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A Nest of Wrens

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Anow 2

It took a few more hours to drag Amaimon out of the house, Rin beginning to worry that’d he’d get a reputation for being late since he’d already promised Sheimi he’d be over at his dorm earlier that morning. Amaimon grumbled that only Mephisto worried about being on time more than Rin as he snapped them to Rin’s dorm, depositing them in the common kitchen area.

He saw Sheimi jump in surprise as they popped into the room, but she melted into a warm smile as she saw Rin, setting aside a small set of tweezers that she had been using to prune a bonsai tree. "Hello, Rin."

Her voice was warm and welcoming, lighting up the room around her in a way Rin had always found infectious. "Hey, Sheimi, sorry we're late. We got a bit...caught up."

Yukio let a huff slip through his teeth, flicking his eyes up from the paperwork he was working on. Odds were Sheimi had dragged him straight from his desk.

"Oh no worries!" She said, either oblivious to or ignoring Yukio's efforts not to roll his eyes out of his sockets. "It’s nice getting to spend some time with Yuki." She smiled at him, but he was already buried back in his work, the tips of his ears red at hearing the nickname he tended to insist he didn’t like.

Amaimon sat down next to Sheimi, watching intently as she returned to her work, carefully preening the small tree. "How old is it?" He asked, popping a sucker into his mouth. The two had formed an odd sort of friendship ever since he'd helped her escape from the cult she'd gotten swept up in. Rin knew it had something to do with a being named Sheimihaza, but she didn’t like to talk about it much. He didn’t ask her about it any more. A few weeks had passed since Amaimon has helped her leave and the first few times he'd asked had filled her eyes with a distant pain. Her voice would waver, lowering as her eyes averted. He didn’t want her to relive any fear or stress she must have gone through and Amaimon didn’t seem keen on giving up information either, so he let it be.

At the very least it was nice to watch his two friends get along more and more. It was an odd bond, but one he took a certain amount of joy in. He continued to listen in on their conversation as he pulled on his apron, rummaging around in the fridge for supplies for lunch.

"Almost a hundred years now."

"Very young." Amaimon hummed, fiddling with his nails.

Shiemi nodded. "Some of them get to be a thousand, so it has a long way to go."

A thousand years was an odd thing to think about. Rin's mind clung to the thought as he unwrapped some dough he’d prepared a week ago, kneading it slowly on the countertop to help warm it up from being refrigerated. Where would he be in a thousand years? He was still so young, Amaimon and Mephisto had both commented multiple times that he was only on his first century. How many centuries would there be? Forever? Forever was much longer than a thousand years and much harder to think about. In a thousand years all the people he knew and loved would be gone. Maybe he’d care for Sheimi's bonsai for her, or maybe she'd pass it on through her own family line. He’d meet new people. Lose new people. He’d seen Shiro die and that had been more than enough for several lifetimes. He didn’t know how much death he could take.

By now he’d folded the dough a few times and begun to cut it into noodles, trying and failing to sink his focus into the motions. The up and down. What would he look like in a thousand years, what would Amaimon look like? Would he still look up at with those eyes that carried so much happiness even when his face appeared otherwise blank? Would he still bob about in bathtubs and whine about leaving bed? Would Mephisto still be Mephisto, or would he had a different name, a different body? Would he dress the same, talk the same? Would their hands still touch him the same way? Would they still let him hang around or would this odd fling have faded into obscurity, something that happened when he was young and wouldn’t be repeated?

A hand touched his shoulder lightly and he jumped, knife landing too hard on the cutting board. How long had he been cutting forcefully for? He looked over, eyes wild, meeting Sheimi's concerned expression with blind bewilderment.

"Are you alright, Rin?" She asked softly, her whisper suggestion that she wanted to keep her question between them thought there was no doubt in his mind that Amaimon at the very least could hear them. Could hear his pounding heart beat as well.

"Yeah...yeah, yeah everything’s fine. It’s all good, I just got a bit distracted." He said in a rush, trying to brush away her worry, moving to pull the hooded apart and set them to boil.

Her expression betrayed that she didn’t believe him, but she didn’t press and for that Rin was thankful. He knew he trusted Sheimi enough to talk about some of the things that had been on his mind lately, but not in front of Yukio or Amaimon. That was just asking for trouble.

"Want me to help you cut the vegetables?" She offered, Rin glad to have her there to help distract him from his worries.

"That’d be great, they're in the fridge. Wash your hands first though."

She nodded and went to work, the soft sounds of them working together soon filling up the space with a warmth that only came from such familiar domesticity. If nothing weird had ever happened involving demons Rin liked to think that one day he'd be able to spend every day like this, cooking for the people he cared about. He wasn’t sure if that would happen now, there was still so much going on with the Gehenna gate and even though Yukio had gotten away from the Illuminati Satan still wanted to possess him, or Rin. Even if he did defeat Satan then he’d just end up out living all the people he cared about so what was the point of cooking anyway?

"Is this good?" Sheimi asked, snapping Rin out of his once more spiraling thoughts. She reminded him in an instant why it was worth it, even if he lost people in the end. It was worth it because he’d rather have fleeting happiness than none at all. What was wrong with wanting to live for today, or the few years after?

"It’s perfect." He smiled as he looked over her work, scooping them up and placing them in the broth he’d been working on. Moments like these were worth it. He may have lost Shiro, but he didn’t regret his time spent with his dad, why would time spent with his friends be any different? Those memories were important to him, so he’d make more.

Amaimon shifted closer to them, sitting at the bench seat by the counter, leaving Yukio alone at the kitchen table. Rin wasn’t sure if he should be upset that Yukio had been left alone. On one hand it allowed Yukio to go back into being antisocial, on the other he wasn’t social with Amaimon in the first place.

He picked up one of the eggs on the counter and moved to eat it, but Rin caught him before he could, plucked the egg from his hand. "That’s raw."


"You can’t eat raw eggs you’ll get sick."

"I don’t get sick." Amaimon argued, picking up another egg and eating it before Rin could stop him, crunching the shell between his teeth.

"Ew." Sheimi laughed and Rin more than agreed as he watch Amaimon try to keep the liquid in his mouth before swallowing hard.

"I’m not coming anywhere near you until you brush your teeth. That’s a horrid way to get salmonella."

"I’m surprised you haven’t gotten it already." Yukio mumbled from the table, closing one of the files he’d been working on.

Rin frowned at him, but thought it best not to respond. He knew that Yukio heavily disapproved of him hanging out with Amaimon, but he'd given up being concerned about it. He was a demon, half of one anyway, and he needed to interact with other strong demons in order to blow off steam. If he didn’t fight with Amaimon from time to time he'd start feeling too caged. He’d become unable to focus, his skin would feel like it was crawling, and sounds would become too loud as his senses became overloaded.

Yukio could be upset about it all he wanted, keeping his instincts in check was more important. Did Mephisto feel like that sometimes? Caged. Rin never saw him use his powers or fight.

"Are you done know, by the way?" Yukio asked, avoiding eye contact as he packed away his work. At least he was making some effort to put his work aside. That was more effort than he’d put in in a little while.

"Wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t." Amaimon said offhandedly as he bothered to summon a tube of toothpaste, eating a bit of it. "There, clean."

Rin sighed as he watched Amaimon, but it was light natured, "Yes, I’m done." He said, actually glad Yukio had asked despite the mild embarrassment it brought. He had hidden his first heat from Yukio, ashamed of his nature, but as he had grown more comfortable with him he had managed to broach the subject. It hadn’t been the smoothest conversation, what talk with Yukio was, but at least he had understood. He knew a lot about demons and plenty of demons had heat cycles. It’d been a bit like walking on eggshells, but not the worst. "Don’t you go back to work tonight?"

"Yeah, my medical leave is up." He answered, taking the bowl of ramen Rin moved to give him.

"Just take it easy okay?" He knew Yukio probably wouldn’t, he never did, but he tried to help nonetheless. Yukio had been on leave for the past month after coming back from the Illuminati headquarters. He hadn’t been seriously injured, but the an order therapist and psychiatrist had been assigned to him and recommended the time. They’d actually recommended more time, but with the all hands on deck orders from the higher ranks every walking body was needed.

Yukio nodded, digging into his food. It was the most he’d seen him eat in a good while. Sheimi took her seat as well and Rin served her and Amaimon before eating his own bowl. For once Yukio didn’t try to dip out early.

After lunch Rin, Amaimon, and Sheimi went back to his dorm to relax and play video games. Sheimi still hadn’t decided if she would continue to be an exorcist, so her leave, for the time being, was indefinite. Rin knew Mephisto would let her deliberate as long as she wanted though, she was important in the game he was playing, he just had told Rin how.

They said their goodbyes after a few hours and Rin went back to the Faust manor with Amaimon. Yukio's current mission would take him out of the dorm for a few days, not too long when compared to his missions in the past, but long enough to where Rin didn’t look forward to sleeping in an empty room. He spent the rest of the day with Amaimon, in much the same way he had for the past year, training, fighting, then relaxing. Yet, he found himself watching Amaimon closer than usual, closer even than he had watched him the month before his heat.

He looked over at Amaimon as he played one of Mephisto’s video games, by now the sun was setting outside the wide windows, orange pink light filtering through the glass. It caught the gold in his eyes, the sight captivating him.

He found himself scooting closer to Amaimon, laying his head in his lap. Amaimon looked down at him, but didn’t bother to say anything, instead he placed a flawed hand in Rin's hair and and ran his fingers through. It was something he'd picked up from Rin doing it to him. That was probably one of his favorite things about Amaimon, how he picked up little mannerisms here and there. Lately Amaimon had been picking up more and more of his own mannerisms, it made Rin happy watching them wind up mirroring each other.

"You two look cosy." Mephisto's familiar voice filled the gentle quiet, Amaimon tilting his head back as he leaned over the couch. Twin purrs rose in their chests as they kissed, Amaimon's tail flicking about contentedly. "Did you actually do anything today?"

"More than enough."

"He ate an egg, raw."

"Oh lovely and I just kissed you."

Amaimon stuck his tongue out, "That was a while ago."

"Did he eat the shell too?" Mephisto asked, coming around to the other side of the couch and lifting Rins legs up. He sat down and let Rin continue his lounging, this time with his body half across his lap.

"How else would I eat them?"

Rin felt Mephisto shiver underneath him, chuckling at the reaction.

"I suppose that more than answers my questions," Mephisto sighed before placing his hand on Rin's legs, slowly slipping his fingers under the cuff of his pants. "I suppose we'll have to punish him for behaving so childishly."

Rin grinned, shifting to prop himself up on his elbow, "Definitely, he made a huge crunch sound and everything.

"Deplorable." Mephisto purred, pulling Rin up and into his lap. "Disgusting, utterly unacceptable."

"If was horrible you should have been there." Rin began toying with the buttons on Mephisto's coat, "I'll have nightmares for weeks."

By now Amaimon was growing lowly, the game paused as he looked over at them, "No fair." He huffed, gathering his knees up under him and scooting closer, but Mephisto shook his head.

"No, no you frightened poor Rin today, you're being punished."

"I thought you were going to get sick." Rin nodded, hands tugging off Mephisto's now unbuttoned jacket, sliding his hands under his wine red shirt. Mephisto tensed under the cold tips of his fingers, making Rin smile, he loved it when Mephisto was so eager to play with the both of them, especially when he teased Amaimon.

His hands settled on Rin's hips, lowering with each passing second to squeeze his ass appreciatively as Rin took his time undressing him. "You'll be a good boy and watch until I think you've had enough." He purred, taking his polka dotted cravat in hand and pulling Rin's arms behind him, tying his wrists.

"Hey!" Rin tried to protest, but before he could say more Mephisto pressed a finger to his lips.

"You should have stopped him from eating the egg, or at least warned me before I kissed him, you're being punished as well."

Rin pouted, but he couldn’t deny the arousal that filled him at the idea of Amaimon watching while he was tied up.

Mephisto pushed him off his lap and to the floor, jolting Rin as he fell, quick to pounce on him and flip him onto his hands and knees. "Stay on the couch, Amaimon." He commanded as leaned over Rin, warm breath brushing against the back of his neck, making him feel vulnerable as he imaging his fangs snapping around his spine. Fingers undid his belt and Rin had to bite his lip to keep from demanding him to simply snap his clothes away. He'd try to ask for him to before, only to have Mephisto go slower, purring that undressing him was half the fun.

Still, he whimpered as Mephisto removed his belt, gasping as his hand grabbed the back of his head, tugging roughly in the strands of his hair. His face which was pressed to the floor was turned forcefully towards the couch. "Watch him." Mephisto growled, nipping at his ear hard enough to draw both blood and a moan from him as he set his hard lidded gaze on Amaimon. He sat, hands clenched tight at his side, knowing Mephisto wouldn’t want him to move even to remove his clothes, let alone touch himself. Rin swallowed thickly, the action hurting just a touch since his neck was twisted at an odd level. Mephisto palmed between his legs, squeezing his erection tight a low chuckle rumbling through his chest and Rin knew he was marveling at how hard he already was. Amaimon licked his lips, eyes focused and ready for the show Mephisto intended to put on for him.

Fingers slipped beneath the waistband of his boxers as Mephisto began to remove his pants. He helped Rin lift his knees as he pulled them off, every motion smooth and all too soft. He could feel Mephisto slipping away, Samael trickling into existence with every pass of his fingers.

Lower half bared to the elder demon Rin uncurled his tail from his waist, lifting in to submissively show himself as he spread his legs without prompting, giving Samael a full view. The action brought claws to his hips, dragging down his flank to bring blood searing to the surface of his skin. He sucked in a sharp breath, eyes squeezing closed momentarily before shooting open in pain as his tail was tugged roughly. "I said, watch him." Samael reminded, keep his tail trapped in his grip until Rin attempted to nod, promising to do as he was told despite how hard it was to keep his gaze trained on Amaimon's own, especially as he heard a snap. He trembled at the thought of not seeing what Samael has summoned, so close, but out of range unless he wanted his tail yanked again or worse.

A hand lifted his chin ever so slightly off the ground, fingers pressing to his jaw to force his mouth open and Rin received a quick answer as to what he had summoned. A ball gag filled his mouth, his fangs pressing uncomfortably against it as Samael snapped the back against his head, purring at the sound it made. Rin was foolish enough to think the gag would be the last toy summoned.

Another snap was quick to come and this time Samael's hands went nowhere near his mouth, instead one hand wrapped around his length, making him whine at the stimulation, while the other moved to press something cold against his tip. Ice? No it wasn’t cold enough to be ice and the pressure was far too concentrated. Amaimon's eyes had moved from his own, staring at whatever Samael was doing and soon Rin knew why as the cold began to push into him. A strangled cry rose around his gag, fingers flexing to cut into the fabric around his wrist. A cold, metal rod pushed into his slit, moving fast enough to hurt, but slow enough to not cause damage his natural healing couldn’t take care of quickly. "Mm, your blood slicked it nicely, it went in so smooth." Samael hummed, twisting the sounder about, catching the ragged tears inside his cock and exacerbating them momentarily. Tears welled in Rin's eyes, but he refused to look away from Amaimon, focusing on how tense his body was and how tight his pants had become.

Blood slick fingers pressed at his entrance as Samael spoke again, "No one cums until I’ve had my fill." He said, burying his finger deep inside Rin, laying down his final rule.

A slow, shaky breath left him as Samael began to stretch him, knowing with his healing it wouldn’t do much good, but Samael liked the little things. He also liked teasing Amaimon. He pushed back onto the demon, wanting to close his eyes and take in the feeling, but he couldn’t. He shivered as, after a few minutes, Samael finished his teasing, removing his fingers and rutting against Rin, a promise of what was to come.

Rin's eyes lowered in submission, his tail failing lip to one side, expressing without a doubt that he was more than ready. Samael ran a gentle hand down his tail, sending sparks in his spine, as a reward. His warm hand pressed to the small of Rin's back, the heat a stark contrast to how cool his skin had become while exposed to the open air. Samael pushed him into a better position, arching his back and holding his hip tight as he pushed deeply into him. It was nearly impossible to keep his eyes open as he was filled, but it was well worth seeing the expression on Amaimon's face, hungry and wanting as a low whine passed through his lips.

"Lovely, isn’t he?" Samael asked, the warmth of his inside Rin filling the younger's mind with a needful haze. Amaimon was quick to nod, scooting closer on his knees, but not leaving the couch. "Come here."

Amaimon scrambled down, Samael reaching out to cup his cheek and dragging him into a searing kiss as he finally began to move inside Rin. Slamming into him slow and hard, every movement pushing Rin on his knees until they ached with rug burn. "The bathroom smells like sex." Samael said, "I suppose that's how he got you out of bed." His tone was playful, but Rin defected the undercurrent of jealousy he had heard there before.

Amaimon tangled his tail with Samael's own, pressing their foreheads together in a gentle nuzzle. "Don’t rush off so early to work if you want to join in." He hummed, Samael snapping his clothes away, giving him permission to finally join them. Amaimon shifted to Rin's front and with Samael's help gently turned him around, laying him in his lap as Samael sunk back into him.

Rin's breath came out hard through his nose and muffling against his gag as he look up now at Samael instead of Amaimon, the time king keeping steady eye contact. He wanted to throw his arm over his face and avoid that penetrating gaze, feeling as if Samael was undressing him with his eyes despite the fact that he was already laid bare before him. Amaimon's length teased at his entrance, brushing along Samael's own with every thrust. Rin's mind grew hazy with lust as Samael nodded, giving Amaimon permission to push into him, slow and hard all at once, a demanding pressure he longed to give into. His head fell back against Amaimon's chest as a whine rose in his chest at the pain of being so full, the burning sensation slowly melting into a deep ache as his flush spilled over to his ears, neck, and chest.

"Remember though, no cumming until I’ve had my fill." Samael growled, leaning over Rin, claws digging punctures into his hips as he kissed Amaimon again, drawing blood from his lips. Amaimon didn’t respond, but the way he stayed still while inside Rin even as Samael began to thrust up into him seemed to be answer enough for the time king.

A hand settled on Rin's length, Amaimon’s fingers wrapping around him and stroking. His head fell back, exposing his throat to the both of them, an offering quickly taken as two sets of fangs dug into him.

Samael panted softly as his thrusts came faster and faster, his tail twitching about erratically. Rin wished dizzily that he was louder during sex, his noises almost always low growls and muffed groans pressed against his skin or lips. One of these days he was going to make the elder demon scream for him.

A strong shiver ran up his spine as the image of Samael crying out to God as he fucked him filled his mind. The idea of making a demon, not just any demon, a king, say something like that had his hips bucking hard, a whine dying to escape him. His eyes shut tight, the pain of needing to cum but being denied by the sound frustratingly painful.

Amaimon mouthed at his ears and cheek, taking his tail in hand and stroking it along with his ministrations on his cock. "Shh, you'll get to cum soon." He reassured, the words making Rin's heart swell with a now all too familiar feeling. He wanted to be Amaimon's completely, he wanted this to be more than just play, he wanted Samael to mark him so deeply he'd never shake their scents off him. He wanted to cum and cum while they watched and at least he’d get that wish.

Samael's mouth covered his over his gag, tongue a demanding slide over his lips as he tensed, hands lifting Rin's legs to give him more leverage, filling him with his finish. Amaimon moaned softly at the feeling, Rin eager to wrap his legs around Samael's waist in an attempt to keep him as close as possible as they were freed from his grip, the other going lax in the afterglow.

Finally Amaimon began to move, Rin purring as he pushed against his prostate, the feeling wonderful when paired with his slick Samael's cum had made him.

Just as he grew accustomed to the pace Amaimon set Samael began to move again too, a rough growl rumbling in his chest like distant thunder as he scrapped his fangs over Rin’s neck. He mouthed at his pulse, drawing dark bruises to his skin that faded almost as soon as they appeared.

Satisfied from before his thrusts were no longer driven by greed, his movements slow, a torture compared to Amaimon’s scramble for release. He filled Rin to the hilt with each thrust, making him feel dizzyingly full. “ If you cum before me I’ll have your tail, Amaimon.” He warned in a low growl, grabbing the earth king’s tail in a firm grip, pulling until begrudgingly, Amaimon slowed his movements.

Rin growled with frustration, craving the punishing movements. Samael smiled down at him, echoing his angered complaints, their chests pressing together until their twin growls filled him in a way sex never could. The sound of them intoxicating. He closed his eyes to feel it, drifting in them, shivering when Amaimon joined. Samael let him, his touches sinking into something soft as he leaned forward to kiss Amaimon deeply, their warm breaths washing over Rin’s sensitive ear.

Still sensitive from before Samael didn’t last much longer, a trembling gasp escaping him as Amaimon got his hands on his tail, rubbing the fur the wrong way. Samael's head dropped to Rin's shoulder, biting down as he rutted into him, harder again before with one final, rough thrust he stilled.

Amaimon moaned at the feeling of Samael cumming beside him, digging his claws into Rin’s thighs as he spread his legs wide, throwing his slow rhythm out the window in favor of hurried, desperate movements.

Samael purred at the sight, watching Amaimon slip fully into his instincts for a long moment until he pulled out, Rin whining as he did. He kissed down Rin’s chest, dragging his claws over the half demon's skin, bringing bright red to the surface before chasing the blood with his tongue.

Rin whined as he watched, trying desperately to move his hips in time with Amaimon's quick pace, wishing his hands were free so he he could pin the earth king down and ride him, or perhaps push Samael's head down faster. The agonizing pace he was taking towards his length was driving Rin mad in comparison to Amaimon’s quick thrusts, the difference in their paces making him dizzy.

Finally, Samael ran his tongue over the length of Rin's cock, drawing a moan from him as he flattened it against the sensitive skin. He teased Rin for a moment, drawing his tongue in slow, deliberate strokes before granting him what he truly wanted, taking him fully down his throat. Rin forced his eyes open at the feeling, loving the sight of Samael's mouth around him, the bulge in his throat that outlined where he was inside him. Watching him choke never got old.

He wanted to tangle his fingers in his hair and push him down harder, wanted to pound into him roughly. Luckily, Amaimon had that part covered, his rough thrusts pushing his cock down Samael's throat at an equally fast pace when the time king made no move to hinder his movements.

Amaimon bit suddenly into the edge of his ear, snarling lowly, "He looks good like that, doesn't he~" Rin could only moan his answer around his gag, but the response made Amaimon grin, his tail lifting to coil around Samael's neck, forcing him down further as if tugging him with a leash. Rin could have cum to that sight alone and he wanted too more than anything, but the sound buried deep in his length prevented it. He let out a frustrated growl. "Shhh," Amaimon reassured him, hand stroking his tail gently, "Not much longer."

True to his word Amaimon wouldn’t last much longer and as he grew closer Samael pulled away from him, making Rin keen with need. Carefully he pulled the sound out, twisting it in a way that sent shivers down Rin's spine as he did. "Cum for us, Rin."

He didn’t need any more permission than that, his scream muffled against the gag as Samael swallowed hard around him. His tail lashed erratically across the floor as he came down Samael's throat, back arching as he tightened needfully around Amaimon who bit deeply into his shoulder.

Rin felt his claws dig into his hands as his body tensed, groaning as Amaimon came deeply inside him, his head spinning. He barely noticed as Samael licked him clean, catching any drops of cum he had missed, too busy drifting in the afterglow. His tail curled languidly around Samael's arm, purring even as his arms aching when Amaimon pushed him gently into Samael's embrace and undid the ties around his wrist. The static that ran through his fingers as blood rushed into him made him groan with mild discomfort, curling against Samael tiredly.

Amaimon nuzzled against the both of them, still panting ever so slightly as he took his time undoing the gag in Rin's mouth.

Rin let out an appreciative purr, his jaw aching as he was finally able to close his mouth. Amaimon mouthed gently at the wounds on his shoulder as they healed, tracing the lines of his blood, smiling against his skin.

"Have fun?" He purred, his fangs brushing Rin's back, threatening another bite and perhaps another round had Rin's eyes not fluttered closed tiredly, a loud yawn escaping him as he curled further into Samael's arms.

"You can’t rest just yet, Rin." Samael said, running his fingers through his sweat damp hair momentarily before snapping all three of them clean. "Let's get dinner."

"Nothing complicated." Amaimon hummed, wrapping his arms around Samael's neck, tail wagging as he decided what they should have, "Oh! Let’s get pizza!"

Rin's ears perked up at the suggestion, "Oh that one place that opened up down town a while ago is amazing!"

"I want supreme!" Amaimon demanded, moving to dig his hands through Samael's discards pant's pockets.

Samael snapped and his phone appeared in his hands before Amaimon had the chance to grab it, "We're obviously getting ham and pineapple."

"We'll get both." Rin said, taking his own phone out and dialing, "And their five meat special for me." He ordered quickly, telling the worker their address before hanging up. "You're paying, Mephisto."

"If it were up to me we would have only gotten one pizza."

"If it were up to you we'd be eating cup ramen." Rin hummed back, ignoring Mephisto's indignant response in favor of pulling on one of the robes Mephisto had begun keeping for him in his room, figuring it was better to be clothed when their food arrived.

"You say that as if there's something wrong with cup ramen." Mephisto grumbled, pulling on his own clothes and moving to pick Amaimon up, settling down with him on the couch. Rin smiled as he watched the time king run gentle fingers down Amaimon’s bare back, moving to join them.

"We had ramen for lunch." Amaimon yawned, his head settled in Mephisto's lap, arching into his mate's warm touch.

Mephisto summoned a heated blanket for them, clicking on the tv and picking an anime Rin had never heard of.

"What's going on?" Amaimon asked before the credits had even finished.

"Pay attention and find out." Mephisto shushed, the pupils of his eyes widening in excitement for the episode. Rin found himself watching as he reacted to what was going on, finding it endearing. He leaned happily against Mephisto’s shoulder.

"Why are they arguing, he could just kill that dude with the stupid hair." Amaimon pointed out. Mephisto chose to ignore his commentary for a few minutes, but once Amaimon decided the show was worth commenting on he didn’t seem to want to stop. "Why is he taking forever to power up? I could have punched him by now." He added, hands starting to move animatedly in a way that sort of reminded Rin of the way Mephisto would talk with his hands. He supposed the two had picked up a few of each other's habits after decades together. "Do all humans yell this mu-mph!"

Mephisto cut off his words with a kiss, leaning over him and dragging the touch into a deep motion. "Hush now, Amai." He murmured, Rin blushing as he heard the soft nickname.

Amaimon's eyes and pupils were wide as he wrapped his arms around Mephisto's neck, pulling him back into a kiss, tongue running delicately across his lips as he tilted his head into the embrace. "Mm, mine." He purred as he moved away after a few long moments.

"Yours." Samael said, tracing Amaimon’s cheek with his thumb and opening his mouth as if he were about to say something before a knock came at the bedroom door, a voice calling through it.

"Sir, your pizzas." Belial spoke through the door, Mephisto not even bothering to get up as he snapped his fingers to bring them to the coffee table in front of the couch along with some soda.

"Thank you, Belial!" Rin called back as Mephisto didn't bother thanking the demon.

Amaimon was quick to dig in folding four pieces of supreme pieces on top of each other and practically unhinging his jaw to take a bite. Rin smiled and opened his own box, all three of them settling in for a night of tv and good food, curled up warmly on Mephisto's couch.



A few hours later Rin yawned as he sank into Mephisto’s comfortable bed, Amaimon crawling to his side while Mephisto joined him at the other. The two shared a soft kiss over him before they settled down properly. Mephisto kissed Rin's shoulder while Amaimon kissed his forehead, leaving Rin disappointed, wishing they kissed him like they kissed each other. He'd have to talk to Mephisto soon about making their relationship more official.

For the moment though he worried about falling asleep, letting his mind drift as he breathed in their comforting scents, gently tangling his tail with both of their own.


"...when did he ask...?" Mephisto's voice cut low through the hazy of Rin's sleep, but exhaustion drug him down, preventing him from waking fully. The bed was so warm and the demon's beside him had their arms around him, leaving him drifting in a half dream, their voices moving in and out as if waves washing along the shore of his consciousness.

"In the bath...he knew what he was asking."

"No." Mephisto said, hard even when he spoke in whispers.

"Why not?"

"He doesn’t understand us, he’s probably thinks it’s like being in love."

"He knows we can’t, but he still wants us, so why not, so what if he’s a little confused, he’s young." Amaimon countered.

"You're mine." Possession crept into Mephisto's voice, betraying the jealousy he tried to hide from Rin.

"And nothing's changing that...but many demons take multiple mates." Amaimon murmured, reassuring the elder in a way Rin had never heard him before "We both like him, Samael, he’s fun. I don’t see why we can’t have him."

"It’s not a matter of what we want. He still has a long way to go. He may not beat Satan and even if he does do you think he'll still want us after he learns of all the things we have done, all the things his human half would detest?" A sigh escaped him and even mostly asleep Rin could hear the frown he must have worn. "Even if he does live and he does actually want us, he’s still a nephilim and those only live two hundred years or so. We've no idea if he's immortal because of his bloodline, or just like any other half breed."

A long silence passed between them, Rin drifting close to full sleep as nightmares began to eat away at him. Two hundred years...was he really not immortal? He’d never really wanted to be immortal, it was a scary thought, but two hundred years? Two hundred years was long enough to watch everyone he loved die and now it was what kept Mephisto from agreeing to make them official. Would they remain in this stalemate for centuries? What of Mephisto's possessiveness, would it continue to fester? Amaimon was right, they both enjoyed him, so what was the difference, why the defensiveness?

Questions spiraled through his tired mind as sleep began to fully reclaim him, dragging him into a fitful rest, yet before he could drift off Amaimon’s voice filled his senses one last time, tired and dripping in years old frustration.

"It’s always about time with you."



When he woke up again Rin found the bed empty, the usually warm blankets cold as winter sun filtered through the windows. He curled in on himself, nose chasing the scents of the demon king's, wishing they were in bed with him. He found himself reaching out for one of Mephisto’s large anime plushies. He’d joked about them the first time he’d seen them, but now, alone, he found the shape comforting and it smelled like all of them together.

A sinking feeling filled his chest and stomach as he remembered the conversation he had overheard in the night. Had he overheard it or had it been a nightmare spurred on by his anxieties over his immortality, or lack thereof?

He frowned, it hadn’t felt like a dream, as tired as he had been and even if it had he still needed to ask Mephisto why he didn’t want him in the same way he wanted Amaimon. His tail curled tightly around his body. It wasn’t a conversation he was looking forward to, but he wanted to stop being their third wheel and Amaimon seemed to want that too.

He wasn’t in the mood to stay in bed for much longer, thoughts eating away at his exhaustion until it felt like too much energy was pent up in his body, his legs itching towards movement. He sat up too fast and made himself dizzy, launching the covers and anime plush off him.

He scrambled to the bathroom, stumbling a bit before he shook off his dizziness. Neither Amaimon or Mephisto was in the room, making him wonder what was going on. He’d never woken up alone while with them. What was he supposed to do?

Unsure, he took a quick shower and dressed in some casual wear that belonged to Amaimon. Usually Mephisto was around to summon him a new pair of clothes, but not today and he hadn’t seemed to have bothered remembering to get him some. He looked around for his old clothes, but Belial must have already taken them to the wash because they weren’t on the floor where they’d been left the night before. Why did Mephisto even need his clothes manually washed anyway? Couldn’t he just snap them clean? Rin shrugged at the thought, Mephisto was weird he probably thought cleaning the clothes the human way was quaint and therefore enjoyable or something equally ridiculous.

At least Amaimon’s clothes fit him well enough, the pants were a touch short, but considering it was the weekend he wasn’t too worried. Besides having Amaimon's scent so close was nice.

He walked down to the kitchen, intent on rooting around for food. Amaimon had eaten all of the pizza the night before, even Mephisto's pineapple ham pizza despite his grumbling. Rin reached up into a cabinet, looking for a plate that didn’t look as if it cost a million dollars, but it was a worthless search.

"Good morning, sir." Belial's overly professional voice came out of nowhere, scaring Rin half to death.

He jumped, clumsily dropping enough plates to pay his tuition, wincing as they shattered on the tile flooring. "S-Shit sorry!" How had he even snuck up on him? His senses had gotten better since he’d fully awoken as a demon, yet now that he thought about it he never heard Belial approach.

Belial flicked his hand and the plates pieced themselves back together in a flurry of movement. Rin watching as they packed themselves neatly away in the cabinet. "Would you like me to make something for you, sir?"

Rin fought the urge to ask Belial not to call him sir, knowing from previous attempts that there wasn’t a point to it. "No, no it's okay, I’ve got it."

Belial swept the room with his sharp eyes, tilting his head in an expression of doubt he was too professional to say aloud before turning around to leave.

Rin remembered how lonely eating by himself was.


Unable to put his mind and heart at ease he ended up eating quickly, psyching himself up for his visit with Mephisto. He felt his hands shake before he balled them into fists, walking to the time king's main office in the mansion.

He had hoped he’d at least see Amaimon lounging on one of the room's couches, but no such reassurance met him, the room bare except for Mephisto sitting at his desk, all too empty and all too cold. He tensed automatically, the energy cooking around Mephisto unlike any he’d ever sensed off of him, even when he let Samael show. "Hey, um...there’s something I was wanting to talk about with you. Is now a good time?"

"I’m afraid I’m in no mood to talk." Mephisto said, refusing to look up from his stack of papers, pen scratching as it worked over them.

Rin stood quiet for a moment, unsure of what to do, he knew he really shouldn’t push Mephisto if he wasn’t in the mood. It was asking for trouble, but he didn’t know how much longer he could stay quiet...especially after learning he might not be immortal after all. The thought felt like it was festering inside him. "But, you have the time, don’t you?"

Mephisto sighed and laid his pen down on the table, rubbing the bridge of his nose for a long moment. Why did he seem so frustrated with him, Rin didn’t know what he’d done wrong. Sure, he’d asked for them to be official, but Mephisto didn’t seem the type to get hung up on relationships. Not like this, anyhow. "Yes, Rin, I always have the time."

"Oh." Rin wasn’t sure how to respond to his exhausted sounding answer, choosing to push past it and rip off the bandaid instead, "I, well yesterday I asked Amaimon if you, me, and him could, you know, all be together. Like officially, well demon officially anyway. The way you and him are...and he said that I’d have to ask you about it."

"No." The answer was short and clipped. Rin had expected a bit of a runaround if he hadn’t wanted to be with him, the sort of teasing he tended to give everyone when he didn’t want to give a straight answer. The blunt, definite response caught him off guard.

"But I-“

"I said, no, Rin."

"Why!?" Rin was surprised by the emotion he let slip, stepping forward on legs that refused to stay still, hands still clenched at his side.

Mephisto picked his pen back up and continued his work, it made Rin's blood boil. "I don’t owe you any more than my answer and it's no, now leave."

"Bullshit you don't owe me an answer! We've been doing this...this thing for over a year now!"

Green eyes finally flicked to Rin’s own, pupils slivered to barely visible pinpricks. "You're a good lay, Rin, nothing more. I’m not interested in pursuing you further."

Tears welled in Rin’s eyes. A lay. Was that really all he was? He knew demons didn’t love but that was...that was cold and he knew there was more to demonic interactions than that, Mephisto and Amaimon were so warm and comfortable around one another. Rin knew they took comfort in each other’s presence and he took comfort in theirs. Shouldn’t that be enough? "Samael please..." he begged, wanting to at least know he hadn’t just been toyed with, but it didn’t seem to matter to the time king, who flicked his wrist, spinning Rin around unnaturally.

"I don't bind myself to mortals, now, for the last time, I said leave."

And with that Rin was flying out of the room, tossed unceremoniously out of doors that slammed and locked loudly behind him, leaving him a crumpled heap on the floor.


The word played like a broken record inside his mind, skipping over and over to send him right back to it.

He was going to die after all.