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Counting Stars

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She looked at the test in her hand. Nathalie needed to take courage. It was just a test. A pregnancy test that would define her future. A week ago, she started to get sick. She was nauseous and dizzy for four days before thinking about the possibilities. After another three days, she finally took courage to take the test. She had made a big mistake by drinking more than she should. She got drunk and ended up sleeping with her boss. She made an even bigger mistake by forgetting to take her medicine. The five minutes she had to wait was the worst minutes of her life. What would she do with a child? She couldn’t have a child. She didn’t want to. And how would Gabriel react to this? Tears streamed down Nathalie's face when she saw the result was positive. She was pregnant.


She couldn't sleep well. In addition to being very nauseous, the fear of Gabriel's reaction was enormous. For this reason, she decided to look for another job. Nathalie sent a text message to her boss, where she resigned. He called right away, but she didn't answer. She couldn't talk to him. The same day she found a new job. It wasn't something she could do very well, but the pay was good.

“It's all right, Nathalie. But answer me one more thing. Why did you move from the fashion industry to a newly opened bakery?”

“Personal reasons, Mr. Dupain.”

“Call me Rolland.” At the same moment, Nathalie felt a strong sickness. Not knowing what to do, she ended up vomiting on the floor. As soon as she got up, she realized she was holding her belly. “You’re pregnant.”

“I'm sorry.” She didn't hold back. Nathalie began to cry in front of Rolland. “I can't tell him. I didn't want that to happen.” He moved closer, hugging her.

“It's all right. Anything, I'll be here to help.”