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Paradoxical Parallels

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Paradoxical Parallels

1. Chapter Index

2. Round TwoPunk Quinn. A horny Rachel. Fabathroom. Do the math. (600 words)

3. I Sing For Ice CreamFababy fluff, with some making out at the end. [Tweeting Birdies| unreleased] (1.1k)

4. InfiltrationOverwatch AU. Faberry fights baddies and kicks ass. (2.8k)

5. Struck DownAngsty outtake from Starstruck, Percy Jackson AU. [Starstruck] (700 words)

6. Strung on a Crime (of loving you)Quinn gets hurt and Short is there to (lecture) take care of her. [Just Swinging By] (3.3k)

7. through the eyes of a trouty mouth (that’s tired of all the bullshit like the rest of us)Sam knows what’s up and plays matchmaker. (3.3k)

8. Red After the car crash, Quinn dreams. (900 words)

9. In These ArmsRachel has a bad day. Pretty sure we all know what happens next. (900 words)

10. To be Wise and LoveQuinn and Rachel have a study session. Quinn takes it upon herself to be a poet. (1.6k)

11. Of Onesies and ChristmasChristmas in the Fabray household. Fababy fluff. (1.2k) [Tweeting Birdies]

12. Valentine - Quinn's always hated Valentine's Day. Maybe this year's won't be so bad though, if Rachel has anything to say about it. (1.8k)