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The complexity of Marinette

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Chloe’s POV

The ringing was too loud. Her breaths were coming in too fast. Her chest and eyes where burning. Her chest burning from lack of oxygen and her eyes burning from the overwhelming distress she was feeling. It was too much for her to handle. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t gain full control of her body and that just made her panic even more. She needed help. She needed space. She needed……… Oh, black dots were forming at the edge of her vision. She was about to pass out right here on the bathroom floor. She was about to pass out from a situation so out of control she was rendered helpless.

Marinette’s POV

She was late for school. So late in fact that she’d probably broken a personal record, but at the moment she couldn’t bring herself to care. Right now she had more important things to worry about. Like cleaning the dried blood from her face, left from her battle with a new Akumatized victim. While her Kwami Tikki’s magic should have erased damage from both Paris and her own physical person she hadn’t been prepared to face a bank robbery right after her shout of “Miraculous Ladybug” nor was she prepared to be hit with a random steal bar to the side of her face while she tried to deal with said robbery.

While the perpetrator managed to draw first blood, Marinette was still able to both disarm him and his fellow dumbass goons and help the police put them behind bars. Even though she got hurt, she’s internally grateful that Tikki’s magic had helped with softening the damage to her skull and that she’s only nursing a small cut and headache.

She had to clean up her face before anyone (Especially her friends and family) saw her state, compare it to Ladybugs and put two and two together and identify her as Ladybug. The only place she could think of doing that was the school’s bathroom, which made her feel so relieved that no one else was in the hallway, because she’s certain she wouldn’t be able to muster up any excuses for her bloodied appearance if she got caught like this.

Her partner chose to speak to her right then. “Mari, I’m so sorry I couldn’t stop you from getting hurt.”

Marinette flashed Tikki a soft, warm smile. I’m okay Tikki so don’t worry about it. You’re the reason I don’t have to go to the hospital right now. Her partner had been fussing over her and her new injury the moment she was away from any prying eyes and she wouldn’t stop telling Marinette to get it checked out. Instead of feeling annoyed, Marinette could only feel genuine affection, because this meant Tikki was more worried about her condition than of being found out by any other human.

The Kwami still looked unsure, but she trusted her human’s judgment. She uttered a soft “Okay” in return to Marinette’s response.

Marinette continued speaking to try and elevate her partners concern. “Tikki, thank you for caring so much about me. I know you’re telling me to get checked out, because you care about me, but I won’t do that, because I care about you too. Now I’m going to get cleaned up okay.” She threw a smile at Tikki’s direction to try and further reassure her.

The Kwami nodded, seemingly satisfied with her answer. Marinette stepped into the bathroom and gasped at what she saw.