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A Nest of Wrens

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Rin woke to the feeling of a cold nose pressing against his neck, a quiet purr rising in his chest as an all too familiar scent washed over him. A responding purr rumbled through the chest beside his, sending soft vibrations through him and he smiled, letting his eyes stay closed as morning light filled the room and stained the back of his eyelids a deep, soft blue. The all consuming heat that had ate away at him for the past week of his mating season had retreated fully, leaving his body drifting in a pleasant coolness even beneath the covers of Mephisto’s bed, Amaimon’s warm body draped across his chest.

He could have stayed there forever. Thoughts of settling happily into the two demon's lives had pestered him for a little while, a month or so at most, but now it seemed to itch at the back of his mind constantly. Wouldn’t it be nice to be comfortable like this all the time? Wouldn’t it be nice to not move his gaze away from Amaimon’s own when he caught him staring as they played video games on his dorm room floor?

Amaimon had been hanging out with him since his first heat, the two of them settling into a routine of play fighting followed by heated couplings then snacks and games back at Rin's place. Mephisto joined in from time to time as Rin had grown more and more comfortable with them both of them, but he wasn’t as involved and Rin couldn’t deny that he’d caught a possessive glow in Mephisto's eyes every now and then when he had sex with Amaimon. Rin supposed he had stepped on their tails a bit, coming in to play friends with benefits with the two demons who had been in a relationship for decades. Well, a relationship of sorts. They never used the 'L' word. Mephisto said demons couldn’t feel it.

Rins fingers drew lazy patterns across Amaimon's back, wondering what it was like being unable to love. Amaimon didn’t look like he couldn’t, not when all Rin saw when he opened his eyes was his soft, sleeping expression. He shook the thoughts off with a sigh. They were friends, sometimes they had sex. It didn’t need to be more complicated than that. Amaimon seemed to agree, mumbling something in his sleep and clinging tighter to Rin, legs kicking with a dream. He wondered what demons dreamed about.

To his left movement caught his ear, feet padding across tile floor. Mephisto was already up and moving around, he probably had been for a long time. Rin found himself wishing he’d stay in bed with them, but he never did.

He shifted, scooting away from Amaimon's warmth, smiling as the earth king’s small eyebrows twitched with annoyance, a small "No..." leaving him as he lost his space heater. Rin walked towards the bathroom, hoping to catch Mephisto before he left for work, figuring that by this time he’d be dressed and just about ready to go, but as he pushed the door open he was met with a sight he hadn’t expected.

Mephisto stood, still naked in front of the bathroom's large, hands running gently over the degradation that marred his chest. His gaze was distant and he didn’t bother to acknowledge Rin as he entered the room. He just stared at himself, looking down at the rot, flexing his fingers as if surprised they were there. The hair on the back of Rin's neck stood on end, the eerie feeling coiling off Mephisto setting his nerves on edge. It was as if the mask of a Mephisto had slipped from him, revealing Samael underneath, something that always made him shiver, but this time the mask hadn’t slipped because of anger or because he was in the mood for some rougher bedroom play. No, this time Samael was quiet and calm, transfixed on his form, guard down yet still terrifyingly powerful. He stood, the calm before a storm, the air still before lightning cracked the sky and rain poured to the earth in a pounding torrent.

Rin watched him, wary and quiet, unsure of what to do until after a few minutes with no warning whatsoever Mephisto sucked in a sharp breath of air, coming back to himself in a flutter of lashes. "Oh Rin!" He said, claws flexing oddly at his side, the action not going unnoticed by the younger, "I apologize, I was a touch distracted, is there something you needed? Your heat broke at 2:27 this morning, but you’re welcome to linger in the manor, of course."

Rin ignored that Mephisto knew exactly when his heat had faded, having long since accepted the demon's tendency to observe every minute detail, even when it involved him being asleep. "You okay?"

Mephisto's eyes narrowed at him for a split second before he turned and looked back at his reflection as if it would have answers "Just thinking." He explained, looking back at Rin with a smile that he knew was fake. "I’ll need a new host soon, is all"

Rin frowned at the thought, he knew of course that Mephisto and Amaimon were possessing humans, humans who probably had lives, maybe even people who loved them, but he never thought too hard about it. He tried not to anyway. "Where will you get one?"

"I have a few candidates." Mephisto answered smoothly, as if he wasn’t talking about essentially killing someone. Rin grimaced and wondered if Mephisto would take anyone he knew. "Now, now don’t give me that look, I never take what hasn’t already been given" Mephisto defended as he caught the reflection of Rin's expression in the mirror.

His answer caught Rin off guard, he’d half expected him to say that it didn’t matter who he possessed so long as they were strong enough to contain his aspect. The world needed him. Needed him to close the Gehenna gate, to help Rin become strong enough to fight Satan. The death of one human would mean nothing millions of lives could be saved. It was a necessary sacrifice and deep down Rin knew that even if the thought of Mephisto killing made him nervous, yet all Mephisto had said was he only took what was given to him. Rin knew him well enough to understand that the word 'give' was considered a very loose term in the demons eyes, but it still still sounded oddly specific.

Shouldn’t Mephisto be eager to possess any human he came in contact with that was strong enough for him?

He wanted to ask. Wanted to ask him why he hadn’t already taken a new host, wanted to ask who the candidates were. But, Mephisto had already looked back at the mirror, "I have to go soon." He said in a tone that suggested Rin should leave him be for the moment without right out telling him. He took the hint, feeling his stomach twist uncomfortably at the thought of Mephisto so casually blowing him off as he turned and left the room.

Flopping back down in Mephisto's bed Rin growler lowly with frustration, curling up into a tight ball, arms crossed almost childishly across his chest. His tail beat against the comforter and if the air was humid enough for steam to roll off of him it would.

"Mm?" A groggy voice called out to him, Amaimon's still half asleep form scooting over and sighing as he found Rin, curling against his naturally warm body.

"Big lizard." Rin chuckled, feeling his anger disappear in an instant. Mephisto could be hard to read, he probably hadn’t meant anything with his flippant attitude, Rin assured himself as he watched Amaimon wrap his arms about his waist, sticking his tongue out and flicking it in response. At least he was easy to read, as soon as Rin had figured out that Amaimon wasn’t emotionless, or dense, just blunt he’d learned how to read moods quickly. Amaimon was the type who was honest with himself and others, sometimes a bit too honest, but if he had something to say then he’d say it and if he wanted something then he’d take it. Simple as that.

Rin closed his eyes again, running his fingers through Amaimon’s hair until he heard Mephisto walk back into the room. "I probably won’t be back for a while, I’m needed at headquarters." He said matter of factly, fiddling with the cuff links at his wrists to get them set perfectly."Rin, do me a favor and make sure he doesn’t sleep all day, would you?"

Amaimon grumbled unintelligibly is responds, turning his head towards Mephisto until he got what he wanted, the time king walking over to him and bending down to kiss him gently. He then looked up at Rin, pressing their lips together too. Rin felt heat rise to his cheeks. Mephisto didn’t bother to kiss him very often and after how oddly he’d acted in the bathroom the touch was unexpected. "Y-Yeah...yeah, sure, I’ll make sure he does something productive."

Mephisto smiled, clapping his hands together as he fell fully into his typical act, "I’ll be off then, ciao~!" He snapped his fingers and was gone in a flash, leaving Rin and Amaimon behind.

"He sounds so stupid when he acts like that." Amaimon snickered, stretching like a cat caught in a sunbeam, mimicking Mephisto’s voice. "Ciao~!" He rolled off the bed with dramatic flare, popping up from where he’d landed and striking a pose.

Rin smiled, "Yeah it is kind of silly." He conceded, standing from the bed as well, figuring they might as well start moving around. "Want to take a bath?"

"A warm bath."

"You don’t have to specify. Who doesn’t take warm baths?" Rin asked as Amaimon turned and left for the bathroom.

Amaimon shrugged, "Lucifer probably, he’s a weirdo."

Said the man with pointed green hair, eye bags that went on for miles, and a green lizard's tail.

"Why does he act like that anyway, silly, I mean?"

Amaimon was quiet for a moment as he turned on the water, the sound of it splashing into the tub filling the silence. "Without Mephisto he’s just Samael." He said slowly, mulling the words over in his mind as he watched the water swirl about, steam rising from the surface. "You know how he feels, when he takes Mephisto off. That feeling like something isn’t right."

Rin nodded, placing his feet in the warm water but not quite getting in just yet, sitting on the edge so he could listen to Amaimon.

"You're not as affected by it because you’re a demon, a strong one, but it still makes you uneasy. It can even make me uneasy." He confessed, frowning for a moment, "The power he exudes is too much not to be focused on. When you feel it you get wary. For us that wariness can be a good thing, it helps our instincts be alert in a fight, and in our case specifically it can be fun to play with. That fear mixed with the right amount of pleasure is something we both enjoy." He grinned over at Rin, the younger's face red for the second time that morning. He couldn’t even deny Amaimon, knowing that doing so would be to outright lie. It was exhilarating to have Mephisto toy with his instincts in the bedroom, drawing the more demonic parts of himself out, satisfying needs he felt were repressed in his day to day life. "But for humans there is no plus side." Amaimon continued, drawing Rin's mind back out of the gutter, "Samael just frightens them and that can be dangerous. If he’s working with them it skews their judgment or makes them too suspicious of him and a lot of the time if a human is too frightened of a demon they just draw the demon in further. Our instincts push us to pray on weakness, to devour people mentally and occasionally physically. If the humans around him begin to behave as if they are being hunted Samael's instincts might push him to hunt, and that would ruin his games."

"Wait you mean he might end up killing them?"

Amaimon nodded, settling into the warm water with an appreciative sigh. Rin followed him in, expecting further explanation, but Amaimon offered none. Rin supposed that for a demon Amaimon's answer had been more than enough. After all once he’d first fully transformed into his demonic self he’d felt no hesitation when contemplating killing his friends. The fear in their eyes along with his newly unleashed powers had kicked his instincts into overdrive and he’d wanted nothing more than to burn everything in his path, them included.

He shivered at the thought of Mephisto and perhaps even Amaimon having to keep those instincts so closely in check. Would he become like that as he got stronger and stronger? Would he too have to learn to mask himself the way Mephisto did in order to keep those around him safe?

Before he could think too deeply about it and wind up down a rabbit hole Amaimon's tail draped across his lap, flicking expectantly. He looked up in surprise at the offering, a demon's tail something they typically kept close unless they trusted someone. He’d seen Amaimon’s tail plenty of times during sex and he took it out from time to time when they were relaxing, but it wasn’t often he handed it to Rin so willingly. However, the expression on Amaimon's face was less than playful, his arms crossed over his chest, "You owe me a favor." He stated bluntly, his tail flicking about yet again, Rin struggling not to focus too much on it and end up imagining all the dirty things the earth king could do with his tail when he was in the mood.

"Why do I owe you a favor?"

"I put up with you for your entire heat, that's why."

Rin couldn’t stifle a laugh at that, ignoring Amaimon' over acted glare, "Put up with it? Is that what you’re calling it now, it sure didn’t seem like that when you and Mephisto were having your fill of me."

Amaimon rolled his hand to wave away Rin's argument, "We still technically helped you, even if we may have enjoyed it, so you owe me."

"What exactly do I owe?"

Amaimon’s tail grew in weight, the earth king exposing his more lizard like form, "I’m shedding, you're going to help." He said as he summoned a rag, a soft looking rubber glove with small nubs adorning it, and some oil. "I was too distracted by you to take care of it properly."

Rin looked down at the thick tail, it’s typically vibrant colors muted under cloudy skin that was fraying off in ragged pieces. It didn’t look very comfortable. "What do I do?"

Amaimon responded by sinking deeply into the warm water, "I need to soak for a few minutes before we start." He hummed, eyes closing as he became comfortable, "The water makes the skin soft."

He bobbed around for a little while, his green spike sticking out of the water looking rather silly to Rin and he couldn’t help the way his chest swelled with gentle warmth. Not many people got to see Amaimon look so content. He was happy to be one of them.

While Amaimon relaxed Rin went ahead and cleaned himself. Despite Mephisto’s best efforts to keep him clean during his heat he couldn’t deny that he smelled a bit like a locker room, especially after their last round the night before. He took the time to thoroughly wash his hair and get the knots out of his tail, humming softly as he did and trying to ignore the way Amaimon's eyes tracked him. He liked the thought of Amaimon looking at him at him, enjoying how the demon king would watch as he cooked and sang small songs that came to his mind as he moved around the kitchen, but it he ever looked at Amaimon while he did the demon would look away as if to pretend he hadn’t been watching him in the first place. He smiled to himself, he’d let Amaimon look all he wanted.

Once he finished Amaimon moved close to him, sitting on one of the benches in the water and laying his tail back in Rin's lap. "Okay, I’m ready." Rin nodding as Amaimon began to give his instructions, "Put on the glove and start massaging over the length, starting from the base. Move only from top to bottom. If you don't I'll cut off your hand." He said, voice so serious Rin couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. "The rubber will pull off most of the skin and then you can get anything that remains with the towel. Be gentle"

Rin took Amaimon’s thickened tail in his hands, feeling a ball of nervousness form in his stomach. He didn’t want to mess up and hurt Amaimon, knowing full well the pain of having his tail mishandled. He picked up the glove and slipped it on, flexing his fingers experimentally until it sat right, the rubber not wanting to go over his wet skin. Starting at the top as he was instructed, he ran his fingers gently from the base of Amaimon’s tail to the slimmer tip, skin bunching up as he went. “Can I grab some of it and peel it off, or should I just keep doing this until it comes off itself?” He asked, watching as some of the water managed to get under the shed, obscuring the red swirling pattern of his further.

“You can peel it if you go slow.” Amaimon said, his voice a touch softer now and as Rin, bent forward so he could see Amaimon’s face he saw that his contented expression from before had returned, the demon king starting to enjoy the pampering.

Carefully Rin took his ungloved hand and pinched a bit of the skin towards his spine, slowly pulling it until it began to peel like a bad sunburn. Amaimon shivered as the skin gave way, revealing bright green scales underneath, a low sigh of pleasure escaping him. Rin repeated his actions, slowly rubbing down the length until the skin appeared loose enough to pull, removing it gently once it had, appreciating every low sigh and shivering moan he managed to pull from Amaimon.

Before he could get too into it though he switched things up a bit, laying the tail down on the part of the bench he'd been sitting on as he moved to Amaimon's front. He ignored the growing problem between Amaimon's legs and the growl that his movement gained him, instead taking Amaimon’s hand is his own and beginning to rub his scaled arms. "These need help too, don't they?" He hummed, smiling teasingly.

"Yes, but they're easier to get on my own."

Rin chuckled at the grumble in his voice, "Don't tell me this was all a game to get me to rub your tail, Amaimon. You know you can just ask for that." He murmured the words into Amaimon's ear as his gloved hand lowered to move against Amaimon's inner thigh. "I’ll have to help you with your legs too."

"You're worse than Mephisto." He snapped, hips thrusting expectantly to try and encourage Rin to touch him where he needed it, imagining the feeling of the rubber bristles against his cock.

"You're the one who tried to scheme, so you'll have to be patient." Rin smiled, moving his hand away to go back to working on Amaimon's arms and claws. He drug his movements out, going slow and steady to get every last piece of skin, depositing it carefully in a bowl at the edge of the tub. He could feel Amaimon’s eyes boring into him, the sensation only making him smile wider.

He wiped away any excess skin with the rag as he'd been instructed, and made a show of pouring the oil Amaimon had provided into his hands, massaging it in gently. He took extra care with his hands and claws, polishing the scales until they gleamed and until Amaimon squirmed with anticipation. He gave the same all too gentle treatment to Amaimon’s legs, ignoring him again as he glowered and tried to shift into Rin's lap. "Stop moving, won't you?" He asked innocently, "I want to do a good job, you're scales are so pretty when they're clean."

The compliment caught Amaimon off guard, causing him to sit still long enough for Rin to finish with his legs, before standing up. "What are doing now." Amaimon asked, Rin loving the agitation in his voice. He got why Mephisto played so many games now. It was fun to watch him grow more and more frustrated while Rin himself knew exactly what was going on.

"Your horns are scaled too."

Amaimon blanched and moved to cover his horns with his hands, "No, no, no. No one is allowed to touch them."

"You let Mephisto touch them. I've seen it." Rin answered smoothly, sitting astride Amaimon’s lap and finally giving the demon's length a bit of the contact he desired, grinding against him.

"H-He's different..."

Rin ignored the jealousy that tightened his chest at Amaimon’s answer, running his fingers through Amaimon’s hair gently until he was able to coax his hands away from his horns and gently angle his head down to kiss them. "Maybe I want to be different too."

Amaimon shivered under him, eyelids shuttering, "Rin that's...." his voice was low and soft, coming out slow, fingers gripping his arms. Rin felt the begins of a tremble there.

"I know." He said, tone reassuring, knowing what he was asking for and knowing that it wasn’t something that could truly be granted without Mephisto there with them. After all they belong to each other completely, asking to be a part of that would involve both of their consent. In the meantime though it was nice to watch Amaimon squirm under him as he moved his hands to rub the scaled horns, peeling away the dead skin. Amaimon buried his face in his neck, muffling moans.

Moving onto toweling the scales off to get the last remnants of shed, Rin used his free, gloved hand to pay Amaimon's length some much needed attention. The demon keened as he got what he wanted, the soft rubber bristles massaging his aching cock as Rin stroked him in smooth, steady motions. Amaimon began to pant, bucking up into the touch, the bristles pulling at his delicate skin and sending pleasure sparking up his spine.

Rin finished with his horns, but he never moved to reach for the oil as he had for Amaimon’s arms and legs. Instead he leaned in, running his flattened tongue over one of them. The response he got was immediate, Amaimon bucking hard into Rin's hand, his claws burying themselves in his shoulders.

"Hah- aahn R-Rin!" Amaimon cried out as Rin repeated the action on the other horn, the sensation making him melt under the younger.

"Feel nice?" Rin purred, knowing the answer and pressing his lips to Amaimon’s horns once again before he could answer, drawing another moan from him.

"Hnn!" Amaimon grit his teeth, eyes closing tightly, his body tensing up as the stimulation began to become too much.

"What was that?" Rin pressed, his free hand coming up to fondle one horn as he licked the other teasingly, "I asked you a question."

"Y-Yes!" Amaimon admitted, desperation in his voice, his tail curling about erratically in the water as his hips rocked in steady time to Rin's hand around him.

"Yes what, Amaimon?"

"It feels good! Yes it fe-!"

Rin cut him off, biting down gently and drawing a scream from Amaimon at the mixture of pleasure and pain. His thrusts fell out of rhythm with Rin's hand, moving sporadically as he came into his fingers, claws burying themselves ever further in Rin's skin. "Mmm, good boy." Rin hummed, returning to gently licking Amaimon's horns while he trembled with the aftershocks of his orgasm, breathing slowly calming. After a few minutes of letting Amaimon get his bearings Rin spoke again, voice low with his own desire. "Bend over the tub's edge, I need to finish with your tail."

Amaimon's eyes widened at the command, quick to do as he was told as he gathered his knees under him and bent over, supporting his weight on his elbows at the bath’s wide rim.

Rin got behind him and once more took the tail in his hands, finishing what he'd started, pulling all the shed away and brushing it with a towel before massaging the oils into the scales. The process had Amaimon panting again, overstimulated after his orgasm and already leaking against the tub's tiled side. "Lift your tail, I need to get the underside."

"Rin," Amaimon groaned, not thinking he could take much more teasing "Forget the tail and ju- ah!"

Rin ran his hand the wrong way down Amaimon’s scales roughly, the contact pulling a cry of pain from him as the delicate appendage was abused. "I said, lift your tail, Amaimon."

The earth king swallowed, wondering if Rin's heat really was over, he hardly got this dominate outside his season. He lifted his tail, presenting himself fully as he spread his legs, knowing that command would come sooner or later as well. Rin hummed in appreciation at the sight, the low rumble sending heat straight to Amimon’s groin.

Rin started at the tail’s base as he’d been taught, fingers dipping a touch to low, groves fingers brushing Amiamon’s entrance in a way that made him push back expectantly, but Rin ignored him continuing his work as if he hadn’t noticed. Amaimon growled, fingers flexing against the tub as Rin pulled the skin away and began to towel him off. “You know, this would have been so much faster if you’d just asked for me.” Rin teased once again, licking his lips as he oiled up his fingers, the time to do more than polish Amaimon’s scales.

Amaimon moaned appreciatively as the first finger filled him, back arching into the feeling. Rin tilted his tail up further, laying it up and over his shoulders as he got into a better position behind Amaimon. He wanted to tell him he looked so beautiful like this, back arched, legs spread for him, but he didn’t want to ruin the moment by giving Amaimon too much to think about it. He’d noticed before that Amaimon didn’t take compliments too well and having already admitted to wanting more from their friends with benefits relationship Rin was wary of saying too much.

He wasn’t ready for those words yet and he didn’t know if Amaimon and Mephisto ever would be.

For now it was enough to watch as Amaimon bit his lip as he stretched him, filling him with his gloved fingers and thrusting slowly, finding the bundle of nerves that was his prostate and rubbing it until Amaimon’s ears lowered with pleasure.

“Rin.” Amaimon whined, opening his mouth to tell Rin that he was ready, that he was more than ready, but Rin didn’t give him the chance, removing his fingers and thrusting into him fully in one fluid motion. Amaimon cried out at the sensation, the feeling of being so filled as Rin bottomed out inside him almost bring him to his second tipping point.

Rin sighed as he felt Amaimon around him, taking his time to appreciate it now that his heat wasn’t driving him into a frenzied need to fuck anything warm. He pulled out slowly, pushing back in at the same rate, letting the pleasure wash over him as he closed his eyes. "Mm Amaimon you feel wonderful." He breathed, moaning low in the back of his throat as he wrapped his arm around the earth king's tail for leverage. Amaimon whined, pushing back onto him, wanting more and after a few more slow, shallow thrusts Rin decided he'd tease him enough for now.

He picked up his pace, slamming into Amaimon and gripping his tail hard enough for his class to burrow in past the scales. Amaimon hissed in pain, but still met everyone of Rin's punishing thrusts eagerly. Rin drank in the sight, watching his cock fill Amaimon where their bodies connected, something he didn’t think he’d ever get tired of.

Leaning over he draped himself across Amaimon, pressing down on him with his weight and lifting one of his legs to rest it on the tub's bench, giving his thrusts more power. He struck Amaimon's sweet spot and groaned as the earth king tightened around him in response, crying out his name as he moved to reach for his stiff cock.

Rin pushed his hand away, cutting off Amaimon's responding growl as he wrapped his fingers around him, once more letting him feel the soft rubber bristles of the glove wrapped around him. "Let me, Amaimon." He murmured, running his tongue along the shell of his ear, nipping at its sharpened point.

Amaimon became a mess of moans from that point onward, a stream of curse words and screams of pleasure falling from his lips in a seemingly endless torrent. Rin adored every second and he wished it could last forever, but he knew his end was fast approaching. "I want you to cum for me again." He growled, longing to feel Amaimon tighten around him as he finished before filling him to the brim with his own release.

Amaimon turned his head and pressed their lips together in a sloppy kiss, Rin meeting it greedily as he stroked Amaimon faster, watching as he began to fall apart in front of him. Their kiss couldn’t last for long, the two of them out breath, but Amaimon settled for pressing their foreheads together, "H-Harder please.." Amaimon begged, scrabbling at the edge of the tub as Rin complied, sweat teasing his bangs.

He thought Amaimon's claws would pierce right through the tile as he finally hit his second orgasm, back arching as he moaned loudly, eyes wide and rolling back in his head. Rin was quick to follow, feeling Amaimon clench and pulse around him, burying his face in Amaimon's shoulder and stifling his own cries as he bit down, the taste of blood overwhelming his already taxed instincts, leaving him snarling as he pressed into Amaimon, finishing deep inside him.

It seemed to go on forever and yet not nearly long enough all at once, the waves of his climax washing over Rin until the warmth of afterglow set in. A purr rose in his chest, Amaimon copying the sound as he slackened underneath him, fully satisfied.

They laid there for a long moment, Rin’s eyes closing as laved his tongue over the deep cuts his teeth has cut into Amaimon’s back. The soft sigh the action pulled from Amaimon had Rin pulling away with a smile, pulling off the glove on his hand and running his fingers through Amaimon’s hair as he pulled out of him. Amaimon turned around slowly and Rin sat down on the bench beside him, turning his face to meet Amaimon's as he moved in for a kiss. It was slow and soft and ended suddenly as Amaimon yawned.

"It’s nap time." He declared, eyes closing as he sank once more into the warm water, head just barely resting on the rim.

"You can't sleep in the tub, Amaimon."


Rin did watch as Amaimon scooted away from him to the deeper section of Mephisto’s needlessly fancy tub and splayed his arms and legs out, laying on his back and letting out a fake snore. He rolled his eyes and stood, walking over to him and looking down, plucking Amaimon from the water effortlessly.

"Hey, hey I’m busy!" Amaimon complained, squirming a bit, but Rin figured that if he was really upset he would have broken his hold and splashed back down into the water.

"Mephisto made me promise I'd keep you from sleeping all day."

"And you kept that promise, we had sex, that's doing something. Duh."

"You know as well as I do that Mephisto won’t count that."

Amaimon grumbled his response, begrudgingly accepting what he knew to be true as Rin stepped out of the tub with him. He was helpful enough to grab towels from the stand nearby and Rin laughed as he unfolded one and placed it over himself like a blanket.

"You look like a damsel in distress." He chuckled, setting Amaimon down in Mephisto's huge bed.

"Oh woe is me! A big nasty monster is preventing me from napping!" He huffed, turning around to weasel his way under the covers.

Rin caught the tip of his tail and pulled. "None of that, we're going to my dorm to visit with Yukio and Sheimi."

Amaimon yelped in surprise at the touch before snatching his tail back, "That will have to wait." He growled, his eyes peeking out from under the blankets to glower up at Rin, grabbing one of his wrists hard. "I remember telling you that if you rubbed my scales the wrong way I'd cut off your hand."

Rin swallowed thickly as Amaimon forcefully tugged him into the bed for something that may or may not have been more painful than having his hand ripped off.