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Counting Stars

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She looked at the test in her hand. Nathalie needed to take courage. It was just a test. A pregnancy test that would define her future. A week ago, she started to get sick. She was nauseous and dizzy for four days before thinking about the possibilities. After another three days, she finally took courage to take the test. She had made a big mistake by drinking more than she should. She got drunk and ended up sleeping with her boss. She made an even bigger mistake by forgetting to take her medicine. The five minutes she had to wait was the worst minutes of her life. What would she do with a child? She couldn’t have a child. She didn’t want to. And how would Gabriel react to this? Tears streamed down Nathalie's face when she saw the result was positive. She was pregnant.


She couldn't sleep well. In addition to being very nauseous, the fear of Gabriel's reaction was enormous. For this reason, she decided to look for another job. Nathalie sent a text message to her boss, where she resigned. He called right away, but she didn't answer. She couldn't talk to him. The same day she found a new job. It wasn't something she could do very well, but the pay was good.

“It's all right, Nathalie. But answer me one more thing. Why did you move from the fashion industry to a newly opened bakery?”

“Personal reasons, Mr. Dupain.”

“Call me Rolland.” At the same moment, Nathalie felt a strong sickness. Not knowing what to do, she ended up vomiting on the floor. As soon as she got up, she realized she was holding her belly. “You’re pregnant.”

“I'm sorry.” She didn't hold back. Nathalie began to cry in front of Rolland. “I can't tell him. I didn't want that to happen.” He moved closer, hugging her.

“It's all right. Anything, I'll be here to help.”

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When Nathalie resigned, Gabriel didn't believe it. He knew it wasn't because of what had happened two months ago. She was hiding something, and he would find out what it was. Maybe it was better to wait a while. He needed to focus on bringing Emilie back and not running after his assistant. Emilie was the most important person to Gabriel at that moment. Well, that's what he thought.


Nathalie looked into the mirror. Her belly was already showing. She was four months pregnant. She washed her face before returning to the bakery counter. While she organized the shelves, Rolland approached.

“Feeling better?”

“Yes. The doctor said that this month the sickness should stop.” She continued to arrange the shelf. “I have an appointment tomorrow.”

“And why are we here?” The door opened and two people entered. Nathalie knew that voice. What was he doing there?

“We're running from your crazy fans, remember? Besides, we have to do some school work. My grandfather won't mind us both here.”

“Nathalie? What are you doing here?” She froze at the sound of Adrien's voice. “Why did you stop working with my father?” She couldn't tell if she was afraid, but she knew a strange pain was bothering her. Seeing that Nathalie wasn’t feeling well, Rolland helped her to sit down.

“Are you alright? Need a doctor?”

“No. I'm feeling better now.” She was lying. The pain was increasing. “I don’t want to go to the hospital.” It was the last thing she said before she passed out.


Nathalie opened her eyes, checking to see if she was in the hospital. She breathed a sigh of relief that it was an ordinary room. A woman, sitting near the bed, got up and approached her.

“I see you woke up. My name is Lillian, I'm a friend of Rolland Dupain. He asked me to help you here without having to take you to the hospital.”

“What was that pain I felt? Something bad?”

“From what I could see, no. But I recommend that you talk about it with your doctor.” She walked away. Before leaving the room, she looked at Nathalie. “There’s a person wanting to talk to you.” Then she walked away.

“You need to explain to me what's going on or I'll talk to my dad.”


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“So will you tell me what's going on?” He approached.

“Please don’t tell your father. That was my mistake. I had drunk too much alcohol.”

“But he needs to help you with this child.”

“I don't want this to disturb his life. It was my mistake; I will handle the consequences on my own.”

“I won't tell, but one day you'll have to tell. One day your child will ask about his father.” He left without saying anything else. She didn't know what to do anymore. She didn't know if she could tell Gabriel the truth.


“So from what you described to me, I can give you a diagnosis.” The doctor typed something into the computer. Nathalie felt a mixture of fear and anxiety. She needed to know what was going on, but was afraid to hear the result. “Don’t worry; although it was abnormal, it’s nothing serious. I'm just waiting to vacate the ultrasound room so I can find out the baby's gender. Do you have any preferences?”

“I don’t have. I didn't tell you before, but this baby was an accident. That's why I have nothing planned, it was suddenly.”

“And does the father know about the child?”

“No, and I don't want him to know.”

“It's your choice.” The phone rang. “They just released the room. Can we go?”


As soon as she arrived at her apartment, Nathalie tried very hard to hold back the tears. The ultrasound had been very clear. She was expecting twins. She didn't know what to do anymore. She was desperate. She tried to hold back, but the tears came down. For what seemed like hours, she sat there, not knowing what to do. When she got up to wash her face, someone rang the bell.

“Hi, my grandpa was worried that you didn't call him. So he asked me to check how you are doing.” Marinette looked at Nathalie's face. Clearly, she had been crying. “Did something happen?”

“No. I just...” She couldn't control her emotions and ended up crying again.

“If you want you can talk to me.” They sat on the couch. Nathalie took a deep breath before speaking.

“I don’t know what to do. I can't take care of twins. My fear is that something will go wrong.”

“Nothing will go wrong. Everything has a reason to happen.” Marinette got up. “At the right time, you will know that these children have a reason to be here. You need to believe me.”

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He threw the papers on the floor. He couldn't focus on anything. Gabriel's mind was on Nathalie. Six months ago she had resigned without explanation. He thought his focus was on bringing Emilie back, but deep down he knew it wasn't that anymore. Since the night he slept with his assistant, Gabriel knew he was acting different.

“What happened, dad? I heard a noise coming from your office.”

“I can't think straight, Adrien. I don’t know what’s happening. I don't think of anyone other than Nathalie.”

“And what about her? Do you like her?”

“I don’t know.”

“If you can't stop thinking about it, how do you not know the answer?” Gabriel stopped to think. Adrien was right. He loved Nathalie and hadn’t realized it. He needed to do something.

“I’ll talk to her.”


Nathalie left the store, carrying a bag. That day she needed to buy the rest of the items needed for the twins. For the past month, she couldn't think of anything but Gabriel. Rolland and Marinette had told her that she had to tell the truth. The only person who hadn't talked about it with her was Adrien. He hadn’t spoken directly, but she could tell that his will was for Gabriel to find out the truth.

“I really don't know what to do.” She stopped, feeling one of the babies kick. “I need to tell the truth, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid of him rejecting me.”


Gabriel looked at the garden. He liked that place. It was there that he met Emily. Not only her. That was where he met Nathalie as well. He needed to take courage. He needed to talk to Nathalie. He needed to say "I love you" to her. He knew what he was doing. Gabriel Agreste was giving up on being the villain. He was determined. He had decided that he needed Nathalie in his life.

“I'm afraid of him rejecting me.” That was Nathalie's voice. She was around. Gabriel needed to find her. But he wasn’t prepared for what he saw.


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“Gabriel? What are you doing here?” After a long time, she had found Gabriel. But that was not what she expected to happen. Scared, Nathalie ran. This couldn’t be happening. She had been discovered.

“Nathalie!!” He screamed. It all happened so fast. The car was about to hit her, but he stopped it. Gabriel pushed Nathalie, being hit instead.

“No!!” She shouted. She approached Gabriel, trying not to cry. It was all her fault. It had been caused by her. She needed to tell the truth. She was wrong, and now Gabriel had been hurt because of her.

“Nathalie… I love you…”

“I love you too, Gabriel. I’m sorry. I messed up. I messed up a lot. I should have told you the truth.”

“Please, don’t cry…”

“I’ll try.”


When he opened his eyes, the first thing he looked for was Nathalie. He needed to see her. He wanted to hear her voice.

“I'm here, by your side.”


“I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was afraid of your reaction. I didn't want you to know that because I was afraid of what you were going to say.”

“Can I feel?”

“Only if you forgive me.” Gabriel reached out, feeling Nathalie's belly.

“Is it a boy or girl?”

“They are twins. A boy and a girl.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


The same day Gabriel was released from the hospital, Nathalie returned to the mansion. Adrien was relieved to see that his father knew the truth. He felt like his family was complete again, even though he knew his mother was dead.

“Do you intend to tell Adrien about Hawk Moth?” Nathalie asked.

“Not now. He’s not ready to know that. I want to give him time to get over what happened to Emilie.” Gabriel answered, sitting on the couch next to Nathalie. ” When I saw you that day, I realized I had made a big mistake. And when I realized why you had drifted away, I knew my mistake was bigger than I thought.”

“It was my fault too. I should have told the truth to you.”

“The problems are over; you don't have to blame yourself for that.”

“Yeah, you're right.” They were silent for a while until Gabriel spoke again.

“I just remembered something I should have done already.” he knelt in front of Nathalie. “Will you marry me?”