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Skyward Saga

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Long ago there was a great battle waged for the land. It raged ceaselessly for many days and nights, causing the air to turn to smoke, rain to ash, water to blood, and earth to graves. Demise, determined to reign over all, declared his war, naming it Ragnarok much to the fear of the people who defended their homes and the Goddess Freya and her brother Freyr.

Demise sought their eternal power over the people that served them, not sated by what he himself already possessed, closing in on the ethereal siblings as they tried with their might to defend what they held dear, an ability like no other: The power to change reality and mold it into whatever the caster most desired.

When all hope had thought to be lost, Freya and Freyr sacrificed themselves, disappearing from the land and taking this immeasurable power with it, all to keep it from the defiled hands of Demise. With this final act, they summoned every last human and thrust the earth upon which they stood into the heavens high enough that one could almost see the mighty Valhalla.

With that, the enormous power faded, sealing Demise and his minions of Ragnarok with him, and peace was restored to the lands below… or so the legends have foretold unto to this day…