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Midoriya's Sexual Escapades

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My name is Izuku Midoriya and I go to U.A. High School Academy. During my first year, my class and I have been dealing with several villain attacks at The USJ, training camp, and my best friend Katsuki Bakugo, I affectionately call him Kacchan, who was kidnapped by The League of Villains. Because of that, we’ve been moved into dorms. Everything was starting to get better…that is until Kacchan and I got into a big fight and All Might had to break it up. We were sentenced to…well, I was given three days of house arrest, and Kacchan got four.


During the first day of our punishment, I started thinking about Kacchan. This all happened because Kacchan thinks he’s the reason for All Might’s retirement and that he’s too weak but that’s not true. I don’t know why he keeps getting caught but I know he’ll become the new number one hero and I’ll be the hero that everyone looks up to. So after all that, I think I owe Kacchan more than a rematch. He needs to remember how strong he is and this time no fighting. Once everyone was sound asleep, I decided to sneak my way towards Kacchan's bedroom. I knocked quietly so I don’t get caught but loud enough for him to hear. Soon I was surprised to find that his door was already open and that his room was empty. Maybe he was taking a bath late or grabbing a midnight snack.


“Well as long as I’m still here, I might as well look around,” I said with my newfound curiosity.


I started going through Kacchan’s room and it was kinda like Kirishima-kun’s room, a lot of equipment to keep him in shape. Well, that’s Kacchan for you, always aiming for the top. He had a dartboard on the wall with our classmates’ pictures on it, except Mineta’s which is understandable, there’s no help for Mineta. It was labeled as a courtesy board.


“Oh I see, he throws one dart on the board and whoever he hits, he tries to be nice to them for the day…and I’m on the board too,” I whispered with starry eyes.


That’s what I like about Kacchan, he’s never afraid to be a little bit friendly. Anyway, I continued looking around when I reached his closet, he had a lot of All Might plushies and he calls me a nerd.


“Something’s about Kacchan haven’t changed. I’ll just keep this little secret to myself,” I thought.


After looking through his closet, I said looking because I didn’t want to risk touching anything, I took a quick peek at his dresser. Soon I stumbled upon his underwear drawer. All of his undies were perfectly folded and organized, and they were clean. I felt so ashamed to be going through Kacchan’s stuff while he was gone but my curiosity was too strong. I was planning on leaving until suddenly I tripped over his dirty laundry basket.


“Oh no, Kacchan’s dirty laundry. If I don’t clean this up, he’ll kill me.” I thought, frantically putting his dirty clothes away.


It didn’t take long for me to clean my mess until I was left with only one of his sweaty t-shirts. However, before putting it away, I caught a whiff of the shirt. It was drenched with Kacchan’s sweat, drenched with his scent. . . . His musky, delicious, scent! I tried to pull myself together, but I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t stop! I was drunk off his scent, that fiery, cinnamon smell. It was as if he was born from the ashes of a forest fire and sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon . . . it was driving me crazy. Soon I started getting hot…my mind was spinning, my heart was pounding . . . I started palming my dick, feeling it pulse slightly through the confines of my sweat shorts. As I took in more of that addictive scent, I started to imagine Kacchan looming over me, his hands teasing my boner as he seemingly devoured my mouth.


“Oh fuck...Kacchan…Kacchan, I want your dick inside of me,” I moaned out loud.


I was instantly hooked from that moment on, to think I’d be masturbating to the smell of my own rival…who's not even supposed to be my rival, to be honest. Even when we’re fighting, I sometimes imagine myself being forcibly stripped by Kacchan, sexually abusing my body till I beg. After all the pent up stress he’s been under, he deserves to. All I ever wanted was to be close to him, to feel his warmth close to mine, to let him dominate me. As I’m picturing all this, I pulled out my cock and started rubbing it vigorously. My heart was beating like crazy and I’m trying to keep my voice down but at a time like this, I couldn’t help myself.


“Kacchan…Kacchan, please touch me,” I whimpered.


I was so desperate to come, I couldn’t wait anymore. With my face embedded in his t-shirt, I used my free hand to finger my ass. When pushed two fingers inside, I couldn’t believe how wet I was inside. The minute I started thrusting my fingers, I instantly became a drooling mess. I was so into it, my vision started getting blurry and my body was getting hotter and hotter. This was the best sensation I’ve ever felt in so long…or at least it was until…


“Hey!” The real Kacchan’s voice rang out through my ears. I slowly turned around fearing the worst. He was right behind me, it was then I knew… “What the hell are you doing here, Deku?”


I fucked up. There was no way for me to explain this to him. The red on my face wasn’t any help either, I needed to think of some excuse to get out of this.


“Kacchan, please let me explain,” I stammered, trying to cover my half-naked body, “I wanted to see you so walked into your room and then I found it open. But then I knocked over your laundry basket and so I decided to clean it up. I was gonna put away your t-shirt but then the smell got to me, oh god that sounds really bad, let me start again…”


“Deku…how about, instead of just sitting there and stammering like an idiot, you explain to me WHY YOU’RE HALF NAKED IN MY ROOM!” He shouted.


“Oh, that well…uh…how would you feel if…let’s just that your sweaty clothes…kinda turn me on…In fact, I’m already…getting a boner,” I blushed.


Kacchan took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh too. He looked pretty pissed and that was a bad sign. It was a sign telling me to run away while I’m still alive but then Kacchan’s frightening voice caused me to freeze.


“Deku... close the door and lock it shut,” he growled.


“B-but I don’t want to,” I stammered.


“DEKU, either you close the door or I’ll do it myself because I do, you’re not going to like what’s going to happen…or maybe you will. It depends or whether you’re lying to me or not.” He said revealing a very unpleasant smirk.


I had no choice, but to obey. So I blindly closed the door and locked it. Once that was done, Kacchan pointed me to the bed commanding me to get in the bed. I was sitting on the bed feeling rather uncomfortable about my current situation. Suddenly, Kacchan stood with a menacing smile and took his pants off. A shiver went up to my spine and a blush burn its way into my cheeks.


“So, you like the way smell, Deku,” he purred, “Well, how about you taste it instead?”


He stood on the bed on his knees with his cock leveled with my face. I couldn’t believe that his cock was this huge, much bigger than me. I gulped at the size and attempted to swallow it whole. It was hard but I managed to push it all the way in my mouth and it pushed its way down my throat.


“Suck on it, you damn nerd, not choke on it,” He growled.


“I’m sorry, Kacchan but you just tasted so good. Your scent is making me horny,” I said with heavy breath.


I tried again and this time I took it in little by little. Soon, I was finally able to swallow Kacchan’s whole cock in my mouth. As I was bobbing back and forth, I could feel it throbbing against my tongue, his scent brushed against my nose radiating from his pube hair. It was so exhilarating, I took his cock balls deep.


“Mmmm…Fuck Deku, you must’ve been really horny if you were going take it all in,” he groaned.


“I’ve been waiting to do this with you for a while,” I moaned with my mouthful.


With my free hand, I fondled his balls gently and brushing it against his thigh. He let out a heavy huff, which means he’s feeling good. This was the perfect time to unlock my best blow job skills. I swirled my tongue around the head and wiggled it on the slit of the tip, I guess guys’ dicks are like hotdogs. Anyway, I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t notice that my erection was standing at full mast. I continued to suck and tease Kacchan’s dick until…


“Quit playing around, Deku. I’m getting close,” he groaned.


Anxious to get this over with, he grabbed my head and started fucking my throat. He was going so fast that I couldn’t keep up. I was gagging a little and I could feel his balls slapping against my chin, the only way I could breathe was through my nose. My dick was aching so much that I tried to touch myself but then Kacchan gently stepped on my dick.


“Oh no you don’t, you nerdy little slut. This is your punishment for trespassing in my room,” he said as he pulled on my hair, “You better get ready because I’m about to come deep inside that muttering word bomb mouth of yours.”


I could tell he was about to come, he increased the pace even faster...


“Here I come…FUCK!”


Kacchan soon released his entire load right down my throat. He was coming so much that I had to drink it all. Since this was my first time, I was having a hard time swallowing. My mouth was aching a little bit and my throat was throbbing like my cock.


“Yeah, that’s right, drink it all, you bitch,” he said and then let go of my hair. “Hey, swallow it all slowly, don’t choke” he brushing my head.


Even though this was supposed to be punishment, he was being pretty gentle with me. I don’t know why but I kinda liked it. Finally, I drank it all down but then some of it I threw up.


“You alright, Deku,” he panted, "You didn't choke on any of it, did you?"


“Nah, it was just so hard to swallow but I’m fine,” I coughed then suddenly spat up some of his cum. Somehow that got Kacchan more riled up.


“Holy fuck, look at you. All that cum spilling out of your mouth,” he said pulling my face up to his eye level, “I bet your dick is throbbing for attention and your ass is just begging to be fucked.”


Something tells me that this was going to be far from over. I was a little nervous as to what was going to happen next. I soon found out when I heard the sound of his belt buckle jingling.


“Turn around, you bitch and bend over,” He demanded, “I want to see that freckled ass of yours.”


I was bent over as he said. My whole body was quivering in fear…or was it something else. Suddenly I felt Kacchan slam me against the bed, making sure I was face down and my ass was in the air.


“You've really pissed me off this time, nerdy slut,” He said lashing his belt at me, “Sneaking into my room *thwack*, going through my shit *thwack*, and now your jerking off to my sweat, you nasty little pervert.”


The feeling of being spanked like this made me even hornier. I think I’ve finally discovered my masochistic side. I think I really am becoming a slut, but I stopped caring. It felt so good and I wanted more.


“Oh god, spank me, Daddy!  Please, harder,” I moaned shamelessly.


And he did, every time that belt smacked against my ass, I would yell out in ecstasy. Ten spankings later, my ass was dark red but I still wasn’t satisfied. I want him to fuck me to death and I wanted it now.


“Oh daddy, I want you now. Please fuck me, daddy,” I whined shaking my butt a little, “Please daddy, I can’t…I can’t take it anymore.”


“Well, never heard you call me that before. You’re lucky I love hearing you beg,” he hoisted me up onto his lap and our tips were touching, “I suppose you deserve a reward. Sit tight, I’ll be right back.”


He went to his closet to grab something before continuing. I tried to sit there patiently but then I started to rub my still throbbing cock and balls. I was then groaning and whining with lust.


“Oh Kacchan, I’m ready, please tear my ass apart,” I whined as I was fingering my hole.


“Hey, don’t be so impatient, Deku,” Kacchan said hugging me from behind, “I didn’t forget about you.”


I was hoping he’d say that. He held both my hands over my head, cuffed my hands together and spread my legs apart till my pucker was wide open.


“Look at you, your ass is twitching already and it’s soaking wet for my cock. You want it bad, don’t you?”


“Yes, Kacchan, please, I want you inside me,” I begged desperately.


He then took out a bottle of lube and it was a big one, maybe it was for when he and Kirishima are doing it. Anyway, he squeezed some into his hand and coated it all over his cock.


“Oh don’t worry, I’ll give you want and when I do, you won’t be able to walk properly tomorrow,” He said.


Right from the gun, he thrust his dick right into my ass. I yelped in pleasure because it felt so good. Finally, his cock was inside of me, my ass was full. My legs were starting to go numb.  His thrusts were so hard and so strong, it was hitting against my prostate so rough I could feel it against my stomach.


“Fuck, you’re so tight…even after you fingered yourself,” he said as he licked behind my ears.


“Oh yes, yes, daddy…I want all of you,” I moaned.


He started building up a rhythm as his speed started to pick up. He slammed into my prostate even harder. My head was spinning, I felt a little dazed. I think it was a little too much for me but I didn’t want to give out, not yet. I forced myself to endure the pain just a little bit longer.


“You wearing out, nerd,” he said pinning over me.


“A little bit…but I don’t want to stop yet,” I said.


“Alright, just a little bit longer and we’ll come together.”


That was the first time Kacchan’s ever been concerned over me. I was kind of surprised. Anyway, true to his word, we kept going a little bit further. Thankfully, he hit my sweet spot just in time and thrust into it with all his might. He was hitting so hard, that I was starting to hit my climax. By then I became a drooling mess.


“Oh fuck me harder…Kacchan…I’m about to….” I whimpered, trying to keep up with his rhythm.


“I know, I’m close too,” He said with bated breath, “I’m about to cum deep inside of you, Deku. So let’s do it together.”


With a few thrusts, both our dicks were bursting with cum. It spurted all over us while Kacchan came inside of me, I could feel it spilling out and it feels…so good.


“That was amazing, Kacchan,” I said as I passed out on top of his chest, “Do you feel a little bit better?”


"Yeah, I guess," he said placing the covers over his head, "Thanks...Deku."


It was the second day of my house arrest and I woke up sore as hell. I struggled to get up when I was noticed that I was back in my room.


"I guess Kacchan carried me back to my room,” I thought.


My body clearly didn’t want to wake up but my mind was stronger. However, a voice roared and said…


“You’re too sore to get out of bed, so don’t bother,” It was Kacchan, he popped into my room with a breakfast tray, “I told the teacher that you weren’t feeling good so I’m covering you for the day.”


“Oh okay, thanks Kacchan,” I said taking my cup of tea, “But are you sure it's okay? I mean, there’s no way you can clean that common space by yourself.”


When I said that, I meant that out of concern and consideration, it doesn't seem fair to let Kacchan do the chores by himself. However, when I said, he took it as doubt of capability. 


“Are you doubt me again, Deku?” Why is it every time I try to be considerate he takes it like I’m looking down on him, “You go ahead and rest while I take care of the chores, I clean better than you anyway.”


“Umm…okay but I’ll try to get better as fast as I can,” I said still concerned.


Well at least, we both can rest for a little bit while walking the paths that we made for ourselves in the future. Soon I fell fast asleep, satisfied with myself knowing that Kacchan and I finally have a standing point. However, my lust craving didn’t exactly end there.