and creation where time was not linear in any sense, but cyclical and ever moving.

“So all that, it’s you?" Shiro asked, quiet and slow, shocking Samael from his thoughts.

He took his time with his answer, feeling Shiro’s fingers twist around the sparse grass beneath them without his will, interested for just a moment in feeling something he hadn’t intended to do, "In a way, yes. That’s me."

"But it's so huge, it's everything."

"You're big too, I’m like that."

Samael got the sense that Shiro would have turned to him had they not been sharing a body, "What do you mean? I’m small, look at it all and here I am just someone on a rock."

"You hold many worlds inside of you, Shiro. Your body is filled with living creatures, bugs, bacteria, viruses. To you the universe is huge, but to them you are huge and you’re all they’ve ever known. Entire generations will live and die in you and you'll have no idea. They are their own bodies, their own desires. They function and move, they multiply and evolve all inside you. Even your own cells are not fully your own, they are populated by beings beyond you and they replace your entire body every few years, making a new universe from scratch. That’s what I am."

Shiro mulled the words over, trying to picture the whole of the universe as one large body, in which there were a multitude of inner workings, among them earth and himself. "Is it weird being small, when you used to be so big?"

"There wasn’t a word for big back then, or even thoughts. Not at the level you understand them." Samael said, reaching up and spreading Shiro's, their, fingers wide as if he could capture that time before time, that existence beyond knowing. "But yes...sometimes it's odd. Sometimes it’s like rolling out of bed on the wrong side, or wearing your shoes on the wrong feet. It’s’s you but it’s different. It’s not that it isn’t you, or that you’ve changed, but you're not correctly aligned. You're left humming just a bit off tune."

Fingers brushed against his lips, making Samael pause as they drug themselves slowly over the skin before resting there. "Shiro —”

"I told you I'd make sure you had a good time tonight, in my body, without the pain, but...there’s one thing you haven’t experienced like this yet." Shiro whispered, breath curling into the night sky as Samael watched, stunned as he felt the fingers leave his lips and drag slowly down his neck to reach his chest, pushing a button through its hole. "I think you, I mean we, should."

Samael’s hand lowered from the sky, moving to mirror Shiro's movements and touch their lips, but he paused before he could still unsure. He’d never done anything like this. In his hundreds of years with a human form he’d never felt his hands take a mind of their own and slid down, down, down.

He gasped as he felt Shiro slip their fingers beneath his belt and grip himself in a tease of a touch, a promise for more, for what came next before he moved their hand back up and continued to unbutton his shirt until it fell open.

"Shiro this i-“

"Won’t it feel better this way? Without the rot." He was right, Samael knew it and Shiro could feel his knowledge, his understanding and used it as permission to push forward, undoing his belt and exposing them to the still, cold air.

Samael unwrapped his tail and wound it around Shiro's arm stopping it momentarily, "You don’t have to if you're just do this to make sure I find out what it feels like." He said, for once not just running with his lust, and that surprised even him. It was just so peculiar to share a body this thoroughly, to have everything be theirs and if it was going to be then he wanted them to both feel the same way. He wanted to be in sync, to move together and maybe it was selfish but if he could sense any apprehension in Shiro's mind then the sensations would be laced with doubt, something that would muddle the crystal clear clarity he craved.

"You know it’s not that, Samael. You've known all evening."

A blush stained his cheeks, something he couldn’t imagine on Shiro's face. He had indeed sensed Shiro's sexual curiosity towards him the whole evening. He’d sensed it in fleeting murmurs when he’d possessed him before too, and seen it glimmer in his eyes for years now. He’d just never intended to bring it up beyond teasing. He was a fascination Shiro held, a question he occasionally dwelled on of what it might be like to sleep with a demon. Plenty of humans had such curiosities, but few ever acted upon them.

So Shiro had been curious as to what sex with him might be like, had even desired it, that didn’t actually mean anything.

At least, he hadn’t thought it did.

Yet, there Shiro was, coaxing them to hardness, making Samael’s teeth grit as he felt the sensations of arousal at a level he’d never encountered. He’d felt better things, plenty of sexual positions felt better than a handjob, but he’d never felt it quite like this. It’d never been this sharp. The lack of distractions let the warmth of lust wash fully over him, narrowing his focus to a pinpoint. It didn’t take long for him to cant their hips upward, seeking more as his fingers dug into the sandy dirt beside them.

"Feel good?" Shiro teased softly, running his thumb over their slit, smearing precum across the head.

Samael growled, biting down on their bottom lip, letting the taste of blood fill their mouth and groaning at the heavy iron flavor. He gave no definitive answer but he felt Shiro's smirk in the whole of their body as he sped up.

"Give me more control." Shiro breathed, voice interlaced with Samael’s soft pants and the time king gave more willingly than he ever had, letting go of his control over Shiro's other arm and for once becoming a passenger in a body completely.

He was always taking, consuming forcefully, but now he let Shiro give. He received every sensation, unplanned by him but imparted to every nerve ending.

Shiro thought he was small, but these feelings were far from minuscule and for a short time, their minds filling one body, they were all Samael could feel. They were a whole, inexplicable world.

Their eyes closed and their hand moved faster. The damp that had begun to gather on the grass pressed against their clothes, the water cool and calming. The first twinges of finish coiled in their gut, a soft moan passing between them as they reach out to stroke fingers through soft tail fur.

The sensation sent electricity spilling up their spine, settling as a shiver over their body. Their toes curled as the promise of orgasm grew, claws brushing their skin, teeth elongating in their mouth, head tilting backwards.

Their eyebrows knit together, biting their lip as their hips thrust in time with their hand which had transitioned from firm, full strokes, to quick, desperate jerks. The tension inside them wound tighter as they chased their end, aching for it and crying out as the crest came into view before tumbling into the pleasure.

They moaned, warmth splashing onto their stomach and spreading across their fingers, shivering and gasping. They rode out their orgasm, stroking themselves through it until with a few last jerks they sighed, sinking boneless across the ground.

Samael's eyes opened slowly, heart pounding in their ears, stars as bright as ever above them. He didn’t know what to say, Shiro had rendered him speechless, something he was certain the exorcist took immense pride in. As it were he lifted a hand, brushing their fingers against their lips in an echo of the improvised kiss Shiro had began with. The one he had hesitated with before.

They lay in silence for a long time, fatigue settling in, a content glow about them. Shiro closed their eyes, washing Samael's world in darkness again before finally speaking, "How are we going to get home?" He asked, running a hand through their hair.

Samael frowned, he was still too drunk to teleport reliably. "I’d have to stop possessing you."

"We can do this again sometime."

What did this mean? The possession? The sex? Both at the same time? It had certainly been nice. Samael couldn’t lie, he wanted that experience again.

He pulled away from Shiro, bringing his normal host body into existence and letting his being fill it. His eyes fluttered open and he felt empty. "That would be nice." He said, extending a hand out to Shiro to tug him up and as he did Shiro pulled him into a kiss, deep and slow. Unhurriedly they embraced, Shiro's fingers carding through Samael's hair as the time king’s hand clenched in the still open fabric of Shiro's shirt.

"I had fun tonight." Shiro finally said as they moved away from one another, Samael using his magic to right all of Shiro's clothes.

He’d heard those words from many humans, had smoothed down rumbled fabric and tucked sweaty hairs behind ears hundreds of times before, but it’d hadn’t felt like this is a long time. He could count on one finger the times those words has actually made him smile as they did now. "Me too."

Shiro took one last glance up at the sky then said, "Let’s go home."

Samael nodded and reality shifted around them in a whirlwind of color, their now separate bodies reappearing in Samael's bedroom, sinking into his mattress.

A head popped up from the covers, sleepy, reptilian eyes peering at them momentarily before closing as a purr rose in his chest. Amaimon scooted over to Samael, wrapping his arms around his neck and pulling him into a demanding, yet unhurried kiss.

Samael sank contentedly into it, letting Amaimon's familiar scent and taste wash over him, fingers brushing Amaimon's ear as he held the embrace.

Shiro blanched, eye’s widening as all the blood attempted to drain from his body. The earth king was just, just there in front of him. One of the Baal. One of the most powerful demons in existence was just living in Samael’s house and he'd had no idea. They were supposed to be laying low after the supposed deaths of Rin and Yukio and Mephisto just had Amaimon hanging around.

Keeping other members of the Baal in the city was the exact definition of not laying low. What if someone found out, what if the order found out, they'd send investigators. Investigators which could question him because he was the Paladin and how could he have not known Amaimon was within the city. They’d poke around and find Rin and Yukio all because Mephisto was getting some, some lizard tail?!

And that was another thing, he had just had sex with Samael! Samael who was obviously with Amaimon in some sort of capacity. He might as well have signed his own execution order.

Amaimon nosed against Samael's neck, the time king tilting his head upwards to give him better access. He ran his tongue over the pulse there, a purr forming in Samael's chest to echo Amaimon’s own as the earth king spoke in a deep, ancient language Shiro could couldn’t hope to understand, the sound of it making a headache burn to life in between his eyes.

Samael answered him, murmuring lowly in a voice that sounded like scales sliding over sharp rocks.

The sounds sends fear shuddering up Shiro's spine even though their movements were soft, even caring.

Samael's forehead met Amaimon’s own in a nuzzle, an echo of horns unexposed, but the message was there. He snapped his clothes away, settling into a comfortable robe and doing the same for Shiro, pulling him down against the both of them.

Shiro was hesitant, resisting a bit as he was pulled awkwardly into their laps, moved to press between them. He held his arms close to his body, back stiff. Warm breath brushed against the back of his neck as Amaimon smelled him. Smelled him! His hair stood on end.

What would Amaimon do if he found out what had happened. He’d probably gut him like a fish, damn Samael for getting him into this.

"He smells like you."

Shiro swallowed thickly. Why hadn’t that clown bastard warned him.

"This is the one I was telling you about, my perfect host."

"He’d look good on you."

Samael smiled widely, catching Shiro's chin in his hand, tilting his face upwards. "He does, we’re quite dashing and we had a lot of fun tonight, you should join next time, Amaimon."

What was that bastard doing!?

"Mm, what'd you do?" Amaimon ask, voice bored even as his claws toyed with the fabric around Shiro's arms as if debating tugging his hands above his head or perhaps ripping his wrists off.

"Ate, drank, danced, and then he surprised me."

He hated how they spoke as if he wasn’t there, leaving him to wonder what would happen next, what Amaimon might do. He wanted to shift from their arms, but he didn’t want to seem suspicious if Samael lied about their night.

"He initiated sex, something I’ve never had a host do. It was wonderful."

Before Shiro could bolt to avoid Amaimon's wrath the earth king laughed, "It's much better with the right host, isn’t it?"

Samael nodded, ignoring the confused look on Shiro's face, "I was jealous of you before, but now I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand it."

A slim green tail wrapped possessively around Shiro's wrist, "Well then just repossess him and we'll play." Amaimon purred, fingers spreading out over Shiro's chest and dipping under the edge of his robe.

Samael captured Amaimon’s lips in another kiss, shaking his head as they separated, "Perhaps later, for now I’m sure Shiro needs his rest."

"I think he needs more than that, he looks as if his brains fell out are you sure you didn’t break him?"

"He’s freaking out because he thinks you're going to kill him because we slept together."

Shiro growled, yanking himself away fully. “You knew I was worried and you were fucking with me!” When he thought about it, it wasn’t surprising at all, but it still pissed him off.

Amaimon smiled, teeth a touch too sharp, "He’s got those human hangups." He said it as if Shiro's fear was cute.

Shiro opened his mouth to tell them off for toying with his emotions and fears like they had, but Samael placed a finger against his lips, shushing him before he could. "Very few demons care about monogamy, Shiro. I've had plenty of humans while we've been together and so has he," He explained, though Shiro couldn’t bring himself to believe Amaimon had humans lining up to fuck him. He almost grumbled as much. "Amaimon and I have claimed one another, we're mates, but it’s not sex that tells us that. Demons don’t place as much meaning on it as humans do. It’s not as if you're about to change our bond."

Amaimon nodded along, letting Samael do all the talking as he settled back into the sheets with a stretch, content to close his eyes and nuzzle against the time king’s body.

Samael reached out for Shiro and tugged him back down with him as he joined Amaimon in laying down, sandwiching himself between the two of them. "It’s been a long night, I can fill you in more tomorrow, for now, rest."

"Is he smart enough to be filled in?" Amaimon teased, tail curling around Samael's own.

Shiro glowered at Amaimon over the expanse of Samael's chest between them, but then Samael's hand was in his hair and he suddenly felt so tired. His eyelids grew heavy and in the back of his mind he knew Samael was using his magic on him, but he couldn’t find the strength to fight it. His fingers traced his forehead, drawing him closer and closer to his dreams, his eyes closing as it felt like a warm blanket was being pulled over his mind.

He could just worry about it tomorrow. It was no big deal really.