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I know, I know. You want to go straight to the chapter. But this a little too complicated too go straight to the beginning. St Grimm's Academy for Future Leaders may have a massive handbook with things like the honour code and code of conduct, but if you want to survive- REALLY survive- there are three rules.

One-There are two sides to choose from: Royal or Rebel. Pick one.

Two- Your secrets are yours. If they get in the wrong hands, that's your fault.

And three- Your destiny is predetermined. You WILL get good grades. You WILL follow these rules. You WILL respect the people in power, and you WILL graduate and go to an Ivy League school. You have no choice. Everything is set in glittering, granite stone. You do what you're supposed to. Everyone will bow, one way or another. It's not your decision to make.

But you know how life is. Once in a while, people decide to break the rules. And when that happens, sometimes the followers realize they're being tricked.

And the people in power will do anything- ANYTHING- to stop that from happening.